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5ch's nijisanji thread about new EN wave
>why debut numbers are so bad
>English (china) speaking countries
>but holoEN numbers are bad too
>holoEN3 is mediocre
>le bad holobox
>it's 4chan's fault x3
527 https://i.imgur.com/dITEObb.jpg

1504 https://i.imgur.com/adgCLmC.png
>ALL OUT WAR discord leak
>it's blurry
>it's fake
>it's not that bad
>livers did nothing wrong

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Kek, it's hilarious how all nijifags no matter where they are from end up behaving in the same way

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>it's blurry
>it's fake
>it's not that bad
>livers did nothing wrong
Deja vu, I've seen those replies before...

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Shutup chink nobody cares
[Translated by DeepL]

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like clockwork

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They are right. Vtubing in English stagnated hard and fast

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people just moved to twitch indies, there's so many of them who average in the thousands now

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Who gives a shit?

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Nijikek mindset:
Anykara and livers will never be wrong
something happen internal?
must be holokek doing

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>holoEN3 numbers are also bad
>all of them getting 100k+ on their debuts

>new nijiEN gens arrives
>doesnt even get 50k

not sure what's wrong with niji and their fans, but they always attack the holos whenever they don't get what they're expecting.

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>EN likes Tazumi too much
Truer words have never been spoken

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Yeah there must be something in nijisanji itself that causes this behavior, no way four different communities all end up with the exact same behaviours

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EN vtubing stagnated and Niji EN is dying.

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what are they talking about on the last part? what discord leak?

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never gets old, nijifans legit group of evil people
nothing is sacred to them

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Nijifags really are all the same regardless of nationality.

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>council didn't do as good as they expected
they are doing great, though. when was this?

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March 2022, literally a month after Noctyx debuted
Anyway now you know why nijisanji gets shat on so much around here

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so that's why there's so much hostility towards nijien, i get it now.

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>"To be honest, Holo EN3 is also mediocre except for fluffy moko."
Of course a nijifag would know a thing or two about being mediocre, their entire nijiEN branch is full of shitters kek

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Council didn't do great honestly. Like compared councils peak to myths peak, everyone in myth was getting 5 digits on the regular and all got 1 million subscribers in less than a year.
Council to this day don't have a single member who hit 1 million and most of council stream to around 5-6k people outside of buffcontent, unironically there was more hype felt for advent than there ever was council.

I think in part Kiara kinda sabotaged councils hype by pointing out how chuuni their existence was and basically insinuating that they didn't need a new gen.
Nowadays council is doing better than myth but it took over 2 years for that to happen

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Council/Promise literally has a better CCV average as a gen than Myth and Advent nowadays and it’s really not even close. The hell you mean they aren’t doing well?

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Regardless of how honest it is, that's not something a dude who's barely a month out from debut should say, let alone in public.
And the thing that lead that leak to create such animosity is that they sounded exactly like what shitposters here were saying, and nijifags already weren't particularly well liked on the board due to their rampant shitposting, so that leak simply transfered the hate towards nijifags onto to the actual talents and the company as a whole

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That leak was whatever. This was the final nail in the coffin

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I literally acknowledged that in the last sentence. But I did point out that their peak was and still is a lot lower than myths. Mori used to get 10k on a zatsu alone, not to mention the sheer amount of superchats and superchat wars that used to go on during myths peak. While myth eventually tanked due to their own laziness and complacency, it took 2 years for council to get to the point where they are.
He didn't say it in public and if you're not ESL you can realize he's not even shitting on the company but just acknowledging that there's a reason why they tried to spam male debuts less than a year after council, luxiem for a long time was outdoing council in terms of revenue and sheer numbers.

Also let's be real here, there was never gonna be a time where the catalog liked NijiEn, they were everything HoloEn wasn't. They were dirty, crass, and had a massive amount of unity with each other early on. Had AR live actually happened there would have been countless threads seething about it regardless of any leaks. Because NijiEn aren't and never were trying to be idols

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yeah this is cope and you know it

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no the actual nail is nijisanji choosing to wound but not kill dramatubers which made them basically report everything we were saying here to the wider vtuber audience, if it weren't for that everything would've mostly stayed a /here/ thing
Oh and of course the absolutely horrible way they handled Zaion and Gundou didn't help

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En vtubing plateau'd, but NijiEN is outright dying.

