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chumbie deflection thread

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she literally just ended a stream about half an hour ago

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She literally just finished a stream, still be appearing on Kiara's stream in a few hours and will be having a off collab with Subaru then another with Kiara and IRyS tomorrow and another collab with Bijou later. She will also be releasing a song on the 15th and will start solo streams back up when Super Mario RPg comes out on teh 17th? i think.

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The buffet

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op knows but doesn't have anything new to post.
aside from the kyo drama, feels like /vt/ has been empty from new things for weeks.

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so she's graduating ?
lets hope so.

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my ass

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> and will start solo streams back up when Super Mario RPG comes out

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This is a funny thread. I don’t feel bad for you OP didn’t even bother