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Lost At Sea Edition

Anime Expo Lite was a real shitshow in terms of being able to watch it at all but it looks like it's finally viewable so if you got a ticket check that out sometime while you can. Other than that yesterday featured a rare combo of people up late with pink cat trying and failing to drive a train, Silver hanging out and being a react andy, and Hime putting on yet another scuffed as hell stream where she made a tier list of manga. All in all a suspiciously busy night but an enjoyable one as we prepare for this week's big event. Even if we don't know precisely how big that event is going to be.

Because tomorrow is Melody's birthday! A day big enough that Mel put out a schedule for that one day rather than the entire week as she normally does. It's going to be a long day on both her sites as she shows off her new home, does a fanart showcase (both sfw and not on their appropriate sites) and instead of VR chat will be getting drunk and playing Gartic Phone with the rest of the girls! Tomorrow will also feature the much-looked-forward-to Mario Party collab, and apparently Vei has an interview of some kind that we won't know much about until tomorrow!

While we're in the calm before a big day there's still some good streams in store today so do your best to keep the thread comfy by ignoring bait, be excellent to one another, and Prayge for Malady to get home safely.

VShojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo
Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy
Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu
Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo
Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif
Anny: https://www.twitch.tv/anny/

Previous thread: >>6145082

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Im not coming with you i dont want ur aids

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Oh, but you are coming with me

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Anyway schedule today holy shit Zen is thick as fuck in this pic

Currently live:
Vei - Playing more Apex. Simple as. https://www.twitch.tv/veibae
Haruka - Hanging out and just chatting today. Currently doing personality quizzes https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu

Later today:
Mouse - Hanging out and relaxing stream. That usually means videos but who knows.
Nyan - Making VShojo in The Sims 4! I've been wanting to see this one for awhile.

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vshojo is kinda dookie no cap

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There needs to be more vtubers with that bodytype
Cut us chubby chasers some slack

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Hime, bunny.

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Hime's pretty close to that but Bunny's model is thinner overall except in the tits and ass. Bunny IRL though...

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I said MORE

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Come to Puerto Rico

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Mel is going cum a lot tomorrow, isn't she. Lawnmower time?
I might be home from work just in time to catch the end of her house tour.

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I wish more anti posts were like this
Come back next thread as well pls

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She's going to be doing two tours and I assume they'll both focus on what makes their own versions unique.

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poopoopeepeedoodoo there are ants in my tutu

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>Mouse - Hanging out and relaxing stream. That usually means videos but who knows.
She tweeted about returning to Rust. Not necessarily tonight, but then again the rest of her week is spoken for. I hope she does, it was fun watching her interact with streamers on the server last time. Aside from xQc's crew being dicks.

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Can anyone rate Vshojo girls in terms of active viewers per stream?
I’m new

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I want to cum inside veibae

>> No.6177409

Why amount of viewers matters to you?

>> No.6177414

As in, participating in the chats or just average amount of viewers per stream?

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careful with that

>> No.6177487

Mel/Froot/Zen all hover around the same level

This is assuming all things equal which is almost never the case. The game being played, how many other people are on, or special events skew the numbers all the time.

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I think as of late Mouse gets more viewers on average than Nyan does

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safe word for retarded, helps with not getting banned by the Twitch police

>> No.6177599

more would be BBW. No judge, I'm a plus size enjoyer myself but let's be realistic. More isn't chubby.

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Is retard a banned word? I know a lot of streamers tend to ban it or at least disapprove, but idk if Twitch has banned it.

>> No.6177669

I want her to look at me like that while I do it

>ban a word
>users just make another word for it

>> No.6177684

God I want cyborg gf

>> No.6177685

They're honestly so close I'd put them around the same level but I think Nyan hits 10k more easily and more frequently than mouse does. Twitch tracker isn't much use here because you either have to go really far back for good data where Mouse would be at a disadvantage cause of her recent momentum, or you go more recent where Nyan had both a birthday and the Kiara collab to skew her numbers even higher. I could be wrong of course I just like to glance at the numbers every so often and I feel like I see Nyan hitting 5 digits more frequently than mouse does.

