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Nijisanji does not protect their girls

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This new girl is a slut.

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>debuting as a cute girl/GFE girl
>clearly not interested in male flirting
>first stream males PILING IN to chat

ah Nijisanji never fails

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wtf i didnt know this nigga watches vtubers

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At least Claude has the excuse of being a member in her wave, but everyone else fucking piled in

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Why do people here pretend like they’re actually concerned about this?

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they're insecure, i guess? shouldn't be. hololive has great chuubas.

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This is just telling me that the girls are unsupportive as hell.
>theduellogs in her chat

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this sort of thing is literally the reason most people will not touch nijisanji. Every girl's stream has the faggot brigade dropping in to chat.

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>straight from /#/ into a catalog thread

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hes literally rosemis #1 gachi

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For the first time since maybe Scarle in Iluna, NijiEN has the closest thing to a GFE chuuba. And outside of Maria in that same wave, they finally have a cute girl chuuba. And all their gay for pay male talents are all running into her stream commenting, its like the branch loves self sabotage.

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>this sort of thing is literally the reason most people will not touch nijisanji
Then you aren't the sort of people we want around, seeing how you retards act.

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she's gonna drop all viewship when she has a male collab (after the obligatory wave collab)
he's on rosemi's channel under his ygo accounts

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Ok, enjoy your 3views I guess

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>shitters are more upset than her actual fans

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>this thing isnt for me so i will endlessly bitch and moan about it instead of finding something i can enjoy
literal female behavior

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have fun debuting 2 views from now on chasing all of the hungry customers away lmao

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What did Hololive do this time?

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>crying about numbers instead
Really are overstating your importance here.

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inb4 the nijiseethe bot reply

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>Male interactions?! In Nijisanji?!
Say it ain’t so…

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Bored of the new girls already. So they're going back to obsessing over Niji again.

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Sad. I want to like her but of course males have to prey on her
She should have waited for EN4
Why do sisters think that Nijisanji sex pest culture appropriated by Luca is welcomed here

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>He doesn't know DuelLogs
>He doesn't know he streams on Twitch as well and collabs with vtubers

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The holostars do this to the girls via discord. The worst part is you dont even get to witness the cucking. You just have to know its happening.

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So true sis

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They protect them from creeps like you, lmao.

Cope more, holobrony

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qrd please

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i don't play card games. i only have wow brainrot

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Better than out in the open trying to disrupt a stream.

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Do these creepers not know how to respect boundaries? A No is a no

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Holofags getting uppity again.

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When has she ever said no?

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bored manchildren larping as 40 year old lonely women manufacturing drama. same as always.

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I remember seeing him in the comments of a Gura clip way back in 2020, though I forget which.

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Oh hello sister I'm glad you decided to play this game. Let's start with Nijisanji EN's Kaneshiro Luca

tucking pomu into bed next to him and looking at her for an uncomfortably long time
>https://youtu.be/neTv6joWb78?t=11190 [Embed]
Luca takes a picture of his computer, Pomu's stream is playing on it
>https://youtu.be/_jjiUdVMORM?t=678 [Embed]
In a creepy moment Luca said "I always watch your stream" when he streamsniped Pomu during the Guess Who collab.
After The Forest collab Luca was mad he didn't get to spend time flirting with Pomu, so he invaded her superchat reading in an awkward moment, trying to reassure himself that he is the alpha male.

Luca was really creepy with Enna inviting her to meet IRL
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii_2b02SKA8&t=5012 [Embed]
He creepily asked about Enna's butt during his 1 million stream. He cornered her in front of an 8k audience for his birthday stream demanding an offcollab with her when she coudn't politely say "no". They also met in secret in Japan and didn't tell everybody until months later.

Luca plays a bizarre video called "Luca likes to mate" knowing the implications and chuckling about it.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxxj4aDMnWk [Embed]

Luca followed Rosemi underwear shopping and she tried to escape from him.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOd8qUDzS38 [Embed]
He bragged about this for his whole audience while Rosemi was still in transit, and she had to wait days to "correct the story" because it was damaging her reputation so badly.

When XSoliel debuted Luca RUSHED to collab with the girls, while completely ignoring the guys. He collabed so much with them that they failed to develop much of an audience. Like when he offcollabed with Maria and ruined her growth.

Luca makes a creepy comment about Victoria being a lingerie model during her debut, he pretends he doesn't know what it means to force Maria to say it instead.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7BroSExQbY&t=2170 [Embed]
Luca complained to his audience that Victoria rejected his collab, trying to put public pressure on her to collab with him.
>is extremely creepy to pomu, constantly joining her streams and collabs all the time
>says "I watch your stream all the time" when he stream snipes her in Guess Who collab
>shows an image of his PC with Pomu's stream open on his second monitor, he really does watch her all the time.....even while he streams apparently
>tucks Pomu into bed with him and stares at her breathing model in silence for the most awkward 15 seconds in NijiEN history
>gets insecure when Pomu spent The Forest collab with other males, forces his way into her superchat reading in a really awkward moment
>keeps pressuring the girls for offcollabs, really fucking aggressive about it too
>stayed up all night watching movies with Marin
>leaped out of his chair when Rosemi visited Japan so he could offcollab with her. Before Rosemi had a chance to address her fans, Luca tells everyone about how much he loves Rosemi, how close him and Rosemi became.....etc cannot stop bragging about it
>gets pomu into a sexual situation on his stream and destroys her reputation, seems to enjoy doing this
>does the same to Enna, but everyone already knows Enna is a massive whore so nothing happens
>leaps to collab with the new girls when XSoliel debuted, completely ignored the guys
>all of his 1v1 collabs are with girls, collabs with guys are clearly distasteful for him. Keeps prompting the girls to be sexual for him, or meet with him IRL

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>Why do sisters think that Nijisanji sex pest culture appropriated by Luca is welcomed here
You don’t care about any of this, you’ll sound concerned about the males trying to groom her, but you’ll start crying whore if she ever collabs with them. This is just ammo for dramafags, you don’t actually care.

