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We need to put an age limit on the hags who can be posted in the OP

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How many chances of getting males mixed in for EN2??

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>its an anon hype themselves up for an announcement with extreme expectations and then blame everyone but themselves when its something else

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I love Ina!

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I put them together

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Did some Tatsunoko seriously akasupa just in appreciation of Kiara being nice to Coco?

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Did this guy just propose to that Anon?>>6175652

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>Kiara gets a mysterious package from Cover in the middle of yesterday's stream
>Nene brings up wanting to do 3D shit with Kiara during her birthday live
We're getting EN 3D debuts

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That, plus she controlled the flow of the conversation in general.

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Brown tomboy with abs and hidden girly side please Cover

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I'm just happy the plushies are finally getting released

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the announcement will be a nothingburger

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>everyone screaming OMG EN2

So uh, what happened with the vsinger? You know, the person who auditioned months before EN2?

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FUck you

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Do you need a special genetic defect to enjoy vocaloid "music"?
Hinotori might not have been super amazing, but it was easily better than this.

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EN2 theme is a band

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You’re looking nice, my oshi looks cute. I love life!

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EN2, but its all hags.

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If cover is smart, 1/1,000,000 ESLchama

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What could it possibly be if not at minimum a date for EN2 / VSinger? There is no grandstanding at this level without an appropriate announcement.

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Watching Watame making extremely good progress in her Weather Hacker sound hall. She's pretty much got all the notes and so down pat and is now putting on the final touches to make it a truly grand experience. This sheep is truly wonderful.
While Anya finally did it. She finally finished every ID member's Mii and has now completed the real game of Miitopia. She's now moving onto thanking the supachatters, supachatters thank you.
While Aruran's entire inventory is nothing but Tropical Fish and Upa Lupas as the mass amphibian breeder has done absolutely nothing in this stream but breeding. It's honestly quite impressive.
Today is Kiara's birthday and you know what that means? New song drop! Now this is one hell of a bop. Kiara and Kira really pulled no punches with this catchy, bumping musical piece. Missing out on this song is probably one of the dumbest things you could do so go ahead and do it do it!
Also less than 6.5 hours until we WITNESS something new from Cover. Are you excited? Are you afraid? It's happening whether or not you're ready for it so you better get prepared.
So friends, where we at?

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neato, thanks.

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I love Mori!
what a fuckin' dork

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Gura is literally the protagonist and face of holoEN.
During the Usaken stream, all the JPs flocked around her like she was President Biden visiting Japan or some shit. Meanwhile Ame sat there in the corner with her creepy kodak camera, becoming depressed over the realization that Gura was no longer dependent on her.

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Cute shark

>> No.6175735

>noodle arms carrying something like that and not sounding tired five minutes later

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0. They aren't going to put 1 or 2 western guys in a group of ~50 girls that are going to dance around and sing on stage as idols.

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Pretty weird that hololive is giving us a countdown Ame's airplane watchalong

>> No.6175743

Who is it drawing this specific style of KFP employee, anyway?

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I need Ellie Tomiko to be real

>> No.6175746

I'm thinking based

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Don't forget

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Right here, Ayamefriend!

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My rrat is since they're focused on singing they're going to debut alongside EN2 with a full album.

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An ominous video out of nowhere with an eight hour countdown builds some expectations.
It's still probably going to be nothing, but they've set the stage for that disappointment themselves.

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>Flustered after making Kiara cry
>Pulls out the rap she wrote in 10 minutes before the call
>Backing track fucks up
>Still goes through with doing it acapella in front of 30,000 viewers
>Nails it

You know what? Mori is kinda cool, in her own way.

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On the other hand though, there is a chance one is a male -> female tranny

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You caught me

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Ayamefriend, why doesnt your osbi stream?

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Ame got Leslie Nielsen to appear for the watchalong to make up for delaying it.

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Nagatoro isn't loli anonchama

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so is it EN2 or 3D debut for EN?

