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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread:>>6181550 (Cross-thread)

>> No.6192990

can she do it?

>> No.6193041

what is she doing

>> No.6193061


>> No.6193070

>scoliosis truck

>> No.6193084

Kino fish stream

>> No.6193104

her best

>> No.6193106


>> No.6193108

This is like watching a fresh Swiftie trying to park at 9pm in a packed truck stop.

>> No.6193152

Eli is the only one smart about her streams so..

>> No.6193166

I can at least rest assured that none of the ENs from the other company will be as cute as this adorable little cat.

>> No.6193209

Tick Tock

>> No.6193245

Finana will never get her license at this rate...

>> No.6193284

>Just ignore them
I know I should, but using Pomu who clearly has been depressed today for missing on the fun Elira and Finana had with their senpais because of her work and health problems makes me really fucking mad. Vultures like those preying on human misery deserve nothing but constant torture for the rest of their life.

>> No.6193293


>> No.6193355

Not a chance

>> No.6193361

She's so baaad

>> No.6193405

My god, fish is really having hard time doing basic thinking.

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>> No.6193468

>Wouldn't it be better if i go in first person

>> No.6193485

Yeah, and guess what, you responding makes them do it more. You're doing what they want. Just stop touching your keyboard if it's that infuriating but guess what? You egging them on with your reactions shits up the whole thread. They don't even mean anything they say, they're just looking for attention. You're giving it to them.

>> No.6193514

I swear she was like 80% of the way there. And then she got confused.

>> No.6193533

Look at it this way, these people who gain enjoyment from shitting up vtuber threads are in such a miserable self-loathing state of mind that they'll eventually kill themselves anyway. Don't give them the time of the day.

>> No.6193550

>Did my Nip reps for the day
>Finana is still trying to park the truck

>> No.6193574

I feel kinda bad that NijiEN wave 2 and 3 will wipe most start ups and other company's tubers off the map soon.

>> No.6193578


oh wait no nvm she fucked it up again

>> No.6193582

Then stop rewarding them with attention, it's all they want.

>> No.6193596


>> No.6193678

When she went through the gate she was almost right but then listened to chat and fucked herself again.

>> No.6193715

Fish stop being so retarded and just park the fucking truck omg

>> No.6193740

>my steering wheel is moving on its own!

>> No.6193772

Giving them replies is letting them know they're allowed to post here.

>> No.6193825

We're losing her...

>> No.6193972

I will marry this fairy.

>> No.6194119

I'm dying inside man.

>> No.6194153


>> No.6194265

nijibros... it's over...

>> No.6194370

>mods actually stickied this

I feel kind of bad for the people that were so excited. Hope she's good, though.

>> No.6194384

looks cool and awesome, but wrong thread

>> No.6194390

Finana's stream sure is fun! I can't wait for Elira's stream later, too! I really love NIJISANJI EN! and nothing else! :)

>> No.6194407

Good on Elira. Dragonschizos and fairyschizos can both fuck off with their tribalistic bullshit. Maybe they should learn a thing or two from ryuguards.

>> No.6194428

bruh just reverse haha like just pull back

>> No.6194437

is she acting....

>> No.6194517

worse than hoshikawa, don't care.

>> No.6194549

Fuck this little snake.

>> No.6194614


>> No.6194615

Not a holoboard btw :^}

>> No.6194626

Based and happiness pilled

>> No.6194641

You should go spend an hour at a Swift trucking school's backing range. This was tame.

>> No.6194654


>> No.6194664

Based. Never forget about the unity.

>> No.6194712

full on tears of joy

>> No.6194729


>> No.6194746

Finana's struggle to reverse park and eventual success was fucking exciting.

>> No.6194750

"proficency bonus"
this fucking game

>> No.6194817

Sorry, I spoke too soon, they stickied TWO threads. Guess Lulu and Coco can get fucked.

>> No.6194862

>Trailer maneuvering bonus

>> No.6194877

I love this persistent goofy and lewd fish!

