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>Next stream

>Who is Beatani?



>Official Discord

>Streamlabs, because superchats are for low IQ dads who like giving Youtube 30% of the cut:

>Last Thread

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>>Official Discord

>> No.6223175

>Official Discord

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Last stream, Beatani followed the "same girl" on the street in Yakuza twice.
The first time occurs at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTouG5WoMIU&t=1572s
When is the second time? Anyone? I'm jumping around like a fucking retard.

>> No.6223248

I think it was near the end, in the middle of some story quest which generated an invisible wall

>> No.6223274

i love this fucking bear

>> No.6223300

I hope you die, you bastard

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>> No.6223307

>9 hours until next stream
Yeah fuck this thread

>> No.6223316

1:58:20 .. thanks.

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>> No.6223410

Her hoodie has armpit holes so you can smell her better! Shaven hopefully!

>> No.6223413

I smell a clip in the making, good luck

>> No.6223425

>Chihiro is the exact opposite of Bea
Why is she flat then?

>> No.6223517

Bea drew that, she is a liar of course. Chihiro has a great rack and is very popular with the guys.

>> No.6223570

Do you think she'll have the mod updated today or is it too mendo

>> No.6223571

>oppai cunny

>> No.6223597

I never thought I'd see the day where my fanart appears on the OP. Wow.

>> No.6223613

I'm sorry it had to be this OP.

>> No.6223623

>official discord
I'd fucking strangle your mother, kids, and everything you love you fucking nigger trash

>> No.6223644

I really want a Discord just to enjoy your reactions.

>> No.6223675

Realistically having a discord in the OP is probably a good thing because it filters out all the fags begging for a discord.

>> No.6223735

The real grooming happens in the Reddit DMs.

>> No.6223740

that’s not our discord, discord faggotchama

>> No.6223747

>Official Discord

>> No.6223765

>> No.6223779

Nice, I was just about to do something like this but I like yours.

>> No.6223791

didn't expect to see my edit reused so quickly. the shitpost is gonna grow into a reality. i remember when this used to say 2
>4 fucking captcha fails
you have got to be joking

>> No.6223800

Why are you guys so obsessed with Hanabi?

>> No.6223814

When's the stinky bear gonna wash?

>> No.6223816

Having to use this one real fast

>> No.6223869

>Miho conbini segment goes on for 9 minutes unedited
sasuga groomer bear

>> No.6223871

when you put it that way

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>> No.6223889

Is the final yab approaching? These are dark times..

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>> No.6223970

I love it,

>> No.6224119

Can the bear be washed? Or is she so crusted with filth and stink already that it won't go away anymore?

>> No.6224186 [SPOILER] 

No, she is filthy. You have mo idea what it cost me to buy her old chair.

>> No.6224202

I threw up a little in my mouth

>> No.6224205

I want to massage Bea's breasts.

>> No.6224230

She showed us Chihiro's hands, when do we get to see her chest?

>> No.6224272

But I want to massage Bea's breasts, not Chihiro's.

>> No.6224292

More for me then. At least Chihiro puts out.

>> No.6224304

>I don't want to have sex with my sister
what did she mean by this?

>> No.6224326

Well I mean, do you want to have sex with your sister?

>> No.6224329

She's a weirdo

>> No.6224357

where do you think we are?

>> No.6224415

on a 2D lover website

>> No.6224473

don't have sex with your sisters dads, that's what your daughter's for

>> No.6224488

They're both girls so it's ok I think. I saw it in a yuri manga once.

>> No.6224509

If you let anyone else than you fuck your daughter, you're basically a cuck

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>> No.6224549

Actually it's rather ironic to see my art on this particular OP given that I'm anti discord but since I'm a former dad who just left recently its really none of my business anymore.

>> No.6224554

I love her

>> No.6224559


>> No.6224565

Why did you leave if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.6224614

Please don't ask, most people actually left naturally but will always say it's for x reason external to them like the vtuber or the community or w/e, while actually it's just part of a natural process
Unless it's just from having not enough time then sure

>> No.6224619

It's just one fag pushing for it. Nearly no one is there and nearly all the messages sent there so far is hate for discord.

>> No.6224651

I actually don't mind discord itself but I know it's unpopular here so I just don't usually mention it at all

>> No.6224690


>> No.6224743

Just a matter of time before the ironic discord becomes a real discord.