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You can literally go back to lazulight days where people were posting catalog threads seething over a tweet where finana farted in the pool. There were number threads about how they were literally streaming to 1k people and shit like that.
There were a ton of threads about how Pomu would hopefully get cancer and die because she was in the wrong company.

If you think there would ever be a time where the catalog wasn't seething over the existence of nijisanji, I'd like to know what drugs you're choosing to take.

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yeah, after you niggers flooded the catalog with "I'm pomu" threads and kept picking fights in numbers where they just took every stupid thing you've said and complied them in a list, stop pushing the nijinogs didn't do nuthing narrative, it's not going to work

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>making fun of = seething

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>He didn't say it in public
Yeah but that doesn't make him an insecure little faggot
>and if you're not ESL you can realize he's not even shitting on the company but
...shitting on our talents instead? That makes it worse, retarded nijisister
>there was never gonna be a time where the catalog liked NijiEn
Yeah because we have every fucking right to hate on their livers and their retarded fucking fans who like to kiss Riku's ass

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>He didn't say it in public
Yeah but that doesn't make him less of an insecure little faggot
>and if you're not ESL you can realize he's not even shitting on the company but
...shitting on our talents instead? That makes it worse, retarded nijisister
>there was never gonna be a time where the catalog liked NijiEn
Yeah because we have every fucking right to hate on their livers and their retarded fucking fans who like to kiss Riku's ass

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Oh no people posting a meme that was well known in their communities? The horror. Absolutely terrifying. I can only imagine what the catalog would be like if it wasnt full of sea monkeys from mudhuts screaming about 2 year old drama and numbers.
You're also implying that /#/trannies aren't their own unique brand of schizo. How many times has that thread doxed and botted people to show that they can? Shit, I saw the things about fauna they were posting, I've seen the shit about iron mouse that they've posted, get a grip sis and realize that the catalog would have always seethed over a group that was everything hololive wasn't. It doesn't help that some catalogfags were interested in both pomu and Rosemi before they joined NijiEn and that was like a slap in the face to some.

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you know that saying that if everyone you meet is an asshole, you're the asshole?
Yeah, maybe if everyone you meet hates you, you are the problem

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Rent free Holoseethe

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this is a Hololive board

>> No.61436218

>e-everyone thinks they're assholes
That's weird, there's literally constant interactions between holo and Niji on Twitter and on stream, baes participated in birthday calls, mumei has streamed with selen, Kiara and Pomu literally ship bait all the time, pomu and Mori were talking about metal gear, nerissa had two collabs with Reimu this month alone
So where are these assholes, exactly?

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Personally I think Council was hampered by not taking full advantage of their strengths from the get go, whether it be due to a lack of confidence or not being comfortable enough around each other.

Bae had her JP fluency, she is easily the bridge to JP but that needed time to build. She's all around great but she was never in a position to pull the group together.
Mumei has her charms but she took some time before she really got the confidence she needs.
Kronii has her voice appeal and her snarky personality, but she never really took advantage of it until she got comfortable(Though she is at her best when she has someone crazy to bounce off of in collabs).
Fauna, like the rest, never got fully comfortable until later. She can be entertaining as fuck as we know her now, she can lead as well, but all of that never really manifested until later.

The relative lack of familiarity that Council had probably was the biggest limiting factor. Where Myth had Kiara to really pull the group together and make them comfortable with each other(if you need a JP example of this, think Subaru with the 2nd gen). Another point is that the at least 3 of the Myth girls could lead the group, Ame did for the 3D projects, Mori is all around the team dad, and Kiara was the tardwrangler that pulled everyone together.
Council never really had someone among them that can pull the group together, Bae could probably do it, but her pulling double duty as the JP bridge didn't really help.
I think Cover realised this somewhat and they let Advent really sit in for a longer time with each other to really build their bonds. Hence the long time before their debut.

