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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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>> No.6138367

I love this dragon's sexy voice!

>> No.6138376

I hope Finana braces herself for the game's poor optimization on her new PC.

Imagine what its like for her mama...

>> No.6138392

So do I! This captcha really is ass, who the fuck thought it was a good idea?

>> No.6138408

When is this game scary

>> No.6138409

I love fish, she is so cute

>> No.6138417

Finana is so cute...

>> No.6138430

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6138445

get fucked fag

>> No.6138447

Finana gets her new supercomputer in a few days!

>> No.6138454

>> No.6138466

Not even Hiro's bullshit will stop me from posting this cutie.

>> No.6138467

It doesn't it's more emotional than actually spooky with themes of suicide, and surprisingly child abuse and potential molestation

>> No.6138479

Finana accidentally swearing again.

>> No.6138487

Why does it say Lazulight collab in fish's title?

>> No.6138492

oh oh fish, hope it is not relatable for you

>> No.6138510

So from 1 to 10 in the schizometer (1 being "just likes to watch all the streams and comment" and 10 being "he's waiting for the opportunity where he can meet her in person to ask her out and/or kidnap her"), where do you think Ichiso mama falls in?

>> No.6138518

0 chance she plays past this stream

>> No.6138526


>> No.6138544

>surprisingly child abuse and potential molestation
That's certainly not going to stoke the flames of Finana rumors or anything

>> No.6138549

a healthy 7

>> No.6138567

>this was supposed to be a full collab, but pomu and eli were no-shows

>> No.6138574

that face

>> No.6138586

Finana isn't being abused, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

>> No.6138623

It's a slow burn game so it'll take her a while to get there. Especially by the end where these concepts really become apparent.

>> No.6138639

Oh my...

>> No.6138648

Pomu's in the chat though so she could've showed up. Not like she's doing anything else today.
It's possible Finana just realized it's not that type of horror game so it wouldn't be a fun collab.

>> No.6138671

kinda weird mistake, it is not like her last stream on her channel was a collab. Maybe she is really diligent and makes next weeks stream titles and thumbnails on day off sunday, and accidentally copy pasted the lazulight collab into the title from the spicy noodles challenge

>> No.6138687

Anyone else?

>> No.6138712

Pomu love!
Captcha hate!

>> No.6138724


>> No.6138733

>me too

>> No.6138735

Description also has:
>I have no idea what this game is about or seen any gameplay, so we're doing a blind run of this!
Apparently the game was meant to be a collab somehow.

>> No.6138751

You don't groom Finana. Finana grooms you.

>> No.6138775

is it just me or is finana like 100% cuter this stream, also fuck the new captcha.

>> No.6138779


>> No.6138797

I don't usually watch EN vtubers but I can just listen to her for hours, what is this magic? Is that normal?

>> No.6138802

Elira LOVE

>> No.6138810

I think it's a "we" as in "you and me" refering to the viewers

>> No.6138814

It's probably for the best she play it by herself. This isn't Outlast, House of the Dead, or Resident Evil where it's goofy fun with others, this is more of a personal kind of experience. Not really like Silent Hill in terms of quality, but sort of in that territory where you can't really riff on it.

>> No.6138821

That moment was so cute but I'm confused why Pomu had to remind her that she's streaming. It's not like she said anything bad.

>> No.6138835

Betting that she got confused which horror game was going to be a collab, since Outlast is the Pomu collab happening on Friday.

>> No.6138837

maybe the first plan was for it to be the Finana Pomu collab, but they switched it to the outlast stream at the last moment

>> No.6138841

Jesus Christ that's loud

>> No.6138871

I love Pomu

>> No.6138883

that is mostly true for layers of fear too, but that turned into a very fun stream, if a bit at the expense of the game

>> No.6138896

Flappy Elira is out, will she play it on stream?

>> No.6138952

Wait what? I thought it was a joke.

>> No.6139008


>> No.6139011

Congrats, you have an oshi now!

