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/vt on fucking blast

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I can't moon rune anon

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anyway i'll still posting my rrat

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nobody here knows japanese and only half know english

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It's not just /vt/ that has retarded narratives.

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For the Japanese illiterate:

To those who arbitrarily decide that someone did what they didn't actually do and spread the word about it, and to those who vilify someone based solely on that prejudiced info...
I ask you to please look things up properly.

I have no idea what it actually is about.

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Not a virtual youtuber. Fuck off forever

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general speak that explains nothing

"just enjoy"

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To those who arbitrarily decide that someone did what they didn't actually do and spread the word about it, and to those who vilify someone based solely on that prejudiced info...
I ask you to please look things up properly
someone correct me if i'm wrong

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i dont like this bros
she's turning into those thots that posts vague shit on twatter

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I will never forgive the Zhangs and Artia

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Not a vtuber

Fuck off

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TL;DR: Fuck off chinks.

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In 4chan holocreole: rrats bad do your reps

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>e-whore thread

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>don't tell viewers whats happening
>in some cases they have to be blatant lies, which is understandable
>'gee why are they making up rrats'

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yes a vtuber

fuck off, zhang

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everybody knows what's happening, they still at it and creating narratives, mostly in 5ch

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None of her recent YouTube streams use a model.

>> No.6213574

gotta watch her mildom streams my man, also she is coming up with a 3.0 model soon, i guess kson is right when she talks about people talking out of their asses huh?

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>do my reps
nothing stopping her to say it directly and stop with the vague shit

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If she expects people to like her that much she has way too big a head.

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Who tf watches milfdom? That's even worse than twitch.

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If she wants to set the record straight she should just come out and say it instead of passively aggressively calling people out like a beta jap.

She's independent now ffs, who's going to stop her?

>> No.6213852

She's not wrong, and she's always been more than a little direct.

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Whatever my queen says is true, she’s right by default

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3dpd fuck off

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I don't think it's about /vt/

This still applies to the rrats on here either way, though

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You can spam the thread as much as you want you pathetic chink, you’re still a retard, she streamed with her vtuber model yesterday.8hhnd

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I'll take "I signed an NDA and now my hands are tied" for $500 Alex

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>Ignore the rrats and mind your own damn business

>> No.6215758

Several japanese vtubers use mildom

>> No.6215808

>turning into

>> No.6215868

you're having high level paranoia from one tweet.

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>said she would stream again today after going to the salon to look nice on camera
>goes to the salon
>says she won't stream today anymore
that sucks, hope nothing ruined her mood too much

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>/vt on fucking blast
/vt/... then why in japanese if she can speak in english??
why are you so fucking retarded?

>> No.6216253

Or she's just going to a Tanabata festival.

>> No.6216306

Pretty much this. Even if she didn't sign an NDA, there's not a chance she would ever talk shit about such a high-profile employment because she'd never work again.

>> No.6216343

Kanata finished streaming pretty early too. They are probably just having sex.

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what is happening?

>> No.6216846

Haha good one

>> No.6217088

Probably she will save it to the autobiography. Just like Kaguya Luna did.

>> No.6217156

This is basically a rrat anon...

>> No.6217374

NDA, underagechama

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I hate that I can't post Kson pics in a Kson thread. Fuck this hellsite.

>> No.6217916

We have to wait until she releases her new model

>> No.6218460

Yes, she is, she even announced the release of a new model and a return to youtube.

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> I wanna use my teeth to scrape off all the calluses under Kson's feet. Slurp on her very soft toes. And deepthroat her entire foot. I'm who I am today because of this bitch. A feet enjoyer, No no no, a feet Chad.

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I don't think this is about /vt/

>> No.6219282

/vt/ thinks EVERYTHING is about /vt/

>> No.6219450

Does Kson know English?

>> No.6219460

>Yagoo: もしもし I did it investor Zhang. I finally got rid of the annoying dragon. It is done.

>Mr.Zhang: Excellent work Yagoo-chan. Now release the Vsinger to burry that bitch for good.

>Yagoo: そうですね but how will we bury her. She's already over 600K subs.