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Except Scarle is a whore and had actively invaded all-boys collabs multiple times now. Nice job telling everyone you don't even watch her, retard. Scarle gfe, LMAO

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>Entire personality and speaking style copied from Twitch streamers, particularly xqc
>Puts zero effort into his own streams, always late and always extremely unprepared
>Constantly invites himself to collabs and tries to make himself the center of attention instead of supporting the original collab members
>All his jokes are incredibly repetitive and shitty and he just forces them endlessly until people are sick of it
>Cheats in games to fuel his own ego, cheated in Among Us and got called out on it by both Fulgur and Aia. Cheated in Minecraft after begging Finana to give him admin to whitelist people...except he only ever used it to build shit in creative without telling anyone until Pomu called him out for it.
>Nuked the Minecraft server and instead of taking responsibility he just blamed Elira and Finana and the server backend software. When asked to apologize he refused to do so, Pomu and Selen had to damage control for him.
>Refuses to ever own up to his mistakes in general, #1 sign of a shitty person when they can never take responsibility or apologize for anything.
>Holds really shitty views towards women and gives his impressionable underage fans awful sexist advice that just fuels their body image issues.
>Knew a girl had a crush on him and broke her heart by getting drunk and kissing some random girl in front of her. Acted like he had no idea why she stopped talking to him.
>Bullied some poor kid in school and tried to paint it as him "helping" the kid until the kid reported him to the school for bullying. Once again acted oblivious to his actions.
>Got caught texting and dming fans privately without disclosing to his management. Only reason it came out is because the fans posted it publicly. Probably a groomer.
>Actively egosearches himself on /here/ and seethes about it because he just can't handle criticism.
>Keeps begging Pomu for collabs, tried to invade the EliPom drunk phasmo stream they've been planning all year until Pomu told him to fuck off because it's a girls-only stream.
>Got handcam streams banned because he decided to one-up everyone by doxxing his full exposed arm on Twitter

All of this classifies as creep behavior. But it's OK when Luca does it, right sis?

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Good, they can cuck me bts as long as they dont collab with men

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every fucking time I tune into pomu or rosemi's stream this shit happens, insanely annoying

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They aren't pretending, they're schizo enough to ACTUALLY THINK this somehow means something or is a """"""yab""""""

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Holy cope, lmao.

You still not gonna fuck Enna.

>> No.61544276

NijiEN now has a girl that turned down Luca's request to collab, giving her the most subs in her wave. Now all the Niji males are tuning into her stream.

>> No.61544281

Some of her coworkers commented in her stream. That's literally fucking it.

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>a coworker watches my stream
>this constitutes flirting
What do you call this mental illness?

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rent free

>> No.61544374

>he can’t even watch clips

>> No.61544385

>Now all the Niji males are tuning into her stream
to fuck with her?

>> No.61544419

>he actually believes this

>> No.61544451

Don't listen to the unironic sisters ITT. It's disgusting and this shit was on the level of Shindo Raito except Luca can get away with it because le heckin pogchamp XD

>> No.61544500

i kneel

>> No.61544525

Protect from what? Her branchmates commenting in her chat? You realize this is Nijisanji, right? There's literally no difference between this and, say, Kiara posting in Nerissa's chat.

>> No.61544542

You say this but I see the girls in the boys' chat far more honestly, not that I have a problem with them being there

>> No.61544662

Why are you sisters so unaware about personal space? She just debuted and her language to Luca indicates she needs breathing room before the cock brigade opens up their microdicks to her.

>> No.61544670

Oh noes they commented in her livestream anon. QUICK save her before they gangrape her, anon

>> No.61544679

Fine, here, I'll do it.
Was that good? Am I doin it rite?

>> No.61544770

Is personal space that hard for you to understand, sis?

>> No.61544780

watch streams

>> No.61544813

This board is truly infested with femcels huh?
I can't imaging any straight dude unironically defending Nijimales and them forcing themselves in any other female stream.

>> No.61544820

this sort of thing doesn't seem like a big deal until you realise how extremely annoying it becomes when it's almost every stream.

>> No.61544825

Haven't watched a single second of her but theres no goddamn way she's aiming to be a CGDCT/GFE type streamer in NijiEN anyways, their whole shtick at this point is not being a girls-only club like HoloEN instead you get to place bets on whos banging who like a reality tv show.

>> No.61544858

>this is what they really think is evidence, and what they really think is a yab
holy shit

>> No.61544883

You now know why Pomudachi and Rosebuds have had it very rough.

>> No.61544901

I don’t know why this shocks people, Nijisanji doesn’t have the barrier that Hololive and Holostars have, they are part of the same branch. Theres so much shit people can shit on Nijisanji for, but unironically crying about males on stream in 2023 is just so pointless.

>> No.61544952

>luxiem debuted 2 years ago and we still have falseflaggers pretending to unicorn for niji girls
i dont get it man

>> No.61544963

No one is crying about males, sis. This is a matter of personal space she indicated towards Luca

>> No.61544975

Why are (You) so unaware about your fucking meds?

>> No.61544988

Yeah the reality TV comparison is pretty spot on kek. NijiEN is one of those trashy shows like love island but for weebs and SEA fujos.

>> No.61544999

These people are mentally ill. Some dude is arguing about why her coworkers commenting in her chat is invading her personal space. Just stop coming to catalog bro, its not worth the mento illness

>> No.61545048

>Niji interacts with co-workers
>/vt/ incels: AIIIIIEEEEEEEEE I'm getting cucked

>> No.61545072

Dude, this happened in the very beginning when NijiID males were in Lazulight's chats saying similar stuff. You're punching at ghosts here.

