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Is it cus of low viewership? Suspension?

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She's having our baby

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Yes, it's also because of whatever reason you try to make up. Can confirm, I was there.

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You know who else did a ton of collabs in a short period of time

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It's laziness

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Yeah your mother and the entire NFL

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Pending termination, inshallah

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Yeah, me.

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Sorry bros, her throat has been sore from sucking me off so much

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suspended for being too cute

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I doubt its graduation but its possible.

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Its her attacking Gura like a fucking sneaky passive aggressive cunt.

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Realistically, as long as UMG deal is still up, it's virtually impossible

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Just another HoloEN management shenanigans and their "creative-freedom restrictions", pretty much the same reason why Gura lost motivation and became inactive.
If you actually watch her, you'll know that she never actually liked that SNEAKY NEAKY NEAKY song.

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She's not suspending membership streams.

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Literally impossible, the UMG deal has her shackled by the balls

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Mori has said on multiple occasions that she will not graduate and is aware of people wanting her to and has responded that she's not going anywhere for a while. The UMG deal only solidifies it. It would take an act of god or a yab of rushia proportions for her to leave Hololive.

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sneaky neaky?

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She's protesting cuz management want to reduce male collab

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If she's trying to rp as Gura she's doing a terrible job.

She warned her fans instead of ghosting them.

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Too much nigger dick to suck and Lean to drink

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She can't be suspended if she's still doing membership streams, dummy.

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It's a step in the right direction.

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Tweets like this are shit, why not just say she's on extended vacation and just gonna drop by every now and then instead?

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May it be, Brother.

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come home pink woman

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I can't believe Calli slapped Yagoo in front of Sora

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As long as she doesn't collab with my oshi

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and ppl like you, the citizen of 4chan will spread news that "oh noes, she was suspended like nijis, holo is purple company!"

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I'm cleaning her bootystank

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gura's graduating. she's very devastated and have to take a break. also because she's the first holo that concernfags go to to ask shit.

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>aware of people wanting her to and has responded that she's not going anywhere for a while
"Through hate anything is possible, and my hate is strong!" ngl Mori being the very last member of Myth to graduate out of nothing more than sheer spite would be beyond based.

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This one kind of invites more rrats though?

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Those are both retarded reasons. It's probably some real life situation that came up.

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Haven't seen that meme in a while. Thanks anon.

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Considering she was saying on her last stream she had to cut it short to attend a meeting, my RRAT is she got an project from UMJ she wants to complete before she has her surgery in the winter.

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That's just like Gura
Is Cover suppressing the EN branch rrat real?

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I kinda understand because she must be quite frustrated and in need of a break, see after streaming so much and barely having any growth there's no way it didn't get to her, specially considering she's one hell of a numberfag herself.

What's left of her fanbase is mostly SEA who take pride in being cucks and enduring like idiots and newfags that have no idea what she has done, her failure to capture new fans plus continously watching everyone else surpass her must be at the very least concerning.

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Well at least she got some dedicated yesman fanbase even if she's gone

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It's most likely recordings hence why collabs and member stream are still ok, they need to be scheduled well before they happen.

>she got a project from UMJ
Mori Calliope feat Mariah Carey

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She even said in a collab that ah couldn’t graduate if she wanted to, probably in the studio but not allowed to talk about it yet

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you catalog chimps are hilarious

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>Only doing streams that hide her CCV
RMAO even

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Cover deciding on their choice to the Gura New Year's ultimatum that either she goes or the rapist goes. Rejoice for the coming shark streams brothers! CGDCT triumphs again!

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try to go for some gura strats

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>"the haters" control her every action, including staying in hololive

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she said something about having a vacation and doing something else for november,
So you can guess what that is.

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She's getting surgery of some kind in the States this winter, she said it's going to be in recovery for several months while she's being cared for by her mom, and won't be able to stream regularly during that time.
It probably has to do with her fucking up her ankles around this time last year.

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>It probably has to do with her fucking up her ankles around this time last year.
Jesus, I heard she was fat but I didn't think she'd be that fat.

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Why would Mori want to graduate? Seriously, she has so many perks to being in the company that would vanish the moment she leaves, even though her roommate is still relatively successful it wouldnt be the same when she leaves.

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>her fucking up her ankles
Miss Calliope...you must rest yourself. Here, sit on this nice comfy couch while I get you a nice gallon serving of protein shake, 6 scoops of course.

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Damn, I understand that chasing down shotas is hard work but I didn't realize it could fuck up your ankles badly enough to require surgery.