>> No.6194880

is this what it feels like to see your child take their first steps

>> No.6194943

>we have to try again
Thanks fish, I needed a 5 hour stream.

>> No.6194946


>> No.6194977

Man, people has high hope for this cutie, imagine the pressure for whoever got this character

>> No.6195075

She really is turning into EN Rushia.

>> No.6195077

It's actually real. Amazing

>> No.6195080

I want to marry her but she definitely feels like a daughter too.

>> No.6195095

wtf are you smoking hoshikawa's design is shit

>> No.6195134

Unity is gonna disappear sooner or later, just like JKgumi or Sanbaka barely do shit with each other anymore.

>> No.6195213

no homosexuals allowed

>> No.6195253

Oh no, they got english azki, what should we do...

>> No.6195274

Amusing, especially given how much of a great job Cover has done with Azki so far.

>> No.6195362

That just means we have to cherish it now while it's still there.

>> No.6195366


>> No.6195408

The real daughterwife experience?

>> No.6195467

I don't get it. Is she special because she'll be composing/playing her own music? Or is she just going to spam more covers like literally every other vtuber? Even Ibrahim sang, what's the big deal

>> No.6195540

100% this girl is gonna stream most of the time. Doubt she’ll strictly be doing music.

>> No.6195553

it is not like pom and eli just became friends for the genunity

>> No.6195555

She's off topic

>> No.6195593

How do they present it to other threads >>6194265
How do they actually discuss her >>6194134

>> No.6195678

Pomu = Mito
Elira = Deron
Finana = Shizurin

>> No.6195721

i dont see the point in becoming a vsinger, you dont need a persona to sing

>> No.6195740

A Nijisanji English member is still streaming. Your off topic bullshit can go into one of the other 10 threads. It's a shame the jannies are actual garbage tier and biased to Holofags.

>> No.6195745


>> No.6195893

Learn English.

>> No.6195898

Finana just play this game every day.

>> No.6195901

Vsingers don't stream, they only do songs so she's irrelevant to 99% of people

>> No.6195918

Nice tribalfagging but please don't flood the thread with off-topic bullshit. Go shit up the main thread if you want to shitpost.

>> No.6195926

I'm so proud of my trucker daughterwife.

>> No.6195946

Funny how we are getting two best Fina streams ever in a row.

>> No.6195995

Finana wants to stream this again.
Truck bros we won.

>> No.6195997

>> No.6196005

This is like how Resident Evil 2 starts except it's a fat guy with a burger at the wheel.
Otherwise known as MEXICAN FOOD. Never change, Finana.

>> No.6196021


>> No.6196024

It's probably gonna get diluted as more members join. I hope the three of them stick together as a clique forever.

>> No.6196047

Finana texting and driving while speeding...
She's playing it too realistic now.
Fuck EU truck drivers

>> No.6196065

>On my own
Did Finana pay for the PC all herself?

>> No.6196113

Is this the closest we're going to get to Finana ASMR? Please open memberships

>> No.6196129

yeah crazy how good genshin will be tomorrow

>> No.6196157

She's rich. Where have you been these past weeks?

>> No.6196201

Stream theme.

>> No.6196238

Imagine being in the back of Trucker Finana's truck sleeping, and suddenly you're woken up by a loud noise. What is it?

>> No.6196259

No, she probably gets a $5k/month allowance and has no expenses because she lives with her parents

>> No.6196273

Can't wait to see her playing everything on MAX.

>> No.6196313

only eli is keeping them from opening them up

>> No.6196329

I know she is, so I'm surprised she paid for it all on her own considering how much she said it was. She doesn't get that many superchats.

>> No.6196348

this is the best lazulight stream to date

>> No.6196486

>almost no stream eating
I dont think so

>> No.6196491

It's a man eating mermaid!

>> No.6196525

I'm glad I actually like all the Niji EN members, that feels like a first for me.