>> No.61545098

They aren't pretending or falseflagging. They're projecting. They think that because THEY have those standards for THEIR girls, that everyone else must too, and are trying to mock them for supposed betrayals.
Best to just point and laugh.

>> No.61545134

Can you imagine having the power to emasculate dozens of these retards just by commenting in a stream? Sounds awesome, honestly

>> No.61545145

it was annoying then and it's annoying now

>> No.61545146

she shouldn't have joined Nijisanji if she wanted to do GFE, they're just not that kind of company

>> No.61545157

hololive doesn't either so it's ok

>> No.61545186

Girls at NijiEN are basically just cock accessories for the males. It's a case study in how not to have a mix gender branch

>> No.61545300

Nijisisters did the same thing a year ago when Tempiss debuted. Pretending to be Holofans and calling anyone who didn't like the mixed collabs an incel.
I can see the same exact answers in this thread from the sister brigade.

>> No.61545316

The difference is that at that point in time it just had the atmosphere of a group of friends collabing. It had nowhere near the ship shit ping or romantic undertones to them, to where you had talents like Meloco ship Vox and Reimu near debut. Hell, you also didn't have dudes like Luca rushing to flat out collab with the girls, let alone off collab with them.

>> No.61545326

>expecting GFE from Nijisanji
I didn't know such people existed. They must be hardcore masochists. They should know by now that the dudes LOVE cucking fans and it's the reason why I don't want homos to mix with Hololive because I'm a dude and I know how dudes think. "we're just friends" doesn't work. He wants to fuck you otherwise he would never interact with you.

>> No.61545395

Literal sex pests holy shit

>> No.61545426

Straight male that's been watching since Lazulight. There's nothing out of the ordinary going on in that image. It is genuinely bizarre to me to see people freak out over it, making me think most of /vt/ just didn't watch streamers before vtubers, as if co-ed interactions just don't happen.

>> No.61545448

Speak for yourself. Some of us aren't monkey brained coomers like you bro

>> No.61545449

I would just like to watch a stream without having 5 people trying to have a personal conversation with the streamer

>> No.61545461 [DELETED] 

Why are you expecting there not to be interactions between males and females? It’s Nijisanji, it’s always been like this.

>> No.61545508

le gangbang

>> No.61545517

Pomu was going to be GFE but in came Luxiem same with Rosemi. Both still act awkward around males.

>> No.61545560


>> No.61545583

most of /vt/ doesn't watch any streamers including vtubers period

>> No.61545603

stop this cope pomucuck, half of pomu's collabs are flirting with dudes

>> No.61545615

The vox reimu shit is all on Reimu. Look at the shit she's trying to pull with Vanta now. The girls are in the boys' chats more and have initiated FAR more of the flirting. The boys have all been very conscious not to sexualize any of the girls far more

>> No.61545627 [DELETED] 

How is sending messages in chat sexual harassment? Are you an SJW?

>> No.61545642

Because they have to live with the fact that schizos won't fucking shut up and accept that nobody cares?

>> No.61545657

Concerned? Not really. I got a laugh, though, seeing that there were only males there without a single NijiEN female in sight.

>> No.61545682

Have you #cutforHex yet today, sister?

>> No.61545686

pretty much, i feel bad for pomudachis having people wear them as a mask to persistently make some of the worst posts on the site

>> No.61545701

Post membership, you can tell in her language she feels awkward and you're just ashamed to admit it because you're obsessed, and especially if you're ignorant of Pomu's past.

>> No.61545734

Whats funny is Pomu genuinely likes Luca and enjoys their interactions even saying so herself. But ofcourse you have to actually watch streams to know that

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They're not even flirting, what's the fucking issue?

>> No.61545750

Luca isn't even in the screencap you double retard

>> No.61545775

NijiEns first gen being much closer to hololive then Nijijp was such a huge mismanagement. They really didn't understand what gave nijisanji the popularity it had in japan.

>> No.61545786

When it comes to matters of the heart, arguing with logic is anti-humanist poison.

I declare a global jihad on you trannies and femcels who encourage this behavior.

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Finally, something real instead of bringing up another year-old yab like a retarded necromancer
Nijisanji is finished this time

>> No.61545813

Why are people calling her GFE? She's not even being flirty, she's just cute and a little girly.

>> No.61545819

I agree, it was very annoying having schizos make threads like this one and it's annoying now as well.

>> No.61545832

>female clearly indicates that she wants to be cdgct even avoids luca
>males pile up on her streams
Do you seriously not see what is going on here? This is literal sex pest behaviour.

>> No.61545884

Yeah, I don't see a problem with the OP image either. But I do agree there are some interactions that step quite over the line, the way the EN branch handles co-ed interactions these days has too much ship baiting instead of just normal friendly interactions

>> No.61545906 [DELETED] 

So you agree? That sending chat messages is sexual harassment? What is sending a supa? Having sex with the streamer? Membership is marriage too right?

>> No.61545926

The weird part is that the Vox shit wasnt the only instance, it was just taken to a new level there. She also interacted a lot with Ha Yun well before Luxiem debuted.

>> No.61545943

The only way to accomplish this is to find someone with 4 or lower ccv.

>> No.61545962

>protect girls
Don't be sexist anon, what about the gays?
>you mean guys?
No, male vtubers are faggots

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*sips from my Tempus themed teacup*
My, look at how the peasants concern themselves with such insipid matters

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>> No.61546003

>Pomu was going to be GFE
(You) don't watch Pomu.

