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I can't imagine living in Indonesia, probably because I'd be lynched for calling the Quran the ravings of a lunatic. I don't know how the treerat does it.

>> No.6196420

Normal being racist here
But dont touch religion things

>> No.6198463

I am holotourist but I love Risu

>> No.6199748

Why do you go out of your way to show how shit her new face is OP? At least use some nice looking artwork.

>> No.6199959

Stream in 3 hours

>> No.6200045

because this is the anti thread

>> No.6200271

People who lynched you in the morning will drink alcohol and fuck prostitutes in the afternoon, that's Indonesia.

>> No.6200356

I hate her so much I want to fuck and impregnate her.

>> No.6200411

NTA but i like that face, it reminds me of Watame.

>> No.6200422

will they ever fix it for real this time, my dudes?

>> No.6200616

True. I do call Quran shit in facebook and Kaskus, but I won't try it in public. On the other hand, you can mock fags and niggers without anyone caring here so it's not all negative
Also what the fuck happened to Captcha?

>> No.6200703

Anons be sure to tune in to her stream in 4.5 hours. Show the treerat some love!!!

>> No.6200841

as long you don't get drunk from it it's halal
as long you marry the whore first before performing the sex, then divorced her afterwards, it's halal

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Oops forget to put the link

>> No.6201270

I'm sorry squirrel, but if I'm going to be waking up at 5 AM to catch most of your streams, there's no way I can stay up late enough for this one.

>> No.6202427

Nice. Though FoMT is a suuuper slow burn game like AC games, and a bit of a pain in the ass if you don't have a clue what you're doing going into the mines, so I don't know how much of a debuff this game will be. It's still comfy as hell because it's FoMT, but I feel like it could have been so much more when they remade it.

I think she should have waited for RF4 on PC and streamed that instead. It's got a ton more depth to it, over all.

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Do debuffs matter too much to Risu? It seems like those who watch her will watch regardless. Sad to say but her viewer count is low enough that it's basically her fans left with very few tourists.

>> No.6205211

This does seem like a standard debuff game but it's also worth noting that One Hand Clapping is actually a debuff game (based on FKB and Korone) but it was some of Risu's higher numbers recently even with Ayame returning at the exact same time.

I guess it helps that game is pretty much made for Risu though

>> No.6206186

She looks cute. Shut the fuck up you fag

>> No.6206335

she does, thats not the problem
the problem is that this new rigging cant track shit, its the worst one ive seen in hololive

>> No.6206858

I wonder how long will this series be?

>> No.6206968

I doubt long enough to get the beach house. I'll give her one year at best. The biggest issue with FoMT remake is that they literally just gave you what the original game had, and didn't really expand the town content. So you quickly exhaust all NPC dialogue within around year 1 if you're talking to them all the time.

>> No.6206994

I'm still riding a high off of this morning's kino, man I love hearing Risu sing

>> No.6207241

How to convince her that singing same 10 songs is okay? There are archives and clips, but it's like CD vs live concert.

>> No.6208046

Shes so pretty

>> No.6208092

I don't fully understand, do you mean how do we get her to do karaoke even if she'll just be singing the same 10 songs?

>> No.6208167

Damn I gotta download that whole One Hand Clapping stream so I can actually make some soundposts...

>> No.6208625

Risu said she doesn't want us to get bored with her singing same songs over and over.

>> No.6209231

Yes, but last stream she did read chat when we were saying that it'd be more than fine just to hear her sing whatever which sounded promising

>> No.6209284

Anons, how do you cope with the urge of wanting to bang Risu and wipe that smug grin off her face.

>> No.6209312

You don't, it's an unbreakable curse

>> No.6210142

How is she so cute?

>> No.6210197

Will they ever fix her mouth tracking?
Does she sound different today to anyone else?
Is she high?

>> No.6210288

you're free to say anything in Indonesia except religion, you don't want to talk shit about religion here

>> No.6210291

A few streams ago she seemed to think the mouth tracking was an issue on her end not on the rig itself so that may delay any possibility of a fix... she sounds normal to me right now though

>> No.6210340

So the spoiler alert is that she is alerting us that she is spoiling us with her presence once again?

>> No.6210452

>she sounds normal to me right now though
Could it be that she's getting better at English?
I haven't watched her streams in a while

>> No.6210489

If you haven't watched in a while that'd explain it, watching any older streams her voice sounds totally different to me. Her english is definitely constantly improving which is nice.

>> No.6210572

The way she says "okay" when reading tutorials and stuff reminds me of the way Reine says it.
Who infected who?

>> No.6210622

Yeah she sound squeakier in her older stream, i can tell that her current voice kinda shifted to her more natural tone... She sound tired af.

>> No.6210729

Clearly it's Risu influencing her colleagues.

>> No.6210962

Damn. IDs will give me complex now even if I am a little above average but I feel they only take biggest of biggest the 0.1%

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>> No.6211634

May I just express my utter fucking hatred of Manna? Her dialogue bubble has these long rants and moves so fucking slow. I want to neck Manna so bad

>> No.6211717

did risu talk about the vsinger announcement? what's her opinion on it? or does she not care?

>> No.6211759

Holy shit what the fuck did they do to her model??