>> No.6139081

nice gook virus

>> No.6139083

Holy based

>> No.6139211

Elira CUTE

>> No.6139225

>no webgl
nice virus faggot
he's for sure trying to get eli to play this on stream to turn on her webcam remotely or some gay shit

>> No.6139226

I love my PNG vtuber wife!

>> No.6139308


>> No.6139360

She's so fucking cute and smug, I love it. Already have an oshi from JP branch but if I had none she'd probably be mine, I guess it still counts if it's different branches?

>> No.6139384

Explain please... Is there something wrong with it?
iIs there a reverse shell in there or something?

>> No.6139401

can play games for 10 hours, and sing very well, and is fun to listen to, she ticks all the boxes

>> No.6139458

It's a exe

>> No.6139466

Crying fish.

>> No.6139541

I have never wanted to fuck a chuuba until the fish

>> No.6139566

Elira is your EN-oshi!

>> No.6139597 [SPOILER] 

my nijiEN oshi is all of them

>> No.6139636

UNITY LOVE dont forget to bonk the dragonschizo, they are getting uppity

>> No.6139641

Just be honest with your dick and heart and be a manslut

>> No.6139646

>tfw no sweaty stinky cutie endurance gamer fujo dragon gf with a great voice

>> No.6139708

Works for me, labels are just labels but feelings are real.

>> No.6139742


>> No.6139782

>only fish is streaming and the thread is 95% dragon

>> No.6139792

I want to lick her sweaty stinky feet!

>> No.6139804

I love fish, she is so cute

>> No.6139832

Fishfags never talk about her streams just how much they want to have sex with her.
It's like the opposite of the complaints Pomudachis get about being too into her streams.
Not a dragonschizo I like Pomu the most, just stating facts.

>> No.6139891

Fucking newfags, there's only one Dragonschizo.

>> No.6139894

I've been throwing out emails to content creators I like shilling the Nijisanji EN auditions. Been trying to raise awareness about it as much as I can because I'm certain that most people who aren't already deep into vtubing have no idea this audition exists. I doubt any of them will apply but even the most microscopic chance is worth it.

>> No.6139924

False. I just wanna give her a hug and and then do some rough headpatting.

>> No.6139929

>Fishfags never talk about her streams just how much they want to have sex with her.

>> No.6139931

That's actually disgusting what the fuck dude

>> No.6139942

How can you be so sure the dragonschizos aren't a discord cult carefully coordinating their posts to appear like it's a single schizo? Seems like the kinda thing a schizo would do...

>> No.6139947

reading comprehension you stupid nigger fucker

>> No.6139965

Haha, imagine how stinky and sweaty her feet must be after a 10+ hour stream. Imagine getting a whiff on them as she takes off her shoes. Imagine her rubbing one of her sweaty stink feet all over your face and using the other to rub your crotch. Imagine if she took of her socks asked you to lick her feet clean. Haha Imagine

>> No.6139999

What did she mean by this?

>> No.6140007

I think Finana is a pretty cool fish.

>> No.6140015

There just isn't much to talk about with this game

>> No.6140042

But what if she was a wyrm

>> No.6140071

I don't know anything about the game so just cruising along while watching fish

>> No.6140073

based dragonschizo is the wall of text I love Elira, still unity dragonschizo

fag dragonschizo is the soundpost fag who spam shitposts on every big thread on this board, and is behind like a third of all baitposts in these threads

>> No.6140116


"Finana Ryugu Tropical fish NIJISANJI EN liked"

>> No.6140130

I actively avoided that last scene because it was triggering my trypophobia. This game can be horrifying in some ways.

>> No.6140161

thats pretty good you should tweet it at her

>> No.6140167


>> No.6140255

I didn't really get it. It reads like its half way between one of those funny dumb what if questions and GFE emulator material?

>> No.6140408

I want to fuck the fish

>> No.6140435

>funny dumb what if questions and GFE emulator
well yeah, that is one of the selling points of Elira

>> No.6140466

That cactus

>> No.6140491

Scared fish is cute fish.

>> No.6140511

Fish is horny

>> No.6140545

She doesnt like being choked like that anon

>> No.6140551

my head will explode from her screams one of these days

>> No.6140554


>> No.6140590

What is she supposed to do?