>Mr.Zhang: I will request a few CCP grifters from Pooh to harass her all day till she loses motivation. We'll make sure this bitch never finds success outside hololive.

>Yagoo: はい!

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Did she ask to correct her if she's wrong at the end or is that your own words anon?

>> No.6219619

this fucking guy.
use what few brain cells you have to figure it out

>> No.6219721

Yagoo really never loses huh...

>> No.6219726

Literally proving her right, kek.

>> No.6219732

Fact: Coco was more upset about sinophobic comments than she was harassment from Chinese nationalists.

>> No.6219928

Zhangchama. Kson will soon overtake and is already more successful than all your favorite Zhang vtubers. Cry. More.

>> No.6220091

fuck off chinanon

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She browses /jp/ though not /vt/. Probably doesn't know they're the anti-thread now.

>> No.6220499

I believe.

>> No.6220631

>go indie
>still talk in vague corporate speak

Is Japanese as a language just incapable of speaking straightfowardly?

>> No.6220691

>tell the viewers what's happening
>the viewers make up their own ideas
>call them on it
>they insist you're lying
I pity coco. If not the faggotry of the zhangs, the faggotry of "fans" who'd spit in her face for not feeding their delusions.

>> No.6220818

>what are NDAs

>> No.6220838

>Is Japanese as a language just incapable of speaking straightfowardly?
It's more of a cultural thing to be vague as fuck.

>> No.6220989

basically she is saying Ogey ...rrat

>> No.6220996

She's probably just being careful due to legal reasons or an attempt to avoid drama, but Japanese as a language is good at being vague compared to English because it can drop words from a sentence easily due to having markers that indicate a words purpose. Essentially a Japanese sentence can drop any word with the expectation that is is understood by context.

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dangerously based gosling poster.
I unironically have more respect to rrat posters than the posters who dismiss rrats like plebbitors to protect their hugbox.

>> No.6221567

you're delusional if you think she reads this garbage site.

>> No.6221783

Kson is going to have more subs than Aqua!?

>> No.6222041

do you fucking niggers not know what an NDA is.
>Literally proving Kson's point.

>> No.6222061

>vtuber: doesn't disclose all the information because some of it may be private and none of our business, it's company policy and she may be under contract, possibly doesn't have all the facts herself, or maybe just waiting for a better time to break the news
>vtuber: yo what the fuck is wrong with you?
>shizo rratposter: RRRRREEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.6222179

it says "Ayame did nothing wrong"

>> No.6222182

cringe, I will make up rrats nonstop until she herself says in plain words what really happened

>> No.6222504

Has Baqua broken any records lately? No? I thought so nigger.

>> No.6222533

Vshojo antikeks...

>> No.6222541

>Literally proving Kson's point.

I took that as a Joke. Don't know why (You)'re so uptight about it though...

>> No.6222595

How about you shut the fuck up and mind your own business, instead?

>> No.6222600

I meant 'real' Kson. I wanna share the best pic I have of her. It warms the heart and hardens the soul, unironically.

>> No.6222626

Wait. Aqua is Zhang? No wonder the Zhangs love her.

>> No.6222692

Is this real?

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>> No.6222759

You just summarized /vt/ in a nutshell.
People call this place a schizo containment board because of shit like that.

>> No.6222851

What do you think?

>> No.6222862

more retards and schizos make up rrats anon

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>> No.6222919

based ogey rrat

>> No.6222941

fuck off idiot

>> No.6222986

Chinks (or taiwaneses, nobody really knows) are making clips with fake subs from her last stream on mildom, that’s what she’s talking about.
That is why the stream from yesterday is privated too.

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>> No.6223049

Do it

>> No.6223069

I have yet to see those clips.

>> No.6223089

Kson threads need to get banned, she's no longer a vtuber, he's just a normal youtuber now

>> No.6223119

Have you searched on bilibili?

>> No.6223126

The feet video just popped up in my YouTube recommended. And Holy shit do they look mighty delicious. I'm a Kson fan now.

>> No.6223151

She streamed with her avatar yesterday, do basic research before posting so you don’t embarrass yourself the next time you post something.

