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Pippa wants to erase her past and vods.

She just announced that she wants to delete her past vods where she was more edgy, racist and made fun of lolcows....this is all due to her recent collaboration with Henya and she doesn't want that The past gets to her and she's willing to throw her former fans under the bus.

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This is literally Nyanners 2.0, she wants to delete her old videos so she can grow more at the expense of VShojo.This is a betrayal towards his former fans but you know it's the worst that they are cuckolds and tell him if my queen... it's something pathetic to see.
I have been a very proud capippi but this is too much and I am abandoning PIPPA. I have dignity

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This post was already deleted in the current /pcg/ thread for being retarded and incorrect >>62240898
What she actually said is she's puzzled over why youtube shills her old VODs instead of the new ones and privating them was just a spitball solution.

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She won’t last, she’ll go right back to making edgy comments cause that’s the only thing she has without that she’s just a copy and paste of your favorite 2view

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Henry still crying that Pippa banned him huh

By the way she never said any of this

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>person becomes mentally healthier, happier, more successful, makes friends
>inevitably drops the edgy /pol/ bullshit
Huh. Surely this couldn't mean anything.

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She's abandoning Capipis for Harines....

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shes abandoning both for my cock

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does she make less on old VODs?

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Shit, she's going Nyanners!

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>Yes My Queen

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>she’s just a copy and paste of your favorite 2view
Maybe I should watch Pippa

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They're just not like her new ones, a lot of the really early ones are of poor quality as well which would be a bad first impression.

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>poor quality
Her old streams are the best ones desu.

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SOVL is nice but has limits.

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>early ones are of poor quality
>Calling what are mostly pure Sovl streams low quality
I'm sorry you were dropped on the head anon.

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You just now learned the word SOVL.

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It's not a matter of Soul. Even if they were scuffed the content in them was just better. I can put up with a worse audio-video quality if the content is valid.

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Deleting her vods is a betrayal of her old fans who have been there since the beginning...obviously you don't care because you just arrived and you've only seen her make reaction videos.I saw Pippa from the beginning, I laughed a lot because she was funny, she made fun of people, she made jokes based on them, and her video making fun of Ethan Ralph was the kinkiest thing there is, that's why I feel betrayed

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No anon, just because you're too late to enjoy them doesn't lower their quality. Also she just seemed to idk care more? Like she still really wanted to produce good content consistently instead of what feels like a good stream here and there with a bunch of clipbait filling in the blanks.

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>"I am thinking about unlisting my old vods because I don't want that to be the introduction to new fans."
Funny how this happens shortly after the Vwhorejo collab.

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I was there faggot
she's had two streams in a month calling niggers retarded for getting arrested.

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This is your fault for not setting limits for Pippa and always saying yes to everything....now you suffer faggot when she deletes her old videos, what will you now make her cry or say that you never liked videos.
Now you're going to say you like the new Pippa who only makes reaction videos?

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You need to be 18 or older to post here

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Pippa is revealed to be a scammer...she wants to eliminate her past and her chud fans.
I told you she'll throw you under the bus when she's famous and doesn't want her old audience anymore.
She denies her past and you, the time for capippis is over, today is the time for harines.

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>I was there faggot
Oh no, then you are just picrel, shame.

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anything worth watching is already clipped. she's still doing le heckin based content, just going by the last 2 weeks of streams. OP is a fag.

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fuck her then

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Shut up Wyatt

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Oh no no no, why has /our/ queen betrayed us? I thought she was based?

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Pippa was never particularly racist or anything, that was always you sisters projecting

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>just going by the last 2 weeks of streams.
She's done this song and dance before.
>Starts to get lazy
>Being a retard she cant keep herself from ego searching and reading the main thread
>See's a bunch of criticism of recent streams
>Starts to put in effort again
>Slowly start to slip again.
The time spent in lazy is getting longer cause there are more and more fags shouting "yes queen" at anything she says, even said the quiet part out loud last stream with the "real fans said they like react content" comment.

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Told you vshojo Collabs were a mistake

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/pol/tards have always been mentally ill. Old 4chan used to know how mentally retarded they were. the pepe REEEEEE and spilled my spaghetti in my pockets memes used to be an ironic dig at how bad they were compared to normies. New 4chan thinks their mental illness is a sign of superiority. Pippa is doing the classic 4chan thing of abandoning 4chan when your mental illness recedes.

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Fuck off vshojotourist

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At least I'm not a dog killer like you, Chase

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Deleting the past content, I dont agree. But wanting to change herself because of interacting with Henya? Doesn't this speak volumes about how great Henya is? There's nothing wrong with being influenced by people you idolize. As long as she does t disavow the past, I support Pippa and I'm glad she can be friends with Henya and want to change for the better. I dont feel this is a nyan moment as long as the content stays up. People can and do change.

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Judging by the scum infesting this board in their queens name, I don't know why should 'wouldn't' purge them. God, imagine having this many schizo manchildren in your fanbase.