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what are the odds of surgery going wrong

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Are they trying to do what haachama did because she's getting good numbers now?

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She lost a lot of weight but then let herself go again and basically doubled in size from her previous large size.

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Breast reduction.

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>and won't be able to stream regularly during that time.
Where have I heard this before?
>I'm doing what I can, when I can
Ah yes

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Just by doing collab and membership streams when she can she's already doing more work than Gura.

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not really, it would hurt her career overall. the whale kills Ahab at the end lol.

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don't care, probably contracted Syphilis from another Jrapper

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Haachama actually has a little bit of creativity though.

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She realized the only streams worth doing are ones where she can leech or where she can appease members.

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If only there was something she could do to reduce the impact being taken on her ankles.

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But, Anon! She cant cut her alcohol calories like that!

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She said she has some unreleased songs that she will put someone to upload in case she dies or something, just to make people seethe beyond the grave.

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I mean she did have a diet.

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she wants to transition into a gura-like position where she can decrease her workload by 90%

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*she said she had a diet

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You don't believe her?

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Yes, because she keeps busting her ankles

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she mentioned getting gastric bypass surgery, so she is going through with it apparently

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In other news, certian hololive collaborations are projected to have a 25% decline in CCV

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Well that was last year.

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Fat reduction surgery

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She wasn't a numberfag before the deal. It's the UMG people the ones pressuring her.

>> No.62146927

surgery is a procedure where they cut your skin open so they can fix some issue inside your body

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I'm honestly starting to feel bad for her, it feels like she's genuinely turned over a new leaf but the damage from her Trash Taste "owning the haters" arc is already done

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Reading comprehension

>> No.62147032

don't you mean incline?

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My rrat is that mori is gonna be busy making a couple albums full time as both her and roommate, so she won't have time to stream beyond what she's already accounted for (i.e: member and events).
Demonically, unholy, satanically, archgiga based.

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>Beg for collabs
>Get collabs

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I look forward to her RM albums crashing and burning even harder than her HL albums.

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>She's getting surgery of some kind in the States this winter
Source attached

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Wasn't she at twitchcon with those trash taste faggots last week?

>> No.62147909 [DELETED] 

Of course! That makes so much sense now. Clearly she got an STD from Screechy McCumdump.

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Ah the classic Brazilian butt lift

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SEA containment thread working like a charm, good job

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Duuuuuuuude... That'd be a LOT of suction!

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I believe this is the endgame for all HoloEN

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This. But the couch is my face and I get to take a big sniff of her fat sweaty cheeks all day.

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Watch streams

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2 more weeks sister

>> No.62148795

I raffed, have a deserved (you) anon

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I dunno in her most recent appearance she looks slimmer than she was before.

>> No.62149344

Surgery OR UMG work

>> No.62149397

Here's hoping for some MRSA!

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lmao she must REALLY be fat if the Deadbeat jannie is coping by deleting all mention of Mori's fat rolls.

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i wanted to make a joke about her... but damn she is so low in holo this days... imagine if she was in council or advent, the only think that i'm happy for her is that she realized that she is nothing without holo

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Likely working on some album or something like that

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Take. Your. MEDS.

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What happened to the whole MGS thing, is she gonna finish that?

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Nigga the easiest rm to find, she is not at a good weight. How she managed to do that in Japan of all places , i dont know.

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She just finished it today.

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What the fuck, she finished MGS1 in one stream, 2 in two and 3 in three streams? MGS3 took me like a month to finish back in the day. Wow

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Its because of my penos in her. penis inside of her.

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please go to her twitter and tell me which picture is supposed to show her being fat. Every picture I see looks like an above average white girl. Nothing special, but nothing offputting.

>> No.62151349 [DELETED] 

Are average American girls built like a fridge with saggy tits and hag face like her?

>> No.62151400 [DELETED] 

Thats Italian genes for you,

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gastric bypass

>> No.62151504 [DELETED] 

alcohol obsession... alcohol is filled to the brim with calories

>> No.62151536

VShojo got rid of their drama whores, they don't need a new one.

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So many deletes, I wonder how frustrated Deadmeido is that he can’t delete all of Mori’s hater posts outside of here, which is where she gets the most hate.

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>I doubt its graduation but its possible.
A partial suspension. HoloEN and management were fighting like cats and dogs the previous winter so they definitely have contract negotiations at this time. There was a major fight going on the previous winter in which Ina and Gura had radio silent "health" breaks that went on for a total of 5 months and there is another fight that is currently escalating. Ame had a radio silent break in October and now Mori has announced that she won't be solo streaming for a while. Vesper had that major fight with management in November but the next summer Cover gave him a 2.0 redesign so there is a lot of stuff that goes on with corpo vtubers that won't make sense until we get more information.