>> No.6175778

It's not 3D, yesterday Gura said that she doesn't even have enough space for VR

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Cute… I wonder how many times Mori has autistically rapped for a tearing up Kiara.

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Riiiight, if you love your oshi so much, why don’t you prove it by posting a picture of her?

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Based Taiwan schizo

>> No.6175786

I think this being something related to Myth is more likely than EN2

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Both would be equally ogey.

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God kiara make me hard

>> No.6175797

I don't think most people even remember the vsinger auditions

>> No.6175798

this anon speaks the truth

>> No.6175799

Well I don't!

>> No.6175804

But she streamed today.

>> No.6175805

EN2 will debut with 3d

>> No.6175806

The avatar of Cringekino

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I love Reine!!!!
Kiara’s new song is nice, I like it!

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That's cute as fuck

>> No.6175816

It's funny how you can tell what someone's agenda is when they make a random hard turn directed at another one of the girls. Try harder next time, until no (You) for you

>> No.6175817

Correct, she's a JK.

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Kiara can try and get the Artist label from Youtube now right? Do you think she'll go for it?

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So holomyth?

>> No.6175821

I love Ina too!

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Fuck off sheep, you can't tell me what to do.

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The one cog has 6 sprockets, 5 for the EN2 members and 1 for the Vsinger

>> No.6175828

She's literally too good for me though

>> No.6175831

trying to kill the images quick huh?

>> No.6175832

Where else would they spend their money on? Their oshi?

>> No.6175833

don't care about the song but I really want to rape Kiara now

>> No.6175839

That would never work

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Steampunk themed holo generation for EN2


Lupin Holo
Werewolf Holo
Frankestein Holo
Jack the Ripper Holo
Sherlock Holmes (True) Holo

>> No.6175843

>Are you excited? Are you afraid?
Both but mostly incredibly tired and afraid I'll pass out and miss it, Ayamefriend! Good thing I can always count on /hlgg/ to give me narrative free details for things I miss

>> No.6175845

I mean O’riends has been talking about wanting to do 3D things together even before Nene got hers so that’s not really a hint..

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This rrat was already btfo'd yesterday anonchama

>> No.6175847

Ayame was live 8 hours ago though

>> No.6175850

Next stream next month?

>> No.6175851

Ayamefag, how does it feel to have your oshi's return stream get dislike-bombed because she's such an unlikeable bitch that didn't even make any mention of Coco's graduation?
How does it feel for your dumb whore of an oshi who keeps fucking her boyfriends and oji-sans on the side to not even show a SEMBLANCE of fucking care for hololive? She's a fucking selfish whore.

>> No.6175852

Please don't think all Haatons are bad just because of that Haatonchama faggot in the doxxcord. I've been reporting those faggots and try to keep unity going here. I may be a schizo but not that kind of schizo.

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Based as fuck

>> No.6175858

3D wouldn't make that much sense, why would Ame fast track a 3D VR stream if she knows it's just around the corner.

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>> No.6175863

a few months ago she described, without ever saying why, clearing out her room to the point that it negatively affected the acoustics.

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What if EN2 is all lolis

>> No.6175870

So same shit as usual?

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>Anya thinks Ollie would use her sword as a dildo

>> No.6175874

the rrats will rule for the next 6 hours until the announcement

>> No.6175875

It's the plushies

>> No.6175880

>JPs will wake up tomorrow
>everyone will be talking about gen 2 announcement
>no one will listen to Kiara's song
T-thanks Cover...

>> No.6175882

She hasn't been doing her /fit/ reps, 3D is not happening yet. When she start preparing like Nene did 1 month before her debut then we know it's time.

>> No.6175885

My rrat is they’re rolled into EN2. Just like how Azki was to prevent her from graduating.

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>> No.6175889

I have a stupid question. What IS Vsinger?