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>xQc's crew

i do hope they removed that problem so everyone overall can enjoy it.

>> No.6177777

Looks like Nyanners made herself sick by drinking coffee too fast.

>> No.6177789

Jesus fucking Christ
I now understand why so many people think Melody is some business PHD mastermind who holds the marionette of the VShojo girl puppets.
They’re /pmg/ retards, aren’t they? Christ, it must be so fucking pathetic thinking just because a 4chan general is named after someone that they’re somehow so much more savvy and intelligent than the other girls being talked about.
Talk about delusional, but at least I understand and can recognize it now

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Twitch doesn't ban it, as it's most popular streamers like Sodapoppin or Moonmoon still use it regularly
Vei just scared by the TOS change back in February, where words like simp and virgin got banned for some reason. Not fully banned, you just can't use it in a "negative" way, like calling your paypigs simps.
From that she just mellowed down on curse words, but she had a hard time NOT saying retard, so rhubarb came into existence.

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>Momo's fat tiddies

>> No.6177829

Nope, he already played in that OTV server today.

>> No.6177841

Pink cat live https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners

>> No.6177842

snuffy new model reveal today at 6 EST too

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>> No.6177903

/pmg/ shits on mel more than anyone else though

>> No.6177911

Hot sweaty braphog sex with Snuffy!

>> No.6177921

the main complaint they have about this thread is also always that people dont suck up to mel enough

>> No.6177954

Shit I knew I forgot something.

Anyway today's singing intro is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Surprisingly she's not crying this time.

>> No.6177959

I want to be smothered in our combined musk to an uncomfortable extent but keep fucking anyways

>> No.6177996

No, you're right. I dunno what she hit last night but before her break I think Nyan usually hit 9-11k while Mousey typically is around 7-9k.
While on the subject of numbers, Mouse is 5k away from 600k followers on Twitch.

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>> No.6178044

brapfags, why do you like ass blasts?

>> No.6178133

Nah, Vei's just a cowardly bitch
>Implying anyone else uses that

>> No.6178188

imagine fucking a girl like snuffy so hard she just doesnt even care anymore, she just lets it loose as you cum inside her again and again

>> No.6178205

i'd rather not

>> No.6178207

yes, minus the braps

>> No.6178226

>where words like simp and virgin got banned for some reason. Not fully banned, you just can't use it in a "negative" way, like calling your paypigs simps.
Our corporate dystopia gets more cringe every day

>> No.6178237

I promise you that it is not enjoyable as you imagine.

>> No.6178257

I will disappoint you by saying that when women stop caring and let loose from how good you're fucking them they pee not brap

>> No.6178270

Ok Brock

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>> No.6178314

i love the pink cat

>> No.6178348

I can't stop thinking about Zen's juicy cock

>> No.6178445

Poor Haruka is getting bullied by Akinator

>> No.6178507

Someone did a really cute pic of Melody with her pony rendition of Zen. I'm still not sure what the limits are in regards to posting pony shit at all so have the link instead https://twitter.com/iCreativeCookie/status/1412446784337612801

>> No.6178509

>Haruka just said she's asexual

>> No.6178517

even better

>> No.6178534

Funny thing is I hopped on and got her on the second guess

>> No.6178548

Genuinely pissing is better than farting.

>> No.6178600

that would explain why she's KHV

>> No.6178619

but why am I KHV then

>> No.6178643

She also said she's figuring stuff out, might just be a matter of the right person, could be demi maybe.

>> No.6178662

Haruka lacks the intentions, but she's got the social skills
You have the intention, but lack the social skills

>> No.6178663

>Demon-pact sealed to Vei’s stream
>Endeared to Nyanner’s stream
>Discovering love and saviorfagging to Haruka’s stream
How do I do it, bros? How can I even keep up with the VODs?

>> No.6178691

multitwitch and amphetamines

>> No.6178707

People that call themselves usually never bother with sex, so they never figured out what they're into. Things might change for Haruka since she hangs out with Vshojo & Co. a lot.