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>nearly 2:1 posts to IPs
Wow, Who would have expected it.

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just a /pcg/ brown seething from his antipost getting deleted.

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Yeah always happens when a plappa yab happens, their 2 drones come in trying to drop a mass smokescreen

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Can you post the clip, Henri. I don't watch Pippa anymore.

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>henya is so pure and sweet that Pippa merely having contact with her has begun to purge the toxicity
henyachads stay winning

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Vshojo always has been cancerous.
That's why you shouldn't let your oshi interact with them.
It's infectious.

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Cutting off the cancer is a healthy thing

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proof next thread

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Wow, an actual pink cat apologist, fucking grim.

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If we complain and protest Pippa won't delete her old Vods...do you remember when Pippa wanted to delete her old emojis?
Well, what did we do? Yes, we complained hard in the threads and she backed down and I think we should do the same with what is happening today

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anyway Melody is live on CB

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She didn’t say that at all. She wasn’t even delving into that stuff in her first year. She’s said she thinks her old streams were when she wasn’t at her best and she was awkward. Yes Pippa doesn’t pander towards that crowd anymore but she doesn’t want to erasr her past. She even said idubbz was stupid for shitting on the people who liked his old content.

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protip: the opinion is one hundred percent sane and if you are offended by it you have brain worms

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No she said she might unlist them.

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people will literally believe anything on this board

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I wasn't expecting you to get it since you're an election tourist anyways.

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Don't you have a Nyan fleshstream to catch? Is it another third wheel date?

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She's doing this so she can delete pippa the ripper

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>election tourist
What ever makes you feel better.

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The pick me changes his personality so more people pick her, who would have thought

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>projecting this hard

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Filian wins again!
She tells edgy jokes and still gets to hang out with Henya

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theyre a big part of vtubing history too, now that shes gotten bigger. anyone can go back and see where she started, how things were back then... the zeitgeist of those times, if you will. taking those down is like taking a robert e lee starue down.

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It's been 8 years man.

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kek. 4chan used to know they were mentally ill and actually aspired to be normies. Once the schism with fucking gamergate happened and suddenly being mentally ill is srs business. Now SJWs weren't the only ones who want their mental illness validated.

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If she ever ACTUALLY does this just tell her that it's lolcow behavior and Jim would've laughed at her for it.

God I miss him...

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Speak for yourself, you're probably some forklift operator mad that some people actually ended up living their dream and still come here from time to time to shitpost since no one actually leaves 4chan.

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I'll just unsub and drop Pippa instead.
It's not like she's the only EN vtuber.

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The irony of posting this in defence of Pippa...man, they didn't send their brightest today kek

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VShojo hate

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both that ori song AND her old vods provide a valuable element to her that I think she might be unaware of.

that is: vulnerability

vulnerability has more power than people realize... i mean, WAY MORE. There is something incredibly endearing about the cringe factor, the scuff, the less popular vods... it would be super unwise to erase any of that, because its something that fleshes out the content of her character. The good, bad, and ugly - it all works together to assist a talent's perceivable range. Erase it, and the range erases with it. if they think they can "be someone slightly different"? They already are that slightly different person... erasing who you were doesnt help one to be more, only less.

one of my favorite quotes applies here, oddly enough:
>"The hardest part about finding success is giving up who you are for who you will become"
Pippa did that. She's traveled that road and walked the walk. To erase the record of it, however, is akin to erasing it altogether, due to the nature of how fans are obtained.

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schizosisters, the evil doxxing forum is laughing at us...

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warned you about the pink bro
never fall for pink chuubas

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Fucking retard kys

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she's too familiar with the memory capacity of such people, really post bud light the long memory but slow wake time of right wing culture should be clear enough? she has wiggle room but no extra lives, the upshot is she can quietly do whatever she likes, that's the half the point of libertarian culture, intellectuals live well and idiots run aground of other people.

>> No.62244632

>pippafags admit to living there
Not sure this is the win you think it is...

>> No.62244643

Go back. Please unironically.

>> No.62244646

>Old 4chan used to know how mentally retarded they were
Retards identifying other retards doesn't mean anything.

>> No.62244679

>the upshot is she can quietly do whatever she likes
Doesn't seem like thats enough these days, its starting to feel like a real case her of wanting to have her cake and eat it too in regards to what she can do and how she's seen.

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still laughing at the KF/VTA boggyman.

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>defending kiwitrash behavior

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can't blame her, her current fans are some of the gayest, most attentionseeking faggots I've ever seen, both /here/ and the kftroons. get purged.

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That's how it goes.

You build a fanbase with edgy humor, then when you get to a certain point, say thay "you've grown" and don't agree with your old content.

Then when you inevitably say or do the wrong thing in front of the new crowd, they dig up your old shit and use it against you. Many such cases.

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Grifter gonna grift

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His old fans are called capippis and they are the coolest kids in the world compared to his new fans who are called Harines and they are guys who like reaction videos.

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OP is a fag and none of this happened.

