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The reason you don't want Gura to graduate is because that would mean this is the biggest EN vtuber.

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The Beatles of vtubing

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The largest

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I thought someone else was #2 now though

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That's foolish. You're a fool.

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Only a number monkey would have a problem with that.

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>the biggest
hell yeah

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Mori deserves to be most subscribed instead of Gura

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She's "the biggest EN vtuber" already.
But not in terms of views.

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Investors are the biggest numberfags

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>you don't want Gura to graduate

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Calli is already the top En vtuber due to her recent sponsorships, high sub count and for being to most beloved chuuba of the best corp

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Uh no, it's because I'd miss her.

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I don't care about that. I want Gura to graduate so she can actually stream games and sing songs again. She needs to graduate before she's too old and has to get a real job. I doubt she'd be like Asmond who will stream well into his twilight years.

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But I do want Gura to graduate. I'm sick of her coming back just to shill her merch and I don't know why shrimps keep falling for it every time.

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threads made with virtualyoutuberwiki thumbnail images should be a permaban offense

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She is already the biggest EN vtuber (in terms of weight).

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biggest failure?

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default mori is /vt/ culture, faggot
but OP is also a faggot

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default Mori has been dead for a long time
bury her and hold the funeral already

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>Did somebody say "the biggest EN Vtuber"?

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It's not a competition, fags

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By tonnage?

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She will always live on in my heart

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That’s what losers say.

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She's already the biggest

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Mori is the 3rd

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Ah, true. Forgot about him, he looked pretty fat too in that one picture.