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Nice "EN" branch you got there Holo Keks

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>21 k views

Buy and ad

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Its a well known secret IRyS wants to be Japan so bad, that most of her content since her return from break is in Japanese. As the other two, they're self admitted JP rejects who only joined EN so they could get to JP that way. Then you have Bae who is being groomed by Cover to pander to the JP audience and then Mori who is a celebrity in Japan. so a whole 3rd of EN is basically talents that are basically JP wannabes

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My ideal EN speaks English but has 99% Japanese interests, sings 100% Japanese songs, and plays >50% Japanese games.

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That just prove cover lost their trust in western women. They'd rather teach eigo to jap than hire actual western women

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You forgot that Gura is larping as a guy named Jap.

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>That just prove cover lost their trust in western women.
Thank you Mr. Jap

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I don't know what firegassing is supposed to mean but it sounds badass

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JPs have like 30 talents to watch but like the spiritually fat ugly bastards that they are they can't even leave us some crumbs. These are OUR diamonds in the rough, pearls in a river of shit...let us have at least this.

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>jp expereience for EOPs
i don't see anything wrong with it
that should be the standard, not the exception

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genuine skill issue.

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so you telling me you EOP newfags got btfo?

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It's gaslighting but filtered through IRyS' bimbo brain.

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Why do SEA clippers insist on making English clips, when they're barely literate?

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>My VTUBERS are weebs!
>They work for a Japanese company why are they speaking Japanese?????
Yeah, no shit. Pic Related

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That's a word IRyS made up

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Nice job outing yourselves retards lol

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It`s always was "firegassing"

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>It's a Japanese company so it's okay when the product they provide to their English-speaking consumers isn't in English!
That's why FromSoftware games don't have English voice acting, HIDIVE simulcasts anime without English subtitles, and why all Mazdas are manufactured with Japanese instrument panels. Oh, wait..

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Hololive got popular long before EN existed, no one complained about language until you retard EOPs come along.

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Clip faggots are one thing, but threads baiting with clip titles and thumbnails are bottom of the barrel type of bait that's actually insulting to see happen more often. And it's always about irys for some reason.

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yeah, thats why anime and games are more popular dubbed than in original language

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>And it's always about irys for some reason.
Her anti is a bit more vigorous in his efforts than most.

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Posts (and clips) like these come across as begging for /jp/fag's and /jp/ shitposter's aka /#/dog validation. Ngl cringe amd pathetic

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No one is complaining about HoloJP speaking Japanese, and no one is stopping you from watching HoloJP. But my guess if that you're N6 at Japanese and still watch HoloEN in spite of all your larping. You should probably go back to /jp/.

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Fuwamoco are white as sour cream

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he doesnt know

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You are complaining about someone being bilingual, and no one is stopping you from not watching them. But my guess is that you rather bitch than learn another language. You should go back to /pol/.

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>best EN are multilingual
So just status quo?

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just a reminder that the nips are a conquered race, they have no army their constitution and economy is based on the west what you think of jap culture is actually western culture.

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Based. I love The West and Japan.

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just a reminder you are not on /pol/ EOP.

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japan is western and theres nothing wrong with that

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i don't care
why you such a retard EOP

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They either need to be japanese or omega-weeaboos like FuwaMoco or Kiara, so they can count.

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If Kiara qualifies for your "omega-weeaboo" definition, then Pomu would too.

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Holy retards

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ESLchama... your apostrophe...

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Bad comparison because you can still understand thanks to subtitles. Playing games and watching anime in their original language is almost always better. The issue comes with livestreams where you can't understand what's happening unless you speak the language. Your only option is to wait for translation clips or read the people who try to translate, either way you get a vastly inferior experience. Jap isn't an easy language to pick up either so if you don't have a lot of free time there isn't a point. I'd love to watch Pekora and Korone live, but I'm going to be missing at best half of the stuff thanks to my limited Japanese. That's not even counting streamers like Marine that are almost impossible to understand for someone who's learning. I don't mind EN doing some Jap streams, but at the end of the day the English branch is a fraction of the JP branch. It doesn't help that their streams are all clustered at times. Also doesn't help that some of them are extremely lazy. There wouldn't be so much EOP if Cover hadn't let EN rot for a full year while Vtubing was at its hottest to focus on a male branch that nobody gives a shit about.

