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Ironmouse is like a school whore who only does it with virgins

>> No.6261812

i wish....

>> No.6261823

the world needs more people like that

>> No.6261891

I wish I could have been one of those guys

>> No.6261917

you realize she physically cannot have sex with another person right? Also vshojo must be doing good if they're getting more bait threads like this made daily.

>> No.6261991

strange way to spell your mother

>> No.6262032

>Being so sensitive you think everything is big scary bait to badmouth your favorite company

>> No.6262073

I wish I had a friend like Mouse

>> No.6262082

>claims she has disease that effects lungs
>sings fucking opera songs on stream

Really activated the ol almonds

>> No.6262142

She wishes she could man coz if she did she would die

>> No.6262174

She's had sex before anon. She's told the "cake frosting" story half a dozen times now.

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>> No.6263249

If you followed her you would know she has been getting better treatments and her voice is healing. Go watch her singing six months ago compared to today. There's a huge difference

>> No.6263756

>Ironmouse is like a school whore who only does it with virgins
Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

>> No.6263804

If this chick didn't have a disease she would be a single mom by now.

>> No.6263835

She's hispanic not black, she'd have like 8 kids by now but at least be married.

>> No.6263932

So you're saying CDawg has a chance?

>> No.6264879

oh so that's why she's the only vshoujo this board likes.

>> No.6264971

>another mouse thread
You're really trying to make this hellhole hate her, right?

>> No.6266126

no it's not

>> No.6266567

This is the best thing I read in anti thread ever and it makes me happy.

>> No.6267604

I'm glad you liked it. Mousey threads are usually a mix so I stop in and defend her from time to time

>> No.6267738

They keep making these anti bait threads and they always end up being pretty wholesome between the "hurr durr whore aids" stuff you sort of tune out. Nobody that puts any effort in really has a problem with her

>> No.6267830

I wish her Tuesday stream didn't have to get nuked or that the clippers were decent enough to get the parts where she shared opera videos. Hearing her nerd out and sing along with parts was great.

>> No.6271645

Married to drug dealer pedo pimp?

>> No.6274262

idk that ave maria she did a year ago compared to how she sings now, that hard truth is what it is if you opened your ears

>> No.6275194

mouse getting angry about pegao was one of the best thing i've seen in a long while.
i love puerto rican girls, shame they're kinda fat irl tho.

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>> No.6276292

Ironmouse is very likely the one and only truly pure virgin chuuba to ever exist.

>> No.6276380

She probably is though, she wasn't a bubble girl in high scool

>> No.6283156

More like a shy girl who always get raped by the bullies

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>> No.6285013

Thats kinda hot

>> No.6285055

She got semen in her eye.

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