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It can't be because of 2020-21 behavior, since her big CCV drop happened this year.
Is it because she stopped yabbing and became more seiso?

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Mori appealed to E-celeb viewers, trash taste tards and homobeggars. Those people don't stick around like gachikoi do. They moved on to the next meme streamer. Same thing happened to Ollie.

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She would now unironically be the runt of Myth but Gura doesn't stream.

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Back to your containment, numberfag.

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She looks like she's doing fine to me.

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Anons have been saying her channel is dead and she's on her way out since Trash Taste. They must have been on suicide watch when she was getting 10-15k ccv during her watermelon game solos. Didn't fit their narrative. Course then she started grinding long streams of old assed retro games EN zoomers don't care about, which gave them plenty of "le heckin low numbers" screenshots to bait with.

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>Is it because she stopped yabbing and became more seiso?
Kind of, just like what >>62153115 said
She stopped yabbing because she stopped getting along with TT and so the e-celeb viewers stopped watching her

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lmao even

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It's almost like there's been a multi-year campaign of hating Mori, but, no, let's just pretend it's a completely organic thing that's happening.

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Fpbp and /thread

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>She can get good numbers xith the gigabuff flavor of the month game
>The suika game gigabuff is over
Now what? Making every stream openvc and/or an announcement stream doesn't work anymore. She did it too many times. Her halloween Minecraft collab had terrible ccv.

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>Now what?
She can... keep doing what she's doing? Still the most viewed EN

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>Her entire channel is kept afloat by excuse me RIP
Wonder how long that will last

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RIP didn't magically gain 10 million views this month. Try again

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Because she has genuine autism, she has no concept of subtlety and this has caused her to recoil too far in the other direction when she tried to tone down her edginess.

The nips who really like the gap moe schtick love this stuff, but for me the super kawaii shit just clashes so hard with her voice and personality. It seems lots of others feel the same way.

She needs to find balance. Oh, and her old way of singing was massively superior. She is being gaslit by her vocal coach for a paycheck, and her deadbeats who refuse to give her any criticism.

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because her tone of voice is terrible there's nothing genuine about the way she speaks and interacts. she always sounds like she's talking down to a downie, there's no affection at all.

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If she kills herself she won't have to worry about hate

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What is difference between new and old way of singing of hers?

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In the end, her low numbers are unironically a good symptom. Less ironic viewers and dramafags.

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You are doing it wrong anon, only CCV matters for numbermonkeys.

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Listen to old stuff like Live Again or Dawn Blue compared to newer material. I don't know the correct terms, because I don't live in the Music world, but she likes to do this low rhotic growling thing with her voice now that is just absolutely grating and ruins every song she does it in.

Some singers can pull it off, she's just not one of them.

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>she likes to do this low rhotic growling thing with her voice now
She tries to become Ado, lmao

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This, it seems really fake and she's not the kind of streamer who can pull that off
She can be funny when let loose but it's hard to watch her

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This has been the problem from the very beginning. Cuckbeats might be the saddest EN fandom of them all.

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That is just how she sounds. Her whole family sounds like that.

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as someone that just started to watch VTs this year i say is because of better options, she is kinda boring, most of myth is boring.
her voice is nice but it kinda makes anything she says or does boring it lacks feeling

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CCV is a really bad metric, because a lot of fans cant watch in live is heavily affected by the schedule and streamers that stream little usually get higher CCV just because people make room to catch their only stream of the week. while with streamers that do it often they just catch the one they can if is today or tomorrow is fine.
also overlaps if lets say i like streamer A and B and streamer A will stream the full week but streamer B will stream only 1 day in the week i will choose to watch streamer B that day that it chooses to stream.

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EN in general also get less ccv because their fanbase is scattered across time zones. Calli often streams when I'm asleep. So I'll just watch the VOD.

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Sure, compare views on VODs then, she's still at rock bottom on those as well

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She seems pretty on par with everyone else. Did you actually look at them before you said anything?

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She wasn't last (44K on that stream), Zeta, Anya, Akiroze and Chocosen had fewer views. I would say the median of views was about 60-70K among EN members.
Not like it matters, people would just find other numbers to goalpost, like superchats or some other shit.

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total views are a little better for measuring the success of a streamer because thats what matter for ad revenue.
but it isnt perfect to know how popular someone is, as streamers that make lots of videos will have naturally more total views because the same person will give views for almost every video, average per video has a similar problem than live.
the best way would be i guess a mix of them all weighted differently.
subscribers were supposed to be the one to go but myth got boosted, i guess it still works but only to compare in their same gen.
not a deadbeat btw, but i guess i understand them as a brat.... so im not sure how much is cope

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upss, this >>62158878 was for >>62157898

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You mean for the sports festival? I thought we were just talking about the VODs in general. She certainly seems on the lower end for that one stream, but I feel like a big collab stream with teams and multiple view points is its own unique scenario.

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It's not like making a lot of videos should be considered a downside either.