>> No.6224782

I'm lurking the discord just to see that degeneration happen in real time
it's fascinating desu

>> No.6224802

As said before, it's the idea of a server based on a 4chan general that's the issue.

>> No.6224821

I don't think an super high majority of people were against it, even at the start, but people against it were very vocal, and people for it would just not even try to voice it, that's all.
Last poll showed about 70%+ here used discord in general.

>> No.6224834

well it was fun while it lasted

>> No.6224859

Yes, troll OP, do your thread reading reps.

>> No.6224867

It will never really be a thing unless it's one created by beatani, otherwise people know they're gonna be shamed etc.

>> No.6224941

The discord it's bound to happen sooner or later, Bea is still growing on subs at a good rate and reddit will eventually take notice of her and she will be more popular
She got a mod for the chat and she is still doing her reddit reps, so at the very least she wants to have a stable community, the next logical step is fining a place for it

>> No.6224944

Kek you ask everyone who leaves in the exact same way. I'm sure you can figure out why people don't want to stay here.

>> No.6224969

I almost saved a Pika image in my Bea folder.

>> No.6224982

I don't feel like giving an answer because it's probably going to be used as drama bait for shitposter but I did give an answer anonymously a couple of /yah/ threads back.

>> No.6225016

Congrats on the baby

>> No.6225034

she hates reddit now

>> No.6225041

I hope you consider coming back in the future, I honestly think that the issue was blown out of proportion thanks to the shiposters and that Bea has taken notice of it

>> No.6225164

I don't know why they like discord, damn place all the communities I've joined don't accept criticism or anything, it's a hug box

>> No.6225220

your not looking hard enough/ are unlucky then. it should be easy to find servers that allow that that

>> No.6225274

It does happen for discords that are dedicated to one personality or group of person, but it's pretty rare for discords that are about a hobby, a game (as long as it's not their official discord) or things like that.

>> No.6225290

If you hate discord so much, refute this right now.
You only hate discord because you belong to an anti-discord hivemind. Wake up.

>> No.6225313


>> No.6225329

I only hate discord because faggots keep trying to push it. If you wouldn't bring it up every second I wouldn't have such an objection to it

>> No.6225340


>> No.6225356

dilate you fucking tranny.

>> No.6225360

really bea, if you want a place without any of us then why don't you tell us to leave you? what's the matter?

>> No.6225362

which of the dads is the main admin

>> No.6225371

I'm not a gay.

>> No.6225408

it's okay do what you want, whatever you guys aren't my friends or anything and the bear doesn't care about me, enjoy your hug box faggot

>> No.6225442

I don't hate Discord.
But, the idea of an official Beatani Discord kind of worries me.
The idea of an unofficial Beatani Discord is a little less troublesome, but it would also stifle the threads, among other things.
Not to mention in either case you would need a named person as an admin. Whether a minority or not is vocal about their disapproval of this named moderator, they would never shut up.

>> No.6225454

The server is not made by dads

>> No.6225458

Using discord =/= wanting a /yah/ discord

>> No.6225461

I keep watching Bea's streams because I enjoy talking with a few dads on twitter and I don't want to lose them

>> No.6225486


>> No.6225505

so who the fuck is the admin?

>> No.6225510

A troll

>> No.6225522

I come to the threads because I like talking about Beatani, not because it's on 4chan. I'll go wherever.

>> No.6225545

Do you think she has a bush down there?

>> No.6225612

a cute trimmed bush in the shape of a clover

>> No.6225623

The character, no, the roommate probably.

>> No.6225640

name one community that benefitted from a discord sever being made about it

>> No.6225670


>> No.6225714

Managing a discord would be too mendokusai for the bear

>> No.6225723

I want to suck the stink off Beatani's feet

>> No.6225735

I want to suck her cock.

>> No.6225813

A white/silver bush is too aesthetic to shave.

>> No.6225816

Discord is unironically just a breeding pit for gays and pedos
its just 4chan 2 but with more grooming and more mentally ill gamers

>> No.6225851

lick the smegma from his unwashed cock

>> No.6225863

So it's perfect for us

>> No.6225881

Her cock, don't misgender the bear.