>> No.61546046

the irony of a penis-hating woman-brained faggot calling others trannies

>> No.61546052

I am going to post a message into every Niji girl's next stream now. This is me fucking ALL your oshis bro.

>> No.61546158

Clearly Luca is pulling the strings behind the scenes. He knows the /vt/ sleuths are on to him so he got the rest of his goons to start the grooming.

>> No.61546171 [DELETED] 

Bro don’t post a comment on a vtuber’s videos and don’t type in her chat bro that’s sexual harassment. You’re thinking about subscribing to her channel? That’s rape bro don’t do it

>> No.61546207

>That sending chat messages is sexual harassment?
Yes especially when it's nijimales because they are known sex pests these are the same people who had the
>yugo situation
>ziaon situation
They are 100% sex pests and this is sexual harrasment too bad males are superior in manjisanji so this girl will just have to suffer.

>> No.61546226

Because Nijimales are some of the most disgusting, insecure and faggy dudes on the planet. And I can't imagine anyone wanting a subhuman who does gay rape ASMR invading every other stream and flirting with your oshi.
Post Luxiem the branch became obviously aimed at chink fujos.

>> No.61546252

>can't detect awkwardness in interactions
>he doesn't know about Pomu's past experiences with men
But let's keep up with the eight-leaf clips that Pomu "likes" his creepy sexual advances, sis

>> No.61546261

Christ it's like a monkey on a typewriter

>> No.61546284

>you can tell in her language she feels awkward
This sound way too much like some f.w.zholic ntr doujin kek.

>> No.61546288

>female clearly indicates that she wants to be cdgct
>it came to me in a dream

>> No.61546295

>too bad males are superior
this is the only part i read and i agree

>> No.61546361 [DELETED] 

You should be on a sex offender’s list for typing in a vtuber’s chat. Turn yourself into your local police force before they come kicking at your door. You don’t want to get swatted now.

>> No.61546419

How much did you cry when Vox deleted his gay ASMR videos big guy? Women are gay and real chads only fap to other bros.

>> No.61546426

It doesn't matter, if they're a girl and nice to you and a little incompetent that's what GFEfriends are after

>> No.61546439

Why'd you even have hope? They're Niji's. lol

>> No.61546493

Faggots are not "males" and you will never be a woman troonchama.

>> No.61546501

Wish i was in Luxiem so I could make this many schizos sit there perennially seething over me. Like it's been two years now, wonder how many of these guys literally went bald stressing over this shit lmao

>> No.61546596

NTA, but the first time they had an ID dude (what's his name? eh, he graduated anyway) join VC in a collab with Finana she was doing her best 'boys have cooties' impression and literally hid in a hole in Minecraft. We arrived to today one step at a time.

>> No.61546639

if faggots are not males and the nijimales are faggots then there's nothing wrong with them interacting with your oshi. checkmate kek

>> No.61546667

yes and then they followed him around the server while he gave them a tour for the next two hours

>> No.61546677


>> No.61546698

There was also Millie saying she'd never collab with males to where we are now. Funny how things change.
I just dont know why sisters dont get it when they very much watch their oshis mostly for BFE content.

>> No.61546706

>invading every other stream and flirting with your oshi.
That's the girls. You've just described the girls.

>> No.61546866 [DELETED] 

Leo Valentino……

>> No.61546868

Just superchatted one of the girls and even dropped a message in freechat. They haven't seen it yet but I can't wait for them to realize they've just been raped when they do see it

>> No.61546940 [DELETED] 

Nice. I just joined one of the girls’ memberships so now we’re married. She doesn’t know that yet, but we are.

>> No.61547042

All of you who have just seen this post have been raped by me.
>verification not required

>> No.61547054

god you fucking diabolical sexpest

>> No.61547086

He has those two accounts, probably more. He initially used his DuelLogs account a couple years ago. Now He is using his WoW account in Niji chat.

>> No.61547398
File: 1.82 MB, 388x482, SmartSelect_20230113_170410_Brave.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't watch Hololive. Surprisingly people don't want to see a train ran on the person they're actively watching at that moment.

>> No.61547413
File: 1.39 MB, 2037x1744, 1688946638505369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thread has the same vibe as this. I'm sorry Luca but everyone knows you're a disgusting rapist. And that will always be your reputation as your channel slowly dies off just like the entire NijiEN branch.

>> No.61547436


>> No.61547495 [DELETED] 

Bro we’re just trying to help you not get swatted for all your sexual offenses

>> No.61547598

>female clearly indicates that she wants to be cdgct
genuinely curious what made you believe this anon
i only watched her 1.0 debut and i didn't get that impression at all, maybe in her indie days she was like this but any girl just becomes another guests in malesanji EN open VC anyway even if she was a hardcore gfe seller

>> No.61547853

>Thread has the same vibe as this
Yes, because the mental illness here is what those messages were attempting to parody? Try to think more

>> No.61547867

Tick tock Luca. NijiEN is dying. Your channel is dying. At some point you'll have to find a real job and won't be able to use your nepo hire advantage to abuse Pomu's pussy. No more free rape buffet unless you go full Bill Cosby. Which is something I'd expect from an ex Nijimale.

>> No.61547985 [DELETED] 

Hi my name is Luca I hold pennies in my foreskin

>> No.61548011

On another thread they posted a screen shot of Luca complaining because she didn't want to collab and interact with him and wanted to talk to her manager first. He was complaining that she did not need to do that and the other female of her gen was fine talking to him. Does this mean she wants to be cdgct? Who knows but her decision should be respected and she shouldn't have to be pressured to collab with anybody she doesn't want to. This is Nijisanji EN though which is basically the Luxiem show.

>> No.61548068

No, it's because everyone posting in that stream is /here/, right in this thread. It's obvious that all the other nijis are posting all of this stuff here.