>> No.6175893

>Ina almost cancelled a stream yesterday due to waiting for a mysterious package
>she first claims its furniture
>it comes in early and she says its a dishwasher

>> No.6175894

there's no reason one way or the other to assume the vsinger(s) who auditioned then will or will not be a part of EN2.

>> No.6175898

Uh wow, Iname schizos really are taking whatever than can get at this point

>> No.6175901

I tried but I came everywhere and accidentally closed the folder...

>> No.6175903

Its gonna be really funny when dramaniggers are forced to spread themselves out over 5 more girls.

>> No.6175907

I was thinking they might actually be a EN2 member and Cover just wanted to make sure the gen had one music focused holo

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>> No.6175910

The new gen is going to be HoloLive

>> No.6175911

>no one will listen to Kiara's song
Sounds pretty based to me

>> No.6175913

Probably for the better, the song is pretty bad

>> No.6175914

She was looking for my spy cam

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I have $50 that say Gura will be the last to collab with EN and it will ta ker months to do so

>> No.6175924

You won't trick me, sheep.

>> No.6175925

Next stream next day, next stream next week, next stream next month, next stream next yea, don't care. She's still my oshi and I love her dearly.

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>> No.6175928

>assuming Ame makes rational decisions

>> No.6175931

Cover got business visas and a waiver for HoloEN for 3D

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>> No.6175935

I don't really see how it could be anything other than new talents, nothing else would warrant a big count down on the official channel.
That said, I'm not going to be disappointed if it's not, I have enough chuubas to watch as it is.

>> No.6175936

The countdown ends at 3am...

>> No.6175937

Can neither confirm nor deny

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>> No.6175945

kek, based

>> No.6175946

This is true.

>> No.6175948

Anyone else autistically keeping the stream open on a separate monitor just in case we get flashes of something mid-countdown?

>> No.6175950

I actually think Myth 3d > EN2 in likelihood right now imo but then again I have zero clue about Japan's situation

>> No.6175952

EN2 needs to be 4 members. 2 cunny and 2 hags. Official Cover approved corporate pairings would be a hag and a cunny.

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>> No.6175957

even if she's not scared of them, they'll be scared of her.

>> No.6175960

She's having her whole gen shilling her song tonight so it's all good

>> No.6175961

Why aren't there more brown Holos? They even have Holos from brown countries, but they aren't brown.

>> No.6175962

What is she going to do to small Ame?

>> No.6175963

She did cancel yesterday's stream. She mentioned PSO2 wasn't what she originally was going to do.
Also people aren't clambering over Ina getting a new dishwasher because that's whatever. The real reason is that Ina's getting an office for streaming.

>> No.6175966

>everyone will be talking about gen 2 announcement with kiara looping in the backround

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>> No.6175970

But she wouldn't need to wait around for a package like that.

>> No.6175971


>> No.6175972

I hope she had lots of fun!

>> No.6175978

why is kiara feet mentioning in her song when Gura didn't have a feet mention in her song

>> No.6175985

Cool I guess.

>> No.6175986

Music themed holo generation for EN2


Rock and Roll Holo
Jazz Holo
Classical Holo
Electronic Holo
Blues Holo

>> No.6175988

Here is your EN2
>A forest pixie that is very knowledgeable in japanese and idol culture that can also speak fluent japanese
>A sea dragon with a lizard companion that does frequent karaoke streams and plays games for long hours
>A lamia that is the "lewd" one of the group that always makes innuendos, but also does multiple cover songs within the first couple of weeks
Yes, there are only three members.

>> No.6175991

>EN2 means Ina will finally get a canon EN ship
thank god, that bitch can fuck off of Ame. hopefully some autistic rap whore can get Mori off of Gura too

>> No.6175995

Are you getting the new switch, Ayamefriend?

>> No.6175998

I can't believe Botan would do this...

>> No.6176003

Life is indeed pain, Yuul.