>> No.6223220

There's nothing on Bilibili.

>> No.6223281

The ranking sites disagree. Anonchama.

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>> No.6223665

Source or rrat

>> No.6223875

So literally just do your own research, use your brain and draw your own conclusions. don't blindly listen to random information spouted by morons on the internet.
It's perfectly sound advice and applies to literally everyone, especially nowadays.

>> No.6226862

The graduation buff expired. EOPs are no longer contractually obligated to care what she thinks. Her best content is still in Japanese and hard filters the west, same as all the other JPs. Call me when she says something in a language we can understand.

>> No.6227137

Just posting to say I love the drama these glorified e-thots and you retards create out of thin air together. It's very entertaining and enjoyable to consume.

Carry on.

>> No.6227966

Here, I hope you can understand this.

>> No.6228051

Based Poyoyo

>> No.6228167

Jesus fucking Christ, you sound like one of my friends that just kept bitching and moaning over not knowing why Coco and Lulu were graduating.

>> No.6228208

Delete all of His images from your computer now.

>> No.6229121

>why yes I will leak everything to Narukami and risk all of my former colleagues out of a job to appease to a group of unmedicated schizos on an basketweaving forum!

>> No.6229236

you don't need to pretend to have friends here

>> No.6229288

Kson only have 1 single friend in hololive and is not kanata.

actually she never interacted with her

>> No.6229385

The best part is that anyone who has her membership knows everything they need to know to be at peace with her decision.
Remember that every time you see a really angry post demanding answers, it's just shitposters pretending to care.

>> No.6229512

Ummm... Based?

>> No.6229630

Kill yourself kike sponsored zhang

>> No.6229835

Holy shit the youtube comments are hilarious. I remember nuxtaku of all people called out cover for firing her and everyone got triggered hard all the comments were “nono don’t speculate” bullshit.

>> No.6229945

I fail to see how this statement is incorrect

>> No.6229971

Based opportunists who laugh at all the drama.

Holofags nijiniggers and whoreshojo turned vtubing into jake paul levels of dramafaging.

Least we can do is sit and watch,
The only vtuber i actually watch nodays is eliene anyhow, rest of the corporates is just yabai and drama after drama. Its like whole sitcom

>> No.6229973

based, fuck the bugs

>> No.6230030

Let me guess, its subaru or korone isnt it?

>> No.6230129

Based I hope the bugmen get conquered by the superior yamato race

>> No.6230283

>Is Japanese as a language just incapable of speaking straightfowardly?
mostly, there are "tones" in japanese that denote a number of things, and your sentence structure and words change meaning based on the tone. For example, if you're a superior talking to an inferior your use of words will be different from an inferior talking to a superior. anger/vulger speach exists as well... it's usually rude.

Basically the result is there are words that don't really have a set meaning in english in japanese. Similarly there are words that don't really exist in japanese but which can be said in a round about way depending on your tone. This is why translation is a bitch for Google. As tone is almost impossible to determine in writing for a computer; you need to be able to infer context.

A good example is the word "no". No is pretty unambiguous in English. Japanese has a couple of word that roughly means no, depending on the context; though in English I'm not sure no would be the right word for them. English has a lot of ways to express "no" so does Japanese. But their version of "no" is usually a hell of a lot more polite like which when translated usually work out to something more like "not now," "maybe later", "perhaps", of course a proper translator understands the meaning is "no" but the Japanese rarely say the two Japanese words closet to no (hilariously both words have different meaning depending on tone as well, but yes, in the right tone they basically mean no) in the tone needed to make it "no". I had a friend who was teaching me tone in Japanese and he famously jokingly said to me Japanese has 7 ways to say no, and doesn't have a word "no". Which i didn't think was right because i didn't understand context and tone at the time, and an English to Japanese translator or even dictionary will tell you there is a Japanese word for no.

but once you learn context you realize those words for no, only mean no in the right context/tone.

>> No.6230380

It's so annoying how some people think just because someone is a public figure they should share everything about them to actual strangers online

>> No.6230436

Kson only has 1 single buddy PERIOD.

it's me, anon, we're fuckbuddies

>> No.6230712

you could also do the same, simp.
why cant you?

