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Why is Mori starting her stream 2 hours early? Is she pulling a baldur's gate again?

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To watch retards like you seeth.

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>jannies prune his last couple of threads on the topic
>makes another one

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what did she do last time

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It's funny watching her try to stay relevant, cuckbeats will deny this.

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Start a collab stream for a flavor of the month game 1 hour before the people she was collabiing with. Then proceeded to shill her album.
She also did tis a third time when she moved pizza tower 2 hours forward when she found out Gura was going to overlap her with the same game. It also didn't work that time.

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that's a little sad

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She needs to practice, and she figured, why not just stream it

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who gives a shit? Is this suddenly bad?

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>Looks at catalog
>Asking why Kiara is hated: OK
>Asking which vtubers people would rape: OK
>Asking why Mori is starting a stream 2 hour early: not OK
Can someone explain? I'm legit confused.

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asking us why mori does what she does is a transparent attempt to mask disapproval as information seeking, and thus it is disingenuous on its face
proposing that we give opinions on the relative rapeability of chuubas is a legitimate topic of spirited discussion
it's not difficult to understand, anon

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>You can't question Mori

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>You can't question Mori
not by seething to anons on a lithuanian blacksmithing forum, you can't

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Yes it's bad. It's like that one guy who does inappropriate shit in social settings and just couldn't take a hint. It doesn't matter if her intentions are good or not, it looks bad for her.

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I’m sorry master, I will never question why Mori does anything ever again

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shes going to practice

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mumei just one up mori

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she's doing what she can out of desperation
at least she's trying, unlike some
although I suppose those that aren't trying don't even need to
what a joke

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kek there's more then one i admit i did the last one, who's this brave like minded annon
brother in arms we are OP!!!

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7 k waiting for Mumei
1k for mori

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>Start a collab stream for a flavor of the month game 1 hour before the people she was collabiing with. Then proceeded to shill her album
What was the flavor of the month game she did this with? I remember her doing it with last year's Halloween collab where she joined the group voice chat before anyone else was live and without warning them that she was live. Over the next half hour she spoiled everyone's new outfits and advertised her music before mentally checking out for the rest of the stream. https://youtu.be/hG19Ip9zpDM?t=3750

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The BG3 one apparently. This Halloween one was pretty bad too.

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the sly mori does a sly mori
still won't watch, lets see if she'll still be the runt of EN
many keks

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we all knew
she was the runt in the end

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Practice and for attention mostly.
Mods are retarded hypocrites. Nothing new.