>> No.6140597

>round 2, round 2, round 2
>please please please!
Was kind of hot hearing this out of context.

>> No.6140619

I had to re-install 4chanX in case if any anons are curious.

>> No.6140623

Run to the end of the sequence. When the mothman appears, she has to dodge to the left.

>> No.6140628

was pomu's sound fixed? did she say anything interesting? i slept through her stream

>> No.6140681

>> No.6140693

Also real voice reveal

>> No.6140725

>> No.6140730


>> No.6140749

Why would you do that anon?

>> No.6140765


>> No.6140804

does it help you get around the captcha?

>> No.6140818

I think the potential for Finana screaming randomly scares me more than a game itself.

>> No.6140831

Game theme

>> No.6140833

yeah sound a lot better. Most of it was just speeding through supas because she had so many but it turned to free chat here or there and there were some great moments. Also a lot of fucking around with effects and a tiny demon voice collab with elira

>> No.6140850

Make sure to take your abilify schizo

>> No.6140920

God the VA for Marianne sucks.

>> No.6140933

>> No.6140977


>> No.6140997

She's not the worst, but they really messed up giving her this much monologuing.

>> No.6141022

...you wouldn't actually drunk this right?

>> No.6141048

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.6141055

Because I want to make sure that we get good people applying, especially for the male wave. If everyone only knows about Hololive, they wouldn't apply. I have confidence that Anycolor will filter out anyone who isn't viable for the position, I just want more good people applying.

>> No.6141076

What else do you do with it?

>> No.6141098

I swear fish gets scared by the smallest things sometimes.

>> No.6141110


>> No.6141120

fuck this
give me one jar of Pomu Thigh Sweat

>> No.6141148


>> No.6141156

You people are fucking nasty you need Jesus ASAP

>> No.6141164

Best drink ever!

>> No.6141169

Sounds to me that bringing in people who don't give a shit about vtubing and especially Nijisanji isn't the best idea.

>> No.6141173

Gonna just say this now: Don't feel pressured to watch every single NijiEN talent if they release some duds later. Lazulight is kind of an exception within Nijisanji with all 3 of them being amazing. Usually each gen has some pretty weak talents and 1 or 2 standouts. Their talent filtering process isn't that good, it's easier to just ignore the ones you don't like rather than panicking if one of the males is a cringelord.

>> No.6141187

Why not both?

>> No.6141266

I feel like she plays it up for reactions and it's kind of annoying.
What about Finana then?

>> No.6141307

If Finana read this thread she would be proud of us anon.

>> No.6141312

What will the girls think of how their fans act here?
Elira fans are sweat addicts
Finana fans want to fuck her
Pomu fans want to marry her while spreading doomposts

>> No.6141338

holy shit im dumb, I just realized finana's scales kinda look like doritoes themselves!

>> No.6141339

Fish my ears...

>> No.6141342

>it's a mirror

>> No.6141354

Don't lie. Elira fans want to marry Elira, too!

>> No.6141360

I love her screams.

>> No.6141361

i seriously love her sweet little voice, fishgirl is fucking justice

>> No.6141371

Please anon...

>> No.6141419


>> No.6141431

Gonna just say this now: Don't feel pressured to watch every single HoloEN talent if they release some duds later. Holomyth is kind of an exception within Hololive with all 5 of them being amazing. Usually each gen has some pretty weak talents and 1 or 2 standouts. Their talent filtering process isn't that good, it's easier to just ignore the ones you don't like rather than panicking if one of the males is a cringelord.

>> No.6141445

I want to hold hands with Finana while we go through a haunted house and have her cling to me when she gets scared.

>> No.6141448


anon they are pretty degenerate themselves, that is what nijisanji is all about, elira DOES like mentioning she is sweating mid-stream all the time, pomu was the first one to SLUUURP on the bathtub stream and finana literally wont stop liking all of her lewds in existence

>> No.6141504

This is correct

>> No.6141524

There are two kind of people who get into Nijisanji: people who genuinely want to be in the company and people who can't get into Hololive. If we're talking about Western vtubers, you really need to know Japanese to be into Nijisanji so this alone already filters a lot of content creators. The second one is self-explanatory and this is the kind of "filtering" you can expect.

