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Filian passed Mori.

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>twitch magic numbers

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who's gonna tell him

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welch's fruit snacks are garbage and i'm tired of pretending they aren't.

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it's not all about the numbers spiderman. it's about the legacy

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Zoomers really eat up that react content. Not that I care about Mori either.

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Who's gonna tell OP that no one actually cares?

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>reaction content
she can have 1 billion subscribers and i won't even watch or respect this whore

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You think those are bad, wait until you try mott's fruit snacks

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That's so interesting anon what else do you not watch

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2.3 million subs and so little lewds. Why are the Twitch zoomie fags so fucking low T? The model's plenty hot, so why?

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>what else do you not watch
your oshi

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I don't have one anon. I'm not deranged enough for that

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because that's not her model, it's free template you dl on any vr chat website.
she's basically mogging everyone without even having a vtuber model

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Deserved honestly and I like mori. But her content has stagnated immensely and she’s literally just going through the motions.
Filian tries to be entertaining still

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Is she going to get a personal model eventually? I'm sure she can afford it at this point.

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But then its not fillian; its part of her brand at this point and branding is everything for streamers.

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Why do people keep bringing her up? She's a VRChat whore, not a vtuber. Might as well say omg Sniper Wolf has more subs than Gura!! It's just not the same category.

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Not a vtuber

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Actual retardation

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The point is to dab on the nasty whores she collabs with that dump like 20k on their coomershit models

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Then why are you here faggot?

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Vtubers are entertaining. I like being entertained and supporting them for it. Have been since Kizuna Ai.

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Yes, you are a retarded nigger that watches this ethots react content, we know anon

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Not enough edgy words anon, maybe you need more to make a point

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Talking about yourself? Yeah I agree you're retarded

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didn't that girl who loves Gura buy the same model?

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>No u! xD

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>unironically hating Mott’s fruit snacks
Are you 5?

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reddit misses you

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point already made, this Filipino boy isn't a vtuber, hence should not be compared to vtubers. you're already btfo, there is no argument

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Do I intimidate you that much?

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Not really, I just cringe every time I read posts like yours.

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>she is not a vtuber therefore she is not a vtuber which means she isn't a vtuber, which is my point

She fits all possible descriptions of a vtuber. Sorry

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We did it, Reddit!

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>supporting them for it
Do you even know what oshii means FAGGOT???

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Seems like he's plenty deranged after all, just unaware. lmao

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A favorite vtuber that you support unconditionally. It tends to take form in obsessive parasocial interactions and monetary support. Reasons why it's better to stay a daredemosuki or a clip watcher

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ok thread shitter

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>t. Actual retard
Get this twitch shit out of here man. Go watch XQC if that’s what you’re into.

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Poggers! I can't wait to watch my favorite vtubers, asmongold, jerma, and forsen!

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>bending a wholesome japanese word to fit your stupid narrative
You will never become woman!

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How many hours did she subathon?

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These are youtube subs

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youtube subs, but Fillian has also been doing videos/shorts

Shorts really push the sub high, but it's a double edge, usually doesn't translate to much views on streams.

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She gets more live viewers than anyone in nijien and most of the holoen. It definitely translates into viewership.

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Fucking moron

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Better than trash let's plays.
Let's plays are react content btw

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No they’re not.

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They stick to my teeth and I fucking hate that

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Filian's only sin is that she insults gushers and praises those terriblr welsh fruit snacks

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More of a vtuber than your live2d straightjacket oshi, newfag

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Who the fuck watches this? And by 'this' I mean both Mori and Fillian.

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I dont dislike filian but damn just one glance at her chat is enough to make you want to close the tab.
No way her fanbase isnt at least 50% children.

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Any normal person would congratulate Filian on hitting such a milestone.
Not holofags tho, they would rather shit on her because she's not from the company they worship.

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Literally who?

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> just one glance at her chat is enough to make you want to close the tab.
>No way her fanbase isnt at least 50% children.
We could be talking about either with this sentence
Mayhaps even Gura

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Dare I say, The Gura Killer?

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Gura dies from suicide, Bijou, Filian, and fucking Pippa of all people, are slowly consuming her spot

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Hey, at least she's owning those haters, right? ... Right?

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looking at the channel seems to be some tiktok "influencer" that isnt a vtuber? plays vrchat? either way not a vtuber

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>Twitch react streamer

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>All those views and yet no clout to get participants for her 50K sponsored event.
It's rather sad that everyone bailed on her leaving her with 2 indies and an AI.

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Filian is probably the only Twitch vtuber that I respect, from what I've seen of her she tries to do something different and entertaining instead of just coombaiting

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That's on Filian or whoever sponsored the event literally after a huge con, ppl been getting sick as shit after twitchcon , half her participants ended up sick , so she couldn't do much about it. Hopefully next time she decides to do something like this she will pick a better time.

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>50K sponsored event
How can one Twitch girl have that kind of power, even though Twitch con attendance is declining every year?

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>a virtiual
>a youtuber

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Damn holobros took some high dose of copium today.

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it’s just the indog /#/joggers getting mad

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>I'm not deranged
>posting on /vt/

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why would the indog be mad tho?

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>chuuba mogs holos
>it doesn't count because *insert cope*
every fucking time

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Who exactly is she mogging?

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NOOOOOOOOO- Oh wait it's just Mori, who cares

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>Congratulating some whore for squeezing out a few more simp bucks out of people like you

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Filian says she's ugly, but I'd marry her just for her personality. I need someone to make me smile.

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her main channel personal or her alt channel persona?

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ITT: Shitposters who pretend to be indie fans fighting shitposters who pretend to be holofags

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Oh nooooo- ah wait it’s mori
Yeah, no that’s cool, whatever corpo is behind fillian can we swap her with mori?

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Filian deez nutz in your mouth