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4k Halloween karaoke
>4k Halloween karaoke
4k Halloween karaoke
>4k Halloween karaoke

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What happened to niji this time?

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Leave her alone.

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kys numberfag

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I wonder how does "singer" with "professional label deals" feels getting mogged in Karaoke by Fauna of all people.

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>mori seethe
don't look at nijien numbers

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Go back

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>Cuckbeats deflecting to Nijifags, oblivious to the fact that every other Hololive fanbase hates them. Especially after the boring shitfest that was her Halloween Collab.

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toll status: paid

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Leave her alone.

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Impressive, very nice. Let's see the Nijis' numbers.

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Since most people in North America are working today?

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>I'm a Nijifag.
Stopped reading there.

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Only if she graduates.

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After she graduates

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>Lacks reading comprehension
Typical cuckbeat. I guess you do need to lack brain cells to like Mori.

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trying too hard, sis

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Leave her and us alone.

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1 year from now,
Mori will still be here
She will have had 1 or 2 more Top 10 Global Billboard albums
And you fags will still be complaining about her streams' CCV

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lol sure thing Cuckbeat. Go prep Mori's stallion

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numbermonkey death please

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Her albums are selling like crazy, Niji's albums on the other hand...

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>Enter thread
>Mindbroken Niji SEA


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Lean ogre takes another L.
Imagine only pulling 4k with a 2.3m sub pool as a big label SINGER with a holiday Karaoke.

Absolutely pathetic. Cuckbeats on suicide watch. Choke on your soitears, niggerfaggots.

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Leave her and us alone.

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Yeah, deadbeats are not taking this well

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>Cuckbeats deflecting to Nijifags, oblivious to the fact that every other Hololive fanbase hates them
honestly this, Mori is the biggest nijigger of Hololive
if she switches to Vshitshow or goes Indie, gladly!

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beggerbeats made everyone hate them
who could have guessed what happened.

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Honestly, I feel sad for her at this point. She keeps grinding and grinding but the number never came back. Kronii and Ame were also major homosleeves, but they still keep decent numbers regardless

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4k is a small stadium. pretty nice numbers for an artist if you ask me

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Oh no! Here's another number.

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she destroyed trust back to back your an idiot if you still believe her lies
where did they all go now? kek

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Ame and kronii only antagonzed gachikoi.
It's probably easier to name the demographics Mori DIDN'T piss off at this point.

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>where did they all go now?
What do you mean?

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Ah, it's another thread of Nijinigs ignoring any post that disagrees with them and just pretend to feel pity for Mori

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Happy to see Akiroze there.

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Anon, your pic shows the total opposite.

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i like how marine always gets big view count and CCV, she's amazing.

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She does it without streaming very much, too. She's really popping off.

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yeah it's like some have to work like a dog to even come close due to having no talent and Le-owning the fanbase

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4k? I only see 1080p.

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thats more than Gura will get today in her 0 streams

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I'm sorry to hear your oshi is having a tough time, anon. But she's probably doing her best.

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yeah i'm one of the easily 8-10k viewers per steam she's on.

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Maybe you should stop being so hard on her then?

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I like how she's trying to get ESLs to watch her by having her stream title be just simple words. Too bad it didn't really work

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GRIM. only 4k? Shes basically a 2view nobody, its so over.

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the main demographic she pissed off is people with functional eardrums

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True, big CCV and view count is what makes vtubers amazing. Really its the only aspect of vtubers that matters.

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Anon, her last 2 albums flopped, why you think UMS is trying to shill her with OP and MGS collabs.

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shes the biggest leech in holo. Cant make successful music without some kind of collab

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why did the MGS streams stopped
i wonder if she didn't want to do it or konami told her to just forget it, and not damage the brand anymore.

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Because it was nosediving her into 3 view territory

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did she do the sneakyneakyneaky?

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Anon, she continuing MGS streams next week.
Nothing to do with leeching.

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Why are numberthreads allowed outside of /#/?
Why hasn't SEA been rangebanned yet?

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And Calli doesn't even give a shit

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jesus mumei unannounced karaoke will get 7k+

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>her last 2 albums
literally nothing she made did well seeing her oricon ranking there. getting only to rank 40 once is likely less than 1k copies, i knew she wasn't anywhere close to suisei, but this is much lower than I expected.

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same reason why beggerbeats are everywhere.

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At least she fucking streams

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I don't, Mori's only has her own arrogance and greed to blame for her numbers being shit.

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So she is a failure? Why hasn't she gotten fired from UMJ?

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>arrogance and greed
Nothing wrong with either of those.

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Homo collabs

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Unless you want good numbers. Which Mori doesn't have for streams and she needs to resort to outright leeching from people now.
Yesterday's minecraft collab perfectly encapsulates that where Mori would have had the worst viewership if she didn't get raided by 3 different Holomembers.

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If you succeed. Mori just can't get people to watch her streams without open vc

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>arrogance and greed
I like cheese!

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>outright leeching from people now
What is wrong with collabs?

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I think I've seen this thread come back from the edge of page 10, 6 times now.

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Yeah marine I amazing,
Although getting big CCV I easier if you stream little.
When a treamer streams rarely the viewers try to be there when it does choose to stream, while when a streamer does it often the viewers just catch the stream they can and watch the vids when they cant.

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You think they made a 1 month contract?

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Not how it works retard

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It's already been close to 2 years chud, where are the layoffs?

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Wow. You guys really are dedicated. Even meaningless numbers are put out, with others pointing out positives

Man, I've gotten so much seeing both sides becoming clowns for me to laugh at.

It ultimately doesn't matter. Mori gets her money, You antis get your erection, Deadbeats still get their entertainment.

You all are stupid.

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deadbeats have been winning for a long time now

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Deadbeats have literally taken over.

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The idiots still debating this are not deadbeats. Equating vtubers as just streamers and relying solely on CCV both in "promoting" and "shitting" on her is a clear misunderstanding of how vtubers are perceived in Japan.

If Mori is a failure, then what is Miori? What is Ririsya? If CCV was all it took, why isn't Fauna getting big collabs?

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Her streams r boring

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how does this happen

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never ever

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the singer loses to the non singer
fauna sweep ~

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She's a massive leech through raids.

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>numberfags out of /#/

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I don’t understand, is it supposed to be funny? Am I supposed to be mad about something? I don’t get it.

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I just to know the numbers I went to go look mori's latest album was 3.3K 1st week.
then the rof-mao overflow was 66K 1st week.
she doesn't even come close to suisei in album sales.
even nornis's new album did better.

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can't wait for the end of the contract so she can finally graduate

>> No.61719923

2 more weeks

>> No.61719949

3x holobrony numbers easily

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Pink woman make anon mad. Why you not mad?

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Well here it is
So one sold 66k copies first week while other sold for 3.3k, but so what? Who's the one who get One Piece and MGS sponsorships again I wonder?

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Cuckbeats why don't you watch her anymore? At least us antis have an excuse rumao.

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Lmao, do you know that Mori hates parasocial incels like you? She's not your friend

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There's literally dozens of them left.

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When a thread like this lasts for close to 24hrs with under 100 replies, yjk some cuck is seething by bumping from page 10 nonstop

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Mori being a massive numberfag, but failing to get people to watch her streams without other holomembers is funny

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>not even 100 posts
Antis are so weak now

>> No.61728316

Even antis are forgetting she exists.
Look at Gura. Her anti threads still go strong despite her not streaming.