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Queen of Iwara

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>Suisex and Fauna animators got dmca'd
I will never not be mad.

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Ngon is a hack that underdelivers anyway.

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Mostly yes but sometimes he drops bangers like the Aqua/Marine one

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The cat dance one??? They're literally just jiggling their tits for a whole minute.

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Why is she called the Queen of Iwara?

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Most Iwara sucks ass. By the time I actually find a good one my dick has given up and refuses to cooperate.

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If you can't jack off to Aqua and Marine jiggling their naked tits I don't know what to tell you

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Never settle for less.

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For me it's Shion.

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I was never really into it.
Give me your best.

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Apokurin needs to make more Miko sex

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Has surprisingly high numbers of content

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> https://www.iwara.tv/video/bj8d4cwqkwu3e8w3m/lap-tap-love
Fubuki emoting all over the place in the backround is the funniest shit

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I only know Iwara for it insect stuff.
I bet there are Insect fucking her as well there, isn't it?

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>Still no successor to banana
Our kind is starving.

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This is one of the rare ones that's actually hot.

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holy fuck

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You know the true king was and always will be DrEzal. The biggest lost of Iwara.

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>Was rapidly approaching A-tier animator status
>Gets poached by Melody
Thanks, I hate it.

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He was the first insect king. Banana was a worthy successor who was even better in some aspects.

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skill issue

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Sex squadron video sucks though :(

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>3 of the worst holos
no wonder it sucks

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I can agree with that statment


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I also like the high quality suisei ones where she sings her own songs naked

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Too bad Suisei has a really shitty MMD model.

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The good one got dmca'd.

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Literally no proof of that.

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For an irrelevant nobody it's really funny how he got everyone's panties in a twist, looking forward to Moe overtaking shiori lol

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Only good Kronii I've seen

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Take down the thread
don't make Cover get involved

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A lot of good suisei ones are not really music based and just mmd sex, but recently this guy's been making some good stuff

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this is peak
check his channel for some godly MMD

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There is no good Kronii, because her model is a fucking joke. Wada needs to get her head out of her ovaries and make art that makes sense proportionally instead of being fueled by the same aesthetic sensibility as a twelve-year-old boy.

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I like this one


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ngon is the only one I've seen with higher quality than other people and robin00 has the best audio, everything else is too same-y

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Just watched these and holy shit she deserves her legendary title.

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I gotta shill my personal favorite

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haven't busted one that good in a while, keep up the good work anon.

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> everyone else is same
> praises ngon
Lmao, ngon fell off long time ago, for last year he will make one motion and then milk it for a year just doing model swap for comissions

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>mmd sex dance
>top tier motion/camerawork
very good!
>it's in third person view
hmm ok
>she glances and smiles at the camera during sex

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I don't really fap to Hololive in general. I like to watch them, but find it hard to sexualize them, even the ones like Marine or Choco.
Sora is the only exception though. She's a succubus, she was engineered to be as sexual as possible.

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to be fair I'm a newfag to this side of porn and his Fauna cowgirl animation stood out to me in a sea of robotic iwara sex scenes

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This is what they took from you.

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>missing the top one
Sora hypnotizes herself to be less afraid of cameras, does a dancing striptease, and then masturbates later thinking about it.
It's perfect.

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Anon, during the investor data they have shown us their ESG score, and it all comes from "anti-defamation" which includes stuff like this, where they take legal actions against people who "defame" their talents.

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>schizo babble

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That's the shit model I was talking about. It's used in every Suisei MMD video.

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>Fauna cowgirl animation stood out to me in a sea of robotic iwara sex scenes

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Anyone got Ngon's Hololive MMD collection?

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I like this thread a lot

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OP is a gentleman and a scholar.

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The musical porn confuses me, do I pretend I'm at a strip joint?

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Pretend you're not autistic.

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Autism because I don't enjoy janky musical porn? Sounds backwards buddy, you sure you're not projecting?

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>the shot where she rides the cock until she squirts all over the camera, and then the next shot is her smiling at the camera with its lens covered in her cum while she continues to bounce on the cock


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when will japanese people learn how to use a good animation program and not MMD...

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do share

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can you guys post more hypnosis mmds i liked the sora one and the marine one

>> No.62323829

Kino thread

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bump this shit to the top

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Link of the one with Marine please

>> No.62324406

i grant you this

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If I had to guess.