>> No.6231451

You know they cut off Europeans heads too right?

>> No.6231519

no way, americans are racist af

>> No.6231564

Bugs aren't people. Even their own government doesnt think they should have human rights.

>> No.6231654

>mostly in 5ch
we- we dont matter? :(
all my rrats are useless?

>> No.6231670

Akai Haato

>> No.6231808

You're more than welcome to fuck off back to r/hololive if you're so assblasted by actual discussion

>> No.6231810

wtf is this real?

>> No.6231888

so what, retard?

>> No.6231899

Oh shit guys shut the whole board down! This super mature and above it all cool dude called us out oh no I'm melting!

>> No.6231928

how the fuck does this relate to /vt/, please take your medication

>> No.6232058

Hi megumi i prefer you as hedgehog than as a bearhafu

>> No.6232208

I know it's selfish but I really wish if she left hololive that she would have just retired. Eventually this shit -will- turn ugly and taint the whole memory of her

>> No.6232264

I can't believe she's asking people not to believe clips with fake subs made by antis, how could she.

>> No.6232283


>> No.6232309

>Just shut up and mindlessly accept corporate narratives! Its none or your business if you're being lied to!
The mind of a redditor is a fascinating thing. No desire for truth, only the need to consoom and attack anything that might disrupt consumption.

>> No.6232396

This but the exact opposite, her roommate being successful as an indie is the best thing that could happen to the vtuber industry, if she proves there’s life after corporate vtubing more and more vtubers will realize companies are cancer and they don’t actually need them, they are leeches who prey on the talents of others and squeeze them until they have nothing left to give.

>> No.6232441

>hong kong reclaimed decades before the treaty
>navy close to taiwan
>blackmailing the WHO
>fucking with uigyurs
anons it is my imagination, or the ccp is making efforts to make the world hate china?
it wasnt like this a decade before

>> No.6232498

Do you want to be specific like that doujin artist spergin out on twitter because he wants a bigger cut?

>> No.6232522

she's probably talking about 5ch/2ch or other japanese boards

>> No.6232543

didnt read but I can tell this is a copepost have a (you)

>> No.6232568

China just doesn't care what other countries think. Theres no concept of performative virtue in China, only pure self interest. The idea that anyone would ever do anything that isn't in their personal interest because of adherence to a higher moral code is a bizzare concept to the Chinese mind.

>> No.6232576

"4chan holocreole" is far too creative a way to describe vt meme brain poison

>> No.6232603

Given how thin, pale, and bruised her legs are, how bad do you think her feet smell? How would you characterize the odor?

>> No.6232637

She's not going to care about chan freaks, it's when shit is breaching containment and all over youtube and twitter that she is going to be saying this stuff

>> No.6232695

that's cuz ur real fuckin dumb dog

>> No.6232760

Interesting, unironically

>> No.6232805

>I have no idea what it actually is about.

She means stop believing rrats like a fucking retard.

>> No.6232806

Is this a zhang trying to fit in by mimicking American slang he learned from a late 1980s Kid n Play movie or a zhang so illiterate that his attempted insult came out as a disjointed stream of English words more suitable for a bad rap freestyle? I can’t even tell anymore.

>> No.6232845

Just wait until they get Susan to take down her channel.

>> No.6232871

Let me guess, is it because of Ayame?

>> No.6232914

Last time they did shit like this was the Boxer Rebellion and we all remember how that ended. Obviously China pretends like it didn't happen.

>> No.6233309

Be hella funny if changs accidentally activated the nips into actually wanting to nuke them because they thought they SHOULD dominate the vtuber landscape and the salt of getting rid of Coco ends up with thousands of nips wanting to shoot a chink.

>> No.6233338

Typical woman shit.

>> No.6233374

i kinda believe the ccp wants war, for all the demographic and economic shitshow they are in

>> No.6233387

The japanese are an incredibly passive and cucked culture that is on its way to extinction due to this kind of shit.

>> No.6233393

Luna technically is still working. She never graduated.

