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>Gura isn't working on projec-ACK

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Still wont stream after

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Management maid the MV to shill Gura
All she had to do was to sing

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That explains why Marine hasn't streamed for two months... oh wait.

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it doesnt take 6 months to make a song.

when is Yagoo finally gonna be a man and discipline her for not streaming?

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still not a stream

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>Record a cover
>Release it on the whore's channel
Might as well not make anything at all.

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Wow, one whole song? You're right that absolutely excuses months of unexplained absences.
Maybe she's working on an album ready for us to enjoy in 2030.

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50+ HoloJP members have been all lining up to get their own songs with Gura

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Bitch can work on all the projects she wants, people just want her to stream or acknowledge shes fucking alive.

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>management maid
Foul creature of the SEA

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She's been slacking since Summer 2022. You're telling me after over a year of nothing, we have one song?

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12, it is collab with Marine afterall

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Explain how Marine is streaming while working on MVs?

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marine is burdened by anxiety like gura is

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What do you think she did for this project, exactly? Do you think she contacted the animators and editors and directedted them using deepL?

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Aqua as a manager you say?

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Easy, Marine can handle stress way better than Gura can and she's way more experienced with music production at this point.

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If Gura was an animator doing this MV frame by frame this would justify her breaks, outside of that she is just doing the same shit all the other holos do and still find time to stream

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2 days ago dumbass

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Anyone else getting fed up with how much Cover and Marine in particular are throwing Gura a lifeline? Bitch doesn't care about her fans but this JP whore will do anything to save her name.

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>ONE buff stream to milki money from simps
bravo so many streams

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Gura cute

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She streamed 2 days ago deflecting Chumbud

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Almost 60 days Chumtoddler

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Nobody cares about ungrateful shits like you. Yes, precisely people like you who goes around and say shit like "she doesn't care about her fans" and keeps nagging her endlessly

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Marine is a way bigger vtuber than Gura and she works on multiple projects at once while still finding time to stream. Delusional chumkek

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I hope you realize that the only reason Marine is still in hololive is because of Gura

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They don't even watch Marine. They're EOPs who have been brainwashed by Marineschizo and dogfucker lies.

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Mentally subnormal

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>gura: 4.5 million subs
>marine: 2 million

way bigger huh?

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Marine has a fraction of Gura's relevancy and 90% of that she got because of Gura.

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God you're retarded

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please unbirth yourself

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Stop replying to yourself.

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>make a ridiculous claim that Marine doesn't stream
>his oshi hasn't streamed in almost 60 days
>post evidence she streamed this week
>yOuR'e ReTaRdEd!!!
Looking at yourself in a mirror aren't you, chumbud?

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Gura had to practice choreo, memorize her lines for the intermission talk segment, train her stamina for the mindblowing sex with Marine, and take care of our baby while I lick their post-coitus sex from their shivering bodies.

So no, it wasn't just singing

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Are we being invaded by Nijibots again? What the fuck are these conversations????

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yeah, not me
I love Gura!

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It does take long to get a mv out. But it does take long to record your singing. Lazy gura.

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Marine doing 90% of work here
Gura still lazy cumbud

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yeah, we're getting botted replies now

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Gura is the one bringing in the anime industry contacts

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5 MVs within 3 months while streaming constantly? how does Marine do that?

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gura can't even reach 40k lmao

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uuh doing her job??? working?? that's what people are supposed to do on a Company.

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He was asking how can marine stream while working on songs and gura cannot, you fucking sub-human retard, you dumb fucking fag, you absolute troglodyte

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Why do JP Holos adore Gura?

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she needed marine's help to release a daki. She can't even get management to respect her or do their job, much less make serious and useful contacts.

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she's famous

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Gura has a short anime and Marine doesn't.

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One of the Gura antis is that guy who bots Fuwamoco and then rubs it in Chumbuds faces afterwards

>> No.62395883

Are you suggesting that Marine is also being botted to catch up to Gura?

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>anime industry contacts
That's Mori you retard

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Another project where she only does 5% of the work with the remaining 95% given to actual talented producers? ACK indeed.

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>streaming constantly
lets not get ahead of ourselves

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Marine literally is known for having many of her projects animated by professional people, not indies like shark.

Just hang yourseñf chumbud, Gura can't even compete.

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Marine is a beast even by JP standards, don't even compare her to Gura

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>don't even compare her to Gura
Yeah because Gura is way above her. She's getting Gura for this collab in desperation to try and compete with Ui's Lolikami.