>> No.6196551

based Elira delaying her stream to let the fish have fun
she's probably asleep

>> No.6196640

She is playing minecraft with Pomu

>> No.6196668

Finana and Elira need to do a 24 hour collab stream to reset their sleep schedules

>> No.6196703

>truck collab
Finana please make it happen.

>> No.6196713

I just hope they're not like a certain other company where I lose interest in their EN branch after a couple of months, although they feel different so I don't think that's going to be the case

>> No.6196785

she didnt want to stream over potential holoen2 announcement

>> No.6196974

I'd watch the fuck outta that
But I don't want Pomu to be left out

>> No.6197037

You can't expect their only collabs to ever be 3 way...

>> No.6197075

that's the hard parking slot? she can just do a big circle and drive straight

>> No.6197089

She's helping Pomu deal with her depression retardchama

>> No.6197106

Pomu doesn't need it

>> No.6197180

Imagine what this fish can do with an R9 and 3070 in a day or two

>> No.6197197

but where's the FUN in that

>> No.6197214

Oh man. I was hoping she would go deeper into her depression and maybe stop streaming. Fucking Elira ruining everything.

>> No.6197221

lazulight trucking road trip...

>> No.6197286

She's going to stream 100% they don't want the same thing that happened to azki where she strictly did concerts and music videos to repeat. Azki streaming also boosted her popularity.

>> No.6197327

If anything she would be happy they're doing that. But lets be real: it will never happen. Elira and Finana are already part of the worldwide clique while Pomu is the one being left out. It's the Nijisanji way of doing things: you either spend 24/7 available or become a failure. NijiJP is full of such cases.

>> No.6197340

Pomu can always be there for most of the part and then go to sleep

>> No.6197409

>finana cannot even reverse
This is no longer funny silly for me at this point. Its like looking at autistic kid struggling.

>> No.6197435

>Women in charge of parking

>> No.6197465

so will elira's intervention be able to make even a scratch on the monstrosity that's pomu's minecraft addiction?

>> No.6197487

yeah I am a little bit sad that Pomu will miss the upcoming planned collabs, but such is life I guess

>> No.6197496

She has to be pretending...

>> No.6197498


>> No.6197501

This will be your Uber driver for the day

>> No.6197618


>> No.6197632

She's trying her best

>> No.6197649

Why is Pomu such a controversial figure in /vt/? She's just a friendly lovable character.

>> No.6197660

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6197713

>car drivers
>car nerds

>> No.6197733

blowback from popularity

>> No.6197766

I'm developing anxiety. Please just let go.

>> No.6197789

>elira pushed her stream back
>hada will be streaming at the same time as her now

>> No.6197795

because pomudacchi are cancer.

>> No.6197797

Because either retards or shitposters keep posting her in unrelated threads

>> No.6197798

Man they taught me the perfect parallel park technique that always worked but I've just forgotten it

>> No.6197831

It’s usually the fans that ruin it for everyone.

>> No.6197837

She's doing better than me on the road

>> No.6197840

Falseflaggers and obnoxious holofags are shitposting by using her

>> No.6197841

we can sorta confirm if she turns out to be good at driving in a GTA game

>> No.6197850

Schizo's need something to blindly rage at or they start dissociating.

>> No.6197872

I unironically started hating her because of a pomudachi I know who wouldn't shut the fuck up about her. And when I came here and saw pomudachis shitting the thread whenever she started streaming, that's when it cliqued. It's not even her fault really, but I got alienated from her.

>> No.6197906


>> No.6197919


Imagine Lazulight GTAO

>> No.6197923


>> No.6197942

For the last time, Pomu isn't. Her fanbase is. It was the same fucking thing with Lulu, you attention seeking retards. Stop playing victim for someone else entirely.

