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Hololive Singing Tier List based on HLGG, /#/ and of course my personal touch

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Swap Gura and Towa and it’s not a bad list

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>another singing tier list where delusional chumshits place gura way way higher than she actually is
Everyone has already figured out that gura was overrated in every other aspect but its still taking a while for people to accept this hard truth. Her singing is good but not that special.

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How the fuck does someone listen to all those Gura and Shion/Okayu song collabs and think for even a second she's better than either one of them? Delusional.

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Kiara needs to drop at least one tier


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I have placed her at the end of S tier.
I still think she is better than everyone in A tier but yeah she has fallen off

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Gura's not even in the top fucking 30% of hololive singers. You people only rank her so high due to a combination of being deaf, favoritism, and simply not listening to other holomems enough.

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Not the OP but keep seething, Gura is still the nest Jazz Singer in Hololive. You don't need to be delusional to know she moggs everyone in JP besides Suisei. If anything, the faggoy OP has placed her too low. She should be atleast IRyS level

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You have it backwards. Her singing is special but not that good. Her voice makes people feel things but her technique is sorely lacking.

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I guess it makes sense that it would take this level of extreme delusion to be a chumshit considering what kind of oshi you have.

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better than usual
with the usual problem of similar singers being ranked far apart for no obvious reason
for example, roboco and ina both have exceptionally pleasant-sounding voices that they can't control properly
the A+/C+ difference isn't between *them*

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I went and listened to Fauna's singing ang damn she can't sing well but ik she can improve her singing... she still cute tho

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>5th place in a singing contest against amateurs (6th if Gorilla had been serious)

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Have you seen her last unarchived karaoke? She has gotten even better after taking lessons. You can argue Gura isn’t up there with her technical skills but she definitely is with how pleasurable she is to listen to.

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Kanata is too high.

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To all the Gura haters, keep being delusional.

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NTA but you seem biased against Gura so your opinion doesn’t matter. No one cares about your tribal shit, we’re talking about singing.

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If only you weren't a chumshit, you could actually watch people besides gura and realize how unimpressive these are. Did you really think these videos were meant to show anything impressive?

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>She has gotten even better after taking lessons
Naaa, she is not as good now because she isn't singing with dedication

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>you didnt put gura at the top/very near the top?
>youre biased!
How ironic.

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the threadreader list

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Good list. I am happy you have ears as you have places Kanata and Kanade at their deserving spots.
Also I am happy with the AZKi/IRyS placements, my only problem is Risu being that high in this list.
Also Lui is atleast Mori level.
Naa, Kiara is better than everyone in B Tier. She is better than Bae as well
I feel Sora has to be highly rated as she has the best technique in Hololive. Better than even IRyS and AZKi

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Is everyone under kiara really that bad? I have nothing against her but she can't sing for shit

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I love how Gura's talent make the JP nipps seethe so much Lmao.
Imagine thinking Kobo, Towa and Roboco are better than Gura
Go ahead, post some Kobo/Towa clips. Or anyone below her who sings better than her for that matter. Also we are talking about Karaoke

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Risu up, AZKi down, Sora up, Roboco down

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>for example, roboco and ina both have exceptionally pleasant-sounding voices that they can't control properly
>the A+/C+ difference isn't between *them*
Op Here
I understand this but the thing is Roboco is probably one of my favourites. This is the reason I have placed her so highly

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>there are delusional chumshits like this retard who listened to the gura/shion collabs and thought "yep, gura is the one mogging shion here"
Your oshi is not the queen anymore anon, its time to get over it (and she never was either)

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okay eop, put her in F and I'll accept tthis

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Here's the thing about these stupid ass list. They don't take into account the most important part of being an artist which is conveying emotions. It's all about feelings and not a screaming contest.
Gura's chill playlists have millions upon millions of views, even normies who never heard of vtubing listen to her compilation. She is league above any vtuber when it comes to delivery.

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Kanata is too high, she's A+ tier.

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I think Laplus should be a bit higher. Her articulation and voice clarity are among the best amongst vtubers. Her voice is also really strong in her niche too. She can pretty much own and crush Kanaria/wotaku/vocaloid-adjacent stuff.

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Post the clips last samurai

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Personally I would swap Watame and Gura in the their list, Aqua to S tier and Kiara to C tier. Other than that it is a pretty good tier list. Have my upvote anon!