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>when Gura's massive archive of vods is brought up, people say they never watch vods anyway so they're irrelevant
>when Pippa's vods are brought up, people suddenly love vods and believe in a lying shitpost of a thread
Looking forward to seeing this outrage continue being forced the whole week.

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Pippa if you read this I ask you to reconsider things.Deleting your old vods is deleting part of your life and that of your old fans, so I ask you not to delete anything, please.

>> No.62245345

You're both incredibly gay.

>> No.62245373

Especially considering it's Pippa we're talking about, probably the most infamous chuuba on youtube for needing to watch live or else dig through the Mega.
Keep posting this every thread, it makes you seem really white and heterosexual.

>> No.62245418

When you keep blatantly displaying your poor English it's really easy to see which posts are yours btw.

>> No.62245458

>If I personally disagree with something than its false flagged outrage.
Twitter is that way anon.

>> No.62245476

Watch the stream; she said she's thinking of unlisting them. As in, you can still watch them.

>> No.62245484

wtf is a harnie.

>> No.62245488

Oh shit. Someone please archive her WoW stream from last year where she has a mental breakdown crying and calls herself retarded over and over. It's still up on her channel, but if she deletes it, it will be gone

>> No.62245524

Link please

>> No.62245530

Archive the stream where she suicide baits for money too

>> No.62245553

>thing is blown out of proportion
>people claim to be extremely upset about it
>despite the fact that it's literally nothing, and most of the truth is omitted
>clearly this isn't forced outrage at all
I don't really give a shit either way so feel free to have your fun, I'm out of here.

>> No.62245581

which one because she's done that like 3 times

>> No.62245586

A "chud" fan of Pippa's, I'm told. poltards that should have been filtered out once they found Pippa was not their white nationalist queen, but a libertarian bisexual with Spanish roots.

>> No.62245589

which one lol

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A heads up, I'm using this next time a Pippafag says something retarded. Go back.

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other way around, Harnie's are newfags from when she tried and failed to change the fan name away from capipialist, and is now an insult tossed around by newfags and oldfags alike, see picrel for most examples from /pcg/

>> No.62245723


You falseflagging tourists need killed slowly

>> No.62245771

jannies, it's time
complete /pcg/ genocide

>> No.62245772

She does that every week pretty much. Just a few days ago she talked about how she "never planned to live past 20"
Starts at around 3:13:00 and her rant lasts about 20 minutes. Preferably archive the whole menhera breakdown from start to finish

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Ah. I've mostly ignored it and someone said this earlier today. Whatever

>> No.62245877

Is Pippa going to delete her old vods?

>> No.62245946

So that's what they call you eh, a Harnie
I'm gonna start calling people that if they reek of blatant tourism like (You) when (You) first invaded my hobby

>> No.62245992

New viewers are going to her channel and seeing old streams where she shits on vshojo being recommended. She doesn't like being called a grifter and she wants to change that

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The lot of them should play together.

>> No.62246061

No. The right-wingers hate me. I'm from old /lit/, not /pol/

>> No.62246092

VShojo? Does she want to appeal for a new fans?

>> No.62246112


>> No.62246122

Sure you are Henry. You may be the dumbest mf alive. Just because you've read Schopenhauer and larp as Claude Frollo doesn't mean you're smart.

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File: 160 KB, 829x900, Could[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fitrh76.mp4].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I think I would rather chop my own balls off than listen to this group of girls talking

>> No.62246322

Phase connect is already blacklisted in the industry how will that change anything? She is never going to get that watame collab and she fucked over her genmate Iofi from having it too

>> No.62246352

Hey, here, this guy >>62246040

Is that because I posted Pekora? I don't have a Pekora tulpa, mang. Old lit didn't obsess over the poodle fucker, and I sure didn't. I like Nietzsche.

>> No.62246369

pippa :,c...

>> No.62246374

Hear me out...maybe she shouldn't have shit on vshojo and been a grifter?

>> No.62246395

You are on the wrong board, Bucky.

>> No.62246504

Sorry that listening to 9 nasally roasties doesn't sound very enjoyable. If I gave a fuck to listen to what they were saying I would just be watching my oshi instead

>> No.62246547

Blacklists aren't carved in diorite, you can be removed from them

>> No.62246574

I like Harnie better than Harine it sounds funnier

>> No.62246580

Can you put all your retarded kiwinigger namefaggotry in 1 post so that I can put them all on a filter

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>> No.62246641

Is that why he called me that? I thought he was referencing buffalo bill...

>> No.62246912

Couldn't even get that right

>> No.62246982

naw, just a name.

>> No.62247132

Henya's purity and positivity is actually infectious, she is the solution to world peace.

>> No.62247137

henri is dead hasn't tweeted in months

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woah when have I seen this before????

>> No.62247760

Pippa x remi????
Pippa x erina????
Pippa x ember????
Pippa x panko???