>> No.6197951

Neck yourself dragonschizo; if it wasn't for Pomu, Nova wouldn't even think about joining Nijisanji. Cope seethe dilate

>> No.6197960

I love Finana's gamer rage

>> No.6197985

loving this cute fish rage

>> No.6197988


>> No.6198002

on the board? she is the newest spam object like anya and watame, will probably continue one or two weeks
in these threads? Literally two very dedicated schizos

>> No.6198041

she is improving!
strong fish! skilled! excellent driver!

>> No.6198067

Are you OK anon?
I didn't insult Pomu.
Pomu is good and has entertaining streams.
That doesn't mean her fans aren't fucking cancerous saviorfags that need the rope.

>> No.6198119

You're replying to one of the "Pomudachi" shitposters.

>> No.6198123

do you really have that hard a time differentiating between obvious bait and real posts?

>> No.6198134

You spelled Pomudachi with 2 Cs here >>6197795 so that you could spell it correctly in the next samefag >>6197872 while pretending to be someone else. Now you are arguing with yourself here >>6197951 as another effort to shitpost ITT.

>> No.6198157

I'm surprised that the fish didn't buy a single DLC for this game.

>> No.6198177

people often dislike what they can't have, and if you are a tribalist that dislikes Nijisanji, then you don't watch Pomu.

>> No.6198193


>> No.6198232

I'm so proud of my daughterwife.

>> No.6198238

>I used to commission a lot of EU artists

>> No.6198249

She quite literally installed the game while she was late to stream.

>> No.6198262

>she commissioned a lot of lewd art from degen yuros

>> No.6198279

What did she comission?

>> No.6198296


>> No.6198302

Shitposters used her as an avatar since she's the easiest to use out of the three, after trying to use Finana and it not working. Pomudachis feel like they have to jump to her defense against every little thing, and it ends up shitting up a bunch of threads.

>> No.6198334

Knowing yuros, scat

>> No.6198340

You just know

>> No.6198348

Good point. Pomu fans are so delusional they think they ARE pomu.

Not samefagging but good rat. I've only ever spelt it with two C because they don't deserve the respect of having their fan name spelt correct.

>> No.6198352

What the fuck is this shit captcha

>> No.6198353

anon its painfully obvious that a majority of the "controversy" is just a handful of schizos and falseflaggers
it doesn't take a genius to notice that the hate suddenly starts and stops

>> No.6198376

How close is Finana to becoming the strongest trucker in Europe?

>> No.6198401

The only pomudachi I would even consider not calling bait were the ones who posted here when Pomu streamed genshit. There were only a handful and the thread didn't go to shit. I doubt there are as many falseflaggers as you guys seem to think.

You clearly quoted three different people. Take your fucking meds.

>> No.6198413

every time the schizo gets banned a lot of the "defending" gets removed too

>> No.6198448


>> No.6198458


>> No.6198468

That's only Germans.

>> No.6198477

Anon, what to talk about which country created furries and bronies?

>> No.6198516

two more runs
i believe in her

>> No.6198528

You guys won't abandon lazulight once HoloEN gen 2 comes out right?

>> No.6198532

Damn she took that loan fast

>> No.6198538

>18% interest
Is it weird I consider it a good deal

>> No.6198552

>not buying a Volvo

>> No.6198572

Finana's missing a beer gut for the true trucker experience.

>> No.6198605

Is that a photo of your computer monitor? Holy shit LMAO do newfags really?

>> No.6198626

Pomu´s gruella micra on sunday was a big stream for her >numbers wise, it was not scheduled and no other lazulight streams were active so the schizos didnt know that it happened and the thread was very very peaceful. The "pomudachis" do not watch her streams

>> No.6198635

Fanfic where Lazulight go on a roadtrip in a truck to the mountains and develop an unbreakable bond when

>> No.6198658

That's CSS faggot. My god. It's from a now defunct chan.

>> No.6198666

Finana wants this to multiplayer so bad but not everyone driving trucks multiplayer, just other people sitting in the back. She basically just wants a discord call.