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>has to resort to numberfagging to prove his point
Every fucking time with chumbuds.

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you could just go check out Botan's right now.

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Even A+ would be too generous for her, but I guess she gets the deaf person buff.

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>Kiara is better than anyone in B tier
could you post a link? I remember checking out DO U and it was just kind of ear-grating. I'd be glad to hear if she's actually a good singer

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Bruh, have you watched her last 3-4 Karaokes??
Risu has fallen off massively

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The Kanata hate is so forced


Cant find the En songs or JP songs, but here is a fairly difficult GR song.
When the orange woman is serious, she is good

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Gura was good when she tried, but she hasn't tried in two years.

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>Okayu collab
was the best thing that happened in a year on Okayu's channel. it's a no-name song with just around 10M views, Gura and Okayu literally saved an underrated artist
>Shion collab
you mean "Shion couldn't sing low notes so she asked Gura (a soprano who likes to sing high notes) to take care of the hard parts" right?

fuck off troll

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Risu is the same as Nerissa, they're not really good at live karaoke.

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>based on /#/
Opinion instantly discarded.

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i don't even like kobo or that squirrel but she deserved to be swapped with that squirrel
kobo is easily in the S teirs

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Fuck off troll

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karaoke, i love this chink song. sounds cute if shes the one singing it

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>was the best thing that happened in a year on Okayu's channe
mogu mogu right?
>Shion collab
what is this?

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Kanata has a horrible nasal voice.

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what's so great about Kanata?

and nah, Lui's not good.

>> No.61307660

based on his Lui assessment, he might like that.

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>what's so great about Kanata?
I am so glad you asked

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Kanata down a tier. Risu and AZKi up a tier. Kanade down a tier. Moona up a tier. Towa up two tiers. Roboco/Hajime down a tier. Nerissa/Chloe up a tier. Bae up a tier. Mel up three tiers (best sign of a newfag is anyone who thinks the voice she puts on most of the time is representative of her actual talent when she's trying.) Lui up three tiers, that placement is downright offensive. Anya up two tiers.
Shitty list, KYS.

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meh, I suppose I'm fine with only dropping Kiara one tier

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Gura is overrated in thus area, but you shouldn't focus on her fans so much, it makes your argument look weaker.

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she has a good range and voice, but she doesn't control it well. she misses notes.

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>ID Kek thinks Moona is better than Mumei, Aki and Mio
KYS Clipwatcher

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because so many Risu fags says she's quite good and tier, you've all wasted my FUCKING TIME.
she SUCKS, having 1 or 2 gold songs doesn't mean you're good.
i've just tried to listen to 5 and it all sucks/mediocre

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with all your other assessments, it might be prudent for you to check your hearing, or maybe stop letting your personal opinions of the person cloud your judgement of their actual singing skill

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Gura is overrated in this area, but you shouldn't focus on her fans so much. it makes your argument look weaker.

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I can't be bothered to correct every little thing that's wrong with this list but, everybody on S+ and SSS should be put down a tier (or a few) with the exception of AZKi. Also, I agree with Noel's placement on the account of her being kino, but unironically she'd be a C+ or B when she isn't singing badly on purpose.

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Lucky you anon, Ririka has a karaoke stream today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvt8KKPAdB0

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that was a year ago, she has learnt to control it now

>> No.61308243

she's really clumsy with her voice but it's still cute.
I still think Let Me Stay Here slaps because it fits her voice espeically well though

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Fag I am not the Op and your opinions are ass

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Muh naa, AZKi and IRyS are neck to neck. So if AZKi stays, IRyS stays. Similarly Kanade is just too good.
I agree Op really overrated Kanata here though

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when are tier lists gonna be bannable because consistently without fail it is the most dogshit list i have ever seen

>> No.61308466

NTA but Risu deserves to be put down by 2 tiers

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>> No.61308584

is Zeta really that bad?

>> No.61308669

Gura is S++ and any karaoke proves it.