>> No.6141558

I kinda want to post some koikatsu porn using that one anons cards on twitter just to get a like from her Lol

>> No.6141586

Ah yes the beautiful Finana screeches beside my ear

>> No.6141590

That's what women are about in general, no agency can hide their degenerate nature.

>> No.6141679

>finana goes NOOO
>chat goes YEEES


>> No.6141696

Finana would literally be graduated over the Twitter hentai likes by this point in a diff company

>> No.6141726

I love watching the cute fish.

>> No.6141770

Fina unironically has the best game streams.

>> No.6141772


>> No.6141778

>I hold my mouse horizontally
Finana what the fuck

>> No.6141793

>Finana holds her mouse horizontally
Her wrist is gonna snap like a twig in the future...

>> No.6141818

She wouldn't even have a hentai tag to begin with, Amelia tried to make one with amelewd, and it just got flooded with retarda spamming the horny jail meme

>> No.6141823

Stop lewding Elira

>> No.6141824


>> No.6141825

>Her hands are tiny
But Finana that still doesnt make sense

>> No.6141829

smol hands

>> No.6141830

Finana's tiny hands...

>> No.6141833

She has tiny hands...cute.

>> No.6141834


>> No.6141847

I can and WILL cum on this fish

>> No.6141866


>> No.6141880

Her hands are so small she can't even use a fucking mouse. God is she cute.

>> No.6141881

>can't give you a proper handjob
No, tiny hands suck

>> No.6141890

Just how smoll is this girl?

>> No.6141900

Elira needs to stop being so lewd first

>> No.6141911

Fuck. Imagine tiny Finana getting fucked by a large dude.

>> No.6141924

>What about Finana then?
Fish has actually made an effort to get into nijisanji culture and frequently comments about watching senpai streams live on stream
I bet you she is avoiding interacting with them because she's embarrassed about her japanese and doesn't want to appear as if she's leeching
If you've noticed, she has really stopped commenting on whatever vtuber on twitter compared to Pomu and Elira and sticks to people she knows
there's nothing wrong with anything she's done

>> No.6141939

She's not jerking you off with T-rex hands and arms anon, she just said "small"
That said this really makes me wonder how the fuck she was able to play APEX before

>> No.6141946

Dude she's a mermaid. Mermaids eat people. This is all an act.

>> No.6141971

Some vtubers of a "diff company" have hentai tags with no problems and their likes are questionable at best. It's not really THAT big of a deal unless you start waving it like a flag at which point you're trying too hard.

>> No.6141980

It's not like it's unheard of for Hololive talents to browse their own hentai. Haachama does fucking hentai reviews of her fanart for fucks sake.

>> No.6142063

She is just too irresistibly sexual

>> No.6142080


this needs a finana edit

>> No.6142101

Imagine holding her tiny hands while she looks at you flustered.

>> No.6142111

Not everyone in JP knew about Nijisanji when joining either. I trust Anycolor's talent filtering. If they think they can teach a complete stranger the basics of how Nijisanji works as well as deeming it worth doing so, they can pull it off and successfully produce a good liver out of them like they've done before. Like the other anon said, in Finana's case she obviously didn't give much of a shit about Nijisanji when joining but they're effectively grooming her into becoming a fan of Nijisanji and its other talents.

>> No.6142112

How does this work...

>> No.6142124


>> No.6142133

Okay this game is pretty good.

>> No.6142144

She said she holds it with her four fingers and bends her thumb in an awkward position

>> No.6142185

Soon the real fun begins!
Elira is starting in 5 minutes!
This cute sweaty dragon is going to, I quote "SILVER RANK TIME I WANNA GET BETTER
PEW" Whatever that means.
Elira is the cutest dragon to ever exist. I absolutely adore her!

>> No.6142198

How is she lewd?

>> No.6142211

I'm gonna need a drawn diagram.