Pippa x VShojo yesss yesss yessss

>> No.62247854

So basically doing a Nyanners, alright
Why are pink vtubers always fucked up in a non comical way


>> No.62247999

At least stay on KF man, that place is the gayest place on the internet

>> No.62248006
File: 817 KB, 975x1325, __tomari_mari_indie_virtual_youtuber_drawn_by_kanya_pyi__50a1f83de67a49fec9e3049c40bcba20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a natural reaction to tranny infestation of internet communities.
Most 4channer had at least one general or one hobby of theirs subverted by tranny freaks by now.

>> No.62248293


>> No.62249426

>TFW the shitposter was right

>> No.62249545

>Pippa is doing the classic 4chan thing of abandoning 4chan when your mental illness recedes.
Yes anon, we've saying she's another Nyanners for several threads now, glad you're on board.

>> No.62249553

The flowchart

>> No.62249601


>> No.62249665

She's a major numberfag. Kind of their M.O. she's alright for a crazy girl though.

>> No.62249690
File: 497 KB, 740x758, who radicalized you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much all of mine. I've long since abandoned passiveness. The freaks aren't gonna leave. I have to kick them out.

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File: 272 KB, 332x622, 2023-11-09 01_45_22-Pipkin Pippa Ch.【Phase Connect】 - YouTube — Mozilla Firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related happened after the Henya collab
>upcoming scheduled streams include "Reacting to Demolitions, Explosions, Chaos" and one with a 4chan screencap thumbnail
>"she's going straight guys, trust the schizos"

>> No.62250052

Why do people like this bitch again? She's basically everything people make fun of and by any definition she's just as much as a lolcow as the people her viewers like to mock. But they like her, why? Is it because she's a woman?

>> No.62250068

I'm not seeing a single red line on those videos so its safe to say you dont even watch pippa
Now why would someone do this to defend her honor...?

>> No.62250103

So if she’s going the Nyanners route, how long until she gets a boyfriend and brings him on stream?

>> No.62250114

>reddit men
Oh here he comes.

>> No.62250279
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>> No.62250496

pippa was never even right wing or racist, she's just a shitposter. people who are obsessed with politics always project their views onto others then they get angry when they realize someone doesnt share their hivemind views

>> No.62250732

>Unlisted (not deleted/privated)
>Wants people to watch newer content
So this is what people been melting about?

>> No.62251179

I would get banned if I posted it...

>> No.62251183

>to throw her former fans under the bus.
Seeing as how Pippa's fans were largely the ones standing up for Pikamee during the Hogwarts fiasco, I'm guessing Henya wouldn't like that very much.

>> No.62251204

Chase/Henry are not us you disingenuous faggot.

>> No.62251208

unlists them so she can delete them later come on fag we aren't 12 years old

>> No.62251398

Oh nononono her actions made Phase's ESG credit score too low!

>> No.62251601

>trying to hide shit on the internet
Pippa should ask Barbara Streisand how that worked out for her.

>> No.62251638

>She just announced that she wants to delete her past vods
That's a hell of a goalpost move

>> No.62251954

This is literally the case for most /pol/ shitposters, if not all 4chan users on a larger scale. Everyone has had an edgy phase, but staying an edgelord for your whole life is for people who are going to kill themselves at 30. Gotta become mature at some point.

>> No.62252153

no its not happened with many other streams

>> No.62252433

Get your disease ridden whore off my thread!

>> No.62252457

why would Pippa cut herself?

>> No.62252492

becoming obsessed with curating one's own image on the internet is a painful exercise in futility. Internet always wins.

>> No.62252557


>> No.62252585

rrat shit stirring or not, it's inevitable that she's going to try and distance herself from that stuff at some point. It's for the wrong reasons, but the shithole of le heckin based and redpilled election tourists and dramafags she's pandered to are pretty effectively villainized at this point, and it's only a matter of time before it ends up becoming a real liability to her and/or Phase, particularly when she finally starts treading onto vshojo audience territory. More than that though, she's seen first hand that the other personalities running that pander circuit either turn out to be massive assholes who try to get her in trouble for no reason, or they're retards who fail the purity test and have their fickle audience turn on them, hard. She already has to walk on eggshells to a point that she turns raids and shit off so no one gets exposed to her cancerous audience.

Regardless, I hope it doesn't work and that she meets the same fate of having the absolutely cancerous audience she's garnered turn on her, because it's the least she deserves for putting this board and vtubing as a whole even more on their radar.

>> No.62252621
File: 132 KB, 277x341, diluc kneel (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trips of truth

>> No.62252658


>> No.62252701

>wanting to have her cake and eat it too in regards to what she can do and how she's seen.
that and acting a certain way but not allowing chat same privileges. That breeds a certain kind of beaten down beta fag.

>> No.62252720

>grifter swapping grifts

>> No.62252730
File: 925 KB, 637x1078, Bait used to be believable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/pcg/ will react to this

>> No.62252771

go back to your containment board, leftypol fag

>> No.62252798

go back. And take your bipartisan cancer with you

>> No.62252839

This, is good bait. But if you are not a /pcg/ regular, Pippa unconfirmed has a janny or two in her pocket that go fucking hard on anything relating to her.