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>Kanata down a tier
I agree
>Risu and AZKi up a tie
lmao only AZKi and IRyS
>Moona up a tier
Lol No
>Roboco/Hajime down a tier
Roboco I agree, Hajime no fucking way
>Towa up two tier
Yeah you have not heard Towa sing live
>Nerissa/Chloe up a tier. Bae up a tier.
Now you are just taking the piss
>est sign of a newfag is anyone who thinks the voice she puts on most of the time is representative of her actual talent when she's trying.)
Not the Op's fault. Being consistent is really important
>Lui up three tiers, that placement is downright offensive. Anya up two tiers.

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Towa sings great live, not as good as studio, but no one sings as good as they do studio.

>> No.61308838

lets see
Towa is not better than Mio, Aki, Mumei or Moona when singing live.
Gura does not count as the Op is a fucking Chumcuck

>> No.61308906

She literally had a sololive where I’d argue she sung better than all of those.

>> No.61308915

>Towa sings great live, not as good as studio, but no one sings as good as the
if towa moves to S+, Mio, Moona and Mumei have to go to SSS.
Even Towa agreed that Moona and Mumei are better than her

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Gura unironically sings better in karaoke than she does in published songs, which is why you always see chumcruds posting karaokes in these threads and never her actual published works.

>> No.61308970

is that a Karaoke though?
Sololive has pre recorded songs, let's not kid ourselves. If that's your point, Aki should be above Suisei for Shallys in the Holo 3D Fest

>> No.61308986

Towa has called Mumei and Moona good singers but never said they’re better than her.

>> No.61309060

>Even Towa agreed that Moona and Mumei are better than her
That's called putting oneself down. Most of these people would rate themselves lower.

>> No.61309065

And similarly, Suisei should be below Risu then

>> No.61309081

>Even Towa agreed that Moona and Mumei are better than her
Facts don't care about her feelings.

>> No.61309085

You could hear Towa sing nervously during the sololive at the start, there might be prerecorded songs, but there’s nothing that points to that for Towa’s sololive. If you’re speaking purely Karaoke, then a lot of this list gets turned on it’s head because some members take Karaoke more seriously than others.

>> No.61309168

Well obviously I feel this list is based on Karaoke. Why else would OP put AZKi and IRyS so high up then?
>You could hear Towa sing nervously during the sololive at the start, there might be prerecorded songs, but there’s nothing that points to that for Towa’s sololive. If you’re speaking purely Karaoke, then a lot of this list gets turned on it’s head because some members take Karaoke more seriously than others.
Anon those songs are recorded in a studio. It will obviously enhance your music

>> No.61309308

Yeah, and I’m saying that by using a live performance from a studio is wildly more accurate to their skill than a holo singing in their room with their likely way worse audio setup. It’s why I’m saying solely Karaoke is stupid.

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oh wow this thread again

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Okayu is too low, Kanata is too high, Hajime is a better singer than Kanade. Mel and Watame should be higher, Bae and Kiara should be lower. Risu is overrated again.
Try to listen to live performance OP, that's how you know who's actually good at singing.

>> No.61309457

Bad take.
If you record in a studio, you can actually use tools that will make you sound better. And how can you forget that filters are there.
Even Mori in the End of a life sounds better than anything IRyS has done. Does that mean Mori is a better singer than IRyS(Not talking about the song, talking about the recorded live performance)

>> No.61309544

And Mori is underrated

>> No.61309581

It’s not even a take, it is a truth that by using karaoke located entirely in someone’s house, they will sound worse than if they had an actual set up via a studio. And as you said, there could be filters to make them sound better, one talent might have it at their home set up and another might not. It’s for this reason going purely off karaoke is stupid.

>> No.61309658

>and of course my personal touch
why'd you even take the polls if you admit you're just lying

>> No.61309661

>It’s not even a take, it is a truth that by using karaoke located entirely in someone’s house, they will sound worse than if they had an actual set up via a studio. And as you said, there could be filters to make them sound better, one talent might have it at their home set up and another might not. It’s for this reason going purely off karaoke is stupid.
Filters with editing vs normal filters are completely different. Also answer my question about Mori being better than IRyS

>> No.61309839

And I was speaking about Towa’s completely live performance in a studio, not even her being recorded and then edited properly. You misunderstood me entirely. Mori falls under the latter of it being recorded and then edited entirely, which is not what I’m talking about.