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Reminder that there would be no Hololive if not for EOPs, because most of Kizuna AI's fans were EOP.
Also, reminder that Hololive was popular with EOPs before HoloEN existed. If you don't even know that, then you spend to much time on this website and to little time on youtube.

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What a fucking retard.

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EN can talk as much Japanese as they, but only if the JP girls spoke English.
If you think the JPs can't speak English your an ESL. Speaking English and being fluent in English are not the same thing.
Americans speak broken English on a native level. Think about it, have you ever not been able to understand a HoloJP girl's broken English.

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The main difference is that the JP girls speak it to such a poor extent that they can only get basic ideas across at best. Even the ones that are better at English are not fluent or close to it. Japanese suck at English but I'm glad they try. Even so, it's kind of lame that the EN try really hard to learn JP meanwhile some of the JP can only half-ass a few English words.

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it's a dumb bait thread, who knows why i entered, but it was specifically in response to the comment on games getting a dub, not even talking about subs. it triggered me slightly because of the years i was stuck with games having forced dub and no original language options. but time is a bit of a cope, with 30 minutes a day you can learn japanese in a couple years, if you dedicate more it can go faster. just about everybody can afford 30 minutes, too many people would rather veg out for 30 minutes than put the effort in. but thats an issue of what you want to do, not time

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But those retards(op) doesn't watch hololive, in fact hate them.

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Thanks man I appreciate it

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EOP faggots like yourself deserve nothing

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>teach eigo to jap
Mission impossible

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It's the exception rather than the rule, but Achan got pretty decent at it for a jap.
>not a chuuba
I know, but it's the best I've got. lol

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Yeah, but you'd still watch them speak broken English. They don't even do that.
Japanese people have to low self esteem and think that no one would like them, to a pathological degree, that's the problem.

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>Gets BTFO by multiple people
>Doesn't even deny being an ironic weeb
>Simply copies retort
I accept your concession. Do you know what seppuku is? You probably need to look it up, but it's what you should go do.

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I can actually believe this. I refuse to believe that Fubuki does not know english more than she let's on but is super conscious about pronouncing / remembering words

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>trying to complain about EN branch not speaking EN
>promoting a clipper that does not speak EN
>not speaking EN

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Doesn't change the fact that it's obviously a SEA clipper who does not speak English.

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so, who has the best japanese out of the non-JP girls? IRyS? Anya? I remember reading that the twins aren't as good as some of the other members (but still pretty of course)

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If Fuwamoco only want to be JP why do they stream every day in english? Seems backwards to me.

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There's a big difference in perspective.
First of all, English is weird. It 75% loan words on a lower estimate. It also has over 20 vowel sound but only 5 vowel letters, and that works because you don't really need to pronounce the word, especially the vowels, all that well. English speakers have to learn that two Japanese words that sound the same to them are actually pronounce differently.
English has 3.2 billion people who natively speak a language related to it. Japanese is a language isolate.
In Japan, there is a main dialect people are expected to speak in formal situation. There's no main dialect of English, at least not worldwide.
There's also the big fact that English is the world language, which means that native English speakers are exposed to so many people who are not good at speaking English. Then you combine that with all the immigrant the USA receive, which probably includes your parents or grand parents. There's a reason I said that Americans speak broken English on a native level.
Compare all that to Japan. It makes perfect sense to an English speaker that being able to speak a language and communicate vs being fluent in a language are two very different things, but not to a Japanese person.

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PolDen is subtitled in English every week as is Hologra. Do your reps.

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This is honestly good. If you want to watch something japanese inspired then you better learn japanese. EOPs are the cancer that's killing this hobby

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The fuck is firegassing?

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it's what IRyS calls gaslighting because she thinks it's funny

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Mori and Bae actually cater to their english audience though instead of treating them as second rate.

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>literally just a clip about Japanese grapes

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IRyS cute
FuwaMoco cute

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It's only outing you as a threadreader who doesn't watch streams.

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Knowing japanese is bad. It rots your brain.

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I dont know how long she will keep that up with her moving to Japan

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honestly it's the best possible response to political behavior by their own actual EN girls. some of them, too many, chose to engage in politically motivated behaviors contrary to the interests of their employer. that's just not going to sit well with the japanese who are about one generation out from taking lifetime employment deathly seriously.

don't scare insular cultures with your own culture wars or they'll go back to what they know, things donald fucking trump could have told you 30 years ago the book the movie the animated series

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Cry more, you retarded EOPs