>> No.6178720

>Snuffy in 2 hours too

>> No.6178726

>"You are the dancing queen, young and sweet only fiftyyyy

>> No.6178739

People that call themselves asexual*

>> No.6178791

>tfw so am I

>> No.6178842

so you're showing sexual arousal, because someone is asexual just like you?

>> No.6178852


>> No.6178885

asexual is such a nothingburger.

>> No.6178898

demi means you are only are attracted to people you like

>> No.6178972

How can you be attracted to someone you don't like?

>> No.6178974


>> No.6178993

singing along with nyanners karaoke and letting your neighbors enjoy the show is a core part of the experience and you better not have been slacking

>> No.6179029

"Like" as in romantically, not just wanting to fuck them.

>> No.6179035

Someone convince me to not buy merch before this limited run ends

>> No.6179045

isnt that everyone?

>> No.6179063

More about liking someones personality than their looks.

>> No.6179092

I'm playing truck simulator with nyanners as my radio, comfy AF

>> No.6179113

it's all bullshit Tumblr-speak don't even consider it a serious thing for a moment.

>> No.6179120

Why would I do that?

>> No.6179142

You can be attracted to someone sexually without having romantic feelings for them. Demis NEED romantic feelings for someone to even consider fucking them.

>> No.6179186

Kinda lines up with her personality type too.

>> No.6179197

Don’t remind me
I’m dropping everything and will be up until 5am catching up on the rest of the girls from skipping

>> No.6179227

Kinda some made up bullshit so you can have your own special label.

>> No.6179279


>> No.6179395

She can't quite hit those freddy notes sadly.

>> No.6179451

Save up for the upcoming Gecko Zen plushie, Long Goro neck pillow, Terry necklace, or Bubi punching bag. Or a twin set of Silver/Vei onaholes. Or a "Hime Bible" shirt.

>> No.6179473

whelp, Haruka accidentally got Nyanners as a guess on akinator, and it was an old pic, so now she said she's gonna have to delete the VOD.

>> No.6179489

Sorry Haruka, but i just can't miss the sims

>> No.6179584

nyan made me gosling a bit with her singing
is it too late for me?

>> No.6179644

That’s called virtue signaling

>> No.6179655

why? Everyone knows what Nyanners looks like. It's on Google first search page. Dumb Moose.

>> No.6179711

This will be my first time watching Snuffy live. I'm so nervous.

>> No.6179740

Tag me in
I’m filtered by the Sims

>> No.6179747

God I want more than anything for them to put out plushes. I'd pick up a Goro, a Gecko Zen, and a Malady fucking instantly.

>> No.6179751


>> No.6179804

and dont forget daiya

>> No.6179875

Haruka is pretty unlucky. I just tried to get Nyan intentionally and got a blank picture.

>> No.6179886

And Bubi for Mouse and a bible? for Hime. And mikeygonzales for Vei

>> No.6179955

Malady might be Nyan's greatest creation. She single handedly created the most beloved mascot character in vshojo blindfolded with only a little bit of fixing afterward. Only Gecko Zen rivals Malady.
I wonder what's under her hat.

>> No.6180008

>squeeze mikeygonzales plush
>it's Vei doing the rat king voice while reading out his actual chat messages

>> No.6180012

idk, I opened akinator to see for myself and got the rl picture

>> No.6180297

>give vshojo girls Xth chance
>Nyanners is talking about a time she watched a girl masturbate with a tool
>Vei is talking about how a guy she's playing with sounds so hot
I thought them being horny hoes was supposed to be a myth

>> No.6180394

well here's your problem bud

>> No.6180404

nooo youre just catching them at a bad time!

>> No.6180445

Holy shit Nyan has a lot of moderators. It's like a SWAT team.

>> No.6180457

Nyan's story was only a couple minutes long and was more about being embarrassed about something she saw as a kid. So it was about 3 minutes of a stream that has currently been running for 80 minutes.

>> No.6180485

Is Nyanners face blindness starting to kick her in the ass?