>> No.62252865

and then come crawling back to old fan base like >"hewwooo! You mwissed mwee?? uwu"
But old fanbase tell them to GTFO.

>> No.62252880

>that and acting a certain way but not allowing chat same privileges.
the "I can be a coomer but when chat does it its bad" is an actual woman take.

>> No.62252897


>> No.62252967

Bro it was an offhand comment about possibly unlisting them.

Big difference between that and deleting them. Now if she actually does delete them in the future? Sure, then start bitching. Till then, calm the heck down my guys, good lord.

>> No.62252990
File: 299 KB, 1285x1136, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and once again, Harines will never understand.

>> No.62252994

>almost 200 posts in
>still no clip
SEA hours are the worst time to be on this board.

>> No.62253041

post it

>> No.62253062
File: 48 KB, 547x821, VFlowjo[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Flxcxxc.mp3] - Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon picked the best song for it.

>> No.62253068 [DELETED] 

/vt/ apologise

>> No.62253078

There isn't any. Faggot even linked it in /pcg/ before deleting it and turning it into a thread.

>> No.62253100

or nyanners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3H8DUW975Y

>> No.62253145
File: 249 KB, 600x338, consequences.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She already has to walk on eggshells to a point that she turns raids and shit off so no one gets exposed to her cancerous audience.

>> No.62253200

>who fail the purity test and have their fickle audience turn on them, hard.
Thats the risk she runs turning on the audience she herself sough out though, so I'd argue it would be better to settle where she is, slowly blead off the worst of them, and slowly move forward from their, but considering she is STILL reaching out to that demo, I'd say she cant help herself or she does like the crowd.

>> No.62253202
File: 343 KB, 500x755, Pippa colress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

or being schizo, or being a one joke andy, or being quick to argue, or being stupidly stubborn...

>> No.62253228

Yeah, I'd be fine with most of this colress overstayed its welcome and now all the other girls keep bringing him up, and the fights with chat are just not fun. if she was consistent about it with chat.

>> No.62253232


>> No.62253249

The bonus was right as fuck considering how much shit got sent to Henya before the collabs.

>> No.62253292

I hope she doesn't delete the pomf vod. It's the reason I followed her

>> No.62253332

I kneel before Nostradanon

>> No.62253367

Pippa deleting her singing "pomf" would be peak irony.

>> No.62253484

Regardless of what will or won't happen to her VODs, her changing her personality would certainly improve the streams.
Old Pippa often overdid the unlikable doomer act and it negatively impacted some of her collabs, from Lisa to Filian.
But her admiration for Henya was so strong that it made her drop the act and actually become a likeable person.

>> No.62253511

>overdid the unlikable doomer act
>drop the act and actually become a likeable person.

>> No.62253527

>yet another "anon pulls some dumb shit out of his ass, does not provide anything resembling a proof, but retards on /vt/ believe him wholeheartedly anyway" moment
Brainless sheep, all of you

>> No.62253548

I fucking told you fuckers she was just another grifter nyanners type and shed throw you all under the bus once she got more legit. Fuck Pippa and phasefags, I hope you all rot.

>> No.62253784

>Changes in her life to be better person
Henya is a good friend

>> No.62253797

>All those election tourists seething

>> No.62253822

Eventually you'll have to face the truth, when even she herself stops pretending.

>> No.62253839

this sounds like something two children with down syndrome made up while arguing with each other
>yeah we'll you're a sfaro!!!!
>nuh-uh, you're a krippin!!!

>> No.62253867

Phase has good talents if you look past the biggest one.

>> No.62253923

You telling me the corpo who sucked chink dick for sponsorships also swallowed the corpo pill? Many such cases.

>> No.62254037
File: 2.60 MB, 728x728, 1623885103239.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All our previous edgy 4chan /pol/ /here/ girls turned on us the moment they get some kind of actual popularity, but THIS TIME it'll be different!

>> No.62254155

I didn't even mean actively turning against them, failing the purity test means simply falling below their arbitrary, likely very high standard. That could mean not deepthroating their ideology enough, that could mean being friends with the wrong people, that could even mean merely showing weakness/vulnerability that could be exploited for drama. Kiwifarms has a reputation on twitter for being a tranny death machine, but the people they generally spend the most time obsessing over are failed /pol/tards and grifters and the like.

Rekieta for example, who kiwifarms sucked off while trying CONSTANTLY to get him and Pippa together, because "omg ur based and she's based u guys should like be based together and let me watch xD" Instead eventually they found out he's a sexual degenerate, which isn't very heckin based, and in the process of harassing him over it also found out he's very not good at handling criticism. Now only months later and it's spiraled into him being one of their biggest obsessions, to a point where Pippa was openly all, "Man, I'm glad I didn't touch that guy."

This happens to more people than not, and while she gets leniency for being a cartoon rabbit, she's still basically always one or two moments away from finding out their true oshi is drama.