Is it the camera? She needs to clean her camera cus that shit isnt picking her face right AT ALL

>> No.6211829

It's the rig not her camera. Looks fine most of the time but side angles are not so great with this rigger

>> No.6211879

Oh my god what the hell that shit is terrifying

Someone tell her to move her camera to the right angle so it picks her face expressions or cleans the lens, stuff is absolutely off

>> No.6211902

Yeah if it doesnt have to do with the camera then its the program that fucks it up, but getting camera fixed should improve it, it seems like the model and her face arent on the same angle

>> No.6211930

She woke up way earlier than ususal just to retweet the announcement...

>> No.6212002

Her mouth movement and expression tracking also feel awkward

>> No.6212068

Again, it's not an issue with her camera anon

>> No.6212089

This is a problem with this rigger when they look sideways.
Risu seems to be one of his better works compared to some of his others... https://twitter.com/yuliettaCH/status/1412626508468822017

>> No.6212122

Jesas, looking at her laughing makes me legit uncomfortable...

>> No.6212178

Yeah I assume that's the worst of his work, but it is still some of his work so it's relevant to discussion. Certainly come a long way since that at least.

>> No.6212196

You dont actually know that, IF she has the right angle her NEW model could work, last one worked POSSIBLY because angle didnt matter and it didnt capture that much

So its either her camera, or the program, or both

>> No.6212199

I don't think so. There's a lot of times her mouth just doesn't move when she talks or it's out of sync.

>> No.6212224

Its actually the usless program shes using to capture and process movement AND/OR the camera

>> No.6212233

Look at the rigger's other works anon it's not hard to see the main issue here.

>> No.6212249


>> No.6212258

Maybe the issue is the points HE puts on his models it fucks everything, doesnt sync at all and ends up looking like that

>> No.6212271

Exactly. This isn't something that Risu herself can fix, especially not something as simple as cleaning the lens of her camera. This is a fundamental shortcoming in the construction of her rig.

>> No.6212278

But you can literally see the angle everytime she looks at her monitor

You can literally tell where the camera is when pointing at her

She should put the camera IN FRONT OF HER FACE, so relatively above the monitor so it doesnt look as bad

>> No.6212291

She has 2 monitors, no?

>> No.6212296

It doesnt even capture her mouth movement because of the angle and position of the camera, it is right side down of her monitor,

She should put it right above it

>> No.6212303

It's not like i want to go with you or anything, anon

>> No.6212313

She can have 10 for what i care, but what she should do is put it on the monitor she spends most of the time looking at, the one she plays games and shit

>> No.6212333

god damn it...

>> No.6212340

Hope she fixes it fucking riggin killing MY EXPERIENCE

Risu doesnt deserve this

>> No.6212366

Dead stream, dead vtuber.

>> No.6212375

agreed. I'd still take it over the rhombus face but it's not as much of an improvement as it should've been

>> No.6212382

Wtf are u smokin, her expressions are perfect

>> No.6212403

Are you disabled or just an ableist?
Her model is clearly DOWN BAD, it can be better thats the point, WAY fucking better

>> No.6212412

at least now we know that risu and iofi probably got a boyfriend.
i mean we know but it's nice to have confirmation.

>> No.6212521

They're perfect when she's not looking way off to the side, problem is that it's limits are displayed often with how Risu sets herself up

>> No.6212539

Dildos exist but either way off topic rratposter

>> No.6212727

Yes, me

>> No.6212745

Risu stop promoting random indie and start doing it to yourself...

>> No.6212779

What type of toy would be Risu's favorite?

>> No.6212797

Based on size mattering, bad dragon

>> No.6212800

I pity the fool that missed the credits.

>> No.6213317

A HUGE Horse dildo

>> No.6213721

30cm length 20 cm girth. Minimum requirement for her to feel anything.

>> No.6214096

Risu fucking horse lewd artwork when?

>> No.6214919

but the dildo would rip their hymen anon... losing your virginity to a toy is kinda... you know...

>> No.6215133

She'll still be an anal virgin.

>> No.6215188

Risu thread turning shit again

>> No.6215287

stop coping, anon

>> No.6215472

Streaming during dead hours was a mistake

>> No.6215908

Imagine that lucky guy who will get Risu anal virginity

>> No.6216078

Already got it, she's anal only now.

>> No.6217826

Real Risuners want to do her up her ass.

>> No.6217940

I want to mating press her for the purpose of procreation.

>> No.6218373

Nah, this >>6217940
Anal is degeneracy.

>> No.6219333

Nah you're a lame horny poster that never come up with any new thing to post.

>> No.6219374

t. faggots

>> No.6219429

T. Virgin

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>> No.6220477

Moona thread is two blocks over

>> No.6220513

Anon do you not see the tag?

>> No.6221562

even for /vt/ that's pretty cursed

>> No.6221724

you're illiterate. go back to school. otherwise, neck yourself.

>> No.6221846

ye pastor do be like that

>> No.6222200

just why wont she stop being cute

>> No.6222226

>that teeth
Fuck you Brian Tsuii

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>> No.6222369

I want to fuck her to replace that smug face with ahegao.

>> No.6222419

risu, i have request. its not a big deal but:
please marry me.

>> No.6222438

Isn't it funny that she lurks everywhere and everyone susing each other

>> No.6222615

Hi Risu

>> No.6222659

risu, i... love you

>> No.6223946

Risu, secret prisuner nut collection (bukkake) event when?

>> No.6224074

I'm convinced one of you faggots is actually Risu

>> No.6224206


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