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The day the fun died.

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something was truly lost that time, and the magic never came back for me

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At least I still have an oshi, I used to be DD before this

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bitch is having the time of her life and mad money and these broke ass tribal fags are crying about an orange png

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It's not that. Things really were different before her graduation. She was the queen of Vtubing during that time and everyone knew it. Every reddit review was awful but would shake the entire board. It was just different.

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I am going to date her tomorrow

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Coco was a fucking terrible vtuber and I'm glad she quit

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sure Mr.cheng

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>Reddit = fun

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Collab content in general is where you'd really see the difference. People miss the dynamic with her old friends, and not many of the friends she can collab with now scratch that itch outside of Henya.
I just wish RGG and her sleep issues didn't keep her from streaming so much. Orange or not, I miss this bitch.

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>mad money
>Anniversary live flopped hard
>already spent her prize money
She only survives because her gachikois are too old and too invested to quit

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>thinks views is what generate profit
All merchandises and places for the meet event were sold out

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when did I say her merch doesn't sell? fucking retard, back to discord with you

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>Anniversary live flopped hard
One schizo has been posting this over and over the past month for some reason despite it being great

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No I just hate EN. Getting Americans into vtubers immediately caused EN branches which almost immediately caused Luxiem.
We wouldn't have Americans or bug people without the reddit dragon.

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people care when she gone, her ccv before announcing graduate just around 2k

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>People miss the dynamic with her old friends, and not many of the friends she can collab with now scratch that itch outside of Henya.
Yeah, I agree with this.
I still love her collab streams, even if they are few and far between.

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The day the fun can truly begin because all the zhangs got btfo of Holo.
Bless you purple dragon!

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The Mike/Nazuna collabs are fun as when they happen

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She had a really annoying voice.

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i know newfags love this narrative but there was going to be an en with or without coco. there were huge en clips before the masses even knew coco spoke english. coco didn't even do meme review until after myth was hired. if you want to blame someone for en it should be directed at the chinamen unironically, they made most of the early viral en clips.

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The queen of filtering EOPs, Kiryu "reads EN superchats and answer in Japanese" Coco creating HoloEN is my favorite meme

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the glazing of Coco's legacy is too much. She's alright but not a legend.

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It's sad that she's gone but at least she brutally obliterated the Chinese on her way out

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why are you talking like that?

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It was still getting popular without those viral clips. It gets even worse, it started with lyger.
All though honestly, I think Hololive would have always found some kind of oversea fanbase.

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Doesn't want EN and JP mingling.
This is even more evidence that Omega is Coco.