>> No.62254159


>> No.62254382

>she's puzzled over why youtube shills her old VODs instead of the new ones
>why doesn't youtube shill my react content and neutered(still retarded) take?

>> No.62254404
File: 53 KB, 503x680, F97vrUla0AE2uLs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lieked peppa but I could never get to fully trust her
And once more I was proven right
Seems like it's a pink woman thing

>> No.62254469

Hopefully all Pippafags kill themselves, they are the reason Phase is hard to enjoy

>> No.62254977
File: 104 KB, 731x437, 1650819046334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't really need to invent schizo fantasies to cry about pink women.

>> No.62255498

You never had dignity, you weŕe a Pippa follower.

>> No.62255857

>anything i disagree with is "blown out of proportion"
you really do sound like you give a shit, though.

>> No.62255902

fishman is fixing her
all according to plan.

>> No.62256038

Chances are she's gonna move to vshojo next.

>> No.62256206

Yeah yeah sure edgelord. But we won't because a pure specimen of the master race like yourself can't work up the guts to fucking leave your room for some kfc let alone kill anyone.

>> No.62256343

>schizo fantasies
>literally her words
pipdrones aren't doing a good job with this yab are they?

>> No.62256406

I'd love to see what the rolling chart for Pippa's treadmill of a fanbase looks like. This is how many times this year she's thrown her audience under the bus? How many times since just March?
It's easy enough to ignore A Yab but this is a pattern.

>> No.62256874

she's simping for Henya. I mean, I can't blame her...

>> No.62256891

by who? you? No, by one of her mods that will delete everything on command.

>> No.62257026

>Kiwifarms has a reputation on twitter for being a tranny death machine
if only that was true. if only.

>> No.62257060

She will learn, eventually, that courting the audience she did was nothing but a mistake.

The only question is how hard it'll bite her in the ass.

>> No.62257411

>another cucked fanbase
they never learn

>> No.62257933

the old vods being shown more often is just youtube doing their best to hide that some of their most popular streamers are anime girls. a bunny girl who is guaranteed at least 20k on anything she does is an embarrassment for them after paying millions for some flesh streamers

>> No.62258090
File: 29 KB, 128x128, 4746161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Classic SEA hours where muslim indogs anti white women while also fantasizing about getting pity fucks from them

>> No.62258404

>cultivate schizo fanbase
>realize it's not really sustainable
>want to ditch schizo fanbase
>schizos retaliate
many such cases

>> No.62258439

aka: the Idubbz, h3h3 and Anthony Fantano route. Enjoy your watered down oshi pippabros, it only gets worse from here.....

>> No.62258613

be honest, you have no hobbies with friends for trannies to ruin to begin with, and you weren't 'radicalized' by anything other than the fact that you're a resentful faggot

>> No.62258650

ok ShortFatOtaku
>Verification not required.

>> No.62258822

nobody has any idea what you're referencing

>> No.62258915


>> No.62259008

it keeps happening because turning on 4chan is the sane, healthy choice to make
people hang out here when they are in a dark place themselves. The in-jokes and memes provide a semblance of companionship and everyone here shares anger at the world because their lives suck
But once your lives stop sucking you should absolutely turn on the people here, because they will turn on you. they will have crab in a bucket mentality and begin to hate you for becoming a normie. Because sad fact is nothing here reflects genuine affection, this place is inauthentic as fuck and full of posers

>> No.62259068
File: 307 KB, 1261x1424, GoneGirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she doesn't want that The past gets to her and she's willing to throw her former fans under the bus.

>> No.62259345

a canadian tranny simp who invented the "no one actually harassed Pikamee you ebil nazi" talking point they've been using to dismiss their crimes.

>> No.62259432

hmm, is that what they actually said? Or did they merely point out how a bunch of faggots tried to make Pikamee into a martyr and an icon for their anti-tranny crusade, something Pikamee herself didnt like, and then turned on her when she didn't actually fall on her sword and quit vtubing (because it was inconvenient for their narrative of how all trannies need to be put into death camps because some terminally online faggots harassed her)

>> No.62259587

lol I knew you'd show up... go seek Canadian Healthcare, your tranny idol will never love you no matter how much you wanna suck his dick

>> No.62259688

>edgy 4chan /pol/ /here/ girls
they never existed
/pol/tards keep projecting their own views onto them then they get angry when the girls say they're not like that

>> No.62259700

I have literally no idea what you're referencing still you dumb faggot. I'm just saying this because literally ever time I saw people screeching here about how someone was "EXCUSING TRANNY CRIMES" I would go and look at what that person actually said and it would turn out not to be the case

>> No.62259784

alright SFO, you wanted to get nuked, here it is!

>> No.62259868

does she know you can customize what is shown on your youtube homepage as well as the order it is shown? god i hope so, her being a professional youtube streamer and all. this sounds kind of like cope but i could be wrong, maybe she's just retarded.
I'm a fan of pippa btw. If her doing something retarded or having a shit take would turn me away, it would have happened by now.