>> No.6180509

gotta ban that wrong think
but no, seriously, Nyan mods are terrible. Only Zen's are worse

>> No.6180615

I’m sorry you’ve never had a nerd gf like the rest of us.
Must be really rough

>> No.6180617

I think she's hat blind too.

>> No.6180622

no nyan hate allowed here

>> No.6180650

fuck off Nyantard

>> No.6180657

haha yeah...

>> No.6180740

dont say anything bad about them, a bunch of them lurk to watch out for people talking about her

>> No.6180782

>Be a Coomer
>Fade in and out of a VShojo stream because your attention span is zoomer-tier
>Jerk off to doujins as you play a stream in the background
> Your ear manages to pick up the word ‘boob’ 2 hours into the stream
>Grabs the gun/blade and ends it
Sorry, the last part was my hopeful imagination

>> No.6180802

I wonder if one of them is the greek from another thread.

>> No.6180811

a bunch of them brigade these threads too to defend their queen from "antis" and "lies" which are actually well know facts like her doing loli RPs in the past which is now apparently a rrat lol

>> No.6180893

What are they going to do?

Let me answer that
They're going to do nothing

>> No.6180915

jesus slow down buddy

>> No.6181038

>not just checking the threads every now and then
>not just shitposting whenever someone points it out
>not just relooping over older shit

>> No.6181067

this shirt would be funnier if "will" was underlined instead of "shit"

>> No.6181069

Need a blankie? Need a liddle time out?

>> No.6181148

Guarantee you whatever post you wanna reply to is gonna get 100x more depressed if you don’t reply to them

>> No.6181162

are you 9 like Nyanners character?

>> No.6181192


>> No.6181252

Mousey's Calli collab hit just under 25k.

>> No.6181259

Thanks for the reminder, anon
Here's a (You) to brighten your day

>> No.6181270

But, anon, I absolutely HAVE to tell that stranger on the internet that he is indeed a faggot. How he's gonna know otherwise?

>> No.6181272

I actually like how the Mel sim turned out

>> No.6181322

Vei says Virgin all the time.

>> No.6181352

Just femcel cope

>> No.6181374

>Late at night
>Stream really early
Vei, I still don’t know wtf you’re talking about

>> No.6181518

FUCK, I didnt watch harukas stream because I thought I just catch up the vod.

>> No.6181696


>> No.6181743

haruka is easily the biggest loser in vshojo and thats relateable

>> No.6181752

Snuff is on tonight and the diarrhea's back. Move the laptop to the toilet?

>> No.6181816

IRL Nyan looks so much like my little sister it's eerie. My sis sounds like Snuffy though.

>> No.6181822

>in vshojo

>> No.6181830

Vanilla customization in The Sims is amazingly bad, holy shit.

>> No.6181879

Everytime she looks at the multicolored hair I get fucking irritated at them not letting you pick the colors for that. Mouse and Mel would look way closer if she could

>> No.6181902

Yeah this feels like playing Gmod with no workshop or something

>> No.6181951

Snuffy probably going to be delayed but here's another teaser.

>> No.6182023

>guys im fucking stupid ill see u in 10 minutes - 1m ago
Snuffy goof resolved, stream imminent

>> No.6182048

It's weird because I swear TS3 gave you a fucking color wheel thing for everything.

>> No.6182053

oh man i missed it

>> No.6182085

I'm so fucking happy snuffy's gonna be back

>> No.6182165

>we're all going to do halloween costumes this year
Uh pog?

>> No.6182210

She's real chill, you'll love her

>> No.6182273

Nah she's going to be way too spaghetti until the stream after this one

>> No.6182308


>> No.6182366



>> No.6182424

It's fucking weird because it has both Nyanners the YouTuber, and Nyanners the voice actress. One is a pink cat, the other is yab. So Haruka simply got unlucky.
I sent them an updated Nyan picture. Hopefully they'll fix it.

>> No.6182517

If you know how to download from m3u8

>> No.6182884

Like Snuffy's new look. The slight changes to her face really remind me a lot of Pearl from Splatoon 2

>> No.6182972

New Snuffy looks awesome. Tomboy love!