>> No.6142212

Didn't Himawari openly mention wanting to be a Holo initially, or was that someone else? I saw some people say Matsuri had said the inverse (that she wanted to be a Niji), but idk if it was true or just SHITPOSTS

>> No.6142233

Finana must lock fishdad in the basement when she streams.

>> No.6142234

Fucking hell, I'm having to use vanilla 4chan because the captcha broke 4chanX

>> No.6142249

Now I can't use her KK model, her hands are too big.
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

>> No.6142257

I do, every day

>> No.6142260

she exists

>> No.6142304


just update or disable and re-enable the plugin, it already has the new captcha enabled for me.

>> No.6142347

>> No.6142352

Stinky sweaty dragon time!

>> No.6142397

Matuli never wanted to be a niji, she said she didn't want to join because she'd rather be a fan who watches them. Hima never said that but she's a big Peko fan.

>> No.6142414

I love Elira!

>> No.6142416

Smart fish.

>> No.6142435

Elira in fish's chat.

>> No.6142446

nta but thanks, I was also having a problem with this lately.

>> No.6142451

This is way better than RE8.

>> No.6142487

Matsuri said the opposite, that she'd never wanna join Nijisanji since she's such a big fan it'd be hard to do her job properly as a talent.
I don't think Nijisanji care about hiring Hololive rejects or vice versa since it's a small world of top tier entertainers to choose from, but at the time Hima joined Nijisanji they were like 10x bigger than Hololive. She would've been retarded to say something like that, so it must be bullshit.

>> No.6142490

ELIRA IS PLAYING APEX RIGHT NOW! SHE'S ALREADY BEING CUTE! She's gonna be a gamer, too! I really love Elira and even though people are sometimes down on Apex, I enjoy her Apex streams because when she's really into a game, she's even cuter than usual! I LOVE THIS GIRL! I REALLY ADORE THIS DRAGON! I HOPE EVERYONE SUPPORTS HER! Give her a try if you haven't watched her, yet, she's extremely good at chatting and bantering with the chat! You'll love her, too!
Finana is still streaming, too! Support her, too, she's scared! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3WiMAdFS0E

>> No.6142528


>> No.6142565

I love you eliraschizo, which I differentiate from dragonschizos because your love for her has reached me.

>> No.6142584

Whats the worm video?

>> No.6142592

it was pomu + tiktok

>> No.6142607

Elira LOVE

>> No.6142611

The flicker of the flashlight is starting to bother me.

>> No.6142627

>She would've been retarded to say something like that, so it must be bullshit.

Hololive always operated differently than Nijisanji. Maybe she just prefers to be a fake idol.

>> No.6142642

Elira is gonna POLLINATE Pomu

>> No.6142651

My love for Elira reaches many heights!

>> No.6142655

I found it before when Pomu first said it searching for im going to be a wurm for you girl

>> No.6142779

I love when Elira talks to her chat, very cute.

>> No.6142793


>> No.6142798


>> No.6142811

This fish stream is pretty comfy, even with the screams.

>> No.6142841

I'm sure she'd love not being able to interact with a bunch of friends she has because they're of the opposite sex.
Whatever it was that hlg took to mean "honhima wanted to be in hololive" was definitely taken out of context.

>> No.6142848

Elira has sweaty eyes

>> No.6142854

Hololive didn't even start having real concerts until very recently though, their first one in 2019 I believe. Meanwhile Nijisanji has been doing it for years. Even if she wanted to be an idol it ironically would've been easier to do in Nijisanji. Back in 2018 when Hima debuted Hololive wasn't even on the radar. They were on the level of the current startup companies like Prism and Phase Connect but with the small advantage of having Sora carrying them. She debuted a month after Fubuki to put things into perspective.

>> No.6142860


>> No.6142869

That's pretty rude...

>> No.6142892

Aw, Elira takes these kind of questions so seriously, cute

>> No.6142903

>> No.6142915

Hope this game is awakening Finana's ryona fetish and she starts doing ryona ASMR like Akira.

>> No.6142955

Elira has read all of my chat messages so far, let's goooooo

>> No.6142956

Wait tell me more about it...