>> No.62260503

She's aiming for the Hololive collabs

>> No.62261575
File: 533 KB, 772x419, 1680838945516000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember anons all your /here/tubers will abandon their loyal fanbase the moment they get even a taste of normie watchers, and it will happen again and again

>> No.62261601

poor henya, being used as a stepping stone once again

>> No.62261772

>be honest, you have no hobbies with friends for trannies to ruin to begin with

Ask the Transformers fandom. It became a cesspool of insufferable trannies.

>> No.62262080

Her Henya collabs have been the most positive I've seen Pippa with someone.

She's a wallflower with most of her collabs, even among corp mates. If she wants to better herself by putting away her old edgy shit, then let her. She's been making good content this year and would rather like this Pippa instead of past Pippa

>> No.62262345

>internet literally who living in their head rent-free
Many such cases. Sad!

>> No.62262395

hi ling ling

>> No.62262452

>vshojo made her become a better person
Nyanners 2? They will always abandon (you) and this place.

>> No.62262684
File: 173 KB, 1533x891, ShitCatMad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pink cat was justified. Fuck pedos.

>> No.62262767

>heh jokes on you, I also have OTHER literally whos living in my head rent-free
man...I guess I got joked on...aw jeez...

>> No.62263087

Was there ever any doubt this was going to happen? Isn’t this the story as old as time? Content creator from 4chan gets big and then ditches their original audience for a more brand friendly audience

>> No.62263132

You are a hypocritical piece of shit just like your oshi. Die in a fire motherfucker.

>> No.62263645

The problem with "early pippa" is simply that she made jokes and tried to pander to 4chan in a relatively "innocent" way. What I mean by that is that she would reference edgy memes and do edgy things while being way too doomer for her own good.
She thought of it all as "jokes" but was too retarded to understand that you can't just fuck around and joke without gaining an audience that unironically takes whatever you're "joking" about seriously. She was a retard who thought you could just joke around and not have anyone take it so seriously.
I thought she had a pretty good attitude earlier on in the year when she said basically, "She won't make jokes like that again, but will never shit on the fans who came to her during that time."

>> No.62263793

Go back faggot. Being edgy is and always will be popular.

>> No.62263829

Literally who cares, let people do whatever they want

>> No.62263956

It's not really a surprise, pandering to this shithole will only bring you a terrible fanbase, misery and nothing else.
Anyone slightly serious about their online career wouldn't want to be associated with this place in any way.

>> No.62264017

Why do you fags project so much? I stopped going to my local guilty gear tournaments cause gender fags invaded and they were annoying as fuck. Can you retards maybe stop assuming that we don't have first hand experience that makes us hate these freaks?

>> No.62265270

>Vshojo collabs will turn Hololive girls into disgusting whores!!!
>Vshojo collabs will turn Phase girls into pure idols!!!
I don't get it

>> No.62265324

Remember when that guy on stream said she was "sanitizing" her audience for the first Henya collab and she got super mad at him?
Seems like he was right.

>> No.62265537
File: 102 KB, 112x112, 1699543310219681.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're welcome chuds

>> No.62268125

go seek Canadian Healthcare instead, SFO. yes, that means KYS

>> No.62268330

>Transformers fandom
Pls don't tell me that they think alien robots have fucking genders?

>> No.62268739

>Kiwifarms has a reputation on twitter for being a tranny death machine
more like an even gayer version of TMZ with more fags and gossiping old women.

>> No.62268789

Pippa was fun when she'd occasionally don the schizo hat. She had fun with the chat, enjoyed playing games, and had fun memeing it up. It unironically became about the numbers as soon as she started hitting 4view consistantly. She started stripping away what made her fun, started pandering harder to the Kiwi mindset, and started streaming 'content' closer to what zoomers consume mindlessly on twitch. I stopped when she refysed to stop reading every single donation and started doing a ton of react content.
Old Pippa good, new Pippa bad.

>> No.62268806

>Canadian healthcare kills you
>not US healthcare
>the manufacturer of covid and the rushed vaccines

>> No.62268849

brother, it is so much worse than that.
They have fully functional genitalia(males can still get pregnant tho)

>> No.62269025

>hasn't heard of Medical Assistance in Dying

>> No.62269337

>implies this is just in Canada
Eat zee bugs and climb into your suicide machine

>> No.62269372

Had Pippa not blown up phase would have gone under, but sure anon.

>> No.62269566

The old vods are still of a bunny girl though?

>> No.62269609
File: 575 KB, 500x500, BrownCope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62269710

pipa fags deserve it
she only cared about her numebrs not you.

>> No.62269869

Its not the old edgy shit, its the more scuffed older streams, along with the kayfab streams I assume.

>> No.62271108

>Pippa thread
>little to no memes

>> No.62271206

Yeah, it sorta became a mix of shitposters and people airing actually grievances they have. Same thing happened to the main thread a while back.

