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Do you jerk off to your oshi?

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No but I did jerk off to Nene

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of course, only a faggot wouldn't

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No, I'd feel weird about it.

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No but i jerk off to yours

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sadly no, i honestly wish i could but i'm just not retarded enough to fap to vtuber

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yes I also akasupa while I do it

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Yeah I fap to Shiori every morning and have wet dreams about her.

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only to the dox pics

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Of course. And she appreciates it.

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Yes, she's all I have. This to me is like a norman having sex with his wife. I don't see the issue.

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Yes, and I also commission porn of her, but I jerk off to those less for some reason

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only she wasn't dead, could have saved herself if she could read.

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I love Biboo so much but she's my cute rock daughter and I'm not a pedophile so no

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Sauce please I need to bust

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No. I don't know why, but any vtuber I know even a little bit about feels weird to fap to for some reason. Some vtuber I only know the name of with a sex model? Easy.

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what is dead may never die. 7 more months.

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let's see how it goes.
also busted massive amounts to her

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I don't jerk off to any vtubers. I can't even view them sexually if I wanted to. I've never even jerked off to normal streamers. Oh wait no, there was that one time with Emiru.

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No, I respect her too much

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Does Emiru make coomer content? I know her name and what she looks like, but I don't know what her content actually is

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I would but there's barely any good interracial art that features Shiori despite her baiting for it.

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Yeah, but Mori wouldn't mind I don't think.

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Not to my oshi, no. It's not for any moral reason, I would if I found her attractive in that way. But I just don't.

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Yea and I jerk it to everyone's oshi, whether I like them or not.

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I masturbate very rarely to mine but will jerk it to basically any other chuuba given enough time.

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Of course.
I wish there was more animated porn of her.

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yeah, not this month tho

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No. She is too tomboy to make coomer content.

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on a regular basis

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Jerking off to the girl you love before marriage will put a curse on you that prevents you from ever marrying her.

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considering she wrote a song with "deadbeats, jerk it now", I think she'd mind the opposite

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I read this as jerking off your oshi

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{spoiler]My Oshi is jerking me off[/spoilers]

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Yes, she actively encouraged it for a while before being reeled in by cover

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no, but i jerk off to yours
how does that make you feel, cuck?

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I mean I totally would if she wanted me to

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This, Shiori has a great model for this purpose.

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Never to JP, but loads to EN minus FuwaMoco and Biboo

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yeah, I check pixiv weekly to find new material

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Nope, I find my oshi completely nonerotic
I jerk off to other vtubers tho

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No and I don't really jerk it to vtubers in general. Only exceptions I can think of, neither of whom I even a watch, are Project Melody when she first got popular, and Silvervale who has some good JOI audio clips floating around the internet that were pretty good.

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For me to jerk to an oshi, they would need to be so degenerate that I wouldn't oshi them in the first place.

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No, but I sometimes do this.

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I don't suffer from a Madonna Complex nor am I asexual, so of course.

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Jerking off to an oshi is no different to cuck porn. You're edging it to a proxy image of someone you love, disgusting.

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No. I can't bring myself to do it. anyone else is fair game though

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Yes, and that's why she's my oshi. Because she makes me cum so hard it pushes her.

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Last stream said she wanted to be some people's "nutcracker" this month.

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Does cumming inside her daki count as jerking off?

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The planets have to align for me to do it, but it has happened once or twice. I have to be especially enamored with my oshi that day and if she's TOO lewd I lose the mood since there are thousands of other people watching and it's gross but if it's not too bad then I can do it.

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This one time I was beating off but I had her stream reservation open in another tab and her stream started but I kept going
Then the loading screen ended and I heard her voice and I couldn't hold back anymore.

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Don't worry pebble I'll fap twice as hard in your stead.

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Jerking off is for porn addicts.

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curious how GFE factors into this for you

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seek help

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3 times
I feel guilty now just thinking about it

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Only to her hag friends

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yes I want to ruin her

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No. My daughter does not turn me on like that.

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based pebblephile

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No, I jerk off to her close friend instead

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I’ve never jerked off once in my life

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Yes, and?

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I try to daily, but I'm low T and usual get tired halfway through, so I just stop.

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to her roommate yes

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I could never. I've reached levels of parasocial you cannot begin to understand.

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I estimated a few months ago that I probably came more than 2 gallons worth of coom to Gura, Shion and Matsuri over the past 3 years.

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your oshi hasn't flicked her bean to your hornyposts before? is it amateur hour in here?

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No, no I'd say she absolutely has.

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Sorry to burst your bubble anon

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I have jerked off every single day to my oshi. I've done it to her model, porn of her model, art of her model, her ASMR, her rm, lewd clips of her voice, random one-off tweets that I read too much into, random one-off posts /here/ about her, and sometimes when I give her an akasupa on a particularly lonely night.
I am a wasteland troglodyte not meant for sunlight or civilization. I am not meant for the light, I am meant to exist in the deepest sewer beneath the most despicable city.

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On occasion but I fap to IRyS the most

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yeah, and i post it online

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Why do you want to know, OP? Why do you care what I do or don't do with my cock?

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i can't do it...

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Antidepressants have decreased my drive a lot but whenever I do rub one out I think about my oshi insulting me and telling me to hurry up and cum already

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My oshi is a 2-3view with a majority female fanbase and has no porn whatsoever. It doesn't stop me but it's still frustrating.

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I bought a Fauna cosplay and made an eacort wear it and give me a nursing handjob.
Does that count?

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How much did you have to pay her?

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absolutely. every day every night

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I tried. I genuinely tried to jack off to Korone but could not. I always go soft halfway through and just end up wanting to pet her and hug her and make her happy and make her tail wag.