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>reappears out of nowhere
>overlaps the shit out of advent
>doesn't elaborate

Unironically what did she mean by this?

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It was to help bring in tourists during their debut. How the YouTube algorithm works.

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>Unironically what did she mean by this?
it means means that people like you who're 30+ yr olds should grow up ang stop caring about shit like this.

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You posted this stupid shit before and I've told you why you're a retard before and you couldn't refute it.
To anyone about to fall for this retarded shit check the md5 in the archives

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It means the excitement of a new gen briefly gave her the motivation to do her job, and then it wore off and she went back to normal.

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I don’t know anon, trying going through the archives and seeing what the anons in all the other threads say. They might know the answer.

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it was used a bargaining tool.
>see im not irrelevant and making me graduate would be bad because nobody in EN can hit my numbers not even advent after debut. let me not stream and rake in money graduating would be bad for both of us.

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>Open /vt/
>make same Gura thread for the upteenth time

Unironically what did faggot OP mean by this?

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based cunny rock giving the shark enough motivation for her longest streams in years

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You mean advent overlapped her. They even overlapped each other because they all wanted to stream in the same fucking timeslot.

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She returns to make you seethe

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antis are mentally ill

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I can't believe Gura also overlapped with my cock, shameful

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Getting myself angry is the only way i can get out of bed in the morning nowadays. These threads help. Thanks op. Also go fuck yourself

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What are you fucking retard? Digging up past shit just to have a thread to milk?