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See and that's more of an actually honest answer. People from the getgo didn't like nijisanji because it wasn't hololive, which is what I said from the very beginning.

>> No.61436318

Oh I'm sorry I thought we were talking about fan perception and why this board is hostile towards you and your kind, not your copes about talent relations

>> No.61436347

doing great as coasters KEK
rat is doing her reps because she actually cares but the rest have not made a significant mark being a holo. they had all the buff and hype on them following myth but they all fell short.

>> No.61436348

the problem is that nijisanji en became an even worse vshojo.

>> No.61436393

Yeah we hate Niji because they're not Holo, totally not because of all their yabs exposing their black company practices this past year

>> No.61436422

>they dont count as hololive because I say so

>> No.61436450

that's only a minor reason why we don't like your whores and manwhores

>> No.61436483

i cannot tell you how much the dead unicorn emote reminding me of mori makes me laugh.

>> No.61436563

The board was hostile from the beginning towards the talents themselves. Like I said, there were literally threads talking about how nice it would be if one of the talents got cancer and died and your excuse was
>w-well they made memes on the catalog!!!
You could at least try to pretend that it wasn't because of the fact that they were in the wrong company but your post kinda gave the exact reason why so many people didn't like nijisanji from the very beginning.
They weren't hololive, they were everything hololive wasn't

>> No.61436582

>nijinog cope from 2021
get better material, all of them are mogging your chinese branch.

>> No.61436603

the nijisanji persecution complex is something else

>> No.61436614

retard. they're only relevant because they're in hololive. you have to thank that faggot omega for it. thank him for making tempus too while you're at it, cocksucker.

>> No.61436633

Again my friend. The seething catalog threads have been there from the start. It'd be one thing if they hadn't existed for the past two years but they had. Even before anyone in the west had heard about nijisanji. It wasn't hololive which means it was automatically bad.

>> No.61436650

I thank Omega every day for giving us a gen that shits on all of NijiEN daily

>> No.61436651

I love how that retard from /here/ still Deepl translates Mori anti shit to post on 5ch even after getting caught kek

>> No.61436660

>Literally not an argument
Are you even trying at this point?

>> No.61436675

>you're trying to hard nijisis
almost every new thing in this board gets shit on. your branch isn't special. riku isn't going to give you his golden yacht.

>> No.61436703

>Also not an argument
Try again.

>> No.61436730

Yeah I'm real sorry nobody is buying your "nijinogs didn't do nuthing" narrative, maybe try something else

>> No.61436731

your headcanon isn't either

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The whole reason they caught shit around here to begin with is their first few waves were clearly trying to be as much like hololive as possible, but their initial fanbase was mostly people who were mad at hololive for one reason or another and would endlessly shitpost about how much better they were when their content was basically exactly the same

>> No.61436773

>ironically admits council didn't do well as expected

>> No.61436775

>No rebuttal
Try again. I'll wait for an actual rebuttal

>> No.61436782

Even if they dindu nothing, they've done a lot now

>> No.61436811

And if you actually make a point other than writing fanfiction, you'll get one

>> No.61436820

Let the Whorofags cope. They just like to shit on everyone else while pretending to be the victims.

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they were still bodying your shitter branch back then. they're beating nijitrash corpse at this point.

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nice projection nijifag

>> No.61436951

Low numbers? But didn't they already had debut numbers under 5k? And only once but twice? Or what mental gymnastic are we going to play here

Pretty much this. We were too quick to judge.

>> No.61436976

holofags are the cancer of this hobby. they would even shit on the other members that do something out of the ordinary. the general public just doesn't know.

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They weren't though. The literal debut tweet of one of the first gens was a tweet about her farting in a pool.
During one of the first big collabs on the official channel Pomu blurted out the words
in front of everyone.
Finana had like 5 different stories about being caught masturbating, pomu literally talked about some of the shit that turned her on and shit like that. The only one who might have been considered holo-lite is elira who is still relatively calm compared to some of the rest. she's a massive fujo but outside of that she's pretty calm.
Later on we'd get Petra, Rosemi and Selen and the first two are both relatively clean but Petra can barely operate discord and talked about how hot it'd be if people locked her in a cage from the week after debut. Rosemi is just Rosemi and is a lot more crude off stream according to everyone else.