>> No.61309878

NTA, but that will make Risu better than everyone in Hololive but in reality, she is not even better than Kobo

>> No.61310282

IRyS sounds damn near identical to her studio recordings

>> No.61310599


>> No.61310930

>G-Gura is overrated you CHUMBUD
How do I know you've never listened to Gura sing except for Reflect? How do I know your ability to hear emotion is underdeveloped, and you think loud = good? Does it ever get tiring being a contrarian just for the sake of it?

>> No.61311016

I’m happy to see some Kanata respect here. She should probably be down 1 tier, but too many lists on here group her with the singers around the A tier and pretend she’s gotten significantly worse at singing since her debut. To me it actually feels like her control has gotten better this past 1-2 years desu.

>> No.61311794

A single homo mogs all of them.

>> No.61315835

only towa matters

>> No.61315955

Literal retard

>> No.61315996

>based on HLGG, /#/
Might as well say you pulled the list out of the trash

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>kanata in sss

>> No.61316198

Actually good list?
I thought the catalog would be much more retarded, good job anon!
I would have placed Lui, Reine and Fubuki a bit higher but I can understand their rough placement,

>> No.61316294

>hololive is so shit at singing a half deaf woman beats them

>> No.61319377

Is the left best or the right? And is the ReGloss chicken really that good? Haven't watched her after debut.

>> No.61319958

This is the worst tierlist I've ever seen on here. /hlgg/ a.k.a Mythfag general doesn't watch anyone else and this list is proof of it.

>> No.61320124

>unironically lists Mel as the worst singer in Gen1
Are you deaf or something OP?

>> No.61320138

Threadreader EOP trash list
btw Gura is B tier, she has a very monotone voice that only fits a certain kind of songs, and they're not the idol kind. Chumkeks high on cope as usual

>> No.61320213

She's a good singer. Her song choices are top tier and she has potential. I'd say she can crack top 10 eventually if she gets more vocal lessons. Her karaoke a 2 days ago is kino as fuck.

>> No.61320565

which one?

>> No.61320875

no, loud =/= good, but Gura is also consistently overrated.

eh. many of them over-emote, to the detriment of the music. (Watame, for example.)

>> No.61321241

Kanata 1 down
Risu 1 up
Roboco 1 down
Marine 2 down
Bae 1 up
Lui 2 up

>> No.61321303

Just checked out bits and pieces, her Plastic Love was really good - surprisingly good English pronunciation.

>> No.61323941


>> No.61324350

This is actually pretty good. I still think Risu is a tad overrated, but overall a fair ranking. I'll also always appreciate putting the soul tier at the bottom where it belongs. They fucking suck, no matter how much you like it.

>> No.61325280

Pretty good list, I think Towa should be bumped up 1 though.

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In terms of raw talent, Towa is on par with Suisei and Kanata.

>> No.61326724

I'm quite sure people who make these tier list never listen to a singe songs from most of the people they're ranking. Everyone with an album/Ep are in league of their own (except the wigger) so in pure vocal performa'ce it goes :
Suisei, Towa, Kanata. Best vibrato, best growl, nice vocal range, insane high notes and versatility.
Chloe, Watame, Okayu, Polka, La+ (can actually decently rap) and Shion.
Good low notes, harmonic voices and overall lot of training. (Thos3 who ranks Okayu and Polka down never heard a single song, especially Lmao and Akanbo)
AZKI, Sora, Matsuri, Moona and Irys.
Most experiences, extremely basic singing, mostly Idolshit but very well put and sung. Can do insane High notes to impress the redditor.
Literally everyone else is around the same level, each in their own style or can just shit 2 songs with autotune like Gura.
Honorable mention for FBK, Nene and Roboco for cute songs.
Lui, Choco and Aki nail the sexy voice. And I guess Risu knows to mix and master which is not a singing feat.

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what kind of chumbud talks shit about okayu and shion? get your shit together buddy

>> No.61327144

>same tier as Polka, Okayu, Chloe and Watame
>above Laplus
Fuck no.

>> No.61327339

Towa, Kanata, Polka, and Watame all seem slightly too high here, although maybe I just haven't heard many tracks that showcase Watame's skills well. (too many high notes?)
also, kek at Choco and Lui.

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>> No.61327799

I know Polka can sing well, but I can't enjoy most of what she sings because of her exaggerated affectations. Not meant as a diss, I love the clown.