>> No.6225930

hand reps stream when

>> No.6225996

but I'm not French

>> No.6226192

Well not on youtube or twitch, but that would be doable on discord, they allow private streams like this

>> No.6226287

fuck off discordfag
Obviously the correct choice is chaterbate just like that other slut melody

>> No.6226526


>> No.6226529


>> No.6226684

Somehow the chaterbate one is the better one of the group

>> No.6226706

>unable to verbally explain why they dislike discord so much
kek, it really is a hivemind.

>> No.6226785

No idea, he doesn't seem to be much of an admin though. Pretty much just says that as long as you dont post anything illegal you can do whatever you want

>> No.6226860

It's a community based around a vtuber. Dads are lonely menhara who can't help but attention whore/sperg out/schizopost. Add namefagging and a desire for bear attention. Does this sound like it ends well?

>> No.6226917

namefags can go to the discord and anonymous dads stay in the threads. why doesnt this work? the whole reason threads are shit is because the two have to coexist

>> No.6226930

this. Discord groups never end well when it's centered on one person/personality/vtuber/eceleb etc. ESPECIALLY if they are in the group.
Letting dads dm her is more then enough

>> No.6226949

To be fair, what's the worst thing that could happen? The only drama so far has been the jealous dads having a meltdown a couple of times, but they are fully contained in these threads and the bear hasn't been affected by them

>> No.6226972

I got an idea. Making the secret Discord a reality and Bea will only invite these she wants to talk to.

>> No.6226986

has it occured to you that you can post on both the general and the discord? been doing it for years now

>> No.6226997

Dox, or at the very least so much gay dad drama and faggotry that bear just says fuck it all together.

>> No.6227023

this will just cause more jealous seethe and the threads would be ruined with speculation about whats happening in the discord
oil balons are already secretive of what's posted in the members community

>> No.6227061

It's that simple.

>> No.6227074

I see chance of bear saying "fuck it" increasing to 100% with time, doubt dads can keep the drama in

>> No.6227085

>oil balons are already secretive of what's posted in the members community
This is a matter of basic respect for Bea, it's not like it's a closed circle, just get the T3.

>> No.6227116

non balons aren't missing much

>> No.6227135

i'm already an OB, my point was only that there would be no leaks and the speculation would get out of control

>> No.6227142

>This is a matter of basic respect for Bea
I'm honestly impressed by this, you can say whatever you want about the dads, but I guess we love the bear too much to betray her trust

>> No.6227179

also this
Become balon only if she is your oshi.

>> No.6227203

Ok niggers I added https to clover.club


>> No.6227205

the ones willing to pay for the recognition of oil balon status are the ones with the most to lose. it's not surprising nobody has leaked, a leaker would also run the risk of beatani not posting anything in the OB community tab anymore.

>> No.6227243

Too bad about the PO Box leak however. Was that a T1 and T2 post? Would explain why it was leaked and only made somewhat "ok" by Bea later.

>> No.6227249

I don't get it. If discord fags want to make a server for themselves, why are they in here asking permission to make one?

>> No.6227259


>> No.6227269

>Finally bothered with let's encrypt
Thanks dad!

>> No.6227297

they're trolls, tourists, and falseflaggers looking to stir the pot

>> No.6227313

they're just shilling it, it already exists they dont need permissions

>> No.6227317

I see you're too low iq to understand. Also, ENHANCE

>> No.6227369

I don't hate Discord. I hate Discord because it will be filled with this thread of retards. This thread is bad enough.
I'm not sure why the sudden switch to a chatroom turns people fucking retarded, but I wish they'd stop.

>> No.6227373

Same reason any faggot is constantly trying to convince others their behavior is totally natural and not disgusting instead of just doing it away from others, they want to normalize the idea of having one here by bringing it up over and over again.

>> No.6227378

Thank you dadchama

>> No.6227406

>I'm not sure why the sudden switch to a chatroom turns people fucking retarded, but I wish they'd stop.
It's because discord would allow offtopic posting to run rampant.

>> No.6227434

Her subscriber numbers are inclining too quickly, how can I stop this?

>> No.6227468

Inspect Element.

>> No.6227488

Much better.

>> No.6227525

Me and my alts.

>> No.6227538

Are there professional groomers for hire? For example, can I pay someone to use my account to groom her for me, and I just show up for the sex part?

>> No.6227543

uh oh, don't look now, she just got another sub.

>> No.6227549

just dont go to the discord then lol
if discordfags migrate to discord then they wont shit up the thread anymore

>> No.6227565

>if discordfags migrate to discord then they wont shit up the thread anymore
lol, someone has never seen any community ever.

