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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U0x1Uy4qfM (she starts crying like 10m in)
also, Nyaru's response to poach fagging: https://files.catbox.moe/bnwcbq.mp4

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the caramel idol

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fleshtuber, I see

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Welcome to vshoujo..

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Nyaru is a nobody obese failed pippa wannabe

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Anon you gotta post the ass jiggle for people to remember her. The massive tits can work too.

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she was a corpo chuuba?

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I need to find it but in the meantime here she is cosplaying as the incest sister whilst carving up a pumpkin.

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So she's done for? Good, fucking /vt/ pandering fat whore

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don't care

>(she starts crying like 10m in)
I'm hooked

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>cosplaying as the incest sister
Jorts and a sweater?

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Nyaru fat lol

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she will still be an indie

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place your bets, who's reincarnating into a new agency in the beginning of 2024

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I thought it's nice on the one hand nyaru was so loyal to a literal-nothing """"corpo"""" that never get anywhere because it's where her friends are etc. However on the other there is a kind of forest for the trees thing where you have to call a spade a spade and admit it isn't much of anything to write home about and naturally, if people think you are too good to be there they want you to aspire for more.

Nyaru seemed to see that as a diss to shirayuri to poachbeg but really it's actually a complement that people think she deserves better. The loyal nakama forever One Piece bullshit kind of thinking actually held her back because she was for a while to our perception the only one who really cared/was trying in this to begin with.

I'm vaguely reminded of how in MMOs you have some tiny groups that can't accomplish as much as the server leading ones where some people in them just go into a copium justification of "I want the nice things the top guys get, and I have the time and patience to do it, but I won't leave my (casual) friends who don't care behind, so I'm staying here." Years go by and they stay there stunted by their own design / mental traps and never get the nice stuff. Nyaru is like that for vtubers. Or maybe she can use this as a chance to try to make it big. For example her model is very cute as a design, but a little funky/cheap looking in look and rigging and maybe she could get it upgraded / 2.0'ed without needing to try to get Shirayuri to arrange it, etc.

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I don't think any corpos will let her do that kinda thing with her kinda preferred look while staying a Vtuber, unless Idol suddenly gives up on the whole "everyone has to be some kinda loli model" thing they got going on

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On the other hand a brown loli would also set the world's dick on fire so I mean there wouldn't be much to be lost with a younger looking version of herself. That being said I like her as is only yeah I think she just could use a 2.0/redebut kind of deal if she wants to keep going forward with chuubaing.

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how has nobody crowdfunded a better model for her yet? the rigging is the only thing keeping me from watching every stream

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Idol is the most loli-model-centric company, but they accommodate other kinds of crazy ladies too

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Sakana, It's time for Phase Invaders Gen 2

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Does this guy know what pioneer means?

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The only hard requirement is being okay with loli. They just happen to attract a lot of people who want to be lolis that way.

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Nyaru had to deal with poach beggars before. And she limited the Phase collabs she did to avoid being seen as a leech or sad girl company orbiter.

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She told people on stream today that they should watch the others, she knows 90% of Shirayuri in general was Nyaru, nobody really cared about the others.

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Bro, I don't think anyone even knew she was in a group. Only she is posted here.

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Pretty much what the girl from the FOTM incest game wears

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I wish he would but all he hired last time around were Tsunderia dropouts and Moon Jelly. He doesn't want Pippa friends.

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Fishman was denied investing in Tsunderia by their owner, now the fish is slowly hiring nearly all the former Tsun girls.
Except for the one that made it big of course.

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Who? Lisa or Amiya?

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idol and en in general still looking for a good brown cunny chuuba as their savior, the question is does she have the voice for that

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I'm just happy enough she gets to keep streaming. I enjoyed her karaokes.

I also enjoyed those god-tier meaty thighs.

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>jan 28
well well well
guess its time

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oh right I forgot about that....to be fair she was jumping a lot of corpos

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so do I

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I didn't even know she was in a corpo

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Obese and stinky brown

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>it's actually a complement that people think she deserves better
You wish. Pipnigs were poachbegging pretty much anybody who ever worked with Pippa. It never had anything to do with people thinking about what she deserves.

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I want to sniff her stinky brown if you know what I mean

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nyaru's /k/ and /cgl/ fans are better than the shitslop we have here. may allah awaken the people and help them to see the evildoings of israel and hiroshimoot.

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Is it POACH time?

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>spits in the face of one corpo
>her own corpo collapses
lol, lmao even

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That's disgusting

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i don't think so after cgl landwhales shits her on twitter after getting called out from her pippa collab

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Wasn't Nyaru's fault the owner had health issues. Also for a small corpo they pretty much let Nyaru do anything and they weren't taking any cuts from the talent too.

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This was partially because people were asking her to join when she was already in a corpo, and she seems to have an issue with people not realizing that. Its not impossible that she joins but she might also just still be a bit mad about the Phasebegging and go indie.

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la peruANA

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Do you think she's the type that likes to get her thighs bit when she gets eaten out? They look incredibly biteable.