>> No.61328221
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Have you been on the catalog for the past year? These are schizos who are bent on seething about the shark. It's literal mental illness, none of these people watch vtubers. They just want to shit on someone because they were abused growing up.

>> No.61328563

Your seethe for chumbuds is so palpable it's actually funny. It's like you're seething so hard that you can't even hold back your anger as you punch 'chumshits' into your keyboard. Your life must suck really hard but being angry at others will never do a single worthwhile thing for your life.

>> No.61332041

Sora should be in the top tier.

>> No.61332139

>Suisei, Towa
insane high notes and versatility, lmao deaf retard

>> No.61332267

Everyone should just go listen to the greatest vsinger of all time.

>> No.61332547

Chloe has also composed some of her originals.

>> No.61332744
File: 589 KB, 2150x3035, yande.re 813296 ass bathing hololive milkshake_(artist) murasaki_shion school_swimsuit swimsuits wet full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okayu and Shion are S-tier

>> No.61334945

Saying that Gura is overrated by retarded chumbuds isn't shitting on Gura, dumb fuck. No one is even saying she's a bad singer. This is why everyone hates you faggots.

>> No.61335587
File: 145 KB, 1448x2048, 1600694589679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking based

>> No.61336004

S: Gura
S-: Kobo
(Suisei's for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVw5BKvtcow))
A: Mumei
Honorable Mention: Fuwamoco (true idol singing)
A lifetime's worth of inspiration and style is absolutely required for singing to move people

>> No.61336143

FuwaMoco are at least A+ and Nerissa is at least S/S+ but otherwise this list is solid.

>> No.61336955

The only thing that matters in this image is Kino tier, which is accurate so good job OP.

>> No.61338177

Marine is so bad.

>> No.61338302

Biggest retard on the board.

>> No.61338366


>> No.61338403

Kanata is the third best singer in gen 4. Shows how shit of a list this is.

>> No.61338480

I clicked the first link for an example of Kobo and it's almost sad how hard Marine gets overshadowed while singing her own song.

>> No.61338517

Two things jump right out. Kiara is like 2 tiers too high and Pekora is nowhere near that bad.

>> No.61338603

She's alright but certainly not exceptional as a vocalist. This just comparing vocals though. Marine is arguably the best in releasing hit MVs, with Suisei obviously also being a contender. Nerissa is also good with her releases and is talented as an EN lyricist.

>> No.61338688

What are the MVs worth when she can't sing?

>> No.61338868

What a weird question. Like asking 'what is a director worth if he can't act?'

>> No.61338938

She's not the director, she's the actor. You would have a point if she was funding MVs for others but she's not doing that.

>> No.61338964

Kobo is really good but I wouldn't say Marine gets overshadowed. The background voice from the song also makes it hard to judge. Kobo is better at harmonizing but Marine's voice has an unique pitch that fits really well with her songs.

>> No.61339349

And the performances released to the public are exceptional and highly well-received.
Treasure Box at 37M
Muzai Pirates at 23M
Most originals flop, or at least don't get close to that level

>> No.61339386

But this has nothing to do with her singing ability. If she got someone else to sing these songs would do better.

>> No.61339468

>If she got someone else to sing these songs would do better.

>> No.61339492

That just shows that you know nothing about how to release something successful. Marine herself is central to both of those songs' themes.

>> No.61339559

Because then the song would be better.

So people WANT mediocre singing? I doubt that.

>> No.61339575

Astel, Rikka, or Izuru, whichever one you hate least.

>> No.61339619

>the song would be better.
How so?

>> No.61339664

Have you heard the songs? The singing isn't mediocre. It works perfectly with the MVs.

>> No.61339679

She's heads and shoulders above the rest bro

>> No.61339688

It would have better vocals.

I have and it's not impressive.

>> No.61339756

But you just said that the song's performance had nothing to do with her singing ability.

>> No.61339848

I meant that as in people are not watching the video to hear her singing. If she was better then the singing ability would be another factor adding to it but as it stands it's just not.

>> No.61339932
File: 267 KB, 516x519, 1690346471724096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.61339944

You're just wrong. Her voice is a huge part of why she's one of the most successful vtubers in the world. There are very few people who could possibly replace her and create something as popular. She's a competent enough singer too.

