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She is literally the only one who is this much of a prude, everyone else involved is having fun and showing skin or whatever and then there's Suisei doing her usual "don't lewd me" shit

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Thread made by retard and everyone who responds after me is a faggot

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Hey Nijsis I hear your organ is annoucing her graduation in a few hours, is this how you cope?

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why are those hands hovering so away from suisei? is she that fat?

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I kind of get it honestly cause she's the only Holo who was able to come in with her original model/character and everything. So she probably is more attached and sensitive to how her model is presented

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This is one of the reasons why I hate her so much, literally all the other girls on the stream are doing fanservice stuff and then Suisei is just like "no". Not even someone like Pekora is that prudish, guess Suisei just has low self-confidence/esteem or she just thinks too highly of herself

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Literally grabbing Mayori's tit.

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They're having another one? Jesus, how many has it been this year? Who is it this time?

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Any Koreans left? Nijisanji hates them.

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Why do you care? Everyone has their own boundaries. Just let her be.

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Anon, it's called a deflection. There's something OP wants to distract us from lmfao

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>She is literally the only one who is this much of a prude
Anon if you believe Suisei is the only talent in Hololive that hates the lewd shit than you aren't paying attention. There are several others that share that opinion even if they aren't quite as direct.

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I feel like its somehow hotter cause its like a white croptop + mini skirt instead of clearly shorts
Idunno suisei is suisex

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she unironically want to go mainstream

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This only gets my penis harder.

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Suisei's next outfit should be a burqa

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Matsuri in those shorts makes me wanna wrestle her like a pig and plap her infront of the mirror so she can see it.

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Her bf doesn't want her to expose her body

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Who fucking cares? Are you a woman? We got Aki shaking her ass and Sora shaking her hips and THIS is what you care about?

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Why do I beat my dick so hard to Suisei?
She's spergy and doesn't ever act sexy intentionally.

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she knows what she's doing

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Imagine how much sweat is trapped in her navel

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suisei's "prudeness" is literally a running gag for her at this point even the other holos are aware of. imagine, we literally got aki plastering her ass directly onto the camera and yet all you faggots talk about is how suisei's belly is covered and you STILL don't realize you're literally playing into her game. she unironically knows what she's doing and you legitimately think you're above it. you fucking moron. just jack off and be done with it.

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you must be retarded, how delusional you have to be to frame it as a running gag? it is simply something she don't like, no need to sugarcoat it retard.

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It kind of helps designate her as the leader of the group, it’s a good design choice actually.

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watch a single stream in your life anon. also those are not mutually exclusive.

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On a scale of 1 to -10, how ugly is Suisei irl? What drives a woman to be this insecure about an attractive PNG representation of herself?

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Someone needs to tell her you wear less clothes to be popular, not more.

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>On a scale of 1 to -10, how ugly is Suisei irl?
Based on how everyone who talks about her appearance basically goes "got dang she's gorgeous" instead of "i met suichan, she was so cute!!" probably not that ugly.
>What drives a woman to be this insecure about an attractive PNG representation of herself?
She's literally the only person in hololive who designed herself anon obviously she projects herself more into the model than anyone else. Get serious.

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If Sora can be pure sex than Sui has no reason to be a prude.

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sora WANTS to be sex because she's sick of everyone treating her like a goddess. suisei just doesn't care for that stuff. i gotta say it's really funny how these niggers unironically get super mad that suisei didn't try to give them a boner. who fucking cares? the lewds are still going to be there, just beat your meat.

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How does daisenpai do it?

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Body thights is the next big thing

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>sora WANTS to be sex because she's sick of everyone treating her like a goddess
But anon this is only making me want to treat her like a goddess while fucking her silly

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that's not fair Sora is one of like five holos that knows how to move you can't compare her to biker chef sui.

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Yeah which all but confirms she is doing it in order to not make her boyfriend jealous/worried. Everytime she does something like this it's deliberately to set a boundary between her and her fans sexualizing her and the only thing that makes sense is her boyfriend doesn't like her fan service.

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No she's been like this long before she's ever been thought to have one lol

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we don't care about your cuck fantasies anon.

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You can tell from her body language in the lives that she's incredibly confident, take that as you will, but it wouldn't be strange to presume she's very attractive.

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You can tell from her body language in the lives that she's incredibly confident, take that as you will, but it wouldn't be strange to presume she's very attractive.

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she's walks and performs confidently because she knows what she's doing, she doesn't know how to be sexy.

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>she knows
>she doesn't know
make up your mind dumb nigger.

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suisei is just JP mori, she has a whole pile of hangups and is obsessed with owning the haters and not leaving herself open to criticism
It's why they'll both always be B tier

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Not even clipwatchers would think that.

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I was about to write to learn to read before 4chan died, dumbass.
learn to read.

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The difference is that Sora knows that being pure unfiltered sex is also very much in line with idols. Suisei being a prude is all on herself.

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Methinks you should stop watching porn
She has no obligation to go out of her way to make random internet losers' dicks hard

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Of all the reasons to dislike a chuba or idol, "being a prude" is like one of the most retarded reasons lol

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You people probably think it's fine or even good to be an ironic weeb

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>liking Japan and japanese things means you have to be a coombrain

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She knows what she's doing, and it's working

Yeah, me.