>> No.6183179

Holy shit i might start watching he

>> No.6183280


I like the hair

>> No.6183286

it's amazing how snuffy keeps getting better models and tech than any major companies as an indie

>> No.6183292

Neat. She can turn the lights down and make the orange parts of her look glow a bit.

>> No.6183294


>> No.6183404

The pants say POGGERS

>> No.6183412

I like

>> No.6183508

Thank you, my friend.

>> No.6183536

Everything is mirrored right now for some reason but her right sleeve also says SNUFFY>>6183404

>> No.6183537

Not digging her new model as much as everybody else it seems but eh, I'll get used to it.

>> No.6183541

Mirror's Edge was my first thought too. She even has a messenger bag!

I'm not sure if I like it as much as her previous model, but this one's real nice.

>> No.6183578

I look at this design and I see an amazing platformer videogame.

>> No.6183609

It's probably not permanent as it's definitely "too much" to use forever and casually but there'll definitely be a honeymoon period.

Anyway zoomed out with the jacket on

>> No.6183643

> Nyanners describing Vei's big, succulent lips
Is she accidentally mixing up Vei's model and her roommate?

>> No.6183686

>talking about her ass

>> No.6183701

good face.

>> No.6183803

She looks like a cross between a Pokemon gym master, a Mirror's Edge character, a studio TRIGGER protag, and a KH character. It'll take some getting used to for sure, but it seems like it'll be good for her. Definitely gonna miss her previous model over this one, though.

>> No.6183830

>full body mocap
i beleeb

>> No.6183850

Snuffy does like to mix things up.

>> No.6183878

She can stack these little guys too and I'm pretty sure this is theartgun's little mascot character just with a redone face to look more like Snuffy

>> No.6183939


>> No.6184025

I think snuffy is gross

>> No.6184256

gross how

>> No.6184443

she reminds me of the weird fat chick in school

>> No.6184504

Did Nyanners just accidentally confirm that Silver is pregnant? At least one of them is, Sims is giving her a bunch of pregnant characters and she straight up says "it's like it knows".

>> No.6184521

Too much MUSK

>> No.6184525

She pandemic thiccer, but, nothing too egregious

>> No.6184560

she probably was a weird fat chick at school. Let's be real. Still love her.

>> No.6184573

she meant it knows that nyan wants to make them all pregnant

a few minutes ago she was mentioning how a character's gender in the sims doesn't prevent them from impregnating another character

>> No.6184590

It knows what's good

>> No.6184606

This was what I was hoping to hear. I wanna huff her pits.

>> No.6184625

She was referring to last stream when she said one of the ways she plays the sims is to make a guy and then impregnate everyone so the family tree is so large that it causes the game to stutter

>> No.6184695

Some people only want basic stacies

>> No.6184763


>> No.6184811

that's cool though. that means she has actual interests.

>> No.6184826

Snuffy said that Haachama is actually what helped inspire her out of her fear of taking a break. Since she goes on break a lot and for pretty lengthy periods of time then just returns and nobody cares that she was gone while she was always so worried about being forgotten if she took a break. Also says a swimsuit is on the way to do a hot tub stream.

>> No.6184891

Snuffy looks hot.

>> No.6184978

Too bad Haachi is on the chopping block for graduation...

>> No.6185036

means she probably smells too

>> No.6185063

you say that like that's a bad thing

>> No.6185139

I know you people are into that, I was just saying

>> No.6185248

At least her hands don't seem fat anymore. She did just say she's got foot fungus problems though. Just make her keep her shoes on and you should be good.

>> No.6185440

I'm pretty sure the foot fungus line was a joke

>> No.6185686

nice rrat

>> No.6185732

Holy shit, tongue physics. That's legitimately amazing.

>> No.6185741

lol Snuffy has tongue tracking and physics now.

>> No.6185772

I know. But imagine...

>> No.6185961

People expected companies like Hololive to have the most impressive stuff, but Western indies are the ones pushing vtubing above and beyond.

>> No.6185968

haha... yeah rrat... hah...

>> No.6186047


>> No.6186057

Yeah. Imagine...