>> No.6233451

For what purpose tho? SDF has manpower sure but all their material assets are on loan from Uncle Sam.
Wake me when Putin gets on board the Xi hate-train.

>> No.6233455

If there were a big red button that would instantly vaporize every zhang on earth, I can guarantee that AT LEAST 8 out of every 10 Japs would press it instantly and without showing any outward emotion. You cannot comprehend the amount of hatred the Japanese have for them.

>> No.6233486

Nips and chinks are both souless bugs at the end of the day. I certainly have my preference for nips, but I don't delude myself into thinking they are human capable of independent though.

>> No.6233529

I honestly don't think they'd win, seeing as how the chinks are "passively protesting" by going full NEET to the point it's actually causing a severe impact on the CCP.

I mean the same could be said about white people, seeing as the NPC and Karen meme are often proven correct in a regular basis. Honestly, that just proves to me that people are more alike than they are different.

>> No.6233576

holy fucking kek

>> No.6233770

Why is she so bruised?

>> No.6233811

>pure self interest
Hmmm yes, certainly reads like bug behavior.

>> No.6234493


>> No.6234993

japs dont even have an army lmao?

>> No.6235127


>> No.6235249

Japs "don't" have a army *wink *wink

>> No.6235283

Shes talking about naRRATives

>> No.6235349

Based TRUTH acknowledger

Rrats are inseparable from vtuber culture

>> No.6235460

Self Defense Force. So in order to protect foreign territories they have to first annex them in order for it to be self-defense. Defending Taiwan is just an excuse to resurrect GEACPC

>> No.6235730

Japan's doing another lockdown

>> No.6235742

>answers an objective truth with an actual rrat
>tabloids have existed about actors and actresses for decades
You're all literal retards, endlessly trying to punch a shadow. Rrats will always exist, and it's even fine to believe in them slightly, as long as you discard them once proven false. As I see it, you're as mentally ill as the schizos themselves
No. :)
Congratulations anon, you and I are probably the only non-retards in this thread.

>> No.6235872

Japan has many enemies this is for the better

>> No.6235887

chink kill yourself

>> No.6236020

I'd argue that anybody who doesn't hate China by now is the one who hasn't looked things up properly

>> No.6236061

Just get her kson membership and read her last community post faggot

>> No.6236139

>paying money for free entertainment

>> No.6236190


>> No.6236239

their "not-army" have 7 times more budget than my country armed forces budget, fuck

>> No.6236289

Yes yes, cringe cope seethe dilate etc /vpol/-kun

>> No.6236372

Nice gifs crossie, will you be posting wojaks or keros next?

>> No.6236482

I don't subscribe to whores

>> No.6236788


>> No.6239032


>> No.6239301

>I have no idea what it actually is about.
Regret setting in. Thoughts of income lost.

>> No.6239336

Nanking 2: vtuber boogalo

>> No.6240257

>Tweet is about not believing rrats
>Regret because of income loss
Niggers truly are dumb.

>> No.6240317

Please keep sucking the dick of Tanigo

>> No.6240828

>we should dig deep into the personal lives of our oshis just to see if our narratives about cover are true.
do you not understand how creepy that is? and how much of a lack of care for personal space you have if you endorse this behavior?

>> No.6240996

I mean that isn't about /vt/ it's about most fandoms of real life people

>> No.6241065

It was China, she literally cited China, it was a massive deal

>> No.6241247

She literally did not.

>> No.6242264

>from a late 1980s Kid n Play movie
good taste at least

>> No.6242360

They will self defense Taiwan from China.

>> No.6243295

How many times does the US army has more budget than the taliban? Budget means nothing in asymmetric warfare.

>> No.6247034

So Coco DID read my supa on why she is Vtuber Jesus and now we must declare a holy war against the Insectoid menace

>> No.6247397

KSon lurks /vt/ confirmed

>> No.6247464

The US' army main enemy is the US media and the US congress though. If it weren't for them they wouldn't have any issues defeating anybody.

>> No.6248522

Now that's a rrat if I've ever seen one.

>> No.6248581

She hired her dad as her manager to filter zhang shit from her DMs.

>> No.6248692

Japan's fucking coof up worse than 3rd world shitholes.