>> No.6227598


>> No.6227620

the amount of bitching about discord would at least significantly decrease from both sides

>> No.6227656

At what point will she stop having karaoke parties for every 1k subs? 5k+? 10k?

>> No.6227661

Why so much fear?, we are always the same people during the stream and more than half of them are dead subscribers

>> No.6227671

Stop the bitching about namefags and that will solve most of /yah/'s problems.

>> No.6227677

She would stop reading the threads and just hang out on Discord.

>> No.6227693

I'm seeing a lot of new greens recently.

>> No.6227696

That's a untapped market anon.
You could create actual professional groomers.

>> No.6227708

bitching about namefags will probably never go away discord or not
why would she? she enjoys anonymously shitposting

>> No.6227716

many of these greens are old grays

>> No.6227741

She can always do that on Discord. totallyNotBeatani#7892 WILL call you a faggot and get away with it.

>> No.6227764

you have to make a new account every time she does that though

>> No.6227777

Makes sense, greys are beneath my notice.

>> No.6227801

Who needs grooming skills when you run a company of professionals?
I have no idea how you'd market this, but I'm sure people would buy

>> No.6227804

Greens checked
Greys wrecked

>> No.6227822

What, why would she need to make new accounts every time?
Besides, that's not exactly hard. Incognito tabs are right up there bro.

>> No.6227855

a private detective who watches the victim and finds out what she likes to groom her better

>> No.6227860

Remember when Bea was making new thumbnails for every stream of a game even if some guy bitched about greenscreen artifacts? Good times.

>> No.6227880

She should make effort to include more artifacts next time.

>> No.6227891

because her typing style would get recognised and she would need to make a new account in order to be truly anonymous

>> No.6227916

That's where she needs to use her high IQ brain - copy-paste peoples posts from here.

>> No.6227949

She needs to do her typing reps somehow. She's a good listener and her English speech flows well despite not knowing some words but her typing is where her greatest weakness lies.

>> No.6227955

You'll need to change the name "grooming" to avoid the bad press, and so people don't think you are offering to give their dogs a haircut.

>> No.6228096

I bought new, non-scuffed calligraphy pens today in preparation for sending something to the PO box. Hope the bear will appreciate it.

>> No.6228163

In one of her streams she said at some point she would start doing them every 10k instead of in 1k intervals.

>> No.6228204

Surrogate Seducers Inc.

>> No.6228236

I wonder what a 20k subscriber bear stream would be like.

>> No.6228662

Anyone have the drawing of Beatani sitting on a bench?
I can't find it in the booru.

>> No.6228703

If a Bea game were to be made, what would you like it to be?

>> No.6228773 [SPOILER] 

Why did you upload the same video twice *** chama
that being said, based uooohhhh
Pic related is my captcha... good thing i'm not a total schizo yet or i would have freaked

>> No.6228797

stalking simulator, with molest mechanic

>> No.6228984


>> No.6229040

Realized dark videos are somehow much darker on youtube than on the local file... should be good now

>> No.6229085

the fuck you talking about

>> No.6229214

I think he probably meant this? https://twitter.com/Ziassan/status/1412889776391348232

either that or the other 3 letters guy

>> No.6229220

>Too bad about the PO Box leak however
eh? what are you talking about? did something happen when I was asleep?

>> No.6229239

>He did not recieve the transmission of the relevant datapoints

>> No.6229250

... how

>> No.6229278

Not much, was posted in member only and instantly got screenshoted here, not a big deal howerver, I suppose she just wanted to limit the possible influx of things sent.

>> No.6229346

How do you do that? Don't you need someone in a multiplayer server or something?

>> No.6229365

>I still somehow missed it
so no wonder why you guys were talkling so much about letters.

>> No.6229389

There was a whole thread with people infighting about how retarded or not retarded the leakers were etc. but I understand some days have too many threads

>> No.6229430

Yes, just invite beatani to your private server to record a video

>> No.6229489

Make your friend cospaly as Bea, record the video then have sex with him

>> No.6229525

god imagine...

>> No.6229559

The true male fantasy

>> No.6229591

An alt account works too

>> No.6229929

Ngl I'm kind of banking on the 5k minecraft server to put an end to the discord vs 4chan drama. It would be nice just to be able to build stuff with dads during dead hours.