>> No.61339958

Maribako literally has wide appeal beyond even holofags, you're picking the worst thing to argue with. Pick any other original that nobody cares about and you might be able to convince someone.

>> No.61340021

>Pick any other original
We can go with Unison then or that failed massively expensive animated MV that nobody can even name.

>> No.61340041

I can see people reasonably arguing between Towa and Kanata, I think it boils down to taste since their voices and style are so different and there are good points to be made in favor of each. Watame on the other hand is not even close to them.

>> No.61340101

Unison is still over 10m despite being highly experimental and weird. You're just proving more that her voice is a draw rather than a debuff.

>> No.61340140

I don't even like her but I can at least acknowledge she has a good voice

>> No.61340208

Am I the only one that thinks suisei is overrated? Like, she's a great singer, but people say she's miles better than anyone else and there's a gap, even. I don't even think she's the best in the company. Hell, Risu is better than her imo

>> No.61340224

And the other song? Why did that one fail?

>> No.61340260

She is, but so is Risu.

>> No.61340261

She's not overrated. Others are just underrated.

>> No.61340335
File: 172 KB, 1920x1080, 1695155004664158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.61340351

It's somewhat generic, but it seems to have been modeled after that sort of thing, like basically an anime OP. The other ones are more artistic expressions.

>> No.61340370

>people judging skill from recordings
Go listen to some of their karaokes and tell me they are any good.

>> No.61340391

Watch this until the end first.

>> No.61340526

as >>61340261 said, it's that they rate others too low compared to her. in my opinion, irys, azki, suisei and risu are good enough to the point where it's just down to preference. the thing is that suisei also has songs that appeal to a lot more people so she has that upper hand in general, but if you ask me suisei deserves all the praise she gets for her vocal performance (just don't leave the other girls behind!).

>> No.61340569

her recent stuff in particular is boring as fuck
some of her older songs are kino though, people still refer to them when rating

>> No.61340604

Nah, Debutante Ball and 夜を待つよ are fucking kino.

>> No.61340673

Ame should be in F-

>> No.61340696


>> No.61340874

boring as in overproduced generic sound pop music. her older stuff had more of a unique sound and feel to me.

>> No.61340943

There's nothing overproduced or generic about Debutante Ball though, it's just piano, bass, drums, guitar, and her voice in a solid ballad.

>> No.61340991

I've never really been impressed by her singing. I'm not even sure what people would praise about it as noteworthy. Obviously she deserves credit for her songwriting/originals, but like in my post >>61336004 I was more impressed by Kobo's vocals.
I agree although I haven't heard all of her music. My favorites are probably Tenkyuu and Next Color Planet.

>> No.61341039
File: 40 KB, 413x443, 20221124_213210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually yeah same..

>> No.61341083

You are a retard, kill yourself
Towa can't even sing as good as Mumei when live
And IRyS and AZKi have the best Karaokes

>> No.61341192
File: 260 KB, 399x480, 1641397596295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every time
using Risu to shit on Suisei

>> No.61341234

I don't see this reoccurring event with the likes of IRyS and AZKi. It's always Risu and Moona

>> No.61341284
File: 706 KB, 1024x1024, -8GPYefiBojj8gT-_JL4BA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't we all just get along man...

>> No.61341337

I don't mind. I have always agreed that Suisei is the best singer Hololive has got while being a Pioneer.
It's always the other fandoms puting her down and shitting on her

>> No.61341355

popfags all have shit taste anyway so does it really matter? I need SOUL

>> No.61341440

Well meh.
I think Suisei, Kanata, IRyS, AZKi and Kanade are similar in terms of singing.
So you don't see their fans take part in the tug of war.
On the other hand, I have never in my life seen a music thread without Chumbuds, Moonafics and others calling Suisei overrated & AZKi and IRyS souless basic singers

>> No.61341468

>I don't see this reoccurring event with the likes of IRyS
Happens with Irys all the time.

>> No.61341487

I never hear Nerissa singing live karaoke, is it that bad?

>> No.61341529

If you are talking about IRyS schizo, that's a different thing. Almost everyone agrees she is as good as other top singers

>> No.61341533


>> No.61341552

it's actually really good, she just had severe scuff the first few times and now she's kinda playing it safe.

>> No.61341577

I'm talking about a number of people posting her covers as "surpassing the original".