>> No.62396186

She is also a guest in tommorows (today's) showa live so look forward to that i gu6

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Unironically, because she's cute.

>> No.62396230

Plus you'd have to have the memory of a goldfish to have forgotten Marine taking a medical break because she blew her voice out.
Gura's just taking precautions so that she doesn't have to take any long breaks because she ruined her voice... waitaminute

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Tbh the EN management is just retarded gura most likely directly whent to the main branch (and probably had support of jp holos) to get the body pillow.

>> No.62396310

I never understood why people would pretend to be retarded like this on the internet. It has never made any sense to me, even way back in the early 2000s era.

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>anon thinks it's actually Gura dancing

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Marine is not prostitutes
Shark is. She has said as much, in the previous time.

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Shut up ESL

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animated marine nipples

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You may want to go back to whatever counts for basic education in your shithole country, because that's some horrible reading comprehension. Like, how do you even get that wong?

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marine is a whore, the only reason anyone even watches her is for the lewd shit and shaking her fat ass. she doesn't have 1/10th Gura's talent or actual entertainment value outside of her tits

>> No.62397826

and gura has 0 talent, excellent decision

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stop baiting you faggot, find something better to do with your life, play with your friends

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>a song is considered a project now
roru roru rumao

>> No.62398227

How long do you think this shit takes? This shouldn’t take gura more then a few hours. All the difficult/time consuming shit is done by other people

>> No.62398245

Do you think the song and music video just appear out of nowhere after she records the vocals?

>> No.62398280

NTA but from her POV yeah that's pretty much the case

>> No.62398336

Marine didn't do any more work. Nobody does any more work when it comes to this stuff.

>> No.62398359

Extra mentally ill today are we, /vt/?

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Gura isn’t involved in any of that or it would be on her own channel. The fact that it’s not means Marine is doing most of the work

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The only thing Gura is above is streaming

>> No.62398452

Just like how they love Mori cause she's KAKKOI, they love Gura cause she's KAWAII

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>had like one online minecraft collab together which was corpo mandated (umisea)
>other than the fact that they likely met while gura was in Japan, they have never done any kind of offcollab together or talked about becoming friends or hanging out
>despite the fact that marine has done offcollabs with several other foreign members
>including kobo who doesn't speak JP so thats not an excuse
>suddenly a big MV project out of nowhere with both gura and marine
This feels like something being done purely to milk big numbers and capitalize on marine's recent success with her songs, and it puts a bad taste in my mouth.

>> No.62398497

No, Marine goes on to work on organising the song and music video with the recorded vocals, like she does in her solo projects, ones she frequently does unlike your lazy fish.

>> No.62398527

40k what? Viewers on a livestream? The metric that Yagoo himself says is useless?

>> No.62398548

A song might take a week or two to finish from a chuuba's POV, the rest is up to the rest of the team to do

>> No.62398553

nice nice nice

>> No.62398567

Because she's in Hololive and has the most subscribers. That's literally it.

>> No.62398576

>The metric that Yagoo himself says is useless?
He has never said that.

>> No.62398609

It can easily be used to gauge interest. .

>> No.62398621

>he doesn't know

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>full two-tones shading animated MV
>loads of different backgrounds
>2 (two) dancing animated characters ont top of it
How fucking EXPENSIVE like holy shit

>> No.62398650

Why can't you post the source?

>> No.62398764

It does nothing. This isn't Twitch where getting the most concurrent viewers pins you to the top of the list of active streams, and the vast majority of people are not autistic enough to look at third-party websites for metrics. They just see that Gura has the most subscribers and assumes she's the most popular.

>> No.62398811

I'm not going to spoon-feed you, fag. Find it yourself.

>> No.62398911

You're right. Nobody cares about livestream viewers. That's why there are no agreements about not streaming over big events.

>> No.62398918

Because it dosent exist lmao cover might value other metrics more but CCV is still the king.
t. Numberfag

>> No.62398939

Very. You could combine all the times Kanauru was paid to "animate" for the holos + the duds that worked on Gura's "anime opening" and it wouldn't even come close to what this costs.

>> No.62398943

he said that to make the bottom-tier talents feel better about themselves

>> No.62398988

stop trying to argue with numbermonkeys

>> No.62399029

but they both are numbermonkeys

>> No.62399036

Marine is way more relevant then gura most top jps are having a bunch of dead subs really don't mean anything especially in EN market where subs are easy to get.
Not that gura wants those numbers she is the one who killed her relevence.