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Yeah surprisingly, I find this confusion happens a lot for the twitch corpos. Twitch has its merits for streamers but Youtube just seems to be way better for organizing a group of talents, I've encountered a few twitch chuubas that I didn't realize were in corpos until later, but it's immediately obvious on Youtube.

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Up until today I thought VShojo was the only one.

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answer the call!

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They aren't all that common and the ones that do exist are pretty small other than Vshojo, but their talents already started with an audience prior to joining. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head is Heavenrend but I know I've seen a few others.

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I knew of them but assumed they streamed on YT

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>>now the fish is slowly hiring nearly all the former Tsun girls
>Nearly all

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Their YT accounts are mostly just used for edited clips, the streams are all on twitch.

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I think Isegye also counts as Twitch only. Although they are so dedicated and isolated to their Korean audience that they barely get discussed here.

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Purin soon™

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Everytime she's brought up it's always for her irl cam streams, without fail. We get it she has a nice ass, how about bringing up some thing about her that don't break rule one?
Here I don't even watch her and I can do it, watch
She's the only vtuber i've ever seen stream Rising Storm 2, Vietnam. That's pretty based

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Well i’d never heard of them, but damn they actually seem fairly popular, I just hadn’t seen them til now.

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Did the corpo even do anything besides give them an excuse to collab?

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She also does TF2 on Mondays on her own server.

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feebee is doing something completely different these days

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I think it sent Nyaru and some others to a bunch of cons.

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I know, and it's more like she is going half and half to be honest

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They all chipped into doing stuff like the cons according to Nyaru. I'm sure she'll still get into cons, there's always companies interested in getting indies into them.

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the difference between this situation and that analogy is that MMOs are easy, anyone with functioning fingers can go from dogshit 5/8 hardstuck heroic to a CE guild because there are always slots available for that
in contrast, only some very low percentage of streamers in each viewership tier will ever 10x, and while you do need to get to 100 viewers to get to 1000, there's no guarantee of that ever happening and if she has an education/career path, odds are that time spent now is wasted

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This is funny when you know that before the Pippa fans started watching, she couldn't even get a partner push to work. Twice.

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Yoro just did her stream about it.

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Poor Yoro has not had it easy.
>Her beloved Cat died, so she was depressed for two weeks.
>Her PC absolutely broke, and she lost her hard drive and assets, making her even more depressed
>She had to get a job
>Her beloved company is gone
Not a fun month to be her.

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Vshojo seems to be the most okay with talents having both "real 3D" and vtuber contents. The problem is they mostly poach people they know so not sure if she has a chance to get in.

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>I didn't realize were in corpos until later
Happened to me as well. Kind of annoying since I prefer indie but won't leave a vtuber if I like them.
Vshojo is more of a agency than standard corpo. They don't own the vtuber's IP and probably have less restrictive rules and contracts. Kind of weird the "corpo" label is used for them.
There a few big ones but they also stream on youtube so half half.

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Her stream is still happening, it's a q&a now

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I'm not reading all that, did they ran out of money or something?

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Don't forget that she is losing her hearing, and she already has to wear hearing aids.

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Disbanding due to CEO dying

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I feel bad. She seemed pretty invested in making it work. Some hands just aren't workable though I guess.

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anorexic tokino sora

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What does this even mean?

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When I still regularly check /#/, some anon keep posting about them whenever someone claim Ironlung is the biggest in twitch.

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>brownie WHOre
nice filter but you can tell from the "brown"-hue the plastic has.

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Are you trying to say that she's pretending to be brown? Because she has like a decade of con organizing experience, she's not a total unknown.

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Theres another Korean group. Stellive or something like that. They were doing pretty well last i checked.

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Nyaru do the imouto ASMR roleplay already I NEED to be called big brother

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Now that's a name that I don't recognize.
But not surprised if there are many other Korean vtuber group in Twitch.

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Anyone got pics of her big brapper saved

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god bless
imagine the smell

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please god tell me she's not a butterface

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My dick loves my oshi's big juicy ass and tits and my heart loves her wonderful smile and adorkable giggles.
She really is a perfect woman.

>> No.62243199

Such pleasing thickness

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Imagine the fucking farts
Absolute cheek clapping pungent rippers

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Everyone gets to keep their stuff though which is nice.

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Sounds like they had managers that would handle some technical things for them.

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She's got nice big boobies and a fat ass

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How much of a faggot you have to be to call a girl with a body like that "fat" ?

>> No.62251711

>cant differentiate thick with fat
the smell of fag from this guy.

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I didn't even realize she was corpo.

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>another "western idol" group had no audience
Oh no, who could have ever seen this coming.

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She spends all her money on food she can’t afford it

>> No.62254125

She fucks up and shows her face almost every handcam stream. Average with big juicy lips

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I want her to crush my face with that fat fucking ass and funnel her pungent farts into my nostrils. What an absolute braphog.

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equip the pen

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At least Nyaru will make it.

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>known for nothing except her fleshtubing antics
Why even become a vtuber at that point?

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It's because /vt/ doesn't actually care about the classic games like TF2, MS Flight Simulator, Rising Storm and other nerd games.