>> No.6186131

Snuffy just said she's going to be getting a Live2D of Tomoe! Nyan's not getting one of Lucine but she is getting an outfit for her normal look so that's at least 2 of them who are getting DND vtubing stuff.

>> No.6186338

One of her birthday stream goals was a vote on a fan outfit. I think her DnD character was one of the winners.

>> No.6186370

>Melody said KSon isn't joining Vshojo
>Haruka said she's not joining
>Snuffy said she's not joining.
We know two of these are happening though?

>> No.6186530

Snuffy doesn’t need vshojo.

>> No.6186531


Can Snuffy do GFuel and Vshojo tho?

>> No.6186574


I thought snuffy was already in vshojo? But yeah she doesn't need them. They're kind of lame compared to her, imo.

>> No.6186685

however remember the times vei said she wasnt joining before the envelope drop.

>> No.6186741

i dont see why she couldnt?

>> No.6186758

Snuffy will get her envelope to join smash soon.

>> No.6186828

We know literally nothing about when there'll be new people but yeah if someone was joining they wouldn't say it. I'd say most people would just dodge the question though instead of outright saying it's not happening like Vei

>> No.6186886

Mousey is live!

>> No.6186902

Well, now my obese friend's hot aunt will need to update her Snuffy costume.

>> No.6187256

Vshojo needs a dinosaur. Not a dinosaur girl. Just a straight up low poly stegosaurus or something.

>> No.6187325


>> No.6187366

And they only play Battlefield

>> No.6187616

Needs to be a titanosaur and all you can see is a fucking leg
Maybe occasionally leaning down into frame

>> No.6187624

Veis roommate has a nice ass?

>> No.6187751

>he missed the scuffed and drunk as hell vshojo q&a
sorry bro the vod's dead

>> No.6187760

Any details or was it a throwaway line? I've heard of ace folks that masturbate, have romantic attraction, have fetishes and even have sex even if they don't get anything out it.

>> No.6187792

>I want to make a chad
>Irresistible to women
5 minutes later
>Made the gayest man possible
So women do like guys like that, huh

>> No.6187958


>> No.6188009


>> No.6188164

she said that she was still 'figuring things out' and she doesn't like to talk about it.

it was only mentioned because she asked if asexual people were part of the LGBT community.

>> No.6188398

i misspoke, mel actually still has it up


there are details of vei's ass somewhere in here, it's when mel asks them if any of them have seen each other naked

>> No.6188441

Aw. Mouse talking about what her day without internet was like and she said she cried when the serviceman said he wasn't able to come by to fix their internet until the following day.

>> No.6188782

That's kinda depressing

>> No.6188791

Haruka said she's not joining because she doesn't think she's on that level yet, whatever that means. Maybe once she's over her brain goblins she'll join.

>> No.6188882

Big fan of the mass impregnation fetish going around

>> No.6188950

Nyanners is making all VShojo in Sims right now, and she decided to make herself a man to impregnate Vei

>> No.6188981

Bruh always have backup shit ready

>> No.6189281

I keep associating these themes with whatever game I was playing with when I binged them

>> No.6189373


>> No.6189403

Probably will since she made a point of saying how mad she was that her current computer has no bluetooth or wifi connectivity and that was what prevented her from using her phone as a hotspot.

Also she just created new lore right now. Miguel's birthday is November 1st.

>> No.6189491

from what ive seen the moose would fit in well with them.

>> No.6189541

I don't even mean for making a connection just backlog games and series downloaded

>> No.6189595

Maybe once her updated model is finished

>> No.6189632

Holy fuck potato-kun must be ancient. How does she even stream with it. When's she getting the new computer?

>> No.6189696

She ordered a new one like a week ago

>> No.6189706

how did she even stream RE8? Or was that through Stadia?

>> No.6189717

I wish Nyanners would impregnate me.

>> No.6189741

Jesus Christ Nyanners

>> No.6189889

what happen

>> No.6189930

We're getting... the talk

>> No.6190003

Which talk?

>> No.6190027

There's only one talk anon

>> No.6190089

Seems like Mouse is going to turn her harem applications idea into stream content. She'll open a form, people submit their application to join her harem, and she'll pick some + go over them on stream to accept or deny.