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wrong one sorry

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Sora hypnosis? Where?

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The one with Suisei dancing to Dream of You recreating the OG performance makes me cum buckets, also helps that it fits her voice as if she was singing it

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The best part is usually the voice

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Where did nanohana go...?

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I hate the new trend of koikatsu videos, there are too many and they're too popular. Mote than half of the iwara ranking by xyz last month were koikatsu and the rest gachashit.

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>releases hot striptease of Lulu right before she graduates
>never makes another video

Makes u think

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Do you think she unironically knows?

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she has to know they exist as a general thing

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she definitely knows, im sure she has dabbled with MMDs, pretty much any oldfag japanese otakus knows it.

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Somewhat related, her "question" after that one asmr countdown of hers:
> why'd you want me to do countdown? i don't understaaand~
The teasing intonation, man. Not only does she know about stuff, it's quite possible she also enjoys it.

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every hot girl has at least some idea yes

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This is just comedy

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I mean, ego-searching is a thing unless you self-parental control your own internet like Subaru did

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Pretty decent once I turn off the music

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Anyone have good fuwamoco?

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He is one of the few who actually knows how to use Blender instead of screen capping Koikatsu like 95% of shitters on Iwara.
Unfortunately like many after he got enough friction he almost completely moved onto Fantia and just does commissions now with monthly model swap of same motion for Fantia and some preview slop on Iwara to self-promote.

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Isn't Iwara a chinese site?
How do DMCAs even affect them. Can't they just ignore them.

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Too bad this fux person posts once in a blue moon, love me their asmr-y POVs.

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Anyone know what happened with ブランIwara (ブラン 旧 秘O)? Just noticed lots of my saved faves were nuked off of Iwara...

>> No.62331543

think that dude complained about how the site was taking it down falsely, so he stopped uploading for a while. shame that they did what every other iwara creator does and pivoted to blue archive/gacha shit. their shit was great.

>> No.62331557

Most have been deleted in the last few days since I can't find it either now. Most of his stuff gets uploaded to his patreon and fantia anyway.

>> No.62331732

Actually never mind, his iwara link on his twitter is just wrong. Still looks rather complete to me.

>> No.62331987

nah there's a bunch of holo stuff missing, like his iroha, shion, towa, and suisei ones.

>> No.62332128

Oh, thanks. It looks like he nuked most of his best holo stuff though, all the stuff in the HMV series. They're still listed on oreno3d

>> No.62332382

shit, is that what happened? i liked the fauna one

>> No.62332552

Love the Botan ones

>> No.62332624

fuck it really got taken down. i bet it was because people were actually posting cropped videos of it in twitter replies and caused it to get attention

>> No.62332688

These two specifically might or might not be out there on kemono.

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For me its VR.

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>ywn have ojou smugly smile at you and giggle after slurping down your hot load
Fuck you and fuck the guy who made this

>> No.62333292

>Not only does she know about stuff, it's quite possible she also enjoys it
It's like with Bijou where you know and she knows and you know she knows and she knows you know, but everything is always implied and never said out loud so she keeps you in a constant state of being edged/blueballed

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I think you are projecting.

>> No.62333609

Could you describe the Fauna one? I'm wondering if I've seen it or saved it,

>> No.62333917

pov, cowgirl position, no music
i was hoping he'd use the fauna model in a video with music and more poses like the bremerton bassknight one, but i guess that's not happening

>twitter fucks it up for everybody
can't say i'm surprised
when's elon going to finish killing off that damn thing?

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what are some good pov ones

>> No.62334744

There's a reason we call the shadow monarch of sex

>> No.62336105

I remember one where there were plenty of the Holo girls on the beach pleasing a oji-san, i also remember Kanata was there. no idea on how to find the video again tho.

>> No.62336198

> pov, cowgirl position, no music

>> No.62336274

Even the uncensored iwara version. Impressive.

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>> No.62336540

Nothing will ever top VR if you want PoV.

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Prove it

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Not sure but i also remember it being called something like either ´´beach house´´ or ´´beach party´´..., does anyone knows?, maybe it wasn't iwara.

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>> No.62339235

>That one where Meru keeps sucking after you nut
Diamonds, I tell you, DIAMONDS.

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Oh I didn't notice iwara got tags. Too bad the older videos probably won't get updated

>> No.62340101

Lots of people just straight up don't tag their stuff either.