The only reason people saw them as trying to copy hololive is because they debuted 6 girls

>> No.61437167

And EN vtubing is still better than JP vtubing.

>> No.61437378

>nice projection
>years of evidence courtesy of /vt/

>> No.61437444

Please point out what exactly is fanfiction? The fact that from debut up until now even without the leaks the catalog was seething over literally everything
>OMG sis look at this tweet!
The /vt/sisters meme is unironically the most accurate depiction of the board. People were seething over literally everything the talents did before the leaks and even if the leaks hadn't happened it would have been the same. We're literally looping drama that's going on two years now because of how bored catalogfags are.

I like hololive and I like NijiEn but to pretend like there wasn't a big amount of catalog monkeys who raged over NijiEn from the beginning is pure fiction.

>> No.61437489

The part where you claim you didn't do nuthing

>> No.61437495

Saying dirty words occasionally does not mean they weren't overwhelmingly similar anon. It's not even a bad thing, back in early 2021 the holoEN audience basically WAS the overseas vtuber audience so doing something that would appeal to them made sense
Literally the only reason it was a problem is the overwhelming amount of shitposting stemming from what were ultimately incredibly minor differences between the two groups

>> No.61437555

>nijifag still projecting
how pathetic lole

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Remember these?

>> No.61437685

god you're pathetic, even as a holofag.

>> No.61437716

I'm Pomu.

>> No.61437755

Yeah sorry nijifag, nobody is going to forget your sins that easily

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File: 1.59 MB, 3535x1678, 1683804823941189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember nijibros
You picked this fight
We're just giving you what you wanted

>> No.61437878

>Whorofag still trying to rewrite history
It never gets old kek

>> No.61437927

Except it kinda does. Most of holoen is relatively calm, like selen unironically curses more than 3 talents from HoloEn combined and HoloEn have gotten yelled at by management for being too sailor mouthed.

People saw any girls back then as being holo lite and I'd say to this day the difference between the talents is relatively small. It exists solely in how the talents in NijiEn express themselves vs how the talents in HoloEn are more closeted. Unironically the only thing that's changed is how the people in NijiEn don't mind acknowledging their make coworkers whereas in hololive that's practically a death sentence

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>they stopped after Kobo passed Vox
>only one that was deleted

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>> No.61438124

the nijinigger fears the indochad

>> No.61438136

This was such a blow to the holotards lmao. A fucking male overtaking their idols mindbroke them beyond repair. Kobo stopped it but the damage has been done. KEK

>> No.61438140

Hey guys remember that one time people found that one nijisanji chat saving website and used it to find out that most of antis for other chuubas in general are also fans of nijisanji and then the site went down due to anycolor striking it?
Wait, it was this week

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>nijifags didn't do nuthing btw

>> No.61438255

He's right though, only a newfag who wasn't around on /jp/ would think otherwise. The whole reason the hololive thread split off from the vtuber general to begin with is NijiJPfags seething about them constantly like a primordial version of the retards in the numberfag thread, and those people formed the foundation of the culture of early NijiEN viewers here who also spent more time seething about hololive than they did posting positive things about the people they actually watched

>> No.61438293

>male on male
what's your point?
>please don't retaliate

>> No.61438320

>EN Horogai is too retarded
>The guy translating the text is clearly trying to fuel the flame
They know way too much.

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>> No.61438371

oh so now that the holofags took over this board you faggots are free to spread hate even on newer fans of the other fanbases?

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File: 117 KB, 1280x720, ESL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, where do you think (You) are?