>> No.6176004

I am turning into a distorted Pekora image as we speak

>> No.6176005


>> No.6176006

It's a power move, you gotta admit.

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>> No.6176013

I miss the times when studios would make straight up bitch characters, no secret plot oir evil intents or twists i the story, just a plain, unexagerated, 100% bitch.

>> No.6176014


>> No.6176015

its holoalt but for en

>> No.6176019

Good. The faster her dreams are dashed, the better.

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>> No.6176026

She mentioned before that her family already has one (that they use as a temporary cupboard for groceries).

>> No.6176028

Continuing counting posts of past threads.
Results up to OP >>6175464: /hlgg/ has had 2179 threads, 33 deaths, 3289831 posts, and /vt/ post ratio of 53.3%
Data: threads https://pastebin.com/8gHwy7AY summary https://pastebin.com/rn7ngQLQ

>> No.6176030

this orkschizo?

>> No.6176032


>> No.6176033

My cock has never been harder than now

>> No.6176034

holy shit i missed the whole mori raping part in kiara's stream. Shit was pure fire.

>> No.6176038

Will only belieb if there is an elf

>> No.6176039

>10 minutes to write it
>on 2 hours of sleep
>that sudden wave of WTF in the chat
you love to see it

>> No.6176040

I beleeb

>> No.6176044

We've been over this. Ordschizo is Momo Jelly

>> No.6176046

Getting someone that pumps out as much music as Mori with a singing voice comparable to Gura's seems pretty hard so I wouldn't be surprised if it got canned.

>> No.6176048

She already has Nene you stupid fuck.

>> No.6176049

>fulfills 3 of these genres

>> No.6176056

Stop being chuuni and say upfront you want Iname images.

>> No.6176060

We do use them
To store our wet dishes after hand washing them

>> No.6176062

You posted her.

>> No.6176067

someone that's about to lose their job before even starting if management catches wind of this.

>> No.6176068

Yeah I think debuting one girl on her own would be kinda questionable unless she just kind of gets treated as a defacto member of myth right off the bat or something. Makes more sense to debut her with EN2

>> No.6176069

>> No.6176070

Right here Ayamefriend! I got this timestamp just for you. https://youtu.be/df7hQS1JfDM?t=1680

>> No.6176073


>> No.6176075

Ok but consider that Ame is retarded

>> No.6176076

She's the best!I haven't listened to the song yet and I'm about to take a nap so I have absolutely nothing to say about it.

>> No.6176081

I seriuosly hope none of you are this gay

>> No.6176084

/hlgg/ is in recline...

>> No.6176090

So, Mori?

>> No.6176091

Idk what the announcement is gonna be, but Im sure it will end up being disappointing.

>> No.6176095

>in her own way.
In a traditional sense.

>> No.6176096

the stench of LARP is strong in the air

>> No.6176097

>A loli
not even cover is so retarded to try to rebottle a lightning.

>> No.6176098

What if EN2 are ALL VSingers and they mog the shit out of Gura and Mori in every aspect of singing and music production

>> No.6176102

I enjoy boipussy from time to time and I would never act like a huge faggot online like that guy

>> No.6176104

My oshi's pretty damn cute isn't she?

>> No.6176105

EN3 announcement and 2D for EN1.

>> No.6176108

Exactly. Asians dont USE dishwashers as anything more than storage, so why would they ever need a new one?

>> No.6176109


>> No.6176111



>> No.6176112

I'm gonna go watch my Oshi's VODs until the Jackbox stream.

>> No.6176113

I didn't put rap on there for a reason

>> No.6176115

He's shoo-in.

>> No.6176120

Either the jazz holo is a sultry jazz singer or a smooth sax playing nigga. There are no alternatives.

>> No.6176121


>> No.6176122

>Anya didn't rebuff the romantic advance this time
Homies, you've still got a chance.

>> No.6176124

I wanna dive into these girl's oceans tonight.
And by that I mean sex.

>> No.6176125

who is this?