>> No.62340706

Yeah but this is at least a little bit useful when people write the weirdest variations of the girl's names

>> No.62340783

I kneel to the queen

>> No.62340852

why are Japanese so far behind everyone else with porn animations?

>> No.62341091

They keep using a program that wasnt made for any kind of fluid or precise animations for them

>> No.62341529

This is the best one, we need more 1:1 recreations of the official MV but with a sex twist

>> No.62342663

>Nobody posted more hypnosis or 催眠 MMDs
im sad

>> No.62342779

That last one is absolute fire.

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Thanks for pushing me into yet another rabbit hole, motherfucker, im not getting out of this one
That Kizuna Ai stripping video... I don't think I have ever watched a strip with so much attention in my life

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This is a good thread.

>> No.62344032

There's a whole series of hypnosis videos with the girls dancing and fucking to their own covers but I can't check which creator does them

>> No.62344181

i know what you're talking about, the guy has some same keyword in every video title, try to remember that

>> No.62344204

Many masters haven risen and fallen over time. We are actually in a bit of a dark age right now with the pure flood of Chinese animators pumping out nothing but Genshin, Honkai and that other shitty Gacha I can't be arsed remembering with the same filters and animations. Nonetheless, pure gold still appears these days every now and then.
Besides that, there's always the classics to revisit.

>> No.62344224

this one fits the description, i suppose

>> No.62344259

I think it might be this guy?

>> No.62345124

Can you help me?
i searched everywhere on Iwara but can't find shit..., the last thing i can remember is the guy's model had a mask i think/faceless.

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File: 33 KB, 395x470, ame_detective.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmfao that shit is hilarious, art of the highest form

>> No.62345735

Is there a download button somewhere? How do you save stuff from iwara?

>> No.62345855

I don't know if it's from iwara but I really like the one from koi s3 where sora leglocks a futa azki

>> No.62345934

I'm downloading it with inspect element

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after watching every single video in this thread and killing my dick in the process, I have to say I am glad Sora got some of the highest quality ones, I am satisfied

>> No.62346028

The Queen of Iwara never disappoints.

>> No.62346189

There is a download button if you logged in.

>> No.62346348

just do >save video once its running?

>> No.62346499

god damn that dance video is still the best.
can't believe it made me fap to sora

>> No.62346511

I refuse to watch sora iwara because I just can't see her in a lewd way, like pekora. meanwhile shion and suisex...

>> No.62347534

You can't tell me that that MMD doesn't have a section where you can edit animation curves to make them be in an S form (natural, smooth easing) instead of a straight fucking line (linear movement)

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MMD is literally all I fap to. And before you tell me this is tiny, its not a complete archive of anything. Its literally just a selection of my favorite videos.

>> No.62348440

list your favorite holo sex mmds

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File: 3.93 MB, 1280x720, 1684300984928404.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want hololive MMD the answer is VR, period. So many people dedicated to good VR MMD with hololive girls with both sex and dancing. I can't really bring myself to fap to 2D videos after seeing shit like Chloe's lewd as fuck model in VR.

These guys do it best:

>> No.62349466

These are so fucking goofy and funny, how do people whack off to anything on this site?

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File: 653 KB, 718x391, e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> https://www.iwara.tv/video/71rawha0jbugnqwkj/mmdexpectation-by
this video is art holy shit myt dick hurts

>> No.62350162

im a dumbass i meant to reply to >>62315556

>> No.62350359

Damn it I thought that might be the case but I couldn't be bothered to actually make an account in case I was wrong

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>> No.62353557

Does Aki have anything good on Iwara?

>> No.62353824

I wish. Aki and Choco are extremely underutilized. Choco does at least get a few Robin00 videos but that's it.

>> No.62354623

This thread deserves to stay alive

>> No.62355007

is the mel one still up on youtube or no

>> No.62356012


Hisapi is a god


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This is your threadly reminder that Sora is no longer asking you to see her as sexo. You WILL see her as pure sex, whether you want to or not, and Iwara domination is all part of her secret plans in this regard.

>> No.62356846

>the video where she has you in her rape dungeon, sucking the cum out of you by force, spitting it out in disgust, then immediately doing it all over again
Yes, I'm aware.

