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>Officially the biggest vtuber song ever

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No one cares

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if you don't count annoying orange as vtuber then yes

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No one does except shitposters and retards trying to be clever

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What does it make the "biggest" song? If you go by views on YouTube then you are wrong.

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Learn to read retard and also learn English

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>it's another "pretend to care about thing because numbers" thread

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Which is /vt/ in a nutshell, yes

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it's a cool meme song but I wouldn't listen to is as music on my playlist

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What makes a song the 'biggest'? If it's officially the biggest song, there has to be a criterion for that, right?
Since it can't be the numbers, I was asking for the criterion that makes it officially the biggest song.

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read the post again dipshit

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Where do more and more people keep coming from to listen to it? You'd think a song like that would inherently have a small audience

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>Can't answer the question
OK, I really tried, but you couldn't answer a simple question. So let's just say, OP was wrong and it isn't the biggest vtuber song ever.

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ui-mama hates lolicons and dont even think about replying with r***

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she needs to r*** me for being a lolicon

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So happy I don't post and I don't browse twitter.

Thanks life,

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jesus christ what the fuck. it's not that fucking catchy

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Then what is?

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Sasuga Honorary Holo Ui-Sensei. Hololive only grows stronger.


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Kaguya Luna does not have a song with more than 45 million views anon.

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Every japanese person is a lolicon

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then explain how this song started playing in my head the moment I saw OP's thumbnail

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Oh, RIM still has her just covered too.

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>>61416758 (me)
Actually my bad, I read the OP as 43mil for some reason.

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If Nyanners didn't delete pomf pomf kimochi off her channel years ago, it would've mogged this sad masochist pigshit. I cannot believe how many spineless people sincerely enjoy degradation.

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Holobronies not knowing any vtubers outside of the single company they know, many such cases.

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They don't even know who is in their company, lmao.

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>40+ million pedos inhabit this world

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>Nobody listened to the song twice

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most popular, dumbass

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It's literally a song hating on and making fun of pedos

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DYRBI? Ui's latest shtick was all about baiting people into hatefucking her.

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Pmaru has said explicitly that she views herself as an utaite, not a VTuber.

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No please don't start this conversation again, every lolicon thinks the song is pro-lolicon because they are masochist or some shit there is no use arguing with them, they just want to be accepted so bad.

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tell the US to send another sun to japan, two clearly wasn't enough

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>Brain so rotten it can only think in numbers

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kill pedos

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She can call herself whatever the fuck she wants, her content is classic old school vtuber shtick and she uses a 3D model for lives.

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She probably doesn’t view herself as a home wrecking whore, but she is one.

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It made it into the Japanese YouTube algorithm for regular music. Getting 45 million in that category isn't unusual.

Her other songs haven't been increasing significantly in views and she isn't gaining many subscribers, so people who have no idea who she is watch this from the main YouTube page and just watch something else after. She hasn't suddenly become the Vtuber equivalent of Ado.

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We know about Vshojo unironically.

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that's a lot of pedos

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She literally sings a KnJ song right before she introduces her song

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numberfagging aside, there is no way the pomf video (even the original one) would have more views than this

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She is a lolicon herself though

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Learn to respect your betters who came before you.

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Isn't that the song from the Urusei Yatsura remake? I don't know if I'd count that

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I've heard of annoying orange. I have no idea who this girl is.

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Catchy dance aside, this song would never have gotten so popular if she used her regular model.

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Holy shit, there are so many tiktok kiddies in the comments...

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Why not? It’s sung by KAF.

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Where is the misinformation exactly? >>61416758 Take RIM here as an example, her song rode the algo and she didn’t really get a ton of growth off of it, a lot of people still only know that one song.

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Will post gen 3 hologirls ever surpass this or are they not even in the conversation

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ironic nu-lolicons should swim in gasoline

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I wonder how Kiara feels knowing some non-corpo's meme song has gotten more views in one month than all of her original songs combined in the last three years.

Or Suisei and Mori who consider themselves the singers in Hololive and got equally fucking mogged.

To be honest half of the popularity is probably because of the 9mm meme but it's still funny.

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I enjoy humiliation as long as I get to top or enjoy the sex

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she wasn't even close

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I love that shit it goes everywhere with everything

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>and she isn't gaining many subscribers
She's had her channel for years now and was only around 900k subs before the mv released. She hit 1 million subs on steam a month ago, and is about to hit 1.5 million. That's a growth in the vtuber world only seen in big debuts like Gura or Salome, and no one gets that much boost after already being established for years

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>mfw when I see this hag's attempts at dancing

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Sub growth is meaningless if it isn’t syphoning those new subs into active viewers/supporters. Which so far it has not done.