>> No.6248728

They must be flooding her inbox.

>> No.6248809

I can't imagine how it must take a toil on your mental health to read thousands of stupid anti messages to manage to find the few business related DMs. Good move from her.

>> No.6248897

We've known this for a while. Kson probably posted on /jp/ in the old days.

>> No.6248973

Time to ask her Dad for her hand in marriage

>> No.6249349


>> No.6249360

>dear kson papa
>i want to motorboard your daughter asscheeks
>and marry her

>> No.6249396

>t. tatsunoko

>> No.6249598

>containment breaking femoid
Of course. Probably a TBA EN chuuba as well.

>> No.6249721

Unironically a very good idea. Per her streams her parents are pressuring her to get married and she’s told them she will be alone forever. A well crafted proposal could gain mama and papa dragon as your allies in this quest.

>> No.6249961

This is actually pretty blunt writing for Japanese

>> No.6250087

But i thought she forbade him from using the damn site

>> No.6250200

They probably fucked up and she's now bald.

>> No.6250667

That's how I found this shithole a year and a half ago.

>> No.6253411

It's "put on blast" by extension, indirectly.

>> No.6256816

Her father will do a better job than Cover's management.

>> No.6256882

And rrat schizos.

>> No.6258692

In Spic countries that's a woman's name

>> No.6259469

an untrained monkey would do a better job than Cover's management

>> No.6259515

Well, i doubt an untrained monkey could give moderation rights to her antis so you're actually right.

>> No.6259671

An untrained monkey could attempt to rape them though, just like cover's management.

>> No.6260127

this isn't objectively inherent to zhangs, this is a "recent" development. the CCP wants their populace to be isolated from each other, and what better way to do that than teach everyone from day 1 to only concerned for themselves? you can't fight tyranny alone, and they know that. if you train your citizens to not fight for a greater good or for others, then there will never be opposition. There's a reason good samaritanship itself is more or less illegal.

>> No.6262085

imagine being so assmad that you don't even represent the other side accurately.

This is why rrats happen, specifically faggots like you.

>> No.6263378

not true, angie is an american name

>> No.6263792

They always did this shit. Before, however, they could hide it.

>> No.6263817

Pure power move.

>> No.6264303

She's not from Alabama

>> No.6264374

She meant you should watch Narukami's video with the english subtitles to understand what happened, because the suits pressured her to sign a NDA by taking her friends as hostage.

>> No.6264531

I'm surprised at the speed of the English subs of that video

>> No.6264581

Why exactly should I care about what this dumb Mickey Mouse bitch says?

>> No.6264589

>Be Cover’s CEO
>Pekora gets attacked by chinks and Choco says Tibet
>Promise to chinks you will educate your talents from now on
>Haachama says Taiwan
>Let 12 hours pass without warning any of your other talents about it
>Coco says it too by reading the exact same article
>She tries to explain the situation but you stop he from doing it
>You suspend her instead and forbid her from ever saying she didn’t know because you already promised chinks 6 months ago you would teach your talents about china
>Use her friends as hostages
>She leaves and chinks are still harassing her

Cover is the definition of a black company
And let’s not forget how a manager stalked and tried to rape Mel and Cover did nothing about it for months until she lawyered up.

>> No.6265060

Ah yes, the well-known shit-stirring jap drama chuuba who everyone hates for making shit up. Makes Artia look like Johnny Tightlips.

"I have insider information"

Sure ya do mate.

>> No.6265276

So keemstar of jap vtubers?

>> No.6265493

Honestly, yes. This stupid vid is most likely what kaon is reffering to in her tweet, not the retards on 5ch and especially not the retards here.

>> No.6265573

>communicating with vt
>in Japanese

>> No.6267488

All the shit stirring faggots are on Discord and that scuffed Bug website. Better to be unknown and "too scary to visit" then turn into a public site where even more normies invade

>> No.6267763

excess medication causes scabs

>> No.6267808

>kson ON AIR
>is never ON AIR
how does she get away with it?

>> No.6268612

He was right about Mel and about Roa/Meiro. Seethe all you want, with this it's like 5th time I see one of your kind being in denial.