>> No.61548100

He will go back to trying to be an XQC orbiter like he was before joining Nijisanji.

>> No.61548151


>> No.61548247 [DELETED] 

True but you should really get back to streaming, Sonny

>> No.61548263

It PROVES that they are /here/ and these kind of threads unironically live rent free in their head.

>> No.61548277

>males pile up on her streams
Yes, that's literally what happens when someone is a successful cgdct. Or did (You) imagine that everyone else watching is female?

>> No.61548290


>> No.61548341


>> No.61548402

2 more weeks

>> No.61548483

He right though

>> No.61548551

Why shouldn't they bait ships? Honest inquire.
(You) must be at least 18 years old to post here.

>> No.61548622 [DELETED] 

>nobody wants to watch you
>Hehe, that's good
I'll kill a nijinig to open up his brain and study it carefully and make a paper out that

>> No.61548634

Dangerously based, don't let the unironic sisters camping ITT convince you otherwise

>> No.61548675

least obvious samefag

>> No.61548685

You have to be genuinely retarded if you think these dudes aren't trynna fuck

>> No.61548767

Struck a nerve sis?

>> No.61548853

Sister defence force active in full force again huh disgusting fucking keyboard warriors coming again to suck Rikus cock again.
Her pl was cgdct

>> No.61548868

Meanwhile, the actual stream is good and there isn't a single male in sight.

The SEA rangeban is warranted and justified.

>> No.61548958

The board would be modless and jannyless.

>> No.61548986

Luxiem lost 80% of their viewers in a single year. With one of their strongest members graduating a couple months ago and crying about tax debt. Yeah no this shit won't last them for long. And I don't expect mr sex pest POGGERS to be that smart with his monet.

>> No.61549017

It might be an improvement honestly

>> No.61549074

Everyone talking about male interaction is ignoring the bigger issue. They're leeching off the new member. There's a reason why Hololive bans live interaction with new talents for a few weeks. It's important for building a dedicated audience, and the fact that Niji doesn't do it is a large part of why most of them become 3-views.

>> No.61549090

What would be the difference?

>> No.61549102

Nah, he'll join Vshojo

>> No.61549117

you guys don't have a friend?

>> No.61549124

Learn English before you start posting here.

>> No.61549193
File: 52 KB, 892x915, 1667478849092008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/NijiEN/ would die lmao.

>> No.61549381

I just wondering is possible to do GFE is you joined Nijii? Like not going "AHHH MALES", but I just wonder if would be possible for a girl who really wanted to lean hard into GFE now a days on EN side just starting out since I'm guessing they wouldn't really wnat guys around if they were doing this.

>> No.61549410
File: 25 KB, 1201x570, 1698529288459945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No argument for this, only cope.

>> No.61549437

>nuking SEA will make 4chan usable and turn NijiEN to 1-2views
Killing 2 birds with one stone

>> No.61549503 [DELETED] 

If you want a real answer, we need more acceleration so people aren’t forced to interact with other livers anymore.

>> No.61549524
File: 579 KB, 637x510, 1686925110004313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Because Nijimales are some of the most disgusting, insecure and faggy dudes on the planet.
Talk about projection KEK

>> No.61549663

Funny how you couldn't even wait for the actual male collab despite going through the trouble of autistically screaming that Vivi was somehow trying to be GFE or something

>> No.61549668

>luca entering girls chat
He just in chat guys, it's not like he gonna do an offcollab inside her room right, right?

>> No.61549688

this might be the worst graph I've ever seen in my life

>> No.61549700

Like I meant that as like a legit question. Since it seems kinda hard to do unless you like told the your male coworkers you were doing it ahead of time and that might come off as rude and they might show up anyways

>> No.61549713

>rejecting reality this hard
Kyo recently had this rant and a dozen nijimales have done so before the discription "disgusting, faggot and insecure" is a very accurate discription of nijimales.

>> No.61549723

This, can't even let her have a few days to build something with the fans before piling in like this?

>> No.61549770

Refute his statements sis

>> No.61549850

The legit answer is why would someone like that join NijiEN?
Management doesn't really have mandated collabs so you might even be able to completely avoid on stream male interactions, but you would end up looking like an asshole and it's not even guaranteed you would get a bigger audience by doing that anyway

>> No.61549852

Too bad Nijisis don't understand it

>> No.61549905

Nearly everyone in NijiEN is stagnating hard. They need to pump their viewerships and sub counts somehow.

>> No.61549922

Absolutely based. Sisters refuse to admit the truth.

>> No.61549943

Kyo is a faggot but his rant was about people making jokes about the illness he made his whole personality about

>> No.61549944

Leeching off the new member by commenting in her livechat? I like how you're pretending she's the next gura or something and there's much to be gained by 'leeching'

>> No.61550106

There's simply no way the people posting on this thread aren't aware of how fucking retarded all those posts are, this is just a playground for mentally ill people who don't even care about what the thread is about

>> No.61550132

They don't. It's why they view everything through this comically suspicious and hypersexual lens. It's why you'll see them unironically equating commenting in your coworkers livechat with a breach of personal space whilst people with actual friends don't even think twice about this shit

>> No.61550220

>Kyo is a faggot
That's all that needs to be said.

>> No.61550267

Stop defending your sex pest organ sister

>> No.61550308

It's not leeching but it is something worse, they are there to mark the territory and legit trying to kill her growth

>> No.61550401

Look at this shit >>61550308, you fags don't even worry about sounding actually mentally ill anymore

>> No.61550435

Keep in mind this is NijiEN which is filled with bitter, petty losers who would kill anyone that does even slightly better than them
See: Zaion

>> No.61550476

It's literally rape is what it is. They're literally griffith-ing this poor woman, anon...