>> No.6176127

t. Gurame shipper

>> No.6176129


>> No.6176130

there's no fucking way right ?

>> No.6176132

I love her so much. Words can’t describe what I feel for her.

>> No.6176133

>he isn't here during teamatehours
Anon, this place has become unironic gay-central ever since that Ayame avatarfag started slutting out.
It's sad but we homophobechads are the last bastions of rational thinking left. If you compare the faggotry from /vt/ era /hlgg/ to /jp/ hlgg you'll see a stark difference in homoposting

>> No.6176134

Is your oshi THE sex?

>> No.6176135

One can hope

>> No.6176136


>> No.6176138


>> No.6176141

>Nigger Loli vs Latin Loli
Hard to pick.

>> No.6176142

they will still be victims of nightmare mode autotune anyway

>> No.6176145

Mori’s life is an infinite loop of the Hallmark formula of everything fucking up but pulling out a miracle.

>> No.6176147


>> No.6176148

holoen x some gacha game

>> No.6176163

>Sounds pretty based to me

>> No.6176166

Man I have never been so mad at a fictional character before that movie

>> No.6176169

Ah, the Crunchy one.... based as usual, my good ma'am

>> No.6176179

Ame freaking out over Ina was cute.

>> No.6176180

>Song has been out for 50 minutes
>Not even over 100k views
Kiar... Just stop trying... you'll never be an idol...

>> No.6176182


>> No.6176184

posting a both of us instead

>> No.6176186

Me too!!!
It is quite the banger. I didn't expect this genre of song from her.

>> No.6176188

But Momo is an actual woman

>> No.6176190

So Gen 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ID1, ID2, EN, and Stars1, 2, 3?

>> No.6176194

This RRAT it's way WAY too strong for me I can't fucking handle it.

>> No.6176197

But what if Dr. Nice is a twink?

>> No.6176198

She is most likely just excited for the announcement you fucktards

>> No.6176199


>> No.6176200


>> No.6176201

Based mamaloni

>> No.6176204

What would your Ideal hologirl be?

>> No.6176210

Do >we still think Sh****mu is going to be someone in EN2?

>> No.6176212 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6176213


>> No.6176215

Come on, let 'em have this.

>> No.6176218

>tfw, even though I love all the girls, I have not yet found my oshi
Will this be the time? Is my sweetheart waiting for me in a couple hours?

>> No.6176220

Gura is currently getting a FUNKY FLUSHIN'

>> No.6176222

my rrat about orcshizo was always that it was just a LARP from the kraut doxcord. They like to LARP and orcschizo was kinda contradicting at times, which showed it was played by multiple people. Like orcschizo in EU primetime had perfect german skills, while orcschizo in burger time used a translator one time and got exposed.

>> No.6176224

That’s the literal point of them so

>> No.6176227

All around me are familiar faces..

>> No.6176229

If we get starsEN there is a decent chance of getting a cute /vt/ twink that we can groom, sounds great

>> No.6176230

why do you type like such a fag then?

>> No.6176232

I'll never tell!

>> No.6176242

>Middle bottom picture
>Dr. Nice after the meat cave

>> No.6176243

It's just going to play Miko boat after the countdown.

>> No.6176245

You should talk in your sex voice more often

>> No.6176250

Three days in a row at 53.3%, but I doubt that's going to last after the announcement. Not sure whether we'll get a lot faster or slower, but either way, I doubt we'll still be there tomorrow.

>> No.6176255


>> No.6176256

Count me in!

>> No.6176259

A girl that has the exact same voice and personality as Gura, but also has an emotional dependency on her audience like Polka

>> No.6176260


>> No.6176264

But its actually deadbeats being super gay

>> No.6176271


>> No.6176274

Everyone should be a twink. Even Watoto.

>> No.6176275

What if I don't?

>> No.6176276

they take whatever crumb they can

>> No.6176278

Another day at 53.3% but >we will continue to recline.