>> No.6268734

ON AIR as in she puts on airs.

>> No.6269052

america is a spic country

>> No.6269304

Pretty sure this is about the dumb nip and his "leaks"

>> No.6269633

Guys...ahat if Kson fails to gain any traction... Please have her achieve the good end, kami-sama

>> No.6269718

/vt/ in five words.

>> No.6270556

Hes wong because of fubuki.
After the taiwan incident FBK fully abandoned her billibilli account solely because zhangs were demanding her condemn coco.
Then FBK actively tweeted out every time she hung out with coco
Chinese insider management wouldnt have allowed this

>> No.6270756

>world war III starts for some stupid reason
>the weebs in the airforce paint Coco on their planes and write "revenge" on it
>the picture will probably show up on history books forever
What a timeline that would be

>> No.6270791

If you want an actual boring answer and not rrats, she sits on the floor while streaming and regularly hits off things, if you watch her streams you'll regularly hear her hit off something and complain

>> No.6271060

Keem hit a couple times too, doesn't mean that he's right all or even most of the time.

>> No.6271458

is this about /vt/?

>> No.6274528

no, it's about cunts who mistranslated her mildom stream (later priveted) to portrait her as anti Cover/Hololive

>> No.6274805

And the thing is, that was a fucking dick move. She was just talking about what she wanted to do with the channel. New model and what kind of content she expects to release. She even intended to stream daily. All of that is now in jeopardy because of clipniggers.

>> No.6274859

so, basically /vt/

>> No.6274893

>Coco: *Goes on stream and explicitly states she's leaving because of creative differences and management keeping her leash too tight*

>> No.6274991

>brand loyalist: REEEEEEEEEE We have to suck tanigo's dick, coco's is an ingrateful whore and she was not harassed by the virtue execs of cover. WE NEED TO SUCK TANIGO'S DICK UNTIL HE'S DRY

>> No.6275018


>> No.6275076


>> No.6275149

Narukami should stick to comissioning ryona art of himself instead.

>> No.6275176

Buddha please

>> No.6275246

>Somehow manages to get "we have to suck yagoos dick and be brand loylist" out of "Coco explicitly told us her reason for leaving and it wasn't china"
Your brain is festering in shit
This is why she told retards like you to fuck off, because you see shit only the way you see want to see it even though every single piece of evidence points the contrary

>> No.6275269

Next thing you're gonna tell me is that you can trust a broken clock because it got the time right twice today.

>> No.6275620

The way Cover had to deal with Mel and Aloe incidents along with the skirmishes with the Nkodice dev and the original mangaka of HoloAlt are enough evidences for me. You're just a battered wife unable to admit that your husband is raping your daughter as well.

>> No.6275683

It's not like cover tried to stop harassment outside and inside the company, right?

>> No.6276615

> Mel and Aloe incidents along with the skirmishes with the Nkodice dev and the original mangaka of HoloAlt are enough evidences for me.
Literally none of these events even remotely correlate you're just pulling shit out your ass and using it to draw to conclusions to your COVER BAD world view
Especially when we quite literally know happened to 2 of 3 examples you cited because they explained in public for everyone to see
Got harassed by nijifags to point of forcing her to drop off the face internet, she's actually welcomed to rejoin whenever she'd like but that's obviously not gonna happen
> the original mangaka of HoloAlt
His manager literally explained on twitter that he signed contract to work on a hololive manga, didn't realize wildly popular hololive was until after the holoalt got a million views in a few minutes, tried to spontaneity renegotiate his contract to get more money, got told to fuck off, threw a bitch fit on twitter crying about how he'd never work on anything hololive related again and then went private and deleted his tweets

>> No.6277030

He was not right about Mel, he just reiterated a 5ch rumor which was based on some already publicly available information (Mel tweets). There are a couple of additional details he gave that line up, but there's other possible explanations for them, so his story is still unconfirmed. And it will never be confirmed because Cover isn't gonna give out the details.

He was right about Meiro, but that's only because Meiro herself contacted him. That was the only story where he actually had insider information. Every other video has been him just putting some existing rumors into video form.

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