>> No.61550503

Zaion did nothing wrong

>> No.61550728

And what about vox, luca,musta when he was there uki and many more? All of them fit the discription

>> No.61550860

>Still unironically posting this graph after getting laughed out of the previous thread.

>> No.61550903

A collab ban works because it allows livers to gain new fans

>> No.61550937

Imagine grifters like this in holo livers chat, they'll get absolutely mudered lol

>> No.61551013

It's weird to me we live in a world where there is simultaneously a huge amount of relationship gatekeeping against men, but the same people will be like "ugh why doesn't that bitch want to talk to steve and suck his dick is she disrespecting him". Maybe just let people do what they want, before they bust your balls.

>> No.61551084

It's a "pot calling the kettle black" sort of situation. I'm not arguing against it, I'm just laughing at how stupid this whole situation is,

>> No.61551195

>bait ships
>with a member who doesn't want it
Isn't there a whole thing about how 'no means no'.

>> No.61551263

Not in nijisanji. The females are just accesories to the males

>> No.61551298

this is the niji experience, this is exactly what nijifags want. If someone still chooses to join niji then they unironically want this.

>> No.61551321

>it was satire
No dude, it was genuine seething and the person who thought this was an le ebin pwn should have been fired.

>> No.61551339
File: 403 KB, 472x600, 108C84EA-80FB-4EE0-B77C-A28F576F21AF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They aren’t even baiting ships

>> No.61551349

I know coed stuff is super common in nijiEN, but it does strike me as kind of weird that only guys seem to show up to her chat. I just glanced through holodex to see who's talked in her streams before, and the only nijigirl that chatted was her genmate during her debut stream. Granted there's been only 3 streams, but there does seem to a bit of an imbalance.

>> No.61551383

Seething. Interest in Niji EN is PLUMMETING. Can't disprove it because the debut turn out is factual. You can only deflect over the reality that's unfolding.

>> No.61551404

Explain to me what's going on like I'm a retard?

>> No.61551517

It's so fucking funny that I know you're a woman just from the way you refuse to stay on topic and veer off into shit you know he wasn't saying.

>> No.61551579

In fairness, most of the girls are off in Japan right now recording for 3D

>> No.61551667

>self sabotage
Naw it's just that psychotic women run damage control for psychotic men.

>> No.61551692

I mean like it's fine, but Jesus fuck can the guys not at least wait a bit until she has like a fanbase older then like a couple of days to let her get off on her own a bit?

>> No.61551721

These chat messages are from one of the new Niji girl’s stream. A bunch of male Nijis were watching her and chatting.
According to OP, she needs to be protected from this

>> No.61551765

It's crazy how they literally just chase after whatever they think they can get. I really understand those crazy feminists when I see how desperate and creepy other men can get when they think they can get away with it.

>Falseflagging as Vshojo
Kys sister.

>> No.61551850

Yeah, and Kiara and nerissa are flaming lesbians for each other. If they draw parallels between the boys and girls, what does that say? Kill yourself you leech homobeggar, death to nijiniggers

>> No.61551969

lucub mental gymnastics in this thread too and no one even posted the image of luca talking about vivi so they know it exists or else they wouldn't be denying it so hard

>> No.61552024
File: 233 KB, 1083x2048, 5223D956-59FB-4A00-A1C8-82BD50F878FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Brother I have so many images saved of Mel getting and giving dick. Don’t question my devotion

>> No.61552061

This is true.
There's a reason for nijiEN's stagnant growth in general. It's all the same fucking people from all the other EN fanbases combined.
You can't really establish a core fanbase with this "unity" bullshit that they have going on where they constantly hound each other.
The only groups/livers who were able to retain a relatively small subset is Luxiem, Noctyx, Selen, Rosemi, and funny enough, Scarle without much overlaps.

Their "family" mindset is what killed EN's growth.

>> No.61552158

It’s because she seems untainted compared to the rest of the branch’s girls. It would be interesting to know if the same amount of guys showed up for Kunai’s gaming streams or if they were just absent because she’s not their type/not groomable.

>> No.61552167

you do know the rooster for the nijifest is public, right?

>> No.61552207

Wtf is wrong with this board

>> No.61552215

You have been saying they're in japan for 3D for a fucking year now

>> No.61552316

>calls out nijifaggots sexpests behaviour
swear to god nijifanbase is full of incels.

>> No.61552415


>> No.61552617


Wtf kind kf logic is this?

>> No.61552632

>low quality reactionary post

>> No.61552744

Seeing a post say they're unironically raping her by posting in her chat is insane even for this board.

>> No.61552772

SEA hours

>> No.61552813
File: 152 KB, 997x1063, FIHj5EFaQAEiQHE.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you pretending you don't know why female nijiEN members became 3-view trash?
I just know you nasty whores are happy when niji girls get anti'd for this shit and decline in numbers since I work with 98% women.
Fake ass roasties. That's why no one will ever love you. Femcels need a seperate internet.

>> No.61552897

I give her 3 months before she goes or beaten into submission by the males

>> No.61552917

Nope but she has a hag voice and streams at EU hours and the only men up at that time are vox and fulgur

>> No.61552939

Nijisanji's strength is the collabs where the boys and girls flirt with each other and create shipping pairs for fanservice

>> No.61552948
File: 15 KB, 536x246, nijisisters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SEA hours is NDF hours

>> No.61552995

>NijiEN fanbase is incels!
>They're femcelz!

Can you fags make up your mind? You're just speaking nonsense.

>> No.61553008

How did that work out for Vox?

>> No.61553393
File: 129 KB, 1162x1008, 1689289718047463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have my PC in the shower

>> No.61553483
File: 245 KB, 857x723, 1678844372130526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those are not mutually exclusive and you can point them out accordingly as the evidence is presented.
Next deflection?

