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Every day I thank Coco for pulling cover out of the shithole known as China

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holo might've lost her after all that,
but her sacrifice was definitely not in vain for both sides.

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I kneel

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even Vox? is he in china? does being affiliated with china mean that even EN branches get affected? how does this work

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Coco lost.

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she won

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Niji has been moving closer towards Taiwan in recent months. It wouldn't surprise me if they decide to leave China.

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They'll have to put their real name on their profile to stay monetized. Vox will either be demonetized (he already lost most of his chinese fujo fans before this), or delete the account.

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Thank you, you dragon legend.

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I will marry Kitty Coco.

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it's hilarious, threatening taiwan mentioners does nothing to further china's position, their position is a de jure position and silence benefits. anything but that is an announcement of policy insecurity and the only reason it was allowed this time is we're at the kids table. this is china not having the energy to control everything it's citizens do rather than it's actual position. it probably has no official position on this and that's why it likely was handled by someone low on the totem pole who wouldn't think any of this through and just go "CHINA RARRRR"

i miss how fat the dragon titties were also

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coco cocks

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>Every day I thank Coco for pulling cover out of the shithole known as China
BLESSED words, forever grateful

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Things that got better due to her
-removed lizard flare
-exterminated planet tao tao
-removed holoCN
-removed meme review

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Coco is the best, but isn't Cover already back in china? Or they have events in Bing Chilling coming up?

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Meme review being bad is only because Cover doesn't let actual memes exist on stream. You're forced to just look at *gags* hololive "jokes".

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Holodrone revisionist history always makes me laugh.

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She had her family threatened and stalked on social media too, really took one for the team. And even if I never watch her now, I will stan her, and am glad she helped us dodge bug-induced cancer.

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Meme review was so fucking bad, redditors lack any ability to make funny content besides getting laughed at for being retards

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>redditors ... getting laughed at for being retards
that's literally what the point of the show was

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shut up and drink your batsoup nijizhang

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>everyday I continue to attribute things to people who happened to be standing nearby when they happened
Delusional ex-tatsus are delusional.
The writing for this shit was on the wall even before the wumao decided to harass coco.

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It was bad because redditors couldn't make a creative, funny joke.

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Mumei’s Meme Review is proof that if you source from outside reddit you can get kino

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based coco

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>it's hilarious, threatening taiwan mentioners does nothing to further china's position
They don't understand this because they live in an entirely self-contained propaganda ecosystem. Saying "Taiwan is a country" is the Chinese equivalent of screaming "I hate niggers" on the streetcorner in the West, and they're genuinely baffled that foreigners don't share their politically-correct outrage over it.

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My poor Nana

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Good thing that youtube will never do the same

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I like lizard flare better

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The Jesus Christ of Vtubers

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I kneel

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god I fucking hate the meme review streams, shit is a joke parody on pewdiepie's own meme review series that went on for way too long, to the point where the "memes" are just 30 minute essays with an image attached to it and coco would spend a fucking hour reading it and interpreting it to a Japanese audience.

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Doing work in China ≠ Doing work with China.