>> No.61438438

Glad we agree that Nijifags brought this upon themselves

>> No.61438446

I would rather all the retard console warriors jumped off a bridge, I'm simply clarifying that it was absolutely the Nijisanji JP fans that started it, and they were more or less just aping the Niji fans on 5ch who are even worse

>> No.61438457

still don't get the point sorry. anyone passing vox only means they're also passing council

>> No.61438494

Only reason why Myth is falling behind council is because three members hate their fans and streaming

>> No.61438538

>pinning this on wawa
Nice try, egg

>> No.61438558

>formed the foundation of the culture of early NijiEN viewers
How the fuck do you even believe this shit? Next you will tell me nijiEN is loved in the original vtuber thread on /jp/.

>> No.61438608

I can't see any other reason they would have defaulted to endlessly shitposting about how much better they were than hololive instead of just talking them up on their own merits

>> No.61438636

Correct, and needs to be pointed out more often.

>> No.61438827

Who endlessly shitposted about holoEN being better than the real original hololive? The very same people that later moved on to nijiEN. This answer will make you deeply uncomfortable because you probably took part in some of that shitposting, but it's the truth.

>> No.61438831


>> No.61438849

So you hate nijisanji vtubers because they exposed Anycolor's bad practices?
I get the feeling you hated them from the start.

>> No.61438858

90% of this board weren't on JP back then. You can claim that JP fans back then started it but the amount of shit en got on this board from debut on had little to nothing to do with previous grudges. The fact is and always will be that Hololive was the only big company in the west for forever and when another company well known in Japan created a western branch it caused people to seethe. Especially when some of the people they'd hoped would end up in council ended up in lazulight and obsydia.

Most en fans from both companies are barely familiar with their JP branch members because JP in both companies is a completely separate entity. There are few excuses that can be given outside of the fact that people were mad a new tribe was showing up on the horizon and that the new tribe did things that their tribe didn't which was bad.

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never forget that that jp nijiggers are as bad as the ones you see from cn/en. Never give an inch to any of those fuckers

>Holounicorns attacking Suisei i swea-
>Japanese nijifans are good, unlike EN fa-
>You're just cherrypick-

tldr: people flaming suisei on the >drama are all regular commenters on nijisanji live streams


and after a day from this being posted at Japanistan, the site that tracks nijiggers through live chat is shutting down for very suspicious reason. The fact that it happened so sudden and during the height of the Suisei yab has people conclude Anycolor is behind it.

>> No.61438969

>Kiara's fault
Fuck of nijinigger

>> No.61439070

>their first few waves were clearly trying to be as much like hololive as possible
Where can I get some of whatever the fuck you're smoking?

>> No.61439101

>people flaming suisei on the >drama are all regular commenters on nijisanji live streams
This is a well known fact. They always get exposed as niji fans

>> No.61439158

also add that cumbies went to f00bs and koone's stream to ask them what they feel about gura overtaking them on that 1m milestone. abominable fucks.

>> No.61439208

>Who endlessly shitposted about holoEN being better than the real original hololive?
Nobody? Certainly not to any noticeable extent, anyway. There was the inverse (ken-sama shitposting about how JP was superior) which led to hlgg splitting from hlg, and hlg by now is essentially an anti thread.

Two all-female waves with debut songs (that they ran as ads on holoEN streams!) certainly raised some eyebrows at the time, anon. It was a big departure from what JP had been doing.

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File: 13 KB, 224x248, bugsquasher champ 2019-2023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>holo vs holo
You are just embarrassing yourself at this point

>> No.61439291
File: 8 KB, 453x81, 1667900148642574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holo vs Holo is a holo tradition
Trying to say it's never been done before is just SEA revisionism

>> No.61439301

>speaking the truth is embarrassing now
hit a nerve, cumbie?

>> No.61439360

oh yeah, the cumbies were the first to literally start the holo vs holo shit you always deflect on about

>> No.61439369

>Certainly not to any noticeable extent, anyway.
So you simply weren't around back then
>There was the inverse
Only in response to endless shart shark and chicken spam. You don't get to complain about getting shit on after shitting up a thread that doesn't want you there.
>hlg by now is essentially an anti thread.
And this right here shows that you've only ever actually posted on global.

>> No.61439407

>The fact is and always will be that Hololive was the only big company in the west for forever and when another company well known in Japan created a western branch it caused people to seethe.
September 2020 until May 2021 = "forever"?