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easy views from /vt/ posters
she's openly /here/, even did divegrass watchalongs

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I'm glad she's going to be able to keep streaming, Tsunderia going tits up actually helped a couple of the talents in terms of viewership so maybe she'll get a boost as well.

>> No.62258499

She literally only plays those games if its
>From a viewer recommendation/ because a viewer has a community server set up
>because it's the trendy FOTM game that pippa played at the time

She's not like sleepy or Yuko, who genuinely enjoy playing milsims/ competitive FPSs

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watching better vtubers?

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Some honest, straight-forward thoughts:

Poor Yoro keeps getting screwed over by fate. I don't watch her because her timeslot is very bad for me, but I like how unique she is and she being one of the first /wvt/s back in the /jp/-/trash/ days before /vt/ was made.

As some people said, I both commend Nyaru for sticking to her guns and Shirayuri Pro during the entirety of its lifespan, but also, it's very clear she can reach further heights if she does things in a different way. Shirayuri had 0 advertising, and most of it felt like hobbyists rather than them taking it seriously. It may hurt and she probably has read this a million times, but it is what it is.

Now as a true indie, she has 3 options:
-solo indie and not care about growth
-solo indie and pray/luck for growth
-make an indie circle that buffs each other, /lig/ Barbies style
-join another corpo
Regardless of option she first has to bite the bullet and get a better model and rigging, the design is great but the actual implementation is lagging behind for her size and potential.

Strong points of Nyaru:
-Incredibly valuable skill of being able to be both super-close to fans but also be able to tardwrangle schizos and groomers. Most vtubers either have one skill or the other. Either too distant or manipulated and swamped by groomers. I don't know if she realizes how good she is at this.
-In a similar way, gives fanservice and can talk lewd without going all the way to whoretubers. Great balance.
-Relatable, affable person, can talk about anything, interacts with chat a lot
-Plays fun non-FOTM things like TF2 etc
-/k/ friendly
-Actual expert on idols
-Great taste in old internet meme culture, with community submitted watchalongs of classic videos and such
-Very resilient despite menhera, she always springs back and keeps being positive and cheerful

Weak points:
-Model/rigging needs update
-Needs to improve her setup and make more use of her knowledge of dancing
-She's kinda tone-deaf when singing (very SOVL though), no need to go full Vsinger training, but her idol brand could benefit from a few singing lessons. Again no need to go full tryhard, just some lessons. Tone deaf is not an inherent state, stop being menhera and do your reps.
-Sometimes she hyperfocuses on games and doesn't interact well with chat.
-Networking reps. She's related to various ecosystems like /wvt/, phase connect /choc/ etc, but she generally looks kinda isolated when it comes to actual activities. Even with Shirayuri she felt a bit isolated.

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She tries some games for those reasons, which I don't see as a bad thing, being open to community suggestions is uncommon. The problem is sometimes the autism types mismatch. For example, she's into /k/ because she has family in the army and likes those kinds of things thematically (murrica freedom fuck yeah etc), but she doesn't have the actual milsim autism mindset. Thus she attracts some milsim autists who suggest her milsim games, and she likes the concept but her kind of autism is not built for competitive multiplayer FPS autism.
She legitimately loves TF2 though, because it hits the vibes she likes but also TF2 is fun at all levels of the tryhard spectrum, so the previous problem is not an issue.
She's also pretty good in Battlebit though. Not tryhard levels, but she's competent. Like she fumbles in Rising Storm because it's too attention/knowledge/tactical based, but in Battlebits you don't have to carry her or anything, she does great.

>because it's the trendy FOTM game that pippa played at the time
To be fair, I think she actually trails Lia's game choices more than she does Pippa's. But there's always some degree of overlap in choices because she likes both Lia and Pippa, and all three have overlapping interests (guns, idols, edgy, niche internet phenomena etc).

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>As some people said, I both commend Nyaru for sticking to her guns and Shirayuri Pro during the entirety of its lifespan, but also, it's very clear she can reach further heights if she does things in a different way. Shirayuri had 0 advertising, and most of it felt like hobbyists rather than them taking it seriously. It may hurt and she probably has read this a million times, but it is what it is.
To be more specific here:
I greatly respect her for choosing her values and friendship over business, I really do. It's not common in the vtuber scene, or even any scene.
That said, I'm not saying the other ones in shirayuri are NGMI fodder. They are good people, cute and earnest, they just lack a sense of business or the sane kind of ambition. Nyaru has it, and she doesn't need to play the betrayer and clout-climber role to make use of it.
Shirayuri imploding is a bless in this sense, since she can be free of this tension between her knowing and pushing what to do to grow, and the others not really getting it. Now she can do both, stick to her values AND make use of growth strategies.

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She doesn't look very caramel

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Is this the "janny does it for free" girl?

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I don't about all that but I would definitely eat her poop

>> No.62260520

the girlpoop eating is making me miss words

>> No.62260856

Obese? She's got a long way to go before she's obese (and thus hot).

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>He doesn't want Pippa friends.
Good, theres no a single good Pippa friend.