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Holy irony, sister

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If you wanna bring up pmaru and namirin then you also have to bring up the fact that they are converts and thus counting them is very nebulous. When people talk about biggest and most popular vtubers no one arguing in good faith will suggest cookieswirl.

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No one watches Renai Circulation cover because of the singer behind it. They watch it because youtube pushes it as the original instead of a cover.

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Exactly, normies think it’s the original

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Doesn't help that she just straight up ripped the OP video from Bakemonogatari.

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Isn’t Japanese copyright law supposed to be super strict?

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It's like a minute and a half loop of animation, so it'd count for what YouTube considers fair use. There are react channels that get away with uploading like half an episode if not more.

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>MAISONdes feat. KAF
Not released by a vtuber.

Not released by a vtuber.

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It's also not released by a vtuber. Namirin's vtubing debut was in 2021 whereas the renai video came from 2017.

Salty sisters are trying to claim any slut that sang a song online at one point is a vtuber now to move the goalpost and deny the reality that the most subbed vtubing channel and the most watched vtubing video are both lolis.

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OAV3, pedobro.

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god, that dancing is so erotic, literally shaking her ass to seduce adult men.

damn brat! she needs correction!

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The song had been released last year on YouTube music and it barely scratched the milion views before the release of that MV, so you're not wrong.

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IOSYS and Kagame haven't done anything significant in years, so by that logic they're nothing without Ui.

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It literally isn't, EOPs.

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Fucking zoomer

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>embarrassed a children's TV presenter
>embarrassed the security buzzer manufacturer
>easily getting 50m views in less than 2 months, probably 100m in less than a year
>cucked every white knight who didn't realize she's seducing adults in the song
Someone needs to stop this brat, she's becoming far too powerful.

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Who is this literalwho? Peter Griffin is my favorite vtuber.

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Why would they bother, considering that Hololive has the best vtubers overall?

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she is not a real vtuber
same reason CookieSwirl is not the biggest vtuber out there
if it is not their main thing to do and having a channel from before becoming a vtuber, it does not count

>> No.61435990

She's streamed more than Gura in the past 2 months
So does that mean Gura isn't a real vtuber or?

>> No.61436036

Apparently Haachama is the only vtuber in hololive.

>> No.61436043

Where does Ui go from here?

>> No.61436062

everyone streamed more than Gura
does that make everyone a real vtuber?
ur argument is bs
converts are not vtubers

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What was Ui's pre-vtubing youtube channel?

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unless Cookie gets to be called the biggest vtuber alive and Gura being #2, i can not accept Uis song being called the most successful vtuber song
either those standards are in place or are not
you can´t just give the titles to the ones you like and ignore others

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Uncontroversial opinion: No one gives a shit what you think lmao

>> No.61436418

art streaming
she did content since 2018 but deleted all old vids when she became a vtuber 2 years ago

>> No.61436574

I hope you have a good bot farm because you're not changing a years old /vt/ consensus by being pedantic.

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Pont is valid though. Cookie can not be found on any charts and rankings, always putting Gura at top with the argument that people who didn´t start out as vtubers are not real vtubers.

>> No.61437000

Converts are not disqualified as vtubers, pre-convert accomplishments simply do not count as vtubing accomplishments. If Namirin debuted as a vtuber before singing renai circulation she'd be the #1, regardless of what people have to say about the algo fuckery, but she did not.

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By that logic most of hololive aren't vtubers because they're former nico utaites. Ui does get a penalty for leeching Subaru when she first started but that is clearly trivial, not to mention unrelated, compared to her current accomplishment.

>> No.61438925

it is about the channel
Ui had her channel since 2018 and already had subs before she became a vtuber
vtubers are those who debut from scratch as a vtuber, anyone else is a convert

>> No.61439108

In that case she loses to Irys who at least streamed with a vtuber avatar on that channel

>> No.61439190

then they all lose to gura again

>> No.61439270

>uhh she was a 1view with 500 subs 5 years ago so it doesn't count
Enjoy isolating yourself into irrelevance by being intentionally disingenuous.

>> No.61439359

No she doesnt, Ui has cleared all of her past songs even the fleshwhore skinwalk one with belle delphine will get mogged in a couple days

>> No.61439455

It's mostly the dance that went viral, the song has been out for months.

>> No.61439776

It's mostly the loli that went viral. Kakero has made animations for years.

>> No.61440004

so where exactly is the line?
500 subs (was way more btw) still converts to a true vtuber
5000 subs aswell?
50.000 subs too?
5mil and not a vtuber?
this is all bullshit. either Cookie is the biggest vtuber or Ui is not
you pull your arguments out of your ass, everything is subjective

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Nah, most of the views came from people who don't care a whole lot about loli one way or another, they just saw a cute character do a dance they can make a tiktok with.