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>> No.62358908

God yes, it's just as good as I remember https://www.iwara.tv/video/yaw13hv4ys5oa3rq/suisei-dream-of-you

>> No.62359132

so glad there was a 1440p and naked version on kemono

>> No.62359650


>confidently strutting with her bare tits out, knowing you WILL rub yourself raw to her despite her not having the biggest breasts

That's the real giga-stacy energy

>> No.62360702
File: 196 KB, 536x213, アダムスミス.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this motherfucker gets away with this on youtube
also does anyone have a full archive of his stuff? not all of the ones on his youtube are on iwara, like picrel

>> No.62361046

They do the same thing on niconico.

>> No.62362673

I don't know if it's because of mmd but I really love how the models almost always have really big delicious nipples

>> No.62363859
File: 403 KB, 1920x1080, 1590591710_vqGajHMvpaHe1XpgM_Source.mp4_snapshot_01.10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yorumi is built for ungodly amounts of ojisan cum

>> No.62364772

>Even in /h/, people still seethe about Hololive

>> No.62364815

Any good Iroha ones?

>> No.62365087

Its just like, one guy.

>> No.62365154

Mostly because it's with anything else in life, you need to balance between passion and money. Both can run out in an alarming rate nowadays

>> No.62365236

Mostly because she haven't tried to purge them yet like Suisei

>> No.62365288

Yeah the VR videos I already suggested.

But since most people here probably don't care about that, I dunno, maybe LMSK. But he switched to blender recently.

>> No.62365505

I honestly have no idea how you can fap with VR

>> No.62365516

already posted I think but this is the best one, objectively

>> No.62365600

Queen of Spades

>> No.62365686

Enna thread is 2 blocks down

>> No.62366962

If only the new knight girl from niji could get anything
Het entire being is made to be violated

>> No.62367300

shut up Luca

>> No.62367649

thoughts on suzutaro3d?

>> No.62367962

Nui is pure sex


>> No.62367966
File: 2.02 MB, 1888x1053, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62370774

mmd in iwara has fucking ruined me, i used to coom to SFM but now they all look soulless short looped crap to me, rarely do i find a good one now.

>> No.62370815

this thread better not be filled with easily searchable iwara lewds.
but keep your best cards close lads, we don't want it gone for no reason just because someone shared links too far towards the surface

>> No.62370852

Rare Nene


>> No.62371338

I can only do it to HMV/PMV western sfm animations now.

>> No.62374028

Need Mya. Need Toko. Need Hoshikawa.

>> No.62375991

to keep it alive.

>> No.62376251

What is your go-to video that always gets you in the mood?

>> No.62376432

how do people get off to these, its just.......dancing

>> No.62376542

you're probably too young to know about strip-tease

>> No.62376587

it just feels way to tame

>> No.62376657

Think tiktok, zoomer

>> No.62376682

You're either too far gone or not gone far enough, I've looped back from degenerate things to vanilla sexy poses without sex

>> No.62376739

>too far gone

>> No.62376824

So some of you guys are hyping up VR over normal videos. What headset is recommended for someone who just wants to fap and doesn't give a fuck about VR vidya?

>> No.62377042

You could try a google cardboard setup just to see if you like VR, or can handle it without getting motion sick first

>> No.62377073

Motion sickness is unlikely to be an issue. I'm pretty much immune to screen issues. If the google cardboard is acceptable, what's the next step?

>> No.62377396


Not vtuber but this dance is just so insanely hot


>> No.62378915
File: 125 KB, 1609x905, 1588489489_YBBAaH5D9Rc0qjNDk_Source.mp4_snapshot_03.07.859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This is exactly it. At some point I became so numb to the most degenerate hentai that the simple act of a girl slowly stripping and dancing with an embarrassed expression became indescribably erotic again

>> No.62379781

Definitely appealing in its own way, but I'm much more attracted to the confident-looking ones with no shame in their motions, just pure belief that they are made of sex.

>> No.62379833
File: 476 KB, 700x636, 1690695235606229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

confident sexy women...

>> No.62379914

It is a matter of willpower
I miss 000MMD

>> No.62379936

>posting all these links knowing artists are getting dmca-ed
Smart move, fellas.

>> No.62379984

Putting all their eggs into Fantia seems to be a common pitfall a lot of these animators wind up doing

>> No.62380126

Animators typically have a Fantia account or something similar which is where they actually get money via donations/commissions. Their Fantia can get threatened due it being JP.