>> No.6143017

Oh yeah well she's sitting on my lap while she's playing

>> No.6143018

What compels someone to relentlessly cringepost like the Elira schizo?

>> No.6143024

As much as I'd love it, I wouldn't want Finana's channel to get banned like Akira's just did.

>> No.6143045

during this >>6142903 scene Finana was just intently staring while listening to the sounds of a (maybe sexy?) nurse torturing and beating a man. It's not like it would be a first for Nijisanji to have a talent that's heavily into sadomasochism.

>> No.6143076

He's the most based person in these threads what are you talking about

>> No.6143092

This is really starting to become one of Finana's longer streams, this game really seems to have completely immersed her.
Also surprised she didn't comment on the obvious porn movie joke

>> No.6143097

I dont remember posting this?

>> No.6143098

Elira incorporates chat into her flow so seamlessly, it's great.

>> No.6143101

>what else are you gonna do at 5AM

>> No.6143110

Elira's aim is pretty good sometimes but she doesn't seem to know what to do with herself most of the time.

>> No.6143112

> "Who plays at 5-6AM?"
unironically me... Elira.....

>> No.6143145

>What else are you going to do at 5am?

>> No.6143153

"i dont have meds"

>> No.6143168

Elira... Your meds...

>> No.6143184

Being based

>> No.6143225

My love for this stinky sweaty fujo dragon!

>> No.6143234

>I feel like i have so many meds
>Like, i feel like i have too many meds

Elira, oh no

>> No.6143246


>> No.6143263

can't wait for the Elira x Pomu pollination porn

>> No.6143351

this wraith is cracked as fuck

>> No.6143391


>> No.6143470

For the anons using the cards, I have slightly fixed Finana's face, plus a second card with other costumes


>> No.6143488

Elira is adorable!

>> No.6143538

You got a problem with me sharing my INFINITE LOVE of Elira with the world? Square up, pal!

>> No.6143541

she should play on JP servers, they play 24/7 there

>> No.6143575

Based anon. Thank you for the Finana cards.

>> No.6143587

Elira says GET OUT, NORMIES, so apologize, again, for calling her one!

>> No.6143590

normies OUT

>> No.6143595

Nice! Thanks anon!
Time to post koikatsu lewds on twitter to get fish likes If that's cool with you?

>> No.6143633

I got to Gold for the first time last season and felt so good about it until I realized it's the actual trash rank and I'm still a shitter (even as console trash). Diamonds like that Wraith are the actual good players

>> No.6143656

Wonder how they'll incline? Despite the increase in subs seems like their viewers are stagnating, it only increases when there's a collab/boost game.

>> No.6143665

Isn't the ping/latency super bad if you're playing JP server from NA?

>> No.6143674


>> No.6143695

This parallel world thing on fish's stream is kind of throwing me off.

>> No.6143704

yeah lmao, the real competitive APEX starts when you get to Plat/Dia

true, but maybe it'd be good if she had really good internet...?

>> No.6143709

If she's such a fujo, what does she ship? Lusting over guys doesn't make a girl a fujo.

>> No.6143734

Yeah, I've only seen Amelia play NA/JP and the ping is awful. JP also has a lot more cheaters from China, SEA, and Russia shitting up their server

>> No.6143784

As long as they are tasteful, sure. Been wanting to create her previous character in Koikatsu but limit it's release to here

>> No.6143787

Elira is SO SWEATY right now

>> No.6143791

he's an attentionwhore
he admits to shitting up holo threads, posting bait and shitting up this thread during dead hours by falseflagging
he's mentally ill

>> No.6143793

>I'm so sweaty
Was letting people know that really necessary?

>> No.6143794

elira confirmed sweaty

>> No.6143821

Absolutely, my friend. This is vital information.

>> No.6143858

Yes, it always is.

>> No.6143860

It keeps the coomers watching.

>> No.6143873

this guy constantly shits up the 3 chats

>> No.6143877

You wouldn't understand.

>> No.6143887

How the fuck can I get this holotranny faggot banned?

>> No.6143888

Remember that we are still waiting for Finana licking Doritos dust off of Pomu's butt.

