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>watch fucking Nijisanji
>ever expected them to do cgdct
What the fuck is wrong with /vt/?

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This. so much this. sister!!!

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Boys and girls always collaborated in Nijisanji and your newfagism will never change that

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>says the newfag that doesn't know about Lulu's collab with a male on stream that lead to meltdowns that made her stop collabing with males

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Literally the only in Nijisanji who doesn't want to collab with males because solo streams were her main appeal
all the other nijigirls do just fine

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You know. The thing about male collabs isn't that they happen its that 99% of the time they're dogshit with fucking awful concept and/or execution.
People could forgive male collabs but its always some dickhead shouldering into a space he doesn't belong without thinking about the entertainment value of the content.
Instead they think they and their brand are the entertainment value.
They think frat bedroom interaction qualifies as acceptable.
It isn't. Its lazy.

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Stop it with the unnecessary aggresion sister. i agreed with you.

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What does your picture have to do with your post? You posted the two guys who value CBDCT/their duo above all else, especially female collabs. Both of them (along with the other big JP males) put a distance whenever they collab with girls, and if people start bothering them for interacting with a specific girl(by shipping), they will drop the interactions altogether. Kanae and Kuzuha are in a wave with 5 other girls and yet whenever they all collab the two of them always stick together the most.
This isn't Hololive, here it's often the guys that are more popular and have more to "lose" when they interact with girls, while in Holo it's the other way around.
Tldr NijiJP != NijiEN, the boys are too busy being all over each other to care about the girls, much less be a "threat"

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Wait there is no Cute guys doing cute things in Nijisanji?

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NijiENfemoids think that there shouldn't exist CGDCT in NijiEN and that there should be more fujobait for them.

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every Kanae collab with a female Niji is a CGDCT collab. In fact he's more feminine than most of them

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all the big nijimales know better than to leave much room for shipfaggotry
Kuzuha acts childish and obnoxious, which always work. None ships him with anyone else except for maybe Kanae. Lauren similar.
Fuwa and Kanae have a more pretty boy/mature man archetype so for them it's a bit trickier. Fuwa just avoids female collabs for the most part.
Kanae is big, has wide connections and does collab with many girls and evidently he can't avoid all of the shipping. Nose, Youko, Hoshikawa, shiina,... to different degree. He himself mentioned that he has to always be careful and professional when his collab partner is female.

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You summed it up pretty well. I think Kanae has learned how to manage female collabs pretty well by now, if his collab partner says anything that could possibly be taken out of context he just immediately shuts it down and tells them to stop. I don't know how shippers can turn a blind eye and ship livers who very clearly put in effort to avoid being shipped, I have even seen people who ship pairs that have an established sibling dynamic.
Also since you mentioned Nose, the only way to avoid being shipped with the Vspo girls is to not interact because their fans love hetshipping. I've visited their thread before and the way they behave about male collabs and flirting is the extreme image of what /vt/ thinks people who approve of mixed gender collabs (in Niji or otherwise) are like. Unfortunately they get invited to all the FPS and streamer events all the time.

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>watch fucking Nijisanji
lmao. No, never.

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cute guys do cute things? hell yeah

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Kill yourserlf falseeyedtranny

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They have stockholm syndrome

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What do cute guys do together?

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How feminine is his penis

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oh so just like every girl in hololive

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Most NijiJP mixed collabs are really fun. Your problem is watching EN, EN is always shit no matter which company.

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NijiJP seems to have a much better grasp on the situation than NijiEN. Hell, even NijiJP females seem to have bigger fanbases than EN.

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Niji en was best when it was lazulight only. Obsydia was alright too, but it was downhill from there. Niji really didn't know how to fucking scout. This latest generation is actually fairly good but all the goodwill from fans is long gone and no on wants to watch talents that will inevitably be hamstrung by terrible management and possible graduations

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>really fun
the collab where they rated which nijiguy is hottest isn't really my idea of fun, anon. I don't consider that dating show type content fun because it's fucking cringe yo.

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They usually have sweaty gaming sessions followed by sex.

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Why do they talk about sleeping together so much? Isn't that a bit gay?

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Would you not sleep together and get touchy with your best friend and "partner"?

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I might be coping but cgdct was actually a thing during the lazusydia period. Good times never last

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Yup, every holoEN girl that's collabed with males completely tanked their numbers. Just like how all NijiEN girls have absolutely garbage numbers.

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Somewhat agree on this. The moment when Lazulight debuted made me more excited than Myth. There's something about watching NijiEN during that period which watching HoloEN can never replicate. Of course the magic is long gone by now.

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Eh, kinda. They always interacted with guys from other branches, and Selen in particular started collabing with guys from outside Nijisanji as soon as she could.
They didn't go all out on the lack of restraint, though. After Luxiem was announced, Pomu once talked about how she wanted to go to an amusement park with all the other members, and then clarified it would have to be only the girls. Then the boys debuted, and she talked about how she promised to go to some Shrek amusement park in London with Luca. I think that contrast is pretty representative of the attitude change in NijiEN, even if they were never strictly cgdct.

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Honestly it was expected for NijiEN to debut a male gen and conqueer the western male vtuber market. The huge success of Luxiem during their first months was a proof they could be better than HoloEN in a domain just like NijiJP males crushes Holostars, it's literally in the name Holostars is a separate agency while Kuzuha is the face of Nijisanji. Nijisanji just underestimated how dumb and unaware of Japanese parasocialism westerners are. Kuzuha who never did asmr or bfe being heard during Rindo's ASMR was enough to cause a huge meltdown (even though she said that she was in the Niji studio during that stream) but in the EN side there's literally retards like Vox who based his entire personality in being his viewers boyfriend and doing bfe rape asmr stopping one of his most important ASMR to join her "friend" Reimu. It's not really restricted in NijiEN, girls like Kronii and Ame did the similar things to their viewers. Honestly management should remind these idiots who they are pandering to but knowing how rotten by wokes both managements are it will probably never happen.

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What is that screenshot trying to show?

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>western male vtuber market
cherrypicked comments showing that nijifans are ebil while holofans are good
the video on the right is either privated/deleted or didn't exist in the first place though

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There are girls in NijiJP who give cgdct content, if not unicorn. It's a NijiEN specific conceit where they still try to force the one-family shit and everyone has to be passed around and collab everywhere.

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Just to complement this, as the other anon said the way JP behaves is different to EN, and the shipping too. Despite what you said, they were still shipped for a while, but not intensely as en does. For Kuzuha, it was Hima, Ritsuki. Fuwa, Roa, Hima

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I honestly don't know how things used to be years ago (when openly shipping livers was more acceptable?) but these days it seems like it's been normalized as a part of the culture to keep shipping out of general tags, stream chats, etc. And then on top of that livers generally avoid giving shippers any material, which is not the case at all on the EN side where they double down on it instead. The EN fanbase is bad, the livers encourage it to be worse.