>> No.61341587

Not once have I seen anti Suisei or anti Risu post by an IRyStocrat. You always see anti Mori and Enna posts by them

>> No.61341606

oh yeah, that one thread pops up every once in a while just to get people to shit on her.

>> No.61341642

I can't tell if you are trolling or you are actually serious right now.
Those clear shitposts by the Enna Nigger.
Even yesterday there was a thread about IRyS and Suisei and suddenly we see Enna mentions

>> No.61341659

But nobody shits on her. All the shitting is aimed at her fans.

>> No.61341688

Sure, they are 100% her "fans" and not some people who want to shit on her

>> No.61341731

Anon, those threads don't count as they are made by the IRyS schizo

>> No.61341826

>people who want to shit on her
But that doesn't happen in those threads. It's always about the fans.

I could say the exact same thing when anything happens. It's always just the spooky schizos and nothing is real.

>> No.61341911

You know something is bait when you post the same thread again and again without changing anything.
Lurk for a 100 more days before posting stuff like this

>> No.61341940
File: 2.40 MB, 1447x2047, 1689366315419949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.61341953

So just like anyone saying Risu is better than Suisei then? Thanks for confirming that that's not a real thing anyone has ever posted and just bait.

>> No.61341969

You are right, the only difference being that the people are deliberately copying and pasting the title with the same picture.
Just give me a minute I will give you an example

>> No.61342043
File: 507 KB, 886x951, 1692260020153714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you talking about this one, right?

>> No.61342085

Refer to this
And now compare to whatever the Risufags so.
You seriously belive it's not the same anon using the same exact picture to make people shit on IRyS when he posts the "better than orginal" threads.

>> No.61342151

I am betting my left testicle it's the same dude

>> No.61342189

i thought that much was obvious.

>> No.61342248

I like how her vocals shine in some parts of Debutante Ball but other than that the song feels empty, nothing about it is remarkable to me.
Also since the schizos have shown up and it's the current topic of discussion, I don't agree with Risu being better than Suisei, in fact I don't like Risu's singing much at all.

>> No.61342377

Understandable, not everything is for everyone.

>> No.61342430

>Lui in D
The fuck?

>> No.61342451

>Check channel
>Like 5 songs in 2 years
Barely qualifiable a singer lmao, also
>5 songs
>2 of those autotune to oblivion, the rest is basically talking
Listen to Scream EP and Raimei my dude you clearly have no idea what you are saying.
I'm waiting Irys to sing something that isn't some shit ass idol wannabe power ballad by the way.

>> No.61342476

>based on /hlgg/ and /#/
kys faggot

>> No.61342493

Mumei gets overrated a lot because her voice is nice. That's it.

>> No.61342585

>this low
holy fucking jesus christ

>> No.61342620

Dude she's next to Marine, might as well be S tier.

>> No.61342718

Marine is low tier.

>> No.61342739


>> No.61342763

This is just loud.

>> No.61343215

>I'm waiting Irys to sing something that isn't some shit ass idol wannabe power ballad by the way.
You know, I was gonna post some clips, but naa.
You are just a troll

>> No.61344254

Wow. Wtf, an actual realistic tier list. Good job anon. Never thought I'd unironically say that on here.

>> No.61344346

>Not even live.

>> No.61344394

>Deaf thread

>> No.61344418

Bait and/or Nigerian retard. Don't talking please.

>> No.61344538

still mad that nobody has been able to beat gura's karaoke record, dogfucker?

>> No.61344647

>make a tier list of vsingers
>only include hololive
>ask /#/ for opinions
holy shit, kys

>> No.61344651

Probably the most sane list I’ve seen on here. Good job

>> No.61344656

What I am about to say will make me hated here, but Gura should be in S+ behind IRyS and above Risu.
People forget that though Gura is a 1 trick pony, she is the best when she gets serious. The only reason I will allow someone to place the likes of AZKi, IRyS, Kanta and Suisei be ahead of her would because they are excellent singers as well and are mote versatile. I don't understand how can anons shit on Gura for having no technique but praise the likes of Risu and Moona when their Karaoke performances are way worse than Gura's.

>> No.61344677
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, ESL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tries to call someone else out as "Nigerian"

>> No.61344839

>Gura (a soprano who likes to sing high notes)
Bullshit, nothing in her preferred genre even has high notes in it.

