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Since Youtube is fucking up, LazuLight of Nijisanji EN are having a surprise collab stream on Twitch. Check them out, it's fun: https://www.twitch.tv/elirapendora

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>3000 viewers
They can't even beat Bubba bot.

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This is what real unity looks like

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Thanks for the heads up

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Why are you faggots like this? You literally have a NijiEN thread that isn't even close to hitting the limit but you'd rather shit up the board for your shitty threads

You Nijifaggots deserve all the vitriol and hate you get from /vt/

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You love us.

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*kisses you on the mouth with tongue*

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Still better than all the falseflag and narrative/anti threads that spam the board.

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Thanks for the heads up

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This is not a hololive board

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Funny seeing Pomu and Elira take advantage of the fact that Twitch lets them swear

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Damn, they are desperate.

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Notice how I never said Hololive in my post. Don't like Holobronies live rent free in your head.

Don't shit up the board retard. Post Niji shit in the Niji thread

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It's desperate to use a different platform when the website you usually use is fucking up?

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>only 3k views
Lmao even ironmouse have better numbers than this

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sneedled's feedled and seedled

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Creating a thread to discuss a specific stream is hardly shitting up the board when every small piece of Hololive drama and individual Hololive streamers all get their own threads, or in Kiara's case, multiple.

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You mean all the threads from jealous Nijifuck?

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I hate how much better twitch is than youtube

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Pomu's laugh is too cute.

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>chat just spamming kekw and omegalul

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Double their normal views, wow. It's like it's the better streaming platform for a large audience.

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Fish tummy delicious

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>elira actually has BTTV enabled
zoomer dwagon...

>> No.6240130

Finana had to explain to her and Pomu how to use it, she's the real zoomer here.

>> No.6240400

the addon has existed for like a decade(12 years if you count JTV), no idea how it's supposed to be a zoomer thing

>> No.6240475

Almost like JewTube filters live count numbers with whatever bullshit criteria.

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Do they do talking streams like this often? Pretty comfy.

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Twitch sucks. I can't block the amazon ads there

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Yeah you can just turn on AdBlock.

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Half of their Minecraft streams end up being impromptu collabs where they just chat a lot while doing chores.

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Mad lol

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yeah they collab all the time impromptu, same thing in minecraft.

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She was so pleased by shoehorning AMOGUS in there kek

>> No.6240619

because I don't like twitch

this but unironically

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because its related to Twitch, anon. everything TWtich is zoomers, even the people who have been on the site since they were teens and are well into their 20s or early 30s, which are most of the top streamers

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Yeah Elira and Pomu in particular do them all the time

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>pomu will never tear your insides out and eat them

>> No.6240677

look at how happy they are now that they don't have to hold back for youtube's swearing jar bot

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There's like 20 Hololive threads in the catalogue at any given time. Who cares.

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It's sad that there was all this investment in nijisanji and combined they can't beat the worst performing hololive member

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you literally have 900 stupid shark threads but 2 Nijisanji threads is a problem?

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It doesn't work with the embed videos

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It’s been pretty fun

>> No.6240723

Finana still hasn't fully disabled her swear inhibitors unfortunately.

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Anon, many HoloID get under 1k views a stream...

>> No.6240732

Lmao.. meanwhile pekora https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/vtuber-pekora-finally-joins-twitch-and-is-a-huge-success-with-first-stream-1606940/

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>Pomu sucking on a lemon like a grapefruit

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Why don't you just open it on the website?

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This collab is hysterical and I feel genuinely sad for all the holohomos and numbertards missing out. This is real friends having real fun without restrictions

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Elira and Pomu mogged half the company in supas

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Is this the new NijiEN thread or is it just the offshoot one? The main one just died and this one seems to just be related to their Twitch thing going on.

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The only thing I don't like about EN is that they tell all these stories that remind me of my age....Its a scary thing.

>> No.6240842

Same. I wish HoloEN would do stuff like this. Hopefully Gen2 will have better chemistry

>> No.6240847

I relate to Elira's stories the most and I'm 24

>> No.6240848

Don't they know the grapefruit video? I recall one of them bringing up in a past stream

>> No.6240852

Own your age.