>> No.6190129

i want nyanners to whisper nasu h-scenes into my ears

>> No.6190165

How to properly cook dino nuggies?

>> No.6190196

Kind of?

>> No.6190264

It wasn't the one with the storks

>> No.6190284

Mouse said she might be doing the OTV Rust on Saturday. Doesn't know if any of the other girls want to join in but she said Snuffy wants to play too and their adventure was the best one the last time they played Rust so I'm excited to see it. Also might have a mystery person joining that she didn't name.

>> No.6190358

Do you mean making whoopie?

>> No.6190404

boy did you miss the stream of a lifetime

>> No.6190407

Yes, I’m graphic detail

>> No.6190577

Poor bunny can’t break 1000 viewers with all the heavy hitters on.

>> No.6190637

It's a good thing that technology decides how good a chuuba is

>> No.6190676

Damn, I was watching Mouse and I missed it.

>> No.6190861

Snuffy is actually good though. The technology is just the cherry on top.

>> No.6190902

Is Nyanners horny right now?

>> No.6191141

Yea she's great because she has TECHNOLOGY, those poor holos never stood a chance with their inferior TECHNOLOGY
Snuffy inspired me to become a chuuba myself, she taught me that even if I have the personality of wet cardboard like her I can still be good because TECHNOLOGY

>> No.6191200

You sound mad.

>> No.6191201

yeah, I'm sitting in the room with her and she keeps looking at me and biting her lip

>> No.6191239

Did you ever see her old pink cat avatar? It was fucking terrible, and yet her streams were still good.

>> No.6191252


>> No.6191343

Was it intentional?

>> No.6191347

Why would I be mad? I used to be a bland and uninteresting chuuba, nobody would watch me open packs of pokemon boosters and react to tiktoks but then I got some TECHNOLOGY and now my numbers are through the roof
I couldn't be happier anon

>> No.6191390

Hi Veibae

>> No.6191441


>> No.6191462

What kind of accent does Vei have? It's wild and kinda erotic???

>> No.6191493

>technology doesn't decide literally everything
>that means technology doesn't matter at all
Fuck off.

>> No.6191505

I’ve never been a furry, but holy shit do I have a raccoon girl fetish. Snuffy and the girl from BNA drive my cock up the wall. I’m not even sure what it is I like about it.

>> No.6191607

Why are you so upset? Could it be that you're a fan of hololive and their 90's era subpar TECHNOLOGY? Yikes, what a cringe boomer. Facebook is that way old man.

>> No.6191612

I want Nyanners to hog my bed and blankets.

>> No.6191705

That's enough of this bullshit. Take it elsewhere.

>> No.6191800

>> No.6191968

it's definitely the eye mask

>> No.6192180

no date yet but belmouse collab is a go.

>> No.6192200

A couple days ago an anon posted here asking if Mouse had seen Belmond's new cover yet and if they're still hanging around thne she just confirmed on stream that she has and "it was everything I wanted and more" She also confirmed that a collab is in the works but they have to work out the logistics

>> No.6192279

I have a confession. I am in love with this pink cat.

>> No.6192343

It’ll be nice to see Mouse be the one getting verbally mating pressed for a change

>> No.6192501

Same but with white succubus

>> No.6192587

Same but with this raccoon.

>> No.6192603


>> No.6192723

Anon, you sound salty but you are kinda right. She gets a new model seemingly every month yet I never seem anymore compelled to watch her. She is really boring and the new model is a good example of that. The model is exciting and tomboy trackgirl-like but none of that is Snuffy. She is an overweight horny stoner girl who collects pokemon cards. I don't like her new model b/c it's not Snuffy. If you told me it was someone else entirely who is also a raccoon I would believe it. New model, New Tech, same streamer.

>> No.6192964

There will be no follow-up deep-dive on indies.

>> No.6193129

I just want to give vei headpats, cradle her like she's a kitten and watch her be cute. She's adorable.

some sort of Polish accent though she was born in the UK.

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