>> No.6176282

Based if true

Hololive's been kinda stuck on the Mythical and Monstergirl theme for a bit. A band theme might be harder to pull off, but I'd be sold.

>> No.6176285

Give me a venezuelan holo Onegai

>> No.6176286

>kiara's birthday tag got hijacked by bots

>> No.6176291

I really hate Mori for bringing this kind of faggotry into Hololive

>> No.6176292

more storage? duh

>> No.6176296

I was blind to the naaa
But now I see

>> No.6176297


>> No.6176312

>older aqua vods
>less shy and noisier
Did she actually regress? What the shit?

>> No.6176313

>I identify as a femboy
what the fuck does this even mean?

>> No.6176314


>> No.6176317


>> No.6176318

No one in hololive is retarded enough to compare themselves to Gura numberwise, right? They do know it only sets them upo for dissapointment, right?

>> No.6176319

Please give us somebody who does ASMR regularly for Gen 2

>> No.6176320

I always wondered if she still kept reading threads even without the ability to post

>> No.6176322

>mikoboat 19 seconds
>teaser 23 seconds

>> No.6176325

Fucking 誰でも大好き, I swear

>> No.6176326

weak bait

>> No.6176328

What in Christ's name happened while I was away

>> No.6176331

why are doxxbraps like this

>> No.6176332

Huh? You mean doxxfaggotry?

>> No.6176334

>watch Sparks MV
>shilling the song right in the MV itself

>> No.6176338

Give me a Mexican holo so Ame can duet Carlito with her

>> No.6176340

If the vsinger isn't at least Gura level then Cover's scouting team have failed at their job

>> No.6176342

When did Ayamefriend become such a whore, anyways?

>> No.6176343

Based trapbeat.

>> No.6176344

>It's real

>> No.6176346

Thanks for calling earlier treerrat! Sorry my oshi forgot to invite ID to the EN x ID Mario Kart tournament she’s planning. If it makes you feel any better, she only recently invited EN as well.

>> No.6176347

I'm sitting through the chatting just for these giggles. Plus I can pretend I know Japanese because I read your recap earlier.

>> No.6176350

>Hopefully next stream we will finally be able to gameplay
>Gameplay stream yeah
>Gameplay hell yeah!
She doesn't know..

>> No.6176351

Elfchan, it's has been already 3 months, you can post again here you know....

>> No.6176352

give her a superchat of 5 bucks then she suddenly became the most rich woman on venezuela

>> No.6176353

deadbeat penises and teamate assholes are natural fits

>> No.6176354

thinly veiled tranny

>> No.6176355

they are a feminine boy but they aren't a tranny

>> No.6176356

Someone to fill the Coco-shaped hole in her heart...

>> No.6176370


>> No.6176372


>> No.6176376

>> No.6176377

Do you want me to show you the comments under that one witch doctor video?

>> No.6176379

I just want a dictator waifu who plays strategy games....

>> No.6176382

I hope there'll be an en who can actually make music

>> No.6176383


>> No.6176387

God that design in that art style is pure sex

>> No.6176392

I just hate Mori in general I guess but yes doxxfaggotry is the worst

>> No.6176393

That he's a trap.

Not really, /pol/chama.

Trapbeat won the lottery.

>> No.6176395

They're all whores

>> No.6176397


>> No.6176399

A tall muscular tomboy that talks about boxing and mma

>> No.6176408

A feminine boy? Your abbreviation reps?

>> No.6176409

Why does new Kiara's pfp on twitter looks like she is about to give a bj?

>> No.6176410

What the fuck does this even mean
Take your fucking meds

>> No.6176415

Who the hell is against ever adding EN members

>> No.6176416

H-has it really ben 100+ days??????????????????????????

>> No.6176419

I just want her to be nice girl, who is cute, sometimes acts cute, sometimes as dork, sings with SOUL be it bad or good, and isn't some sperg like orcschizo or zen.