>> No.6240865

I can't get into zoomer humor, sorry

>> No.6240868

Don't forget the youtube loyalist console warriors that refuse to go to twitch no matter what, they're missing out big time.

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This is my first time watching them all talk together. They actually seem like good friends. Did they already know each other before Niji or something?

>> No.6240905

love Pomu, simple as

>> No.6240916

Pomu and Elira were friends in their past lives. Finana wasn't friends with them but she's managed to get along with them really well after joining Nijisanji.

>> No.6240928

Just speculation from previous threads, Elira and Pomu probably knew each other before Niji, and fish is just fish.

>> No.6240945

Elira and Pomu knew each other beforehand, Finana didn't know them but they welcomed her into the friend group without issue

>> No.6240948

Source? I'm seeing 55k between the two. That barely tops the lowest-viewed Holo that I can find.

>> No.6240960

>Pom Rainpuff was young enough to be scared of portions the Harry Potter Audiobooks (released 1999)

Hagbros and possibly cakebros, we lost

>> No.6241017

Pomu's pulling a marine.

>> No.6241027

She could easily be late 20s from that alone

>> No.6241079

I always assumed she was late 20's anyway

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This group zatsudan is truly legendary. It's just three friends hanging out together and going down memory lane. Fate brought these three girls together.

>> No.6241115

>Be true unity
>Support all chuubas no matter the company
>Enjoy the best of all worlds
Fuck tribalfags.

>> No.6241122

they were given time to form chemistry months before their debut. this was also the case with the JP branch's selene girls academy

>> No.6241123

She's still scared of everything today so that doesn't tell you about her age.

>> No.6241143

Only Elira and Pomu, but all 3 of them are on discord everyday so they became close pretty fast.

>> No.6241184

shut up Jane Addams

>> No.6241195

Elira's fujoshi power level REVEALED

>> No.6241208

>zoomer humor
No thanks. They can be best friends forever, but their approach for the young adult otaku is straight up bad

>> No.6241242

Who do you like anon

>> No.6241246

wow theyre really aging themselves with these anime references

>> No.6241249

what is good is that it is two zoomers and their old hag friend hanging out

>> No.6241261

>Elira was a fujo from an early age

>> No.6241270

What kind of zoomer knows about Junjou Romantica?

>> No.6241278

Gawr Gura and Amelia Watson

>> No.6241291

I really wished HoloEN does more stuff like this, just talking about random shit.

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>> No.6241317

Something about this fish is strange.

>> No.6241326

Here we go...

>> No.6241338

no they have to be prim and proper """lesbian""" idols anon.

>> No.6241351

>I ordered something

>> No.6241352


>> No.6241360

Fish got caught ordering a vibrator/dildo lmfao

>> No.6241361

rent free

>> No.6241369

Did you not see Fishbowl or do you mean like all 5? Pretty sure they just talk about random shit whenever they do collab

>> No.6241405

of course they live in my head they're always in front of my face wherever I go

>> No.6241413

Fish totally ordered a sex toy kek

>> No.6241449

fish don't get fired please

>> No.6241457

cute shark

>> No.6241466

legit ordered a wireless vibrator.
uh... BASED?

>> No.6241469

SHE JUST KEEPS GOING LMAO, please tell me someone clipped that

>> No.6241478

This image was this exact conversaion

>> No.6241489

Finana ordered something from the Tenga Iroha line.
This is Nijisanji.

>> No.6241502

now she did
holy feesh

>> No.6241503

I’m a holofag, I’m actually interested in watching NijiEN and I didn’t know they are streaming on Twitch

>> No.6241507

She's just HoshikawaEN, it's fine

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>> No.6241518

is based a reddit thing now?

>> No.6241523


>> No.6241543

I mean more stuff like this zatsudan like when Ame and Ina drank Ramune and the podcast that had 1 episode. Granted i haven't watched HoloEN's latest collab.