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99% of all problems are usually because of management in any workplace.

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>MGS3 took me like a month to finish back in the day.
Beat it on launch day when I was 14. Sounds like a skill issue.

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She RM form also tweeted that her friends all said she looked tired(Aka looked like shit). So she's taking it slowly rn

>> No.62157511

It means Jap is a CHaDcast enjoyer.

>> No.62157519

RRAT: she is mad that this zoomer just replaced her in most YT subs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiMaHPurCdw

>> No.62157607

go back

>> No.62158051

for what? 500k monthly listener spotify? still one of the most viewership metric in holo? UMG deals? no way fagget lol
>but muh cherry picking ,CCV i sorted with utmost care shopping one by one like they are my child
keep munching that pagpag flipino boy

>> No.62159780

>contract negotiations
Wouldn't that imply more like a voluntary break rather than suspension? 'You won't give me what I want so I will hold my part of your platform hostage.'

>> No.62161125

Mori can't handle the Lana Del Rey lifestyle anymore.

>> No.62161160

Just read instead of playing into schizo rrats, retard

>> No.62161204

itt, ESLs and overbaked brownies gossiping like women.

>> No.62161277

HoloEN contract negotiations wouldn't get this bad unless they keep hitting a brick wall. The previous winter Ina and Gura had those radio silent "health" breaks and this winter Gura and Mori are no longer doing solo streams unless they are mandatory. After 2 winters in a row of fighting I wouldn't call it voluntary since they obviously believe that management won't reach a deal unless they take it this far.

>> No.62161296

What stops Gura from making a tweet like this?

>> No.62161371

She's negotiating her Vshojo contract

>> No.62162496

ew bro

>> No.62162636

she basically finished MGS3 in 2 streams, the third one was an hour of gameplay and SC reading

>> No.62162932

self-inflicted mental damage and continuous humiliation

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>> No.62164832 [DELETED] 

>She's getting surgery of some kind in the States this winter, she said it's going to be in recovery for several months while she's being cared for by her mom
Cesarean section

>> No.62164844

Holy ESL

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She can finally graduate herself
The last one is the most power one after all
Hope kronii follows her

>> No.62165153

It's related to a certain female rapper and animator.

>> No.62165195

It’s 100% harassment and I’m not going to go elaborate because I don’t want to get bonked again. IYKYK.

>> No.62165395

Shit, how many was she carrying? Quintuplets?

>> No.62165403

Will deadbeats graduate with her ?

>> No.62165482 [DELETED] 

can japs not do good surgery?

>> No.62165701

My guess
They don't know how to work on landwhale sized people

>> No.62167387

Explain why mori would ever join vshojo

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>> No.62171346 [DELETED] 

My neaker.

>> No.62171645 [DELETED] 

What is that tweet about. I don't follow this kind of stuff.

>> No.62171742

Oh god please take her
Based blackie

>> No.62171814 [DELETED] 


>> No.62172010 [DELETED] 

>1 view
wow, a self dox

>> No.62172101 [DELETED] 

>posting your own tweet

>> No.62172277

Damage control.

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>people replying to this saying based
>check out the twitter profile
>dude is a literally who twittard
antis will hold onto the thinnest of strings like it were their firstborn just to throw something at mori lmao. she's going to come back with another collab after her break you guys know that right?

>> No.62172446 [DELETED] 

The retard doxxed himself lmao

>> No.62172740

She realized she's been burning the candle at both ends and decided to take a step back and catch up with herself a bit.

>> No.62177001

As long as that collab isn’t with my oshi I’m good

>> No.62177063

pregnant with me

>> No.62177622

Let's be real, even this reduced schedule is still working way too hard to be a reference to Gura.

>> No.62177852

It'll be with your oshi.

>> No.62178391

Bae kronii the squad she helped kill their numbers with ?

>> No.62179914

Yeah it’s probably cause of low viewership lmao, she scheduled her sports festival stream for 2 hours ahead of everyone else, but probably got told my management that she was being too obvious about it and she just waited till the regular start time, then got 1k viewers

>> No.62180142

I was referring to brand collabs. First it was One Piece then Metal Gear. If UMJ can get their hands can get their hands on it, it has a chance for Mori to get it.

>> No.62181097

>plus continously watching everyone else surpass her
between myth and council, who are the ones surpassing her?