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Coomers have burnt out their brains on porn so they hate OnlyFans ethots but they also hate vtubers with any sense of modesty. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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I don't really give a shit what you coomers think about her doing this but I just find it funny that it is going to have the exact opposite effect of what she thinks is being accomplished or maybe she is that much of a genius and knows exactly what she's doing

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Stop using my coomer wife to shitpost about coomers.

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Sorry joshu-kun, she's just perfect for coomer related posts

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man that stream was so fucking sex
I came buckets

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Isn't she a lesbian? Not surprising conduct from one of those subhumans.

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I think trying to hide her sexiness is sexy in its' own way, I don't mind it. Her base outfit is one of the top sex too

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sora is a slut

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clothes are more erotic than bare skin

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hahahaha, good one anon

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Because that's her personality.

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yeah mine

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its the rape appeal

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you sound gay

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Streisand Effect. There will now be more lewd Suisei Tummy art.

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>matsuri in charge of not revealing suichan's real body proportions

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Girls who respect their own body are sexy.
Sorry that you can never see yourself with a girl with standards.

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You'd think is Sora that is the prude but nope, it's always Suisei. Sora just goes with the flow.

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And bumping tits with Noel and groping her irl.

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I think Sora just really likes acting and playing. She'll play the sexy character if it's an act.

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>plap her infront of the mirror so she can see it.
You're so close anon. You do that but you don't pick girls like Matsuri. You need prudes like Suisei, Kronii, etc. If they aren't shy about sex or prideful it's pointless.

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>This nignog doesn't find confidence sexy
Red necks out!

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Look, when I started this thread I didn’t think everyone would disagree with me. I’m fucking done, enjoy having a pride for an oshi. You win

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nice larp, I started this thread fag

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why are you impersonating me wtf

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>big tits zoomer mogged by hags who know how to work a dick
My brain says liking hags is stupid, but penis doesn't listen.

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Making internet losers dick hard is literary her job, what do you think vtubing is. Why do you think otaku give them hundreds of dollars for doing cutesy shit.

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its called being a tease

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This just makes me want to lewd her more.

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She absolutely knows what she's doing and I'm all for it

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Men want what they can’t have.
Suisei knows best.

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wtf are u talking about? I started this retarded thread

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Doesn't she hate males or something? Guess that the reason

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>enjoy having a pride for an oshi.
I sure do!

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op has high levels of melanin on his skin and even greater ammounts of human male ejaculate inside his anus.

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>he doesn't know

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You don't fit it, /v/ermin.

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what a bitch

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so you can take it off yourself.

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stop necrobumping your thread OP it's clear nobody gives a shit nor agrees with you

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I agree with him. Fuck this circus clown for thinking she's above what her peers are doing. 4/5 know how to behave. She's not special.

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t. pagpag eater

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What does race have to do with it you stupid fuck? Not an argument I accept your concession.

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Holy shit, I kneel

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nice try OP quit sperging out like a faggot.

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She only reserves her belly for that one special guy. You know the guy.

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/vt/umors are some of the most embarrassing fucks on this site but I've seen similar dismissals on other boards employed as a legitimate means of argument so I'm beginning to think zoomers are just retarded.

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Suisei is a fat slob ashamed of her body

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Have you thought she chose to wear a t-shirt because she simply wanted to? What is this woman tier "she thinks she's soooo much better than us!!" projecting bullshit? You're not a woman are you?

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not biologically, no

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>ashamed of her body
>wears skin tight clothes
are you perhaps a bit slow in the head?
kill yourself faggot op nobody likes you so you can stop samefagging now.

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Yeah, because there can be no middle ground between the two...
Fucking retard

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I would argue that Ina is even more prudish than Suisei, I was going to say Kronii but even she participated in that gravure MV

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Yeah, me

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Why get upset at some vtuber for having a sense of modesty when there are hundreds of sexy vtubers that you could be watching instead? There is so much degrading filth in the world that coomers can consoom but they waste time getting angry over vtubers that don't want to be lewd. Can you really say that porn hasn't warped their sense of morality when they feel that depravity should be mandatory?

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God I want to masturbate in front of sora while she looks on in disgust

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This is true, that is why the DAF Turbo Twin X1 is the greatest love of my life.

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This is true, that is why the DAF Turbo Twin X1 is the greatest love of my life.

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Her name is HoSheMadSheSussy wtf

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Shes such a stuck up her ass, prude, that she thinks shes in another realm above her far more respected senpai, Sora. Who doesnt give a shit about sex appeal cuz shes a better person all around and doesnt have to beg to get by.

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that makes it hotter you faggot

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Compared to everyone else who is pretending to be an anime character that is assigned to them, suisei's design was created by suisei herself. It is the same like how any artist will not want to whore out their own OC/persona.

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Because suisei knows how much her body is worth. Even if her eggs dries up there will still be men queuing up to get a glimpse of her body.

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why is OP necrobumping his thread so much? do you really like being called a faggot constantly that much?

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It's a neat trick to detect a coomtard
Only coomtards use the word prude to describe Suisei
And yes, they typically don't watch streams