>> No.6198672

I can just pump her with cum until her tummy expands!

>> No.6198673

Anon, non-american beer is actually alcoholic beverage

>> No.6198728

How detailed are cities in this? Can they go on a trip to Rome or something?

>> No.6198730

Genshin tomorrow...

>> No.6198775

Because it's only a matter of time until she gets lulu treatment. She has the most exclusive(holofriend) fanbase who tend to shit up the place. The key to have Holofan watchers is rather simple, you need to have the most milquetoast personality imaginable and the safest content. finana is too zoomer and lewd while elira is too extroverted so they latch unto pomu

>> No.6198849

This but unironically. Pomuniggers were a mistake.

>> No.6198854

>Finana putting herself in debt to end the stream
Sasuga fish.

>> No.6198864

Fish hates bald people.

>> No.6198868

Baldies hate!

>> No.6198875

the pomudachi falseflaggers are just the most incredibly retarded dragonschizos, like check the thread from friday, during Pomu´s stream it was insanely shit just falseflag, pomu hate, falseflag, pomu hate etc. But then Elira started to stream the karaoke, while Pomu still streamed, and the Pomu comments dropped completely and the thread turned entirely to "Elira love", because they watched her stream instead of shitposting. The soundpost Dragonschizo even admitted it last week

>> No.6198903

I don't even watch HoloEn gen 1 to begin with

>> No.6198906

base game has shit tier cities, DLCs are better but not by much until the later DLCs (balts, eastern balkans and iberia) that have barebones but pretty cities

>> No.6198913

>you need to have the most milquetoast personality imaginable and the safest content.
that's normiedragonwhore, not Pomu you retard. The girl that sang Hamtaro's OP while doing Mix during her debut and has been showing her power level all the time is the most unique out of the three.

>> No.6198930

Don't you guys get bored of this shit flinging? Holy shit.

>> No.6198939

I saw someone call her "holorary HoloEN" and say that "Pomu is more Hololive than Kiara". Fucking cancer.

>> No.6198959

>replying to bait

>> No.6198962

I don't even watch any hololive lmao

>> No.6198965

Sanbaka are playing minecraft together later and the JK gumi were in a Wave 1 group collab recently. Even if I was in a vtuber group with my closest friend, sometimes people just want to do things at their own pace.
In any case, Elira made a specific comparison to wanting to be more like nijiID and how casual they are with each other, so it would be nice if Lazulight did set the foundations for the EN waves to act more along those lines.

>> No.6198985

Please stop falling for bait, we aren't even in dead hours you retards.

>> No.6198991

Holobrony detected. They just can't themselves.

>> No.6199025

It's all so tiresome...

>> No.6199062

Just ignore the samefagging and bait.

>> No.6199063

yeah and do you know how many of those comments dissapear any time this threads schizo gets banned? It is a pretty hilarious amount of posts gone

>> No.6199066

If he gets ban, you will see large post gets delete

>> No.6199095

Elira soon and then Hada is going to suffer through the rest of Mario world...

>> No.6199097

This dumb fish can't figure out how to quit the game, i love her

>> No.6199123

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.6199131

I get too horny whenever I look at her neck.

>> No.6199135

Big if, meidos are all in holo threads

>> No.6199140

I'm too busy jacking off to care about these shitposts.
t. ryuguard

>> No.6199155

ELIRA IS STREAMING IN 4 MINUTES! SHE'S GOING TO BE AS CUTE AS ALWAYS! I really, really love this dragon, she's just so sweet and fun. I adore how easily she banters with chat and how much she obviously loves to stream! She is amazing! I LOVE ELIRA! MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER LOVE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! I WILL MARRY HER ONE DAY! I LOVE ELIRA! I hope she has fun even though she might get scared! I REALLY, REALLY LOVE ELIRA!
Reminder to ignore all tribalfags, falseflaggers, and shitposters! This used to be a respectable thread and I have faith that it can be once more! I hope we can all get along and bond over the girls we're all here to support! Nijisanji EN is wonderful and all three girls are unique in their own ways! If you get in the way of that, you have to put up your dukes against me!