>> No.62181248


>> No.62181691

Kiara said Calli can't quit even if she wanted to. Not only is she locked up with Pixar (or whatever) but she also is locked in Yagoos basement. So unless she feels like talking about Taiwan not being a part of China any time soon, she's stuck.

>> No.62181891 [DELETED] 

Another con event on the other side of the underworld. Very demoneaky indeed.

>> No.62182428

There is a good chance this is what this about too. She has tried to stream insane hours while doing the big sponsor stuff before and ended up getting stressed the fuck out. Probably decided to cut out the one thing she has control over while she does work for it.

>> No.62185410 [DELETED] 

Just watch a certain demonic diced person suddenly announce a lot of stuff

>> No.62190557

owari da

>> No.62193533 [DELETED] 

Lots of cope fantasy fiction right now
Do the world a favor if she graduates kys

>> No.62193639

Dude couldn't help but bump his shit thread from the edge of page 10 for the 8th time kek

>> No.62197627

Tempus3 is coming

>> No.62197656

suspensions and mismanagement don't exist in Cover you assblasted nijifags

>> No.62197950

In the end
Kiara was the strongest Myth

>> No.62198167


>> No.62198304 [DELETED] 

>This thread has almost 30 deleted posts
Funny how people just use extensions and reply to deleted posts in Mori threads. People just ignore the white knight jannie.

>> No.62198595

>Rushia exists
>Destroys this narrative

>> No.62198633

Kiara is the only Myth girl that has been true to both her role as a streamer and an idol in every possible iteration of the terms, yet still gets the least views and dogged on the most
Here's to you KFP, you know the real one

>> No.62198650

She's outright stated that the record deal means she couldn't graduate anytime soon even if she wanted to.

>> No.62198682

Realistically, you can tell anyone to fuck off and then just do what you want.
Contract? Make fun of them for mentioning it and ignore them
Anyway, no I don't think she is graduating.

>> No.62198694

These are the same retards who thought she somehow fucked up MGS perms because she delayed her MGS2 stream a single day. Turns out she had to ask to use the logo in the thumbnail and that's what delayed it kek.

>> No.62198732

Yeah she's the only one who fucked her way into the entertainment industry like real idols

>> No.62198854

So this thread is just pink woman seethe and people pointing out the retardation of such for this event?

>> No.62198870

Not anymore
Totally her fault anyway

>> No.62198890
File: 169 KB, 463x453, 191045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Totally a faggot

>> No.62198940

Also people setting themselves up for massive disappointment when it ends up she is just really busy and doesn't want to stress herself out like she did the last couple times she had a big event or sponsor going on. She is always really open about these type of things so when she is being secretive it usually means its NDA shit.

>> No.62199059

most professional anon

>> No.62199137

I'm a professional at finding out what people want from me and then intentionally not doing it but thats beside the point.
If she really wanted to quit, nothing could stop her. UMG wont bring police to her house, take her from her home and force her at gunpoint to sing.

>> No.62199169

>UMG wont bring police to her house, take her from her home and force her at gunpoint to sing.
God I sure hope not

>> No.62199221

Yep. She's still retweeting fanart, kek.

>> No.62199449 [DELETED] 

Ironic coming a cuckbeat

>> No.62199496

Ironic, I hate both almost equally

>> No.62199560

I think you mean Ame.

>> No.62199615

>Collabs with males
>Had a rant against Gura
>Cancels last minute frequently
>Takes breaks without prompt
>Doesn't like in-house collabs

>> No.62199819

dayuum gurl
imagine being so fat you need ankle reinforcement surgery

>> No.62200028

>Collabs with males
So like Fubuki, Matsuri, Ollie, Mori, Kobo, etc etc. Ogey?Nothing new.
>Had a rant against Gura
Tf are you talking about? Other than the jabs that they exchange between each other as friends, there has never been a point where Ame has talked ill of ANY holomem. If nothing. She's the one that has been helping Myth the most since day 1.
>Cancels last minute frequently
Meh. Better to cancel than either never show up, never stream or give a shitty stream.
>Takes breaks without prompt
Based. I'm glad she can have time for herself and take some vacations here and there. She's very hard working and deserves them.
>Doesn't like in-house collabs
Didn't she treat Gura like a queen when she came over? And even then. Who the fuck cares?

All nothing burgers. TAS: TOTAL AME SWEEP

>> No.62200110

>mutt's law

>> No.62200294

She's the Monkey D Dragon to Gura's Ginny.
But who is Kuma?