>> No.61439424

>38 ips samefagging in here
Catalogfaggots fell off hard

>> No.61439435

Ah, so you're a schizo from hlg who got lost and stumbled onto the wrong board

>> No.61439463

>what is having a "discussion"
go back to tiktok, you fucking zoomer

>> No.61439476

Oh so this "holo vs holo" thing is only a problem when it makes an ENfag like yourself look bad but you have zero issues claiming that a real hololive fan started it.

>> No.61439509

This board's collective mental illness is worsening at an exponential rate.

>> No.61439536

>and after a day from this being posted at Japanistan, the site that tracks nijiggers through live chat is shutting down for very suspicious reason
Because people found out that this side was made by holoniggers to falsefag as nijisanji fans.

>> No.61439552

I'll be here as long as you keep spamming /jp/ with EN garbage.

>> No.61439622

Surely you have a proof that these guys with years old logs of niji chats are holo falseflaggers

>> No.61439653


>> No.61439695

I would still like a chance of licking the sweat of Moomz cute tiny stuffy feet after she had an all day mocap suit recording.

Like you know how your fingers and toes look all wrinkles after being in the pool or the bath for awhile.... Yeah that how her adorable little tootsies would look after I am done licking clean the sweat off every nook and cranny of her tired soft supple soles.

>> No.61439700

Some of these aren't even attacking Suisei though some of them are literally saying stuff like
>it might not be a good idea to attack people and I'll keep listening to your music so long as you keep making it
>Keep a lid on some of the stinky stuff
>If I wanted to hide something I'd make sure it remained hidden
>Wait for it to fade away people
>It was a bad week but I'm feeling better thanks to you. Be careful and I'm here to help!
Like I've only taken a few of them and ran them through translations since I and most others don't speak Japanese but at least 4 of them so far have talked about how they support her and how they feel like if she was really trying to keep something a secret she wouldn't have publicly owned up to it.
A few definitely are shitting on her don't get me wrong but so far at least 5 different ones I've translated have been fairly positive

>> No.61439757

oooh spicy. can't say it's far off from the truth considering how much they have crusaded against niji. the fact that it only showed niji interaction was suspicious enough.

>> No.61439764

>literal console war thread
A thread this blatant wouldn't last five minutes on /v/. Just rangeban SEA already.

>> No.61439775
File: 869 KB, 1920x1080, 1685348601247610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>so desperate to numberfag and shit on Nijisanji that you go to 5ch and bring their drama here too
>Still crying about the "all out war" shit when the "sides" in the war are still friendly with each other outside of Fulgur who is the only one who actually said anything awful
>Extrapolating it to the rest of the branch
>Actually believing that Luxiem catalog numberfagging was true and real Luxiem fans (I hate them but you're absolutely retarded if you think they were the ones posting "VOX PASSED FAUNA. VOX PASSED MUMEI." every day)
>blaming anti-holo threads on Nijifags instead of the same vague group of brown people who have been shitposting here before NijiEN even existed
>Muh "Holo vs Holo" = Nijifags apparently
>predictably replying to any bit of pushback with "nijicope/nijiseethe" like a group of excited kindergarteners

Just when I think I'm done with Niji shit I check basically any catalog thread and am reminded that yeah, /vt/ can get much, much dumber

>> No.61439789

You were the one claiming their integrity and truthfulness, it's up to you to prove it first.

>> No.61439854

>We were too quick to judge
Frankly, I think management dropped the ball way too hard and way too often, which is why Council took so long to find its footing (imo anyway). There’s a reason people always shit on Omega because whether it’s really him or he just symbolizes what was wrong with EN management, he or the people actually responsible for this arguably did not do their best at helping irys or Council succeed (to put it mildly)

>> No.61439888

>I have 0 proof so I win the argument.
Ok retard

>> No.61439957

Why are you greentexting your own thoughts? Do you even know how to use it?