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Oh yeah, i confused the threads, there has been another thread about Mori's numbers and someone posted that picture with the sports festival CCV. But yeah, her views are pretty in line with everyone else. Just wanted to show that, as you said, CCV sometimes doesn't tell the whole story. As I was pointing out, 4 other members had bigger CCV, but less video views than Mori.
At the end of the day this is not something that i care personally, but sadly it's the only thing that will make numbermonkeys agree with, if they are at least consistent with their number fuckery. Gotta fight fire with fire sometimes.

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because she enjoys the company of horses, ban me mori dickriding janny (you won't)

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Is there no way to estimate a streamers revenue? The most reliable metric would be a combination of superchats and an ad revenue estimate over a month or week. Another good metric would be the average of superchats + ads per hour of streaming.

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It's because vtubing is dying in the west
And she's old news
And she's kinda awkward
And she basically doxxed herself because her other persona was more important to her at some point
Simple as
She'll recover th (maybe)

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Her and Kronii are in East Germany mode after losing the Homo Wars

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I'm not sure, but one big problem she has is that she gets destroyed by overlap. She only seems to have a group of 1-1.5k people that watch her live no matter what.

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Kronii is recovering like japan th

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I don't know I just lost interest. Her yab or homo interaction whatever shit she pulled doesn't matter to me her stream behaviour like her awful REE screaming is awful to hear and her behaviour when she spots a female NPC is cringe

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Jp and Id members tend to have worse vod views compared to their ccv than en members, because their fans are all in the same timezone

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Doubled down on the trash taste shit so much she lost fans trying to appeal to twitch, only reason hololive en got popular was because they were the only vtubers in the en market out of twitch and their culture with mori dragging trash taste fans into it the average holo viewer ran for the hills, Mori and troon taste are ice cold right now and can't draw a crowd worth shit so they're stuck with 1500-800 viewers between them. Doesn't help the fact her music is dogshit

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no one cares about EN vtubers anymore. We hit the boom and now its all downhill from here. You can thank all the grifting whores who don't actually care about the culture.

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I used to watch her religiously from debut to about 1.5 years in. Mainly because she fit my tastes and general mood/attitude at the time. After about 1.5 years I grew out of that and went to go watch other ENs instead.

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she is simply shit.
any conversation about her is either about her being shit or dominated white-knights shitflinging to save face
that is also why her tiktok debut was such a desaster, because she had no yesman team on standby there and had to back down

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This used to and still sorta annoys me. She sounds insincere, especially during SC's, and yet her actions the past 2 years of doing holostuff says otherwise. Is it her trying to make herself sound "softer" or say more like Fauna or something?
Is that so?
It's kind of annoying.

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>It can't be because of 2020-21 behavior
You think people immediately drop someone when shit happens? Declines are generally gradual, where people wake up to reality over a longer period of time.

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>it can't be because of her behavior

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She is always boring or being annoying whenever i give her a watch so maybe ppl are gettin filtered by that

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Killed, you mean.

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I watch her if she's playing something I like and Fuwamoco or Bijou aren't on. I watched most of her Armored Core playthrough and enjoyed myself. She also organizes the most collabs of anyone in EN I think. Pink woman...good.

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How did this particular numbermonkey become so obsessed with pink wigger? He's been spamming the catalog the last week

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You must be 18 or older to post here

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Yeah, but at any moment she could repeat history and do something incredibly destructive to the community. For, like, the fourth time.

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OP here, I made this thread cause I was curious and never got an answer on the topic.
Good luck tracking your schizo, and I hope the catalog brings you fun & entertainment for many years to come.

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Well, since you lack common sense, all me to explain my sarcasm.

It's LITERALLY because of her behavior.

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Sounds about right. Eceleb fans weren't here for the girl herself, and only care if she is associated with someone else. The deadbeats who liked her purely for her are the exact audience she sacrificed a while back with the lean arc.

With Tempus she had a bit of a thing going too but again it seems much of that audience was not really there for Mori in specific but more to promote "the message" or agenda and don't actually care about vtubers long term, they just wanted to validate each other as having owned those unicorn chuds epically forever by pushing male collabs and then fucked off to find another fight to pick.

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Hey OP! You're retarded to think anyone believes you when >>62141979 is spewing the same exact things. In an attempt to feign "genuine curiosity" you revealed you're either a terrible liar or too retarded to use the search function and make your way home to your fellow "pink woman number bad" posters.

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No one cares, fagtron.

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CCV doesn't matter on YouTube. This isn't Twitch. There's no categories where you can sort streamers by how many live viewers they currently have. Having a high CCV on YouTube does absolutely nothing.

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Nigger you got a ton of good answers. What were you expecting?

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How the fuck do the goings of a completely separate thread on a different issue concern me? Fuck off, schizo.

>> No.62164767

Good answers, which I got. And don't call me a nigger, call me a nigga.

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Must be a retard 3rd world country, continue doing your 24/7 job instead LMAO

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My bad my nig

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I feel like I wouldn't mind her adopting Fauna and Ina's style of speaking if she started like this. I liked her at first because she didn't use a "voice", but whenever I check her out now, she has that, and it's offputting. If I want Fauna, I'll check out Fauna. Calli is for when i want her stupid whigger vibes.

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Yagoo himself says that ccv is a pointless statistic.
So go back to your containment thread where you pretend like it still matters.