>> No.6199201


>> No.6199205

Thank you.

>> No.6199210

Fish is pretty cute when she’s frustrated.

>> No.6199223

I'm fortunately happy to be watching Finana utterly fail to save and exit the game instead. It's cute when she struggles.

One mark for each finger when you wring her neck for being a brat.

>> No.6199242

fish found the pomu jar

>> No.6199243

kek fish googled pomu jars

>> No.6199260


>> No.6199264


>> No.6199277

wtf is finana doing?

>> No.6199279

>is this another version of 4chan?

>> No.6199282

Is this another version of WHAT

>> No.6199285

Elira CUTE

>> No.6199286

>is this another version of 4chan?
Oh no.

>> No.6199291


>> No.6199295


>> No.6199303

fish I only said you were cute I swear

>> No.6199304

>search Pomu Rainpuff jar just to see what she's talking about
>one of the first results is warosu
>wonders if this is a new 4chan

>> No.6199309

Fish found /vt/
Say something nice to Finana

>> No.6199312

Oh wow.

>> No.6199321

based dragonschizo

>> No.6199329

H-hi Finana

>> No.6199333

Finana why.......

>> No.6199336

Did she just say 4chan???

>> No.6199344

Finana you're a qt

>> No.6199345


>> No.6199354

Let's hope she's not here

>> No.6199355


>> No.6199373


>> No.6199374


>> No.6199382

t-thanks you're creative too

>> No.6199385


>> No.6199386

>Finana is seeing all your hornyposting about her RIGHT NOW

>> No.6199387

Legendary moment.

>> No.6199388

FISH LOVE just in case.

>> No.6199393

I hope the hornyposting made her laugh at least.

>> No.6199397

She's almost certainly on one of the archives

>> No.6199398

What even is she looking at right now?

>> No.6199406

Hi Fin

>> No.6199411

I love Elira

>> No.6199412

Finana play more truck sim

>> No.6199421

How did that even happen?

>> No.6199434

/vt/ meme review coming soon

>> No.6199436

Warosu archive of /vt/.

>> No.6199446

wtf sus link did she click??? im curious now

>> No.6199460

What dickhead revealed their powerlevel

>> No.6199472

yeah but what was she searching about?

>> No.6199481

Because the superchat mentioned something about it?

>> No.6199482

Possibly this thread

>> No.6199487

Oh no she saw my Pomu jar edits...
Oh no she's /here/...
Oh no she's gonna spend all day reading the archives of this thread and see all the fishdad and fish coomer posts...

If you google Pomu Rainpuff Jars the only links are Warosu and Nyaafu archives of these threads.

>> No.6199491

Finana I know I hornypost but I would never do anything you wouldn't want to do.

>> No.6199507

She mentioned "is this a new 4chan?" and an archive of /vt/ shows up if you search Pomu Rainpuff jar even on incognito. Second result.

>> No.6199510

Pomu jar

>> No.6199527

supacha told her not to search for "Pomu Jar", so naturally she googled "Pomu Rainpuff Jar."

>> No.6199557

I feel naked bros, it's like finana saw the dark locked room in my house

>> No.6199560

is that supposed to be matsukai mao?

>> No.6199561

> thinking people here watch hololive anymore

>> No.6199562


>> No.6199563

Also for some reason it links to this post specifically from google

>> No.6199576

I want to have hapa babies with Finana.

>> No.6199632


>> No.6199635

She's gonna start reading the archives and slip into checking the threads constantly. She'll fall into a depression spiral after she starts taking seriously all the schizoposting and shitposting.

>> No.6199636

She is going to touch herself to the horny posts later isn't see...

>> No.6199640

Dragon has started! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VypG6XtTo04

>> No.6199661

>800 watching elira
dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.6199695

I believe the solution is to drown it with more horny posting.