>> No.61440139

Nijisanji has always been a shitty company and most of their EN talents are those weird asian kids in highschool that had their own little cliques and hierachies or just really fucking stupid. I don't hate every Niji and I don't normally think about them but it's hard to deny they're not constantly trending on twitter for all the wrong reasons. Even normie friends have asked me about them.

>> No.61440567


>> No.61440858

Council really hit a stride right before and after Sana's graduation. That was what pulled them together in the end.

>> No.61440860

[Translated by DeepL]

>> No.61441153

ill be transparent ahead of my replies, i liked nijisanji for a good while but i never hated hololive, however now i dont give a shit about nijisanji anymore because anycolor is a shitty company who doesnt care about anything theyve built and are just using it to make money at the cost of the well being of their workers.
and my opinion of hololive is indifference.
eh not like holofags are much better when this place is supposedly a holo board but then will constantly complain about how the nijifags are shitting it up and how holofags are harmless and didnt do shit, despite antagonizing anyone who wasnt hololive.
holofags will complain about how nijifags asked for this and all those other excuses but have partook in the same shit many times, even against other holomembers (not including the homos) and even in this same thread they continue to do the same thing they say they hate nijifags for doing.
i was around before nijien and can confirm some of the nijiJP schizos pre-dated EN, theres always fags who did console war shit and they shouldnt be forgiven for that, especially when they were also one of the groups trying to fuck aloe over.
however remember theyre not the only groups at play, there are just people who use popular things as an excuse to be the worst and to make that side seem worse, even in the hololive fandom though less often does that schizo behavior escape outside of /vt/ directly.
the only conclusion that consistent with nijiJP and when nijiEN started getting more schizo fans is when china was a major demographic of the viewer bases, which hololive has been immunized to for the most part during this time.
holofags are known to project their behavior onto nijifags, not helped how some nijifags do partake in the stuff theyre being accused of, causing holofags to feel validated.
i also think its hilarious how often youll see blame passed to nijifags or nijiseethe yelled at people unanimously by multiple anons, meanwhile the reverse barely happens and is more so mimicking the shit holofags say, the nijifags arent making up new buzzwords to attack holofags the same way holofags do so.
one would think the primary group of shit flingers would be able to just blame holofags all the time since theyre the more popular group but you would need the numbers and culture dominance to do that, which nijifags have never had, even when former holofags and the chinese started to mainly watch nijien.
basically holofags often will say "holoboard" but then act like theyre the oppressed minority whose bullied for no good reason as if they hadnt been the dominate force that caused the creation of this board and the ones who have ruled it since the beginning.

>> No.61441222

That's rich coming from somone positing in a thread shat up by nijifags

>> No.61441327

You're the one that makes claims, provides no proof, and then smugly act as if it's irrefutable.

>> No.61442206

>nips shitting on NijiEN numbers
>suddenly "b-but what about Holo??"
I thought it was just an EN thing, but Hololive really does live rent free in every nijiniggers' head.

>> No.61442258

nijiniggers end up being nijiniggers no matter where they are from, it's really wierd

>> No.61442543

neither side is immune to being little shit children.
but to say theyre the only ones that are shitting it up is ignoring the fact OP went to 5ch to find nijijpfags saying shit and posted it here to cause shit, the multiple nijiseethe, nijicope and nijinigger comments, and how often any arguments saying nijifags are bad are childish grudge comments like "nijifags started it first".
i dont see nijifags shitting up the thread with non-arguments like those mentioned above, the only 2 holoseethe comments arent even replying to anyone and come off as someone just being a tryhard to start shit.
nijifags arent immune from shitting up threads but theres more anti-niji posts in this thread then there is pro-niji posts, so how are nijifags shitting up the thread when a majority of comments are coming from those who dislike niji with even some samefagging right before this post.

>> No.61442907

Its a similar case to 5th gen, except they were really close prior to debut and Aloe's sudden graduation made them closer to each other.