>> No.6176420

is that what the qr code leads to?

>> No.6176421

you are the kind of faggot that I hate by the way

>> No.6176423

I fucking hate doxxbeats.

>> No.6176424

There is literally zero point in having an EN Vsinger. Look at how Azki is barely known and looked as the lonewolf with music specialty.

Plus the variety content Holos are generally the ones that get Cover money hell even the gamers branch gets to sing and provide generally more return in terms of content.

Plus getting licenses on the west from a japanese company like Cover is a bitch to do just look at how much time it took to Country Roads to get uploaded only for meager results.

>> No.6176426

Her name is Amelia Watson

>> No.6176431

That would be a pretty boring gen if they stream as little as vsingers usually do

>> No.6176434 [SPOILER] 

No, it's Sydsnap you dingleberry

>> No.6176437

EN2 was a mistake

>> No.6176443

The same kind of people who were against EN existing until they came out.

>> No.6176444

eh the heart pupil part is lewder

>> No.6176446


>> No.6176448

did the background just change?

>> No.6176449

I think you need an extra dose of meds

>> No.6176453


>> No.6176456

Just like Ame, teamates are Super Straight

>> No.6176458


>> No.6176459

it seems pretty clear to me? I hate Mori and I hate deadbeats, cut a deadbeat and doxxfag bleeds

>> No.6176461

it leads to the streamlink for the song yeah

>> No.6176464

You have my attention.

>> No.6176466

Don't forget if it was HoloEN 3D debut the Hololive twitter would've posted about it

>> No.6176469

That's me and I'll kindly ask you not to dox me, anon. Thanks.

>> No.6176471

Made you do it anyway

>> No.6176479

Which en will be the first to get outshined by en2? I'm placing my bets on mori

>> No.6176483

Orcschizo is European, miss Giggug is Americanised Polack

>> No.6176485

The application for VSinger mentioned it'll pretty much be identical to regular Hololive girls in content except with a huge focus on singing. Basically how AZKi is now but with opportunity to play a lot more games should she wish to do so.

>> No.6176491

Something like Ninomae Ina'nis.

>> No.6176493

There's a deadbeat inside you, anon.

>> No.6176494

dou you think anon think

>> No.6176497

fucking deadbeats, I hate mori

>> No.6176502

How will we know if Orcschizo made it in?
There's no way she can tell anyone about it, and she probably can't signal it either.

>> No.6176504


>> No.6176508


>> No.6176510

Next you'll tell me the gears are spinning, take your meds

>> No.6176512


>> No.6176517

t. deadbeat

>> No.6176518 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6176519

>> No.6176522

I love Gura!

>> No.6176526

It'll be the one that calls Kiara a cunt on debut

>> No.6176536

>Mori motivational song
Just fucking DO IT and never stops even if your limbs break, bitch
>Kiara motivational song
Lmao fuck the society, just go on your own path and never stop walking it

Pretty similar really, though I think there is some differences

>> No.6176537

>Background is black
>Background is now silver
So there's gonna be a black haried and a silver haired holo in EN2

>> No.6176538

why'd it get lighter

>> No.6176540

Haha take this

>> No.6176541

So many anons with jungle fever, sad!

>> No.6176545

It will be the one who sucks up to her a lot and feels super sorry

>> No.6176546


>> No.6176547


>> No.6176548

The countdown thing turned grey

>> No.6176552

I thought we bullied deadbeats out of this thread? what happened?

>> No.6176554

i am

>> No.6176562

A half digested twink

>> No.6176564

Intern unplugged the laptop.

>> No.6176567

I also don't see how they would have a VSinger that is overseas due to concerts needing 3D.

>> No.6176572

as long as chumbuds,KFP, and teamates post, there will be deadbeats amogus

>> No.6176576

>Missed the birbday
>Start watching the VOD
>Moona talks about eating

>> No.6176580


>> No.6176582


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