>> No.62271624
File: 1.49 MB, 600x600, Panko shadow clones.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>airing actually grievances

>> No.62271658
File: 396 KB, 687x687, 1698984204939335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62272621

What >>62268849 said, on top of that DW also used the excuse that female-looking transformers were on another planet to make 90% of relationships be gay/lesbian and having transformers that could change gender on a whim.

But that was contained in the comics for a couple of years until the Earthspark animated show introduced a non-binary Transformer into the show.


>> No.62272677
File: 572 KB, 1194x1200, 1699169358329996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a non-binary Transformer

>> No.62272725

Meant to say IDW, and that video at the end is an example with the character in the show.

>> No.62273013

Considering how vehemently she preached to not meet your heroes, Pippa was very surprised by Henya. It's not all grim and grey. These two girls deserve happiness.

>> No.62273555
File: 459 KB, 650x615, 1699447737791024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She only thinks that cause she assumes everyone is gonna turn out like pink cat... Wait a min...

>> No.62274032

>go to henya's chat
>everyone hates chinese people

>> No.62274086

Pipgroids are just diet chumbuds. Lumigumi is the KFP.


>> No.62274920
File: 2.42 MB, 2212x1231, Hanamuri Natsumi 05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kentucky Fried Pipkin?

>> No.62275218 [DELETED] 

Fucking whores are grifters E-girls thots mentally ill for seanigggers seamonkeys schizophrenia people from Indonesia and kiwi farms retarded glowniggers underage people trannies too. Redditors neckbeards simps beta numale white knights cucks cum eating cuckolds Holofaggots too and s(o) yboys chugging s(o)y.

>> No.62275305

Pippa Pipkin is Nyanners whores grifters. With boyfriends too. Phase Connect is a course for cucks.

>> No.62275643

take your meds

>> No.62275652

>is it because she is a woman?
damn how many years did it take you to arrive at the answer?

>> No.62275690

no you didn't. I am assuming, one hundred percent correctly, that you have no irl friends

>> No.62275745

good ill make sure to save her biggest yab moments and spam them in her twitter replies next time she tries to get chummy with another normie

>> No.62275814 [SPOILER] 
File: 235 KB, 360x429, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cause she was candid about it before, and would own up to the dumb shit she did. also being a shut-in socially autistic woman helped.

>> No.62275878

>unbelievably BASED

>> No.62276135

It took me a second to realize these two breakdowns are actually from separate streams.

>> No.62276250

how could pippa do such a thing

>> No.62277317

People who havent evolved past collage

>> No.62277334
File: 79 KB, 359x199, 1697846750829045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62277387
File: 1.85 MB, 640x568, 1692735898707273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62278656

Because she appealed to their humor for a little while and gave them hope they could find a woman like them.
The reality is that she's marketing herself as much as possible and as aggressively as possible and has swapped her usual streaming style completely in an attempt to grab the twitch audience. I fucking hate it.

>> No.62278719

Based. She needs to put racists and sexists in their place.

>> No.62278752
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 1xk8qs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62278961

>T. nigger femanon.

>> No.62279072

lmao, how delusional do you have to be to believe this? Edginess is BY DEFINITION unpopular, or else it wouldn't be edgy. It can be funny in doses, but people here think it's a substitute for having an actual personality.

>> No.62279168

Buy an Ad

>> No.62279337

I'll put you in your place bitch. Never speak about things you have no knowledge or business about ever again. Get back to the kitchen right now.

>> No.62279460

Drop your pants. It's pegging time.

>> No.62280039

Sorry sweetie. You racists have had a platform on 4chan for long enough. We're taking it back and you can't stop us.

>> No.62280276

>taking it back
Where do you think you are?

>> No.62280496

I'm where you won't be in a few months time, incel. We'll get you banned and you'll be lucky if you aren't arrested.

>> No.62280523

Why would anyone think that a woman with that type of humor is being sincere? Don't these retards know anything about how women are in general? Why would they think she's being genuine at all?

>> No.62280872

>friendless tranny projecting
Considering your faggot attitude and your seething by the mere fact someone might not want disgusting axe wounds like you in their hobbies, proves them right

>> No.62280877

I'm not a britbong, thought crime is not a thing here yet, I hate clown world.

>> No.62280892

S-shut it It didnt look right but I thought I was being paranoid....

>> No.62281032

>supports lgbtpedos
>supports grooming
yeah, fake and gay

>> No.62281112

you don't have any friends and everyone knows it. whether or not trannies might be ruining a hobby is neither here nor there. not a single person beleives for a second that you actually have a social group you regularly visit to be able to judge whether or not that is the case. You're a blind man trying to tell me a ball is red. It might be, but you have no way of knowing.

>> No.62282473
File: 215 KB, 425x405, 1699563336514872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62282903


>> No.62283008

What did henya do?

>> No.62283213

Anon, the bump limit...

>> No.62283274

The actual depressed lonely losers here dont actually care about trannies because they push out too much seratonin to care about anything except sleeping and maybe porn. The people who actively hate trannies are the subset of posters who are active.