Council also has a distinct lack of a member who is the leader of the group to rally everyone. Look at the rest of Hololive, there is always a leader in each group.
>0th gen: Filled with solo debutees that pretty much had to survive on their own, each capable of leading their own when the time comes. They default to Sora as the leader out of respect
>1st Gen: FBK
>Gamers: FBK is the leader, but they are all strong members who can carry themselves fine without FBK
>2nd gen: entire gen of solo individualists, Subaru pulls everyone together
>3rd gen: Another strong group a la Gamers, but Marine and Pekora stand out as the leaders
>4th gen: Coco was the leader in an otherwise individualistic generation a la 2nd gen, note how the group noticably drifted apart after Coco's graduation
>5th gen: Strong member overall, each can take the lead in the right situation
>HoloX has Lui the supreme tardwrangler
Council's distinct lack of a leader(or members who can lead in the right situation) didn't really help them.

>> No.61443095

That "b-but what about Holo??" is made with superior nippon nijiseethe, folded 1000x so it's more powerful than the EN kind

>> No.61443478

what the hell are you on about when this picture exists >>61437864

>> No.61443559

Yeah because theyve inflated their average with 3D debuts. If you just look at normal streams EN is tiered like this:





Advent are dragged down by Shiori and Nerissa. Council are saved by Mumeii and Fauna and that Kronii isn't a complete shitter yet.

Myth having Ina and Gura is mitigated by how few streams they do.

Really the current face of HoloEN is Fuwamoco, Bijou, Fauna and Mumei

That's the five

>> No.61443730

The weird thing is I wouldn't exactly say myth have a leader either. Kiara tries but nobody gives her the time of day as seen in discord leaks where we literally see Kiara begging for people to respond to her or in her own livestreams where she calls out other members of myth for ghosting her. Mori spent the first year or so in myth cozying up to twitch ecelebs and gura Ame and Ina sure as shit aren't leaders so what exactly do myth have for a leader that council don't?

>> No.61445112


>> No.61445354

How does that change anything I said?

>> No.61445616

fuwamoco's viewership swings back and forth wildly
Old game? 3k viewers
Karaoke? Guaranteed 10k+
Probably the same with Mumei though

>> No.61448942

Councils "failure" if you can call it that is that Myth did not retain the audience they were given, most of whom moved on but they also lost a lot of the western vtuber audience to others. I myself was filtered by Myth.
Hololives generational success is seen in the next gen, where you see audiences build up. Mytyh brought it down, although it might have been a tall order to satisfy the massive audience they were given when competitors arose from every angle. Council managed to retain the holobox base for Advent to benefit and grow from it

>> No.61449078

I wonder how much they spy on us.

>> No.61449344

lmao, the nip's nijithread is on different site, 5ch is a fishing ground for tribalfag

>> No.61449599

I can cherry pick jap holobronies shitting on your slut idol too lmao

>> No.61450017

>Less than a quarter the length of the nijinigger list
what did he mean by this?

>> No.61450096


>> No.61450110

deflected already lmao

>> No.61450210

>he says, as he deflects

>> No.61450236

Council, first and foremost my dear newfag-kun, was heavily culled by youtube police.
So any comparisons to myth are retarded in the first place and covid fulgur is retarded as well.

>> No.61450317

Most holoen fans can name most Jp members.

>> No.61450819

>he doesn't know

>> No.61450977

classic, nijitears are delicious

>> No.61451096

there are so many nails
what a garbage brand

>> No.61451511

The saddest part is that it started off pretty good. It just got rough with Ethyria and Luxiem, especially around the time the rest of Ethyria isolated Nina from their wave just to bring Petra in as a glorified replacement. Which then lead to Nina having to off collab with Luxiem for any social interactions.

>> No.61452693

>people flaming suisei on the >drama are all regular commenters on nijisanji live streams
time to move the goalposts
why don't you go through all the comments below the video yourself if it's so important to you?

>> No.61453394

Calm down vox just because your nijisis left doesn't mean en dead.

>> No.61453858

That is a pretty stupid twisting of events to try to shit on people you don't like. You guys should probably get together and figure out which of the dumb narratives you thought up after watching clips are close to the truth or not.

>> No.61457693

Like a year ago

>> No.61460923

>had a massive amount of unity
So who's gonna tell this faggot?

>> No.61462824

Civilizations rise and fall at Kiara's command.