>> No.61553969

The only thing nijiwhores are good for is rape porn anyways, I don't know why you were even expecting anything else of them in the first place.

>> No.61554350

>Victoria nijigangbang initiation
I feel sorry for victoriafags and any of the female nijisanji fans tobedesu

>> No.61554502

He's an old friend of Victoria, he used to hang with her pl a lot

>> No.61554690

The male fans are incels the females are femcels how is that hard to understand?

>> No.61554730

you guys don't have friends???

>> No.61554862

co-workers and streamers are not your friends, chud.

>looks at how they treated zaion

>> No.61555007

Zaion deserves it

>> No.61557649

it's weird
it's like the same people who hate on men irl are suddenly want virtual women to suck on virtual men's dicks

>> No.61557954

You say that because she is not your friend. That anon is completely right

>> No.61558122

Sisters are defending this.
tucking pomu into bed next to him and looking at her for an uncomfortably long time
>https://youtu.be/neTv6joWb78?t=11190 [Open] [Open]
Luca takes a picture of his computer, Pomu's stream is playing on it
>https://youtu.be/_jjiUdVMORM?t=678 [Open] [Open]
In a creepy moment Luca said "I always watch your stream" when he streamsniped Pomu during the Guess Who collab.
After The Forest collab Luca was mad he didn't get to spend time flirting with Pomu, so he invaded her superchat reading in an awkward moment, trying to reassure himself that he is the alpha male.

Luca was really creepy with Enna inviting her to meet IRL
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii_2b02SKA8&t=5012 [Open] [Open]
He creepily asked about Enna's butt during his 1 million stream. He cornered her in front of an 8k audience for his birthday stream demanding an offcollab with her when she coudn't politely say "no". They also met in secret in Japan and didn't tell everybody until months later.

Luca plays a bizarre video called "Luca likes to mate" knowing the implications and chuckling about it.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxxj4aDMnWk [Open] [Open]

Luca followed Rosemi underwear shopping and she tried to escape from him.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOd8qUDzS38 [Open] [Open]
He bragged about this for his whole audience while Rosemi was still in transit, and she had to wait days to "correct the story" because it was damaging her reputation so badly.

When XSoliel debuted Luca RUSHED to collab with the girls, while completely ignoring the guys. He collabed so much with them that they failed to develop much of an audience. Like when he offcollabed with Maria and ruined her growth.

Luca makes a creepy comment about Victoria being a lingerie model during her debut, he pretends he doesn't know what it means to force Maria to say it instead.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7BroSExQbY&t=2170 [Open] [Open]
Luca complained to his audience that Victoria rejected his collab, trying to put public pressure on her to collab with him.

>> No.61558244

Why do people here still get upset about nijis not having gender segregation?

>> No.61558632

Ask Victoria who is trying to do GFE

>> No.61559286

>trying to do GFE
She‘s just a generic, nice vtuber, not every liver is like Enna and constantly mocks her fans.

>> No.61559293

Yeah, it's really GFE how she uh laughs and uhhhhh reads chat and stuff.

>> No.61559412

I've been convinced to subscribe and check her out. Her model, voice, and this situation reminds me of hentai scenarios. I wonder how long she'll last trying to cultivate her own audience before inevitably succumbing to Luxiem whoredom. Wishing her well.

>> No.61559762

She's not

>> No.61560097

>watch a girl who you know beforehand will interact with males
>still get mad about it

>> No.61560117

The nigger is a literal sex offender.
If by any chance he was in Holostars you can rest assured his contract would have been terminated already by now, but Nijizhangi gives NO SHIT and only hires intern tier people for talent managers that cant/dont know what do and just like they did with zaion they at worst escalate it to some other office making the person they manage "problematic".
If you support Nijisanji you are a literal fucking sociopath

>> No.61560218

You never had a woman actually love you in your life and it shows

>> No.61560733 [DELETED] 

Currently I am listening to one of Gundou’s erotic audios while jerking off to images of Victoria.

>> No.61561549

which one

>> No.61562065

The girls are whores in a red light district, while the guys are customers shopping around

>> No.61562399

And Niji deserves their 3views

>> No.61562999
File: 776 KB, 240x320, 1698427337088913.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.61563783
File: 89 KB, 640x619, 1693517300135014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Almost didn't get a chance to post this today.

>> No.61564727

Hey, someone's got to pretend to care about the girls, since clearly the Nijifags don't.

>> No.61567297
File: 154 KB, 1024x1024, 1696732502232256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey, someone's got to pretend to care about the girls, since clearly the Nijifags don't.

>> No.61568404

I’ll take people not caring over people pretending to care. Nobody here is interested in “protecting” Victoria from the groomer sexpests out to get her, all of this is just for the sake of timelooping old drama.

>> No.61568885

Kill yourself

>> No.61569204
File: 79 KB, 640x619, 1693065384175136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kill yourself
In spirit of the numberfags in this thread, have this one too

>> No.61571570

Half of Holo EN doesn‘t stream on a regular basis so their fans are constantly bored.

>> No.61572428

not everyone goes around digging personal accounts for that sekrit knowledge, nijifriend

>> No.61572798

She joined nijisanji, you don‘t need to know anything about her pl to guess that she‘ll collab with men.

>> No.61573181
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, ESL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least they understand English.

>> No.61573370


>> No.61573577

>posts it again

>> No.61573629

(You) don't watch her and (You) didn't watch her PL either.

>> No.61573708

How the FUCK is this retarded shitty thread still up?