>> No.6241559

hahaha wtf are you fir real hahaha

>> No.6241560


>> No.6241564

Masterful bait, if this was a more active thread you'd be drowning in (you)'s

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>> No.6241576

lmao I asked her to hint us on it, I can't believe she actually responded

>> No.6241579

Hope you all caught that kino embarrassing story talk because this stream is getting nuked

>> No.6241602

Fishbowl was kind of boring.
That ramune stream was actually kino.

>> No.6241621

I recorded like half of this thing, like shortly after Pomu dropped the f-bomb. I'm hoping an other clever anon saved the rest. There is going to be no vod of this.

>> No.6241653

VOD will live on Finana's channel.

>> No.6241656

Make sure you share it for us, anon. We need to make clips from this.

>> No.6241659


>> No.6241661

It’s a dork thing


>> No.6241678

If you're fast you can probably grab the Finana vod

>> No.6241704

I saw someone in chat say not to worry about a vod they would have it on youtube. who it was i don't know but i trust random stranger

>> No.6241714

The only reason people worry about that kind of thing is because of youtube. Even if twitch ended up having some sort of trouble with the content, which is unlikely, it doesn't matter that much.

>> No.6241732

That was me.

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>> No.6241759


>> No.6241765

based originated outside of 4chan

>> No.6241785

I can't believe we got another Hoshikawa

>> No.6241805

Oh, do Nijisanji guys hate VShojo too?

>> No.6241841

No, only Holofags care

>> No.6241865

I'm going to be desu with you Melody is hot as fuck

>> No.6241877

I don't care, Nijisanji has collabed with VShojo before, they're harmless. It's either newfags or falseflaggers who act like they're shocked when VShojo gets mentioned by NijiEN.

>> No.6241879

I'm mildly indifferent about Vshojo.

>> No.6241896

>hosted melody

>> No.6241899

Someone just answer me this:
When was the last time Mel streamed on Chaturbate?

>> No.6241924

She's nice, but I think she seems to be pretty drunk at the moment.

>> No.6241940

Sometime in the past week.

>> No.6241941

Kino stream datta

>> No.6241942

Like yesterday or the day before

>> No.6241967

unironically she is less whorish than the ones who don't do porn streams kek

>> No.6241974

Melody is fucking blitzed jesus.

>> No.6241984

>Ramune kino
Yeah i was hoping that was the beginning of more streams like that, sad that it wasn't the case.

>> No.6241991

I appreciate being able to tell how drunk she is just by looking at her eyes

>> No.6242032

Man that Finana story was wild. What a fucking stream, I thought they couldn't top the latest collab but here we go.

>> No.6242037

There are ways to recover deleted twitch VODs, no clue if this works but if this does't there are other ways. It's how companies are DMCAing streamers with VODs from 6 years ago https://githubmemory.com/repo/raymelon/TwitchRecover

>> No.6242065

i think

>> No.6242075

virgin camwhores are the ultimate gap moe

>> No.6242111

I listened to those audio cassettes as a kid too, and I'm 27. She's absolutely in christmas cake territory.

>> No.6242148

This is true Melody is the sweetest most genuine vshoujo

>> No.6242164

hours ago on birthday CB stream, she deepthroated a dildo

>> No.6242188

HoloEN is too busy/socially awkward and timezones makes it so collabs have to be scheduled beforehand. Gura ghosts her channel at least once a week. Ina has her irl artist duties and Calli is on tour rn. We used to see gureilla collabs more often, but none of them play minecraft anymore and that's the ultimate gureilla collab game. Whenever they do collab, they do just shoot the shit, but there's a very clear gap in shared interests/knowledge between members that makes it a bit awkward. On the other hand, it seems like NijiEN all watched the same shows growing up. It's actually pretty amazing that one or both is always free when the third is streaming so they can just hop onto discord for a random collab. HoloEN does not have that luxury with everyone being in diff timezones and having other commitments.

>> No.6242252

I mean its how she makes money so...

>HoloEN is too busy

Doing what?
I'm dead serious here not trying to manifest rrats, what are they doing?