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i havent checked the Numbers in a few months but historically compared to her ccv her vods have massively overperformed pretty consistently compared to everyone else in EN because she streams at weird times and her fans generally skew older w/o as much free time so they catch vods

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She hasn't released a Kino orisong since End of a Life and seems to have lost her edge. Most of her subs are from her music.

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not enough sex with me

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when was her last lolcow arc?
horse buff ran out long ago
she's one of those holos that benefits from drama

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oy interesting

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because she's fat

>> No.62185652

glad I'm not the only one who feels like this, ever since her debut I couldn't stomach her voice

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calli is a bad streamer, has shitty music, is fat, and farts a whole lot but has some nice titties, there that's the thread

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She sold out to idol culture. Real Mori is dead

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That's because yagoo gets bad numbers, he's just coping.

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they do stick around if you get involved in constant drama like the top twitch streamers they're used to. fortunately those people have mostly been quarantined to the indie circles

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Because she plays games that are shit for views and is in a constant 4-5 person overlap. I think Suika game was the only popular fotm game she has played this year and she got similar viewership as everyone else who played. You can only get away with playing unpopular games if you primarily stream with 0 overlap like fauna has for the last year and a half since Ina and Gura basically disappeared. Fauna was 3-5k average streamer like Mori is right now before Gura and Ina stopped streaming nearly as much and she almost doubled her viewership by doing literally nothing because all other options in that timeslot disappeared.

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From ccv is amazing views of MV high
Ccv doesn't matter , vod is "high"???
Cuckbeat defense squad is really beyond hopeless

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She's awkward and simply mogged as a woman. Every single move Mori makes just comes off as being uncomfortable in her vtuber skin. Drop your damn walls and focus on the ecosystem you're building for your fans. There's no algo to game. Nobody's asking for coombait or cringey ass lines just give more love and be loved more in return. Every other EN has this shit figured out besides mori. Its been 3 years, jfc

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Another page 10 bump kek

>> No.62195963

it was on page 5, stop stalking mori threads on the catalog, deadbeat. We get it.

>> No.62196308

It's just fun to laugh at you pathetic fucks and no it was page 10

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Her CCV had clearly dropped when her RM started Twitch.
Honestly, tempus is not very relevant.

>> No.62196662

Turn your investment levels down to mori's. This isn't healthy

>> No.62196746

She moving up from vtubing, you dumb motherfucker. She climbing the ladder and leaving your sorry ass behind. Kiara will comfort you later kek. There's where all the sorry assholes wash up. MORI MUSIC LABEL CAREER LESGOOOO

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No one who follows holoen or nijien cares about en vtubing culture, except arguably shiori watchers.

>> No.62197185

Not from holo circle but I always see you guys hate this particular person

>> No.62197258

Anon. Half the board would celebrate for weeks if you're right. They just want her gone one way or the other.

>> No.62197393

If Gura doesn't come back this entire hobby is dead. You will not find a rational explanation. Her presence alone is what makes all this shit work outside of Japan. Without her it will all collapse.

>> No.62200538

that bitch hefty

>> No.62202715

You sound SEA. Sorry Mori mindbroke you

>> No.62203419

No it won't, at best only 40% of Gura's fanbase is ride or die. The rest will filter out to other EN members. And even then if Gura leaves, that won't have any impact on the fanbases of the other 14 members.
It will have a notable hit for sure but at best a Gura departure will only cause an overall drop of probably 10-15%.

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>CCV is a really bad metric
Anon you're trying to educate people who unironically think streamers make most of their money from chat donations. You're dealing with retards. It's best to simply ignore the opinion of anyone who actually puts value into CCV because it's an instant giveaway that the person has nothing of value to contribute to any ongoing conversation.

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She is really boring and doesn't have something to appeal towards.

>> No.62205098

>numbers numbers numbers
Numbers won't stop the fall.

>> No.62206216

>Numbers won't stop the fall.
What does that even mean?
What will fall? Aside from Numbers? In the end it all comes back to Numbers.
So yes, numbers numbers numbers
Point to me to whatever non-numeric 'fall' you are hinting at. I'm waiting.

>> No.62206265

>Point to me to whatever non-numeric 'fall' you are hinting at.
The collapse of the vtuber bubble you fucking retard.

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You have a thread to do this in already, numbermonkeys. Stop cluttering up the catalog because the color pink makes you angry

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I don't like her tone either. It feels like she's trying too hard to put on a certain cutesy voice instead of letting her natural voice out. I always personally thought it sounded like a first grade teacher helping her students to read. I've been told that's just how she talks, but I've seen her break that gentle/cutesy tone multiple times and talk naturally instead, especially when she laughs her ass off or she's having fun in a collab.

It's one of two things: Someone will either be okay with it and barely notice it, or they'll notice that specific voice all the time and think it's awkward.

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>The collapse of the vtuber bubble you fucking retard.
Yes and how do you fucking measure any collapse in fucking history faggot? With NUMBERS
Stock market collapse? numbers
Fall of civilizations? Population and territory numbers
The future Vtuber bubble collapse? numbers will play a role

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ching chong

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