>> No.62200855 [DELETED] 

>has rants against her fans
>cucks her fans
>homostar loving fujo
>bitchy attitude

>> No.62201158

>Is it cus of low viewership? Suspension?
Unless you could read her mind, we're just guessing here, so this whole thread seems kind of pointless, right?

>> No.62202000 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 850x921, __watson_amelia_and_watson_amelia_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_mittsu__sample-89900c736d11285c48eeabb1bd7c8e51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>has rants against her fans
Hi tourist.
>cucks her fans
I couldn't give less of a shit if she's dating. She's not GFE
>homostar loving fujo
So female? Ogey.
>bitchy attitude

Again. TAS.

>> No.62202028

Just rrats and schizos

>> No.62202563


>> No.62204610 [DELETED] 

she'd be fined, or at worst, she'd be deported to US, and blacklisted from every label, might as well kill herself or she could start an OnlyFans

>> No.62205072

jesas anon, crank some of that projection a bit down

>> No.62205547

Do people that comment here even watch streams? She's prioritizing cleaning her backlog of other work stuff before the end of the year. That's why she'll still be on collars. The thing about her breast reduction surgery is going to be next year. She wants them gone because it hurts her back.

>> No.62205617

she is gregnant

>> No.62206025

You're the biggest retard here if you think the surgery is for that. It's like 90% likely to be her knee. She's doing it in the US because she tried to do it in Japan in 2022 and it didn't fix the problem

>> No.62209069

Shark is lazy

>> No.62209598

You’re going to look like such a retard when she comes back but I’m sure you’re used to that.

>> No.62209642

>idols is when no males
>the more no males the more idol it is

>> No.62209683

>I idolise and look up to average people

>> No.62209701 [DELETED] 

>Didn't she treat Gura like a queen when she came over?
Gura literaly got raped on the airbnb party

>> No.62209833

They started talking about Ame anon, she lives in their heads rent-free

>> No.62209834

Her streams are boring. No wonder no one watches them

>> No.62209854
File: 54 KB, 191x218, helmet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow that's a bold claim, Anon. Do you have a source to back it up?

>> No.62209855

Anon, not everyone collapses at the thought of having to sometimes fight management like Gura supposidly does.
Mori has been busting her ass for her personal goals for a long, long time, sometimes running irl and streams in the same day while also trying to cover everything that comes with that contract with UMG. She's had a few small breaks but I'm guessing the stress is finally catching up and she wants to take a chunk of time to just kinda recoup. There's been other talents who do the same for less and even moreso other talents who don't even talk about it and just disappear for a while.

>> No.62211319


>> No.62215144


>> No.62215259

> the airbnb party
Beginning of the end.

>> No.62215298

>running irl
lmao. No.

>> No.62217076

She won the civil war, you need to let it go

>> No.62217197

is she actually obese or is that a meme?

>> No.62217245

Why is it so hard to say the reason? She could just say that she has a lot of background work and needs to catch up, so collabs only so she doesn't have to prepare anything. Or that she feels tired and wants to chill a bit.
Why is it that they always leave this so open ended? It only leads to shitposting and gives antis a field day, everyday.

>> No.62218127

>Instead announces a new song with the producer of Black Sheep

>> No.62218250

>suspensions and mismanagement don't exist in Cover
There here have been plenty of suspicious health breaks in Hololive. Mori could have said there will be less streams because she is busy. Instead she made the announcement that she would take a break from solo streams. "Not sure when I'll be back" is similar to Gura's "see you next year". Vesper got into a huge fight with management the previous winter so this does seem to be when most of the EN members renew their contracts.

>> No.62219147


>> No.62219396

Anon, trying to compare this to Gura or any other shit you mentioned is already fucking dumb since Mori is still super active on twitter and litterally just posted a new project

>> No.62220711

Why is Mori specifically taking a break from solo streams? Why has Gura been avoiding solo streams since her 3rd anniversary? Why are there now 2 different Myth talents avoiding solo streams at the same time?

>> No.62220868

>realistically you can go "idgaf" to any legal contract if you want to
what kind of reality do you live in?

>> No.62221030

My mom watches them, and she's the most interesting person in the world, so you can fuck right off.

>> No.62221066

Dunno about Gura, but Mori is always involved in projects and releasing stuff more than anyone in EN. It was more odd that she was streaming more than anyone other than bijou.

>> No.62221275

Based thread. I shall bump it

>> No.62221533 [DELETED] 

Does she have some live concerts on "her other account"?

>> No.62225610

She no longer has to put in the work, because she already has a fat stack of contracts. Like Gura, she can relax and live leisurely.

And that is the dream for so many, do not be hypocrite haters.