>> No.6242294

That's not Pomu that's a fairy

>> No.6242302

>gets off probably every time she does a cam stream
>by far the most well adjusted
makes u think

>> No.6242338

Supposedly they're constantly working on stuff behind the scenes. It may not seem like it because it takes Cover eighty years to actually put things out or they just straight up scrap it. I remember Ina saying once she had put a lot of work into something that for some reason cannot come out anymore.
Speaking of which, where the fuck is Ina's song?

>> No.6242347

>a very clear gap in shared interests/knowledge between members that makes it a bit awkward
This is what makes me sad, after watching Lazulight they all understand each others references

>> No.6242349

doing with me.

>> No.6242386

>I remember Ina saying once she had put a lot of work into something that for some reason cannot come out anymore.
Well that's fucking bullshit.

>> No.6242405

Currently exporting and uploading the Lazulight group zatsudan that took place on Twitch. Like I mentioned in >>6241621, it is really only the last hour of the stream. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

>> No.6242409

I heard Cover also cancelled other projects last minute, namely Pekora, Marine, and Astel. Is that true?

>> No.6242447

>It's actually pretty amazing that one or both is always free when the third is streaming so they can just hop onto discord for a random collab.

They live in the same timezones and Finance iirc has a strict 2 hour schedule for streaming after getting out of work otherwise she gets spanked by her dad.

I really don't understand why they couldn't just space out their streaming schedules to get more potential viewers from other timezones, but whatever I guess, I guess Niji management really doesn't give a shit what their talents do

>> No.6242479

>Silver and Hime outwhore Melody on top of having exaggerated avatar proportions
>Vei and sometimes Nyanners outwhore her too
yep, it really makes you think

>> No.6242501

I'm hoping future EN waves will have more livers streaming at different times.

>> No.6242527

she basically let slip that it's because of her EFF EFF EX EYE VEE duties, but yeah nijisanji doesn't give a shit, there's a soft suggestion to stream regularly but many just do what they want. no one has been scolded or coerced into streaming more by their manager yet.

>> No.6242536

Finance doesn't have a 2hr limit, it was a meme when she started. Her recent streams have been much longer.
She also doesn't have a job, she's a NEET (same as Elira).

>> No.6242553

>fish work

>> No.6242565

>Finance iirc has a strict 2 hour schedule for streaming after getting out of work otherwise she gets spanked by her dad.
The dad thing was a stupid narrative joke I posted in the early nijien threads, clearly marked as a joke too.

She's recently explained that she does short streams because she's active on ECKS EYE VEE raids.

>> No.6242578

Finana's gone over that time limit many times by now, it appears to be a time limit she has on herself for whatever reason, but she's gradually been streaming for longer and longer compared to her first few weeks where it was noticeably 2 hours

>> No.6242581

At least watch a stream for 30 seconds before making an assumption

>> No.6242587

I do remember Pekora and Marine having some issues. Whatever Peko wanted to do couldn't happen and she had a bit of a breakdown. I think Marine was able to get her project going by footing some of the bill. No idea about Astel.

>> No.6242607

I thought Fish was the wagie or was that Pomu

>> No.6242611

is the actual name of the game like word filtered here for some reason or do people just like to post it weird.

>> No.6242641

Pomu has a full-time OL job.

>> No.6242642

>Finance iirc has a strict 2 hour schedule for streaming after getting out of work otherwise she gets spanked by her dad.
The fuck, is she really that young? I'm surprised they still work regular jobs, I figured they made enough money to do this fulltime.

>> No.6242664

depending on the girls but here's some of the schedule

gura/mori - singing collabs/albums
gura/ame - learning japanese
ina(?)/ame - singing practice
ina - helping her dad sometimes (he's a pro illustrator)
mori - a lot of shit ttrpg,song creations,etc. she normally only sleeps 3 hours a day
kiara - being german

>> No.6242669

>complaining about their stream schedule when you have never watched one of their streams

>> No.6242688

No, she's not that young. It wasn't a parent thing. She doesn't work a regular job, she's a NEET.