>> No.6230004

A giant statue of Bea with an enormous futa cock

>> No.6230016

I still have my doubts bea will ever bother, it seemed gyro was in for the help but then idk what happened, prob too busy.

>> No.6230067

Considering she already just kinda does the milestone karaokes whenever she wants it might be better to drop the milestone thing entirely and just have it be a monthly event or something.

>> No.6230073

>I still have my doubts bea will ever bother
She will absolutely bother.

>> No.6230110

I will share the Risuna MC skin near the 5k then

>> No.6230149 [SPOILER] 

H-ha, yeah...

>> No.6230159

She has never mentioned it before though, has she? I don't want to have too much hope. All I've heard about the 5k minecraft server is from the frog, and he admitted he wasn't working on such a thing.

>> No.6230185

The father's day Minecraft server reveal was my pet rrat, I was sad to see it slain. Hopefully one day it will be reborn.

>> No.6230211

damn thats hot...

>> No.6230220

This will absolutely happen.

>> No.6230238

I dont need the big celebration as a prerequisite to hear the bear sing. It would be nice if she occasionally wanted to sing or play guitar just like during a zatsu. I mean only songs she already knows, nothing she would have to practice for.

>> No.6230271


I will make it happen

>> No.6230294

Personally I'd love a messing around with synth and/or WIP music stream

>> No.6230316

>Hopefully one day it will be reborn.
Are you the frog? Can't you make a minecraft server, is it hard?

>> No.6230331

Chihiro sybian review stream ikz

>> No.6230347

Not him, I just liked the rrat

>> No.6230508

I want to tie Beatani up and shove her into a carwash so the high pressure nozzles and big rotating brushes can forcibly remove all the stank from her and make her squeaky clean and smell nice!

>> No.6230697

How do you get specific words from Beatani without background music? Just from memory?

>> No.6230713

Spraying deodorant over Bea's unwashed body!
Making her stink harder!

>> No.6230851

Not him but he made a vocaloid

>> No.6230859

There are probably better ways to do it, but using "transcript" option on the bottom right give you speech to text of the video and you can search words in japanese, it kind of work for common words, tho you have to edit the audio a bit when it's in the middle of a sentence.

>> No.6230882

Not him, but I try to note down times/videos where there's no music. Or, audacity forks do an OK job at bgm removal

>> No.6230928

You are now pajeet tier in deploying shit, thank you

>> No.6230936

Those moments would definitely be useful for all kind of projects

>> No.6231332

Glad to be (a foolish Dad)
This one is just 4 chords, C, G, Am and F

Tabs for Clovers on XP Hill

>> No.6231469

I appreciate you dad

>> No.6231577

thank you for bringing some well needed nukumoritea dad
well done foolish dad

>> No.6231683

keep up the great work foolish dad

>> No.6231841

>everyone is talking on discord
Fuck, it really is over. Been nice knowing you dads.

>> No.6231891

we knew this would happen, the koppa poster predicted it, enjoy it while you can

>> No.6231942

It's just three fags (one of them)

>> No.6231991

As well, if people are interested in collabing, that would be cool. While I'm mainly working on my solo acoustic singing reps, I have hundreds of random melodies like this weezer rip off that's never found a use.

>> No.6232255

Definitely sounds like you've done your singing reps here. Best one yet.

>> No.6232443

Now redirect http to https and setup hsts

>> No.6232475

Beas streams havent been very fun
Minecraft and yakuza are both dull with her

>> No.6232493


>> No.6232502

go fuck yourself nigger

HSTS shills should be shot

>> No.6232515

t. chihiro

>> No.6232538

Yeah, I think you should watch me instead, when I get my setup ready to go

>> No.6232595

There is no reason in 2021 to still allow insecure protocols like HTTP to be used.

>> No.6232616

I cant believe how quickly bea got stale

>> No.6232624

ok, drop the link when you do

>> No.6232632

go eat a bag of dicks. I bet you also use signal and let moxie pound you in the ass whenever he wants.

>> No.6232636

Of course, this is a self chill thread after all

>> No.6232639

Thank, Mr Ryan, sir

>> No.6232644

gb2/g/, Stallman.

>> No.6232696

>go eat a bag of dicks.
This is very telling of your personality if this is your response to someone asking you to employ a standard security practice.
>I bet you also use signal
I don't use Signal

>> No.6232704

He's not Ryan I am

When's your debut?