>> No.6143894

Sweaty doragon time

>> No.6143895

I can literally smell her through the screen!

>> No.6143897


>> No.6143902

just ignore him, everyone ignores him already.

>> No.6143905


>> No.6143930

Literally always a faggot with KFP in their name lol

>> No.6143971

I have never seen him in Finana's

>> No.6143975

This fish is smart...

>> No.6143976


>> No.6143991

He's in it right now, that's where the screenshot's from

>> No.6144013


literally was posting like a couple of minutes ago

>> No.6144051

Doing a collab with aqua from Hololive will make her better at horror games...?

>> No.6144061

I keep reporting him but he never goes away. They really need chat mods.

>> No.6144085

Oh, yeah, he's in Elira's now, but he was shitting up Finana's 10 minutes ago, he's probably in both

>> No.6144109

A good reminder of why I never keep chat open

>> No.6144117

Can't Pomu or Finana just ban this faget?

>> No.6144129

Why can't you guys just block the guy? It's not hard

>> No.6144155

Can you block yourself?

>> No.6144238

This is Finana's kind of guy...

>> No.6144247

Finana likes Thomas

>> No.6144351

Elira is baaad

>> No.6144361

Elira is a professional sniper

>> No.6144386

Him doing it all the time and being weirdly blunt-but-not-mean makes me think it's not even malicious, just somebody super fucking autistic.

>> No.6144396


>> No.6144410

wtf are these cards?

>> No.6144465

For Koikatsu, the general on /h/ is your friend

>> No.6144493

She's so baaaad

>> No.6144500

You can use those in a game called koikatsu. Characters are saved and shared in character images like that. You can gently hug fish in that game using those cards.

>> No.6144543

pomu... finana... save us...

>> No.6144623

Wow elira just called a lifeline a fucking gorilla holy based

>> No.6144634

>Elira likes Valk's over the top dyke voicelines

>> No.6144642

Seeing Finana get excited about playing as Thomas is kind of cute.

>> No.6144644

The best and probably the only good thing about being sweaty is letting strangers on the Internet know that you are.

>> No.6144653

She's enjoying the game and that's enough for me. Fuck you for wanting collabs all the fucking time.

>> No.6144666

>anything about lifeline
elira pls, don't say anything or else someone's gonna post the ugly lifeline pic

>> No.6144684

I wonder if Finana is gonna marathon this game or if she'll make this a 2/3 parter. It's great to see her really get into it.

>> No.6144694

Post it

>> No.6144702

>watch apexsanji
>expect not to see apex

>> No.6144706

B-but collabs, especially in horror games, are the best... w/e this is good too

>> No.6144717

>how else would I smell you if I didn’t have a nose
Elira smellfag confirmed?

>> No.6144732

I don't watch streams. I only listen.

>> No.6144771

Yeah she seems into it. I forgot she's been streaming for 4 hours.

>> No.6144773

Holy based

>> No.6144829

All the sweat mentions make sense, she is literally asking you to conceptualize the aroma
Now she's talking about she wonders how Pomu would smell

>> No.6144834

I mean it checks out. Also very based.

>> No.6144838

>eli not breaking 2k
dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.6144864

I wanna fuck finana!

>> No.6144868

Wrong thread numberfag

>> No.6144881

Just curious. Are you the same guy that literally posts the same thing every single day?

>> No.6144893

also this is apex, even zatsudans are more popular

>> No.6144895

No, Elira smells like sweat and feet

>> No.6144897

She's playing Apex alone at a low rank and she's pretty bad at it, it's a pretty heft debuff

>> No.6144911

Maybe if you stop replying to him every time he posts this shitpost, he'll get bored of it. Fucking retards.

>> No.6144936

you'll catch me dead before you find me watching an apex stream

>> No.6144940

>she talks so much
Elira your autism reps.....

