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I always see you fags shitposting about the vshojo poaches but why aren't you guys making a stink over NijiJP akatsuki being forned?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kMQWu9QOlI

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No one gives a shit about nips.

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Well, there's your issue. Not even the Niji fans care about JP, why're you expecting the rest of the board to?

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what is this cope, NijiJP is way more successful in terms of ccvs and market penetration.
the en livers are dipping into 3view territory

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NTA but that anon was clearly talking about people on this board not vtuber fans in general.

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i misreplied, was meant for the first post

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EOP board
t. EOP

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Not even the same thing retard. They aren't being poached by a corporation, they are literally indies who have a shared history and are collabing.

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>vshojocuck in charge of not pretending to be a complete moron
At least you can get some of those (You)s that you can buy edible rocks with.

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I know who the blob is but who are the other two?

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black blob model is too sovl.

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You should be able to figure it out. There's even a link in the OP.

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yeah but its not ringing bells

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Anyone got any of those old screenshots of Luxiem fans wondering who Kuzuha was?

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Wtf? Do nijiniggers(EN) really?

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Nemu looks familiar but I cannot remember why.
Also, based.

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You can literally just google their names and it will spoonfeed you all the PL summary sites.

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Artstyle's a bit similar to Nabimama maybe?

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Yeah, in Japan. This isn't a Japanese board. Go to 5-chan if you want to find a bunch of Niji JP fans.

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Huh where is not L*l*? the niji akatsuki can't be complete without her

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gibara went from the best vtuber there ever was to just some dumb chick spamming genshin

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i've cummed to chinami's fantia so much

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Isn't it funny how every single chuuba who "amicably" graduated from nijisanji immediately starts streaming as an indie?

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I do

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it doesnt say shit

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Yes it does.

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Your lack of intelligence doesn't make for a lack of information, anon.

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Pink one is gibara
White one is Warabeda

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Incidentally Warabeda supposedly graduated because of "health reasons" that prevented her from streaming so I guess that was a fucking lie

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The waiting room chat here is pretty funny almost everyone is alluding to it in some way

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oh that explains how i didnt know since i didnt really watch those two

yeah thats what I thought as well, but at the same time she was part of a group with a few members that were doing some singing right? (Elu, Akkina, Ryushien and others)

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I miss the fun Niji drama like nipplegate. Vshojo is just boring.

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Is this group pretending to be an agency that claims to take in brand new people through auditions?

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Why is Gundou still in black blob form? She had her new model design teased since pretty long ago, there's no way it should take this long to finish it.

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i enjoy her blob avatar. it's goofy.

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Yes it does
And now you understand why corpos tend to go for fast models even if they aren't the best rigged, because getting the best sometimes means a lead time measured in months

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NijiJP? the company that fired someone for asking questions about baseball?

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Nobody cares about vshojo.

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This 'Niji akatsuki' is people no one actually really gave a shit about. People actually like Misumi.

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The one that got fired over baseball is in the middle

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Anyone who saw Warabeda become sad and fall off the face of the planet after Gibara graduated knew she definitely did not graduate because of health reasons.

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Nobody here watched either of them.

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80% of people here don't watch vtubers in general so that doesn't really mean much does it

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What is the PL of the one on the right?

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Warabeda Meiji

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people definitely gave a shit about Gibara and Gundou

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21ers don't give a shit about anyone that debuted before Myth and speaks in a foreign tongue.

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>the models are just generic moe girls in a visual novel that no one will remember after a week
Biggest loss desu maybe with better ones ppl will care more

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>Incidentally Warabeda supposedly graduated because of "health reasons" that prevented her from streaming so I guess that was a fucking lie

In Niji you either become a top earner who gets preferential treatment or you become a bottomfeeder with no support. For those people its better to just go indie after gaining a small fanbase since they do better without management and they don't have to pay a chunk of their revenue to niji leeching off of them.

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PL shit isn't against the rules retard, only doxx is.(unless it's PL shit that's bad for optics like 4 exboyfriends or whatever, honestly moderation is so inconsistent on this, they're only consistent when it comes to covering for corps)

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Are you the same retard who goes into paradoxical hysteria when people mention that matara is Nina or kson is coco?

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The pl rule is only really there to prevent rampant shitposting or getting 4chan into legal trouble. Occasionally you get a new janny who enforces the letter of the rule rather than the spirit of it but generally speaking if you aren't using the pl to shitpost on the chuuba they don't care

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It's doxxxxing. You just have double standards because you only like certain vshojo members because of who they were before.

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Meanwhile Advent threads were full of PL shit and no one gave a shit. No one cares and you just look like a faggot complaining about it.

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>Wah Wah muh fee fees hurt jannies please ban Wah

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Either it's all banned or none of it is banned. You will desperately call for janny when someone brings up certain past tweets of a vshojo member.

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Cope and seethe nijinig

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Please keep going on about niji. I don't even watch them.

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are you the same guy who claimed posting kson irl is allowed on this board just because it doesn't get deleted when you chimps post it in your chimp thread to make fun of her?

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i see kson apologist, i reply "tatsunocuck". simple as.

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I literally just searched the archive for new girl's name + PL
Didn't even check which thread it's from. Why are you so obsessed with that thread that you totally don't visit?

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it's important to keep it simple so nobody can tell you're using baidu translate

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Lulu is too seperated from the clique to care about her former coworkers. she just wants to game peacefully.

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Funny that's exactly what a nijinigger would say

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Keep going.

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>calling others cope while he copes himself
If Kazuha graduates the entire branch is dead

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hello discord admin

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hello zhang

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Yeah, sure

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It took a while for some of them to resurface, but yeah.

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