>> No.6232722

Depends on how fast I figure out the mixed reality thing I want to try.

>> No.6232933 [SPOILER] 

Testing new brushes

>> No.6232946


>> No.6232950

>Uploaded 9 hours ago
Is he a dad?

>> No.6232966

nice legs

>> No.6232976

I need more pics of her ass

>> No.6232985

nice try leech, stop shilling your self here, HAI.

>> No.6232991

Oh god, the legs made me so hard

>> No.6233077

In the Beaplane over the Sea

>> No.6233226

>great ass and legs
very based

>> No.6233284

It's bad that I'm starting to recognize who are some dads in the nade thread just from the content and writing style..

>> No.6233302


>> No.6233319

It's bad enough already for you to be there

>> No.6233324


>> No.6233346


>> No.6233804

Bea's figured it out too, that's why she's been cold recently.

>> No.6233835

>you will never watch indies with bea

>> No.6233880


>> No.6233973

>mfw did reps right before this
still have not busted one to my oshi yet, pretty proud of myself

>> No.6234002

Can you make a black cock edit too?

>> No.6234016

That the bitch who's already delayed her debut at least once now?

>> No.6234066

where the FUCK are the pubes???

>> No.6234104


>> No.6234131

> nade

>> No.6234168

on her pubis, didn't want to draw a bush on this one
how many have you recognized?

>> No.6234201

a groomer honeypot

>> No.6234334

New rrat inspiration: the "Surrogate Seducers Inc" is actually real. Recruitment drive to find the most talented

>> No.6234380


>> No.6234390

This rrat is too powerful, I'm here to put it down.

>> No.6234641

you ruined a perfectly good post dad why would you do this

>> No.6234684

Sex can be a form of love!

>> No.6235099

How new?

>> No.6235130


>> No.6235188

fuck off you fucking nigger

>> No.6235488

Dads... I don't think I can stay up for the stream, I just wanted a few beers, but if I take a nap now, I'm passing the fuck out

>> No.6235534

that's why i went to the liquor store but didn't open anything. i am feeling smart now. tired, but smart.

>> No.6235677


>> No.6235765


>> No.6235909


>> No.6236051

Ugandads keep winning. Bea heard fireworks liked gorillas so she would try one out. She really trusts his opinion.

>> No.6236452

I put some pillows and cushions in a pillowcase and tied it up with a belt to stop them working their way out. I call it Beatani. It's perfect. The top corners of the pillowcase have a cushion pressing against them so they stick out like cute little bear ears I can nibble on in my sleep. Beatani is lying patiently on my bed as I type this. Can you say the same?

>> No.6236476


>> No.6236494

I kneel

>> No.6236644


>> No.6236690

Any euros brave enough to catch this one?

>> No.6236737

Yes t. bong
I tried to sleep a bit before but couldn't... Save me yurodadchama

>> No.6236766

>No picture

>> No.6236794

another bong dad
what even is sleep at this point...

>> No.6236900

Light in my room is broked and flash is mendokusai pls andastando. I might take a pic when I have daylight. Or I might not if I think you will get pillowdox from it.

>> No.6236925

I just use a regular pillow and pretend the corners are ears because heads aren't supposed to be rectangular like that.

>> No.6237133

>Light in my room is broked
Nice job doxxing yourself. I'm going to tell Bea you did this

>> No.6237134

I started off that way too. Pretty soon I realised a pillow doesn't have enough strength to hold its shape when hugged with autist arms so I started work on the upgraded version.

>> No.6237143

forgive me

>> No.6237264

I cant make it tonight, good luck beating up dads bea

>> No.6237407

been wondering how long it would take for someone to make one of these honestly

>> No.6237571


>> No.6237645

The greentexts got me

>> No.6237653

be careful, or maybe they will also call this a "troll post"

>> No.6237660

Business as usual

>> No.6237781


>> No.6237803

It can definitely be done better but I got tired of waiting too

>> No.6238197

>the title today is in english
What does it mean?

>> No.6238279

I like beatani, I think she's neat.

>> No.6238285

She's working on her English in preparation to come and live with me full time, of course. What else could it mean, foolish dad?

>> No.6238333

I like Beatani too, but the last thing she is is "neat". If you were there for the passpartout can flinging incident you should know this.

>> No.6238445

neat can mean cool/interesting also

>> No.6238449

Smart dad. Save the booze for when the stream starts.

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