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She's pulling a haato. Hoping her CCV will recover.
It won't.

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work hard or hardly work, make more or less the same amount of money. i know what i'd choose.

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posting in a schizo thread

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>Gura's "condition"
gura doesn't post much in X/twitter tho

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Gura's small child-like brain can't comprehend this kind of simple communication

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Doing member streams at all would be a massive improvement for Gura, she's currently 2 weeks late for her quarterly member's stream.

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more threads discord sisters

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gura is an adult woman. she's just a piece of shit.

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yep. completely apathetic towards her fans, that she claims she loves

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Wait a few months. Most viewers even when upset tend to either hate watch or cope watch for a while hoping things change, they don't then they leave.

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Deadbeat vs Chumbud is the easiest fanbase war to bait with

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I can't imagine the kind of person you would have to be to have thousands of people love you and make you a millionaire and make all your dreams come true and then just turn around and completely and obviously ignore them at every turn and try to give them literally one of the worst experiences in hololive.
Like at the sports fes the way she decided to not tweet it out or ever tell fans she would be there, the only way you would know is from watching someone else from hololive or hearing it from someone who heard it from somewhere else, deciding not to stream it even though it's an event where she could justifiably ignore her chat the entire stream, and to have the nerve to partner up with someone who also wasn't streaming to go into a private discord channel with them for 45 minutes in the middle just so her fans couldn't hear her at all is honestly some sadistic shit.

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Mori + Gura anti thread.
This will get 300+ replies. Based (you) farmer.

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Pray you are correct. If gura really is ill, you're going to feel subhuman after or if you find out.

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I doubt it. Gura antis are either:
>Nijiniggers that want to bring down the numbers shark
>Seething Tempussisters who are absolutely convinced that their boys would have the same numbers as all the other Holomems if only the shark had collabed with them
>Jealous 2views or their orbiters/groomers who sincerely believe that the shark is the only reason they aren't successful
On the plus side the utterly hysterical wailing and gnashing of teeth when Gura came back the last time was truly a delight to read.

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how the fuck did Kiara beat mori? no hate to either but I was under the impression Mori was more popular

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we already know what she does on her steam account, she isn't fucking sick playing 5-8 hours a day.

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Not quite graduation but it's a good first step

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>cant play videogames
Retard. It's one of the ONLY things you can do, other than watch media and sleep.

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two more illnesses

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Comparing the chronic over worker to Gura.
What did Nijisanji do today?

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Yeah, she is mentally ill

It is just sad

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Mori just kept on pissing off people so they left over time while Kiara kept on cultivating her niche.

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Wishing her a speedy recovery, getting gaped by horses is no joke.

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-Nijimale called Luca kenishiro or w/e seething his forced "bend the knee" event was ignored by their new gen
-VirtualReal Valorant member cheating detected
-Usual Vox meltdown over noombers(curious that is an opening post in this thread)

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Wait, you're telling me Luca got ghosted by the two new Kanashiro cock sleeves?

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Mori always pandered to normies, and guess what, it's 2023 now, normies long time moved on from vtubers.

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It was me, I was the source of it all!

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and that's a good thing!
current damage control script is "managers didn't communicate properly"

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to be fair, calli is notorious for being, "uuuh guys? which button do I need to press to walk again?"

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I dunno, how did you become terminally retarded? I can't stand this bitch and your faggotry is still annoying.

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Nobody's so ill that they can't get their manager to send a message to members in 3 months.

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To be fair, this is cope, her getting 1k CCV has become very normal unless she gets raided by advent or clickbaits, she got only 5k playing suika game like the day after it blew up

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Huh. That's actually really sad. You deserve better chumbuds, move on

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Gura does membership streams? Gura communicates???? WOW

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She's going on a training arc. Hopefully she comes back with something to show for it, unlike Gura.

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>mori is following gura because the shark has the winning plan
>cant have the chumbuds take a win
>credit a random jp

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Women aren't supposed to be held accountable for their actions. Its up to their handlers to wrangle the woman.

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The “idgaf” condition because the homos get prioritized over girls in HoloEn

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>bumping both your catalog threads from the edge of page 10 because no one gives a shit about your manufactured drama.
lol pathetic.

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Both of you should be skinned alive.
Haachama will have your souls.

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its over for Myth isn't it

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>How did she catch Gura's "condition"?
sexual transmission

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Now this is funny. Of all the stupid shit you could say about Calli this is one of the most unbelievable ones. If anything she's taking a break from one specific part of her work to just keep working in other things, that bitch can't stop working.

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The actual answer >>62157495

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Is called being rich, that's why we need to tax rich people, so they fucking stream.

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This. She's become an awful, ungrateful piece of shit and it's killing me. She hasn't talked to us a single time since September 14th and we don't even know why.
t. chumbud

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Not joy not interested in watching her at all she should stick to solo
Beggerbeats now will be begging in other generals

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Reminder that gura and ame soft graduated.

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Even if she had super stage 9 cancer, there's literally not a single reason in this entire world that would prevent her from spending just 10 minutes from September 14th until now to make a single tweet or members post telling us what is going on or if she's even okay.
She just pretends we don't exist now. It's baffling. And all this right after she said that actions speak louder than words and that she wanted to protect our smile like Fuwamoco.

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Funny you should say that then give Haachama a free pass for the six months radio silence that even worried her branch mates. This thread was suppose to be about Mori by the way. You can shit your spam in catalog.

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Are Myth the biggest frauds in the EN scene? Literally the only thing they ever had going was the first mover advantage.

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This is about people training AI on vtuber streams, isn't it. Collabs require effort to distinguish who's talking and when and member streams are paywalled but public solo streams are easy.