>> No.62399061

Keep telling yourself that, autistard.

>> No.62399065

>Gura's last project was an opening sequence
>She pitched the idea to developers and artists, and recorded some sounds in a 1 day stint
>this justifies the near 3 months gone
The level of gullibility some chumbuds have is unreal

>> No.62399066

Just like how the other girls took frequent 3 month breaks to work on a collab song.

...oh wait

>> No.62399102

>No argument
I accept your concession child.

>> No.62399103

let's not derail the main topic that is Gura is just fucking lazy

>> No.62399177

I'm assuming most of the actual work is from Marine's side, and Gura just showed up like the stoner kid in first year college for the group project's presentation day

>> No.62399186

How expensive is hiring Kanauru even, actually? His MVs look like the budget was a half-finished can of beer, but obviously Cover (technically chuubas themselves, but it's still probably being paid on behalf of Cover) must be paying some substantial amount.

>> No.62399265

No idea how much Cover pays but when Marine talked about paying the people she hires she said she wants to pay them well.

>> No.62399264


>> No.62399271

He simps so hard for some of the Niji/Holo talent he would do it for free most of the time. I'm assuming he got hired by Cover as the Niji focused videos are gone now, but i can only imagine he's getting barely 5 digit checks for the year with his supplemental payment being "you can talk to the girls, who are totally not Cover management screening your strictly work related questions"

>> No.62399312

Because Marine actually gives a shit

>> No.62399350

Just like how you accepted your parents' concession to never having grandchildren after they realized what a tard they had raised.

>> No.62399386

How did Marine help Gura in terms of releasing a daki? What about Ame's daki or HoloEN releasing Valentine's Day GFE merch? Cover has been shoveling out Myth merch in 2023 so if anything did happen it was because they made a deal. The EN talents keep making optimistic statements but "see you next year" sums up the current situation. Gura and Mori are refusing to make solo streams so whatever fight is going on with management will continue for at least another 2 months.

>> No.62399444

Completely wrong you stupid piece of shit.

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If Watame's recent MV is anything to go off of, i expect the animations to be 10/10, but the music to be dog shit, especially with Ms. Hamsterdance shark pretending she didn't try her hardest to memorize her lines 5 minutes before the recording session

>> No.62399637

Wow, nice MV that Marine did 90% of the work for!
Everything Gura is involved in is coporate mandated. She has no will or drive of her own and only exists as a mascot.
>muh Gura is secretly involved in an massive fight with management and THATS why she isn't streaming!!!!!
You are all truly mentally ill.

>> No.62399644

She's the only loli of hololive.

>> No.62399673

shion yo...

>> No.62399702

They can't speak english and realize how much of an asshole she is.

>> No.62399727

Biboo, Kobo, La+...

>> No.62399783

Same reason they think Mori is cool or Kiara is smart, they see them at face value and don't bother doing research

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>> No.62399854

It's a classic authoritarian tactic, popularized by the soviet union, the firehouse of falsehood.
You just keep saying retarded bullshit no matter how outlandish or obviously fake it is and it drives up uncertainty about the issue.
Then no matter how retarded your position is it starts to seem as possible as valid positions because they all seem uncertain.

>> No.62400043

Marine usually has both good MVs and good music, especially recently, Watame getting the blandest swing track ever paired with a pretty MV doesn't correlate with that in any way. The only thing to watch out for is Gura.

>> No.62400051

This isn't even chumbuddy cope, this is literally just some literal who trying to stir a pot that is near typhoon levels of stirred

>> No.62400185

Chumbud... It's time to expand your horizon...

>> No.62400212

She's not a loli.
Matsuri said she's and her opinion is the only one that matters on the topic.

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lol, the holoantis are butthurt as always I see

>> No.62400359

I don't know of it was marine in particular but once she talked to the jp side her daki was almost immediately greenlit. a small reminder that en management told her a gura daki would be illegal

>> No.62400399

>make a ridiculous claim that Marine doesn't stream
I want to believe you are drunk or on some drugs and that you aren't actually this clueless. That anon was making an extremely obvious facetious joke.

>> No.62400429

Even worse, tourist femcels and incels that don't even watch vtubers

>> No.62400590

Japs like it when people can do two things:
1. have talent/be notable
2. respect their culture
Gura does both. Meanwhile the people seething at her (twitterfreaks) do the opposite - try to change things into their preferences.

>> No.62400604

>Chumbuds so desperate, they try to rope all of Cover in to defend their lazy ass whale shark
Ya hate to see it

>> No.62400639

Clearly it took a year of not streaming to hire someone to make an animation and sing a song.

