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So Pekora on twitch is an experiment to see how Hololive can handle Twitch's audience, right? She even said the delay is less and even said she'd like to stream games on there?

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does that monkey have a grenade?

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I don't mind being on twitch, if theres a way to cancel those cringe twitch emotes, and lingo.

twitch culture is incredibly cringy.

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Well, I guess I'm not watching Pekora anymore. I'm not watching forced ads, even for the bunny.

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Nope. Peko and Miko are playing around with watch parties for the odd stream to collect the second membership fees and to provide a backup in case Susan bonks them but they aren't going anywhere yet unless YouTube continue to underinvest and fuck up their platform.

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it is 100% an experiment to see if changing platforms would be viable. even though twitch culture sucks, they have a far more robust chat moderation system that would have been able to stop zhang in his tracks without forcing their #1 idol to retire first. also watchalongs are far more convenient and it's easier to give money to streamers.

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Then use an ad blocker, you dumb retard.

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whatever you say boomer KEKW

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just close the chat retard, not like you can read anything posted anyway

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>experiment to see how Hololive can handle Twitch's audience
You new? https://www.twitch.tv/sakuramiko_hololive

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It's a power move against Youtube and likely an attempt to strengthen a negotiating position. Cover likely wants more of what Youtube takes off adsense and superchats since other than the streaming and archiving doesn't do jackshit on their end to combat harassment.

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The notion/rrat that Twitch has some godlike anti-zhang moderation system has never been tested and is purely an assumption by twitchfags. In no way defending youtube's negligence there but quit pretending this is some undisputable fact - they never tried to attack it.

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Did Migo ever talk about doing anything but watchalongs on Twitch?

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who cares

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To be fair, there is not a single difference between zhang spam and twitch usual emote/meme/alerts chat

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They literally only use Twitch for the watchalong feature.

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Pekora said on a youtube stream she'd be interested in doing games on Twitch, but she has to ask other managers for some reason?

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Pekora said otherwise when she streamed on youtube after being on Twitch.

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They did though. This was discussed a hundred times over when Coco's graduation was initially announced. A bunch of vtubers on Twitch got assaulted with 100,000+ bots. The bots were a problem for all of a day with moderation tools, and 1 month later were all banned.

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would be nice if twitch can keep me logged in for once

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is that better than yt and is it good enough?
imo not enough but wdik

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