>> No.6242708

Fish: NEET who tryhards in FFXIV
Dragon: NEET who stays up late to rank in boy idol mobile games and watch Nijisanji streams
Fairy: Wageslave who's so busy she got left out from a Nijisanji offline party for Kanae because of her work schedule
Finana just pronounces it like X I V instead of 14 which apparently is wrong?

>> No.6242725

only Pomu works, and it is for insurance reasons. Elira and Finana are Neets

>> No.6242755

Pomu is the wagie, she sometimes explodes into WAGE RAGE like this:

>> No.6242761

Ah, I mixed the two up then. Still doesn't explain why Elira and Fish can't just stream at different prime times since they can stream whenever they want, aside from FF duties. Guess they really just want to stream with Pomu and kill any chance they have for growth

>> No.6242776

>kiara - being german

>> No.6242813

I missed it. How was it? Was it archived somewhere?

>> No.6242831

>gura/ame - learning japanese

>> No.6242845

Finana literally talked about her streaming times today

>> No.6242876

>I'm dead serious here not trying to manifest rrats, what are they doing?
Ina: pretty obvious if you know her pre-hololive persona. She's still getting a lot of jobs under that name for mobile games/ LN art.
Calli: irl touring right now, has Vsinger level music output despite also streaming
Gura: She said she has multiple songs in the works (way before Reflect was released). It's not hard to assume that Cover has a lot of stuff in the works for their most subbed vtuber too so probably company shit like merch/sponsorships. Gura's also fucking weird when it comes to social media so I won't be surprised if she just completely avoids her Gura accounts once she's offstream, that much attention can drive anyone insane.
Kiara: Typical Hololive sponsorship stuff I guess, she's been getting some pretty big ones recently. There's no way she can guerilla collab anyways since her timezone is so different.
Ame: No clue, but she always says she has stuff to do after streams or the next day. Maybe she still has a job? Probably spends a lot of time on her stream gimmicks and shit. The girl has had like 5 different intro/outros and it's been less than a year.

NijiEN on the other hand, seems like they're always free and just looking for opportunities to hop in and hang out. It's nice, but I think 2 of them are NEETs which allows them to have so much free time (I know Pomu has a job).

>> No.6242879

hands down their best zatsudan stream yet
the latter half is on finana's twitch channel, but the first half hour with pomu+elira is presumably lost forever

>> No.6242897

It's weird how they all stream 6-7 days a week though. And sometimes 2 streams a day. Do they just love streaming THAT much?

>> No.6242898

You missed the best collab of their careers

>> No.6242901

Near the end Elira admitted to watching yaoi with her mom sleeping in the same room, then Finana admitted to buying a wireless egg vibrator and her dad opened the box.

>> No.6242914

I used to catch Elira streams when Gura isn't streaming. Otherwise, all three really like to stream during Gura's regular schedule, which is about 9-10 JST.

I'm mostly filtered by them streaming all at the same time Gura is, but even I know they're killing any chance they have of getting coveted viewers in other primetimes such as EUs by sticking to the US prime time.

>> No.6242935


>> No.6243006

twitch has vods

>> No.6243021

I'm not a KFP member but Kiara seems to be the one who absolutely loves this shit. Even when she's tired she doesn't make it sound like work, this is what she lives for. I'm pretty impressed by her constant output and honestly it seems like she's down to do collaborations and stuff whenever. The other ENs are just kind of weird.

>> No.6243061

When you first make an account the ability to archive VODs isn't enabled, you have to put it on yourself. If you begin the stream without this it won't save. Fish didn't tell her to do it in time.

>> No.6243102

Pomu wants to get big and Finana wants to be worshiped by virgins on the internet.
They all seem to like streams but Elira seems to have streaming as her main hobby nowadays.

>> No.6243114


>> No.6243232

It's literally on her channel.. Elira nuked her vod

>> No.6243283

Thank you so much. I missed the whole damn thing.