>> No.6144947

I reply to messages because I want to, even to this one, dick

>> No.6144978

>Replying to bait this low effort
Fucking retards

>> No.6145017

>Elira under 2k
>Finana under 1k
The numbers...the numbers...THE NUMBERS

>> No.6145040

I don't particularly care. I already have to endure pomudachis spamming the thread whenever Pomu is streaming, might as well have some variety. We also have the same guy with his obvious grudge against Finana who always posts the same shit as well. Anyway, this thread is doomed, you should just accept it.

>> No.6145076

This dude gets it

>> No.6145109

I didn't expect much from the game fish is playing, but it's been pretty interesting.

>> No.6145111

>> No.6145132

By all means, be a worthless faggot and shit it up further, make yourself no different than the other mentally ill.

>> No.6145196

I should check the vod at some point. i wasn't impressed at first, but then again i didn't pay much attention either


>> No.6145205

Its pretty amazing when you realize that this came from the same team that made Layers of Fear and that Blare Witch game.

>> No.6145226

this sign has been effective a total of zero times

>> No.6145232

Check this out.

>> No.6145242

I'm just glad Elira and Finana are both having fun! :)

>> No.6145259

Sorry, guy. This is the only sign worth posting.

>> No.6145267

wtf? weirdo

>> No.6145325


>> No.6145355

pomura stop!

>> No.6145467

I want to lick Elira's sweaty armpit mole

>> No.6145501


>> No.6145504

dont be mean

>> No.6145523

Demon Pomu...

>> No.6145549

You do have a point there I guess. I must admit I stopped caring about the state of this thread a couple days ago. But I'm glad there are anons that still care I guess. I won't sabotage your effort of making this a pleasant place but I'll watch with great interest as you fail miserably.

>> No.6145563

Tiny Pomu...

>> No.6145565

Pomu voice chatting in Elira's stream. She's 9sm right now

>> No.6145569


>> No.6145576

Damn webm converter ruining this

>> No.6145603

>Watching both Finana and Elira at the same time in the background
>Suddenly some Saw voice comes on
>Think it's from Finana's horror game
>It's Pomu

>> No.6145640

This is disturbing.

>> No.6145641

Is this PILK takes over her body?

>> No.6145660


>> No.6145667

It seems that Pomu can't stand not being the center of attention. Not much I can do about that besides disliking the video and stop watching. Sorry unityfags, I failed you.

>> No.6145675

now this is quality content

>> No.6145703

>> No.6145721

What did Pomu say I had to pee

>> No.6145733

Am hearing voices again or something?

>> No.6145737

looks like you need to be broken in, boy

>> No.6145744

>This whole convo

>> No.6145752

gg deez nuts

>> No.6145848

They get into each others streams everyday, maybe if you actually watched the streams then you'd know

>> No.6145861

Adding on to this bait, if people don't like genmates hopping in to chat with each other, then you should go watch h*l*EN.

>> No.6145888

Tentacles in Fish's stream!?

>> No.6145893

You can separate APEX live streams into three parts
>The begining
>The middle
>The end
The begining is awesome because streamer is full of energy and enthusiasm for the game.
The end is amazing because an APEX stream is finally over and in case of Elira, there will be a kino superchat reading.
But the middle part of an APEX stream is always shit. It's when people get bored. It's when a streamer gets tiered of APEX. Fuck the middle part.

Anyways, thanks for reaching my thoughtful analysis.

>> No.6145897

what would possess someone to beg to be blocked for hours?

>> No.6145908

Watching both Finana and the chat react to a horror game with this kind of content is insanely entertaining.

>> No.6145909

How new are you to these threads to not recognize pomuschizo?

>> No.6145946

Oh I do know and as I said, there isn't much I can do about that. The most I can do, which is obviously useless, is to stop watching and disliking the video.


>> No.6145958

This. Pomu is kino sometimes. Still like Elira more though.

>> No.6145988


>> No.6146011

Thank you fellow Eliraschizo

>> No.6146017

Hey now, I acknowledged my post was bait too.

>> No.6146042

It's hard being a mentally disabled minority, go watch a solo streaming indie, that might be more your speed.

>> No.6146145

It isn't really. I'm watching Finana play and the game turned out to be quite interesting.

>> No.6146226

Silly cute fish getting scared.

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