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>When you make an entire corporate wide rule because of one person
Gura's not feeling so good....


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Yeah thats not guras fault tho

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>millions of fans should suffer because of some irrelevant holostar with 500 viewers decides to show his new outfit on prime time
Yeah nah, go fuck yourself.

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>welp there are too many vtubers now so we're taking back that retarded rule about not letting anyone stream during debuts and 3D lives, now they're only valid within the same branch
>this is a bad thing btw
>also it's gura's fault
Uh ok? Anon did you take your meds today

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this is definitely because Gura decided to stream only when Advent was debuting this year. Who gives a fuck about holostars

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The JPs had to drop all their shit during primetime to make room for both Uproar's debuts and their 3D debuts. kys homobeggar scum

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You braindead monkeys should read your own links
It only talks about 3d, debuts an outfit reveals and Gura didn't stream over any of them
And if you actually gave a fuck you would be shitting on Bae a lot more than you would Gura

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Cover is broken into multiple groups. HoloEN, Holo JP, Holostars JP, Holostars EN, HoloID, and for some reason DEV_IS. Their own group can't overlap, but all others can
AKA fuck them holostar fags

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was about to say, did op even read what he posted

oh wait its probably a troglodyte trying to stir up drama so no wonder he didnt even bother to google translate it

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What does this have to do with Gura?

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Not OP but she streamed a lot during Advent debut period, often overlapping.

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The rule change only covers events like debuts and 3d debuts, neither of which gura overlapped to my knowledge.

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But Gura didn't stream during their debuts and there was never any rule about streaming for 2 weeks after a new gen debuts.
What the fuck is the anti discord even trying to push with this.

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The rule has nothing to do with new debuts

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>this level of backpedalling and no true scotsman
Chumbuds living in another plane of existence i see

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absolutely nothing

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How can someone can live so rent free that your logic and thinking becomes warped. You are unironically becoming mentally challenged because of your obsession. Hololive fans don't care about Holostars, if they did they wouldn't be barely surviving on life support. There's zero overlap, so you gain absolutely nothing by cockblocking one group for the other. In fact you do the opposite and create animosity towards the group.

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and everyone had the stop for the k*rean and tranny in DEV_IS

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>She didn't overlap
>But even if she did, it wasn't their debuts
>But even if it was, it wasn't written down
>Why are they thinking this is about Gura?!
Average cumbud brains

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Your parents will never love you, or anyone else for that matter

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>make a thread blaming gura for a rule change that has nothing to do with anything gura did
>"uh actually that has nothing to do with gura"

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Surely my parents can learn to love others some day

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Is this the Gura Derangement Syndrome?

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>facts are derangement
i'd have expected some enna-defending schizo nijishitter to be the first to show these signs

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Try to get over your mindbreak. There's plenty of thing you can criticize gura for without making stuff up like this.

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Honestly can't wait for the shit flinging that's going to happen when a JP actually chooses to stream right over an EN debut/3d showcase or vise-versa