>> No.6243312

Fish VOD up btw, not all is lost https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1079921395

>> No.6243320

Ya like if you watch Calli collab with Ina, it's like the "hey fellow kids" meme come to life eventho she shouldn't be much older than her. And I'm pretty sure Ame has 0 idea how to interact with Kiara and Calli even after all these months.
Sometimes, the cultural differences are just too much, you wouldn't expect an American twitch streamer to be on the same wavelength as an austrian former J-idol who streamed to a completely different audience for years. Surprisingly, Ina gets along with everyone the best imo.

I think it's fine tho, it's not like they don't get along.

>> No.6243368

So no hope anyone archived the first hour of only Elira and Pomu?

>> No.6243395

Ya like if you watch Calli collab with Gura, it's like the "hey fellow kids" meme come to life eventho she shouldn't be much older than her. And I'm pretty sure Ame has 0 idea how to interact with Kiara and Calli even after all these months.
Sometimes, the cultural differences are just too much, you wouldn't expect an American twitch streamer to be on the same wavelength as an austrian former J-idol who streamed to a completely different audience for years. Surprisingly, Ina gets along with everyone the best imo.

I think it's fine tho, it's not like they don't get along.

>> No.6243410


>> No.6243463

>They live in the same timezones
No. 2 are Eastern Time, 1 is Central Time.
>Finance iirc has a strict 2 hour schedule for streaming
No. That was a joke that came from her streams being no longer than 2 hours.
>after getting out of work
No. She's a NEET.
>she gets spanked by her dad.
No. She gets spanked by me.

>> No.6243511

Fish says the vod will stay up for a bit so some anon go back it up

>> No.6243536

some anon could try to see if >>6240732 works
t.b.h i can't be arsed to do it though

>> No.6243642


>> No.6243793

by far the winner of the stories tonight, i can't wait for memberships hurry up Elira.

>> No.6243865

I know the fish can be lewd but I didn't expect her to go into so much detail

>> No.6243927

She doesn't know when it's enough and just keeps going... I love this horny fish.

>> No.6244016

Elira didnt sound even close to finished with membership stuff, so probably 2-3 weeks atleast

>> No.6244048

Do you think Finana would even try to be quiet if she snuck someone into her room? Or do her parents already know to tune out her wild screams and backboard slamming?

>> No.6244267

She's a screamer for sure

>> No.6244442

Do you think she just moans and screams nothingness? or is she the kind that is practically commanding her man what to do?

>> No.6244807

https://drive.google.com/file/d/172Yfuu2mnZsCVyG7RCWD-_r4Do0GrFbY/view?usp=sharing I archived the last two hours of Elira's stream.

>> No.6244868

good and stay there and compete with vshojos, you'll never win youtube

>> No.6244894

I really can't understand why she's taking so long.

>> No.6244917

You did it faster than I could, anon. Thank you. I only have her first hour.

>> No.6245010

she hadnt started to think about it, hopefully now that she knows that both Finana and Pomu are already done with everything and are just waiting for her to get ready, she will try to speed things up as fast as possible.

>> No.6245013

Ah yes and become this instead

>> No.6245022

Waiting for whomever she commissioned emotes from, I guess.
She did tell the other 2 not to wait for her, but they want to.

>> No.6245079

im not sure she had even commissioned any emotes yet, she said it could take a month before she was ready

>> No.6245098

She said she was still working on the list of what emotes she wants.

>> No.6245155

See? it's easy to win in twitch, leave youtube to holos and take control of twitch with their KR mates too

>> No.6245158

Can you upload that first hour? The beginning is what seems to be missing, due to people recording late or having records reset to due Twitch transcoding

>> No.6245182

I'm really sorry to disappoint, but I actually meant her last hour.

>> No.6245202

Pain Pomu...