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>> No.61440867

>channel pre-debut existed for less than a year
>no pre-vtubing content on the channel
>majority of the views and subs on her channel by far are from after she became a vtuber
>majority of her account lifetime is as a vtuber
>is none of the above
If you can convince Cookieswirl to delete 9 years of pre-vtubing content with hundreds of millions of views off her channel then maybe we can start to talk.

>> No.61440918

Nah, Kakero has animated cute girls with tiktok dances for years and nothing like this happened. Shigure Ui and sexual loli is the only thing that changed.

>> No.61441059

There are probably tens of thousands of MVs of cute anime girls, many of them with pedophilic undertones. It's just that not every MV can go super viral.

>> No.61441443

And not a single one of those hypothetical MVs came from Shigure Ui, nor did the dozens of unpopular IOSYS songs and Gagame animations.

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SJWs, this is your house. Hop in feet first.

>> No.61441602

Kill all SJWs.
No you cannot change my mind.

>> No.61441743

Sjw? I don't even know what you're projecting on me kek. Are you saying that most of the views came from lolicons? If you look at other stuff going viral lately it's very clear that the algo pushes MVs with tiktokable dances very hard and that's the main factor.

>> No.61441869

Countless evidence says every single one that can't separate reality from fiction is a projecting subhuman SJW. https://archive.md/U23XK
If you equate their fans or anime loli to minors IRL , you deserve to die.

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We say "loudest", eleven-chama

>> No.61442092

Cope, Ui won.

>> No.61442416

Yes lolicons are the ones that made Ui popular. Funny how other non lolicon songs aren't as popular as Ui's loli femdom song. Almost as if lolicon is a massive contributing factor to popularity. Anybody can easily compare the time the dances were released corresponding to the view count of Ui's loli femdom song at a specific respective time. This is the age of internet where lying about something blatantly in public is impossible anon.

>> No.61442782

>If you equate their fans or anime loli to minors IRL
Ah, you got triggered because I said "pedophilic"? Sorry for upsetting you anon, I didn't even mean it that way desu.
When did I say she didn't? I'm happy for her.
I'd be really interested in seeing this statistical analysis you're talking about anon, sounds fascinating.

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Bro you can just check SocialBlade and compare that to the date the dances were released

Even a retard can do that

>> No.61443038

Okay, and how does this tell us that lolicons are a massive contributing factor to the number of views?

>> No.61443304

The fact that it outperforms every non-lolicon song in the industry, for starters.

>> No.61443585

How do you know that's why, and not because it has a catchy dance (like almost every song that went super viral in the past year)?

>> No.61443595

Shut up nigga I'm too busy Watching Nina's permanent loli narrative debut


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World's most subbed vtuber is a loli
World's most superchatted vtuber is a loli
World's most viewed vtuber video is a loli

>> No.61444296

Well, Gura's big numbers are mostly thanks to appealing to children, though having a childlike design is needed for that. Not sure who has the most superchats nowadays, is it still Rushia somehow? She's a midget, but her behaviour isn't really a loli archetype, more like a flavour of shrill yandere. The GFE is the biggest factor for her.

>> No.61444352

Honorary Niji

>> No.61444576

>Gura's daki is being sold to children
>Rushia isn't a loli because... She just isn't okay?

>> No.61444739

No, children don't buy dakis. They do watch streams and subscribe though.
What makes Rushia a loli?

>> No.61444860

Vtubing is an adult dominant demographic and Rushia like Gura has late elementary schooler body dimensions.

>> No.61445601

The VAST majority of people who watch vtubers are adults, even Gura. Kids don't buy merch or memberships

What makes Rushia a Loli? Flat Chest, Small Body/petite frame, high pitched voice and cute/moe styling. That's literally loli styling. not every loli looks completely like a child.

>> No.61446262

children don´t watch vtubers, they watch Cookieswirl

>> No.61449682

That should have been Pippa Tha Rippa.

>> No.61451313

So fucking Ado hasn't been in the youtube japanese music algo for over a year? Because that's how long it took for her to release a >40m video since the One Piece movie.

>> No.61453087

It's very catchy, and the animation is very cute.

>> No.61454984

I finally listened to this song and I don't get it? It's not a good song, doesn't have a catchy melody. So why does it have so many views? Do japs have horrible taste in music?

>> No.61455807

Imagine if there was something in the world more fun than being passive aggressive on 4chan. For some millions of people, the MV was something like that.