>> No.62400679

>>make a ridiculous claim that Marine doesn't stream
You absolute goddamn retard, reread the entire chain of comments.

>> No.62400687

>Remember when Gura showed up for an impromptu christmas song list
>loved her Auld Lang Syne
>Fast forward to this year
>Will be lucky if she shows up and knows what month it is

>> No.62400713

>a year of not streaming
and who are you talking about?

>> No.62400840

>Just took a few words to get the tranny seething
LMAO spam more Holo vs Holo maybe your shitter will get 1% of the viewership marines live will get.

>> No.62400863

Huh, Marine is literally releasing a song with her tomorrow. Pekora has only brought one EN to perform with her on stage so far, Gura. Okayu literally fangirls over her, even before she met her Subaru said Okayu's desk is covered with Gura stuff. You are a fucking loser seething at something you don't even care about because you have no talent and nobody likes you. A crab in a bucket mindlessly trying to pull down a stranger for no purpose of benefit to anyone whatsoever.

>> No.62400882

No one in holo is a loli at best they are kisogakis

>> No.62400897

She has the highest numbers and the want a piece of that.

Not a single person on JP has even mentioned Ame.

>> No.62401003

please don't contract 'she is' like that

>> No.62401072

-assurance that hololive will continue to be their gold mine for a long time
-winsome quality
-talented https://youtu.be/b_4U4zDuKsA

>> No.62401093

Matsuri's opinion was based entirely on the fact that she had never met Gura.

>> No.62401129

>Not a single person on JP has even mentioned Ame.
Please keep your rrat lies more believable.

>> No.62401186

The worst part is the little rapping segment you just know Sheep talked to Mori about. It's incoherent, inconsistent, and sounds like the forced english words randomly inserted you used to see in 2010's j-pop songs

>> No.62401305

>>62400840 (me)
Oh btw that 1% is like 2k CCV so good luck with that lmao

>> No.62401335

>The only thing to watch out for is Gura.
Her inclusion means there's a pretty high chance of some stupid out of place English to be inserted into the song. It's not even her fault but the songwriters.

>> No.62401356

Nobody hates Marine or Pekora or Okayu. Literally everyone hates Gura's work ethic
Stop trying to lasso in far more talented and passionate people to a false defense over Gura's lazy as fuck approach

>> No.62401428

>Nobody hates Marine or Pekora or Okayu. Literally everyone hates Gura's work ethic
That's funny because nips shit on Marine for not streaming but totally ignore Gura doing the same.

>> No.62401463

That's only true for Mori.

>> No.62401501

Yeah Marine streams 3 times a month!!!

>> No.62401532

congrats, you are the dumbest person I've seen on this board in a while
you are so utterly inept at the english language, you are arguing against someone who agrees with you
retard is not even a word capable of describing the sheer incompetence at comprehending words on a screen that you have displayed

>> No.62401541

She's cute and funny

>> No.62401577

>Literally everyone hates Gura's work ethic
A lot would like to work for doing practically nothing. Just look at all the "make $1000 in crypto in one day" or "how to sell AI art on Etsy" videos. I remember a while back, some folks on /jp/ were detailing ways to get "NEETbux" by pretending to have autism and mooching off of disability benefits. Looks like Gura found her source of NEETbux.

>> No.62401612

Because it is

>> No.62401639

No, it's also true for Gura. I don't think there's a single original she's part of that doesn't have English.

>> No.62401791

if you call "showing up every 2 weeks just to vent" streaming then I guess

>> No.62401914

I want a girl to vent her frustrations on me (especially physically)

>> No.62402036

Vesper got the first public suspension in Holostars while fighting management in November, they gave him a 2.0 redesign several months later, and he got into another fight with management which led to a double "graduation". Cover is a huge corporation so of course employees will get into fights over contracts and various issues with their employer. The NDA prevents them from saying anything but do you really believe Gura disappeared after her anniversary for no reason?

>> No.62402044

lol, you can't even understand japanese you stupid faggot

>> No.62402115


>> No.62402274


>> No.62402281

Mori is burned out after doing a week if marathon streams in a row, retard
she even admitted this after the Kobo collab

>> No.62402292

You are so fucking delusional holy shit
>she is fighting managment/maliciously complying for some righteous cause!
>she is struggling with a secret chronic illness!!! She has aids/has cancer!
>She is just busy working on HUGE projects!

She is lazy deal with it.

