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The new NijiEN member lost so many viewers. How do we fix her?

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Make her an indie again

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Unfortunately she cannot graduate due to being locked into a 2 year contract
If she were to do a yab worthy of a termination, like dropping a deez nuts joke on stream. That would do it

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get a year worth of training then apply to vshojo

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>japanese freetalk

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She is desperate for viewers

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>yab worthy of a termination, like dropping a deez nuts joke on stream
I still can't believe nijiniggers unironically tried to defend this as a legitimate reason for firing her

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Kek, I laughed

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You never had a job above burger flipping if you think false advertising isn't problematic

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Good effort, have a (You)

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>get terminated
>still cant stream with a vtuber model until your contract expires
Can someone explain to me how this is legal

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She should make all of the baseball jokes

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Ah yes, the same thread about the same topic. Niji better get some new graduations soon so catalog will have something better to talk about other then numbers.

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Why are numberthreads allowed outside of /#/?
Why hasn't SEA been rangebanned yet?

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It's her first week, besides the Suika game today her schedule was fixed during debut. So she didn't know her CCV would be low when she decided to do a Japanese zatsu at 8am JST.
She is quite fluent in Japanese so giving Japanese viewers a chance to get to know her better is nice.
The reason her CCV is so low is that she appeals to a very limited audience. She js very talkative with little downtime, very positive and has a attitude that appeals to lesbians or something. Slay guuurl! Her gameplay doesn't matter at all because she doesn't pay attention to the games and talks non-stop with the chat.
Overall I think she is a nice person and has a good design, but being less cringe would help her alot.
I assume it might be already to late for her to change now. Just like Aia who had a terrible debut.

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Numbers are allowed when used to shit on nijis.

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nta, only time there's numbers in catalog it's to shit on niji. So you might have a point

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Don't worry, niji is just a stepping stone so she can get into Vshojo

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Maybe nijis should stop having shit numbers?

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189k subs before niji.

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the number is so sad i don't even want to make fun of her.

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>Niji better get some new graduations soon
I give it 2 months >>61815115

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back in the cage, monkeys
in b4 "nijiseethe", (you) inbred literal retards

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It isn't. Or at least, nothing prevents them from putting it in the contract, but if they tried to enforce it they would get laughed out of court.

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she can quit anytime she wants as longas she doesn't have any sponsorships lined up

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What rule does it break?

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>OP ask how to fix nijiliver's numbers, vital to her incomes
>Nijikek get butthurt
no wonder your nijilivers are failing.

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More mixed gender collab, more leeching from senpai obviously

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Even Derem Kado speaks English better than (You) do.

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Yeah, I think JP audiences are still horribly askew for male or female chuubas. Unless EN is no longer a male fuck and suck club, kunai is better off building her audience over in JP

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>no comeback
>immediately turn grammar nazi
i feel sorry for your livers.

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Do you think management's going to send out a "NO DEEZ NUTS JOKES" mandate to their livers this month?
Oh wait I forgot they're the corporate embodiment of favoritism, of course not

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She's a funny christmas cake, she's okay in my book