>> No.6245232


>> No.6245312

Based anon

>> No.6245339

She sounds like an entirely different person

>> No.6245740

clipfaggot I am watching you. you will grab this video, upload it to your youtube channel, and make money off my back.

and that's okay. it's for the fans in the end.
finana telling her story of how when she ordered something yabai and her fishdad happened to have opened it.

finana: "it was an egg with a wire... actually wait it was wireless..."
elira: "she just keeps going"

>> No.6245828

Nobody gives a shit about youtube streams anyways. Twitch has a much bigger streamer audience. It's where all the biggest streamers are

>> No.6246447

>2 niji threads
>majority of the catalog is filled with Holo threads
you already have enough threads retard

>> No.6247170

ive been playing xiv since 1.0 and ive always called it xiv and not 14 so idk about that one

>> No.6247407

The threads were mocking her relentlessly when she said ecks eye vee. My friends call it that instead of 14 so I don't get it, if it's some /v/ meme

>> No.6247442

Roman numerals. It is not pronounced "ecks eye vee." Seriously has the education system failed this hard that zoomers cannot read roman numerals anymore?

>> No.6247496

They don’t teach Rome numbers in the US, retard.

>> No.6247568

t. someone who has slept through english classes in the us. you should have known literature commonly uses roman numerals for chapter numbers in your assigned reading. unbelievable.

>> No.6247616

I quite literally never did assigned reading. Read a summary if I had to but that was it. Still never failed English.

>> No.6247732

>being proud of having had shit education
Third-worlder here, you disgust me.

>> No.6247777

I’m not proud.

>> No.6248415

im 27 and not american, though i did pick it up from playing in the NA datacenters, im aware of what it means but if people call it one way you kinda just go for that way
i feel like calling it 14 outs you as someone who doesnt play a whole lot of the game in the first place but whatever, not like everyone wants to argue over shit like how to spell gif properly

>> No.6248500

Anya barely gets 1K tho. Elira gets like 3K

>> No.6248551

did better than Pekora though, that's not so bad.

>> No.6248577

She can’t even touch critical role or FGC channels better luck next time.

>> No.6248610

You aren’t wrong it’s less stale and awkward than Holo.

>> No.6248694

But zoomer humor is literally Gura when she’s not making a random noise to seem cute.

>> No.6248739

Brazilian CSGO channels get more than Pekora, and?

Go look up Gaules

>> No.6248755

I mean they can’t because Kiara can’t go 5 seconds without forcing some sex joke or a forced “I’m gay for you Calli”

Ame barely talks on her own streams Gura can’t carry a conversation and Ina has nothing to work with.

>> No.6248986

Why is my fish so horny?

>> No.6250074

not fucking likely holobronies

>> No.6250092

that's not a simple fairy, that's Pomura!

>> No.6250267

put this in the 4chanx subject filter to avoid spam:


>> No.6250492

betting on squabble to do this, if there's anyone to do it, it's him

>> No.6250524

funny how everyone calls Final Fantasy VII “seven”, but XIV is somehow different.

>> No.6250558

/trash/ is actually the appropriate filter

>> No.6250575

no, it's a way to make the board clear among the 90 fucking shark threads cause underage faggots cant figure out the concept of a general thread.

>> No.6250635

Pretty sure it's the Nijifans who don't understand the concept of a general thread because otherwise they'd be posting in the Nijisanji EN thread and not here

>> No.6250644

Holo June superchat rank
Pomu $29,945 19th above half the members.
Elira $18,559 26th.

Coincidentally within Niji if you take out graduation and 3d debut then Pomu and Elira would have been the 1st and 3rd most superchat girls in the entire company.

>> No.6250696

this but with hololive

>> No.6250698

>he is still seething

>> No.6250811

Only averaged 15k on twitch LMAO you can't make this shit up.

>> No.6251050

maybe people are just annoyed they got Kiara instead of Pomu, I can't explain schizos.

>> No.6251130

Why yes? I'm a KFP / Pomudachi, how could you tell?

>> No.6251494

Yeah you're just retarded

>> No.6251653

Happened to Astel too, he pretty much broke down on stream like Pekora

>> No.6252371

There is no excuse for a man

>> No.6252464

15k for a watchalong is massive. She was watching The Mask.

>> No.6254019

Everyone is moving to Twitch now, Youtube deserves it for being cancer.

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