>> No.62402472

Gura provided some voice lines to an animation. She basically has a pass to not stream until new years now.

>> No.62402569

still better than never showing up

>> No.62402598

There is no "pass".
Gura is no longer actively streaming.
You need to accept it.

>> No.62402662

>music related
>bringing up muh "work ethics"
>my chuuba is flawless
yeah a lot of cuckbeat larping ITT, I can see it from miles away

>> No.62404286

not baiting, what isn't true in that statement? Marine is 100% a ho that is only popular because of sex appeal, that's not even up for debate

>> No.62404432

did she animate it herself?

>> No.62404750

They only find her cute because she isn't jp. Same as to mori they find her cool because she isn't jp. Everything bad about them just goes out the other ear.

>> No.62404827

Only thing gura is above is the 4mil dead subs.

>> No.62405166

Salome is not worthy to lick the dirt off Gura's shoes and that's the only number-related Gura fact I care about

>> No.62405637

esl moment

>> No.62405679

gura IS hololive. The second she leaves the vtubing world will collapse.

>> No.62405709
File: 157 KB, 229x457, 1694417589050343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>noooo it's because of Kanauru buff

>> No.62405875

Marine could never reach views like this on a short.

>> No.62406570

>anon still thinks it's women and not men using voice changers

>> No.62407725


>> No.62408236

is Gura's channel fucking cursed now? why is she doing everything besides actually uploading and streaming stuff there?

>> No.62408698

Why would this be on Gura's channel?

>> No.62408810

Imagine being this much of a delusional chumshit.

>> No.62408846

You can't even compare Gura to Salome, because Gura isn't streaming. Effectively Gura is a 0 view until she streams again.

>> No.62408915

stop replying to yourself

>> No.62408926

vtubing is clearly moving ahead just fine without gura

>> No.62409140

>Literally everyone hates Gura's work ethic
[citation needed]

>> No.62409234

Gura is beyond reproach. Other vtubers complaining about her is akin to peasants complaining about royalty.

>> No.62409247

This. People need to stop acting like she's the one fucking animating the MVs

>> No.62409260

Exactly, Gura has the most subs, so if she leaves Hololive will collapse. Just like if a holo with the biggest CCV or most supa revenue left.

>> No.62409293

wagies are crazy, I guess their corporate mandated wagie dances drove them insane

>> No.62409351


>> No.62409884

>gura gave cover the EN market to replace CN market
>rushia was an idiot, anyone with a brain understood that she regrettably had to go.
try again

>> No.62410350

Gura got a million subs+ as two different VTubers, have anyone else done that faster than she did? She has something special about her, surely nobody disputes that -when she's motivated and having fun-, that is.

How many times in streams did we hear about her being tired and sleepy etc, I feel she mentioned it very often after the first year in hololive.

Nothing can explain Gura's lack of communication. If she was overworked by hololive outside streaming, she could simply have taken time off, notifying her community and everything would be good.

>> No.62410414

Marine is the last thing for whore, nijiseetheee.

>> No.62410547

crazy what being a professional job doer does to a mf

>> No.62410612

I love my slutty hag wife
And marine is fine too!

>> No.62411158

Pekora has plenty of haters

>> No.62411931
File: 587 KB, 1080x1080, 1697087893316417.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

while I doubt this is what Gura is really up to the amount of anger at her continued existence proves it doesn't matter what she's up to, she already wins.

>> No.62413254

Are chumbuds actually trying to use this as an excuse or even a win? Surely this is a false flag to mock them, right?

>> No.62413461

>is a lazy whore
>gets called a lazy whore
Now that's what I call winning 8!

>> No.62413931

>rushia gave cover the affection deprived whale market
>gura is an idiot, anyone with a brain understands that she has to go
We can play this game together. Just accept Gura isn't that important to Cover. Even assuming she "gave cover the EN market", that was three years ago, right now she's just a mascot with millions of dead subs that every couple of weeks collects toll from the most zealous remaining chumkeks.

>> No.62414212

>Ride the popularity of something Marine created
>Claim she can't do it

>> No.62414801

>Just accept Gura isn't that important to Cover.
Important enough to let her do anything she want or don't want retardchama. In a real working wagie world they already fired. But we are not using your retarded logic unemployedchama.

>> No.62415271

>We can play this game together.
KEK as if you'll win in shitposting about this you fucking idiot
Because at the end of the day, Gura is earning while doing nothing, and you're seething.
And I'm not even a chumbud.
Game just acknowledges game, and you have no game hahahaha