>> No.61574265

You people never learn do you

>> No.61574391


>> No.61575629

You mean just like the sisters who talk about how men are sexpests, but then insist there is nothing wrong with VTuber men collabing with VTuber females

>> No.61575792

they don't want to be protected. you join nijisanji FOR the co-ed interactions, not in spite of them

>> No.61575836

You join niji if holo rejects you
Anything else is cope

>> No.61575857

>coworker enters the chad
>mentally ill unikek incels: ITS OVER! THIS IS WHITE MALE GENOCIDE! I CANT BREED!

How do you get this mentally ill?

>> No.61575881

I hope Vox burps in her pussy

>> No.61575927

Good cuck

>> No.61575952

Victoria literally used to be his secretary

>> No.61576136

>wow youtubers have secretaries

>> No.61576259

Wonder how much his dick perked up at the thought of possibly meeting holoEN girls in that japan trip

>> No.61576270

Because he got like 8 channels, around 10 employees, and just decided one day that he couldn't be bothered with messaging people for upcoming deadlines, so he hired a secretary to do it for him.
source: he said it on his streams

>> No.61576276 [DELETED] 

if you watch vtubers because you want to imagine theyre your girlfriend or some shit like that you're pathetic and should kill yourself. they will never be your girlfriend they will never know you exist. they aren't virgins and they get cocked up by many men before you ever see them behind an avatar. if you can't enjoy them for the content they make and without becoming a parasocial creep just bjorkfan yourself and let the world become just a tiny tiny bit more normal.

>> No.61576278

Quick sisters, how do we turn this in to Hololive being a toxic company !?


>> No.61576324

Sister do you not have some Boyfriend ASMR to watch?

>> No.61576338

i like to watch the girls be lesbians to one another because i'm a voyeur. i wish there was more content like this.

>> No.61576364

TheDuelLogs really is dyslexic uh

>> No.61576382

Imagine your oshi being the former fucktoy of some warcraft nerd
Nijikeks really are something else

>> No.61576498

Literal fucking skill issue, my oshi sent me a birthday present straight to my home adress

>> No.61576535

Wow, what a charming bunch

>> No.61576579
File: 211 KB, 593x592, 1690740230614459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had to spend like 5 minutes going through this thread to figure out what's supposed to be the problem

>> No.61576656

Oh please, the duellogs is surrounded by indie vtubers he groomed, he has more contact with genuine females than all of /vt/ combined, and he's still a self admitted dateless kissless virgin.
I'd be more worried about what niji managers have done to her

>> No.61576711

Yikes. This is disturbing behavior.

>> No.61576811

>Males in chat on Niji
Apparently people should care why?
>That's how they end up 3view
What Niji recently debut with 4view CCV average? Every gen is always shrinking.
Perfectly manufactured outrage.

>> No.61576850

But enough about Hololive

>> No.61577218

finally a post that destroyed schizo minds
this entire board is people pretending to care about stupid shit for drama farming

>> No.61578883

>holochads are nice enough to be concerned when they see a woman being sexually harassed despite her probably being a bad person
>nijiniggers see no issue with this and in fact cheer the creepy guy on

>> No.61579580

Femcels rule the roost in Niji. It's best to just give up on any of their new kidneys. Sexpest meta is far too established for them to change now.

>> No.61579989

Most male vtubers are just not fucking funny. They're just trying extremely hard to be e-boys, and for anyone who isn't a woman or a gay man, the entertainement is just not there.
These faggots could at least try to act like Kuzuha or Oga to be watchable, but they don't seem to be interested in any of that.

>> No.61580168

good message, sis
Hope Luca listens and reflects on his mistakes!

>> No.61585349
File: 403 KB, 1280x2076, vesper goof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you have to know how to lay down the law, like Kiara.

>> No.61587373

funny because its true

>> No.61590071

Only NijiEN. NijiJP tried to push straight ships for a brief amount of time at the start, but they eventually realized co-ed interactions work better if they just behave like a friend group with a proper sense of distance. Most of the old "ships" avoid each other to this day because shippers are cancer and not worth giving anything to.
Meanwhile NijiEN just keeps doing it more and more, for some of them flirting is the only way they even interact with the opposite sex.

>> No.61591229


>> No.61593177

hololive didn't give much ntr experience so they went back to niji

>> No.61594460

our girls are still going strong, anon. meanwhile, your new members are 3views already.

>> No.61595367


>> No.61595472
File: 1.05 MB, 1080x1025, kobo150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hololive out of nowhere
this thread literally broke the minds of the nijisisters. it's good to be a holochad.

>> No.61595665

>a whole thread about the chat of this victoria chick
>not even a single image of her
I just lurk around to see funny news and some schizos but this thread is probably the worst I've ever seen, you fuckers aren't even watching the stream, no one here is getting cucked because you are cataloge whores, fucking bored mother fuckers with nothing going on in their life, play some games or read a manga at least. Fucking seaniggers.

>> No.61595825
File: 155 KB, 448x448, gura kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> concerned
just 'avin a laugh m8

>> No.61596075
File: 3.38 MB, 1414x2000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> he doesn't know
the lack of variety in livers is an EN only problem, because JPs don't have to suck up to cliques if they don't want to and can run their own brand staying well the fuck away from males if they want.

>> No.61596707
File: 256 KB, 690x994, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> parody
You know the funniest part?
They were shitting on Pomu's 3D, but /vt/ actually liked her 3D and there weren't that many people shitting on her /here/.
They literally used that stream as an excuse to shit on Pomu in the guise of "pretending to be anons" but they fucked up even that and exposed themselves as the bucket full of crabs that they are.

>> No.61596796

I mean there were plenty of holos in the chats of newcomers. That's never been a problem even in holo.

>> No.61596852
File: 623 KB, 480x720, aki roru[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F159x25.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> replies to it
> "ignored"

>> No.61597522

Don't forget about "flopsoleil" now. Their senpais on that very stream coined the term.