>> No.6199721

What if she becomes one of us?

>> No.6199724

I don't get warosu or /vt/ by searching Pomu jar on google, even on incognito mode.


>> No.6199733

>scroll up slightly
>first thing is the domestic abuse finana image

>> No.6199736

This stream was amazing. I hope she plays more of euro truck simulator. >Finana Found the Pomu jar

>> No.6199740

As usual

>> No.6199749

search pomu rainpuff jar, she searched that

>> No.6199757

Finana is fingering to me and my bros. I don't see the problem here

>> No.6199760

Alright lads we got a lady today be on your best behavior.

>> No.6199764

Needs to be her full name

>> No.6199767

>I'm looking somewhere else
Its time to punish this mesugaki through dicks

>> No.6199769

Why is elira playing spook kusoge by herself I thought the fish was the problem with those

>> No.6199773

But 90% of this is positive?

>> No.6199777


>> No.6199783

>> No.6199800

>Oh no she's gonna spend all day reading the archives of this thread
I honestly think she WILL do this.

>> No.6199803

Finana's the type that will get off from reading the rrats because it means people are giving her attention. Especially the coomers posting about wanting to have rough sex with her because she loves being lusted after.

>> No.6199822

pikl is too smug

>> No.6199836

>the /here/posting has manifested into reality
It's all downhill from here

>> No.6199851

Euro Truck Sim is that kind of game. So happy that one of the lazulight girls picked it up.

>> No.6199876

Can't get worse than Beatani threads.

>> No.6199879

Should we dump all the pomu jar images for when Finana eventually catches up to this thread?

>> No.6199891

I looked away for 5minutes what happened???

>> No.6199894

What if she already was?

>> No.6199919

She might get down about the shitposting about her, but probably more horny from all the horny posting.
People want to beat her up (sexually) more than hate her in general

>> No.6199923

Now finana is contractually obligated to do a country road cover

>> No.6199930

Finana found the Pomu Jar...

>> No.6199934

This may be kusoge but at least it's not Night Delivery

>> No.6199940

ready for the inevitable ark arc?

>> No.6199945


>> No.6199946

oh fish
it also shows the previous thread for me >>6181550

I thought she screamed because she found the pic of pomu's cumjar but it turns out the mere sight of 4chins' interface spooked her

>> No.6199948

>more than hate her in general
I was thinking about hate posts about her friends mostly.

>> No.6199961

Scream count: 1

>> No.6199965

Finana saw the cum jar edits

>> No.6199973

So Fina is going to be lurking here from now on.

>> No.6199987


>> No.6200008

This game goes for actual horror despite the monster being an emoji?

>> No.6200016

she said 'is this a new 4chan?' then started giggling after a long pause, she 100% saw the horny posting. and the warosu thread isn't even that bad, if she saw this thread i think she'd close it before reading too much due to all the arguing

>> No.6200025

Mindbroken fish...

>> No.6200030


>> No.6200056

It was mostly people hornyposting about Pomu.

>> No.6200067

Yeah about that

>> No.6200078

You guys are so creative...

>> No.6200083

>> No.6200102

wtf is going on, what kinda game is this

>> No.6200114

What thread did she see?

>> No.6200116

The nijien threads are very kind to the fish compared to the rest of /vt/, especially during predebut and first week

>> No.6200118

>you guys are really creative
It was one with a bunch of image edits that's for sure.

>> No.6200141

There's something unsettling about this image...

>> No.6200144

Finana hasn't seen white sand before? Isn't she supposed to be rich?

>> No.6200156

It has been linked like 8 times you fucking moron

>> No.6200168

welcome to PIEN. this game is fun.

>> No.6200180

She knows what you did

>> No.6200184

god i love weird japanese horror games. Nothing is as fucking weird as them.

>> No.6200193

fish needs to go RP on ecks eye vee

>> No.6200205

Hardcore raider fish.

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