>> No.62380269

incredible how the porn for these girls didn't skyrocket after that stunt

>> No.62380287


>> No.62380352

Pretty much everyone agreed the whole thing was "trying too hard"

>> No.62380432

that's why it's incredible, it had all the makings of an mmd banger, I think they could've gone away with it if not for the real women and goblino Marine

>> No.62380533
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>Iwara video where they're just fucking
Okay cool, this is good.
>Iwara video where they're fucking to the music
This can be good too. Nothing too ridiculous, just keep it simple and hot.
>Iwara video where they're dancing and their model gets naked while their tits sling all over the place in every direction and sometimes they get fucked in absurd positions while holding up peace signs and doing the splits then jumping through a ring of fire
Absolute fucking garbage. Zzzzz....mimimimi...zzzzz. Wanna know what that sound is? That's me falling the fuck to sleep and nearly entering comatose because of this boring ass, tasteless, worthless fucking shit.

Why would you EVER jerk off to a dancing naked woman? That's so boring, she's already hotter while clothed you fucking idiot. Holy shit, the dancing MMD naked videos are so fucking stupid and such a waste of time.

>> No.62380572

Because the dancing animation files are public, they just switch models.

>> No.62380575

I can tell you never had any passion for anything in your life

>> No.62381050

Pretty good so far.
1/6 miss rate, but considering it wasn't even close to the usual depraved stuff I consume these are great.

>> No.62381816

Kinda wish IRyS had an mmd model but at the same time I don't because I'd turn into a mummy in a few hours at best

>> No.62381958

He was working on a really fucking good version of it where Marine summons a bunch of guys that then assault Aqua and her, then he deleted all of his Hololive works

Now he just does characters I don't give a fuck about

It pains me so much

>> No.62382883

>He was working on a really fucking good version of it where Marine summons a bunch of guys that then assault Aqua and her,
I swear those were just small animations he made for fun, not an entire video. Shame it will never see the light of day again because I would've wanted a full vid

>> No.62382924

oh. i have these, but im in my phone right now.

>> No.62383019

Criminal lack of AZKi. I could only find videos by going to other sites.

>> No.62383289

He definitely planned to make a full video

>> No.62383806


>> No.62385750

I just got around to trying this out with my Q2 that's been gathering dust. This is great stuff. Chloe's model definitely makes me diamonds.

>> No.62386707


>> No.62386883


I like this one.

>> No.62387195

Keep sharing more, anons!
I can't wait for Cover to DMCA all of them since all the good creators are shared here!

>> No.62387273

Any good ones with Mori?

>> No.62387294

>DMCA a chinese website

>> No.62387514

>that godly Suisei mmd maker
Sure. Lmao

>> No.62387660

>all of them still making shit
cover copyright police just flew over my house!!!

>> No.62387906

you need to be 18 to post here

>> No.62388013

Ngon and プラン don't do Hololive stuff anymore, retard. That Suisei MMD maker fell off and isn't that popular anymore despite still doing Holo.
But please, keep sharing. I can't wait for the inevitable bitching about holo porn and mmds getting taken down a few weeks later.

>> No.62388115

Because the world revolves around 4chan and Ngon and プランgot DMCA'd because of us so cover is definitely checking in daily to get more creators!!!

>> No.62388171

>Ngon and プラン don't do Hololive stuff anymore
They rarely made any Hololive stuff in the first place, retard. The overwhelming majority of their output has always been non-Holo.

>> No.62389039

What happened to katana2071? His vids just vanished

>> No.62390755

She succeeded

>> No.62391480


>> No.62392189


>> No.62393075

towa thighs...

>> No.62393303

Fuck I missed it

>> No.62395012

She knows exactly what she's doing


>> No.62395571


>> No.62396038

Aqua iwara always do it for me

>> No.62396406

For PC? The Reverb G2 is on sale, I'd get that. Probably the cheapest way to get into PCVR that doesn't make you get a Quest headset.
I wouldn't really say google cardboard is "Acceptable" because VR will only look good and immersive at VERY high resolutions and bitrates, which is something you won't get from a phone screen.
Chloe's model is absolute fucking sex in VR, its crazy.

>> No.62397347


>> No.62397347,1 [INTERNAL] 

katana2071 - 母獅子と子悪魔とEX01/お風呂屋さんで親子ご奉仕プレイ
Does anyone have a file? thx