>> No.61344841


It's hilarious to see how fucking delusional the chumkeks are.
She is way worse than Kobo>>61307319
Forget about A Tier, she should be placed in B+ Tier

>> No.61345314

Gura should be higher

>> No.61345368

>too bitch to post his own example

>> No.61345519
File: 201 KB, 652x626, aha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anytime I see Risu so high on a tier list I know its made by SEA hands and thus can be easily ignored. To be clear shes a good singer but top tier? Definitely not.

>> No.61345802

Opinion discarded

>> No.61346351
File: 1.23 MB, 1149x1005, 1677466286807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no Ayame mention

>> No.61346358

Because she's not good.

>> No.61346374

Risu singing pi pi pi pi pi pi is enough to convinced me that she's the best singer.
that's the problem. she's retarded.

>> No.61346436
File: 532 KB, 604x822, 1686994465054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she's very good. You're just not biased enough.

>> No.61346594


>> No.61346708

Kill yourself tastelet.

>> No.61347828

For you OP, with Love

>> No.61347882

Gura at anything but SSS is simply incorrect.

>> No.61350690

What is Lui doing down there?
Her voice isn't the type that suits every song but when it does she sounds really good and her skills are easily above average.

>> No.61356182

pretty accurate list

>> No.61356466

>watame, nerissa on A
Either anon is deaf or have some kind of ear problem

>> No.61357354

Drop Gura to A, and i think you're golden

>> No.61357495

>Gura in S tier
lol, lmao even

>> No.61357790

kanata,suisei vs risu
suisei,kanta is terrible if you don't use auto-tune

>> No.61357906
File: 23 KB, 480x360, -lYHtUmjJko69DmZh6b_K-x3AAAJQO27xH4LYfwMw3c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>suisei,kanta is terrible

>> No.61358268

I mostly agree with this list ... however, Nerissa is at least S tier. Sure, her karaokes have been mid .. but you can chalk that up to the pressure

>> No.61358332

>4 years old karaoke

>> No.61359208

At least I can agree that Towa is really good after seeing her sololive, as for the rest... I dunno, fight over it?

>> No.61359997
File: 1.03 MB, 1140x1216, 1689629805954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here, fixed your shitty list

>> No.61360582


>> No.61360800

This one not that bad

>> No.61361052

I don't like Kobo's content but after their showcases I can't see Irys two tiers above Kobo lol. Kobo surprised me, very good singer. Towa also should move up... Kanade too high, she's pretty good and has huge potential but nah not this high yet. She still needs a lot of work with breath control and whatnot. Fuwamoco is also better than this rating, their karaokes are one of the most entertaining in hololive and their harmonies are great.
I think Shiori might be the worst singer now desu... She sounds so weirdly monotone and like she's speaking instead of singing and not trying at all. I winced in both Advent's covers when she came in. At least Noel tries hard lol.

>> No.61361335

Nobody cares about her voice.

>> No.61361855

This ranking sucks shit lol

>> No.61362106

Shiori is not kino she's f tier. People were only saying she's soul because they felt bad for her

>> No.61362117

None f them are SSS, stop this meme.

>> No.61362297

>kiara this high
>watame this low
>kaela higher than iofi (or anyone really)
I see so many other issues but overall this list sucks

>> No.61363417

this might be one of the worst lists I've seen recently. Wtf is Robocco and Muimei doing all the way up there. They have pleasant voices but top 5/6 in the whole company? lmao. Watame is not a better singer than Kanata. You can argue Towa is the better 4th gen singer, but there isn't an entire tier of singers seperating them. Marine and Flare are not Hachaama/Nene/Mel tier. I can accept Suisei having her own tier since her voice has wide appeal and she's successful so whatever, but Risu does not deserve her own tier even above that like come on be real. I could be wrong on this one, but is Luna even ok at singing? She seems out of place there. Is Matsuri really better than Sora? I don't think so. She seems kinda low. Polka has a lot of passion but she seems a tad high. Shion also a little high. Point is this isn't a good list.

>> No.61363717

Mococo up or Fuwawa down.
As much as I love Kanade, her singing isn't that good. That said, I don't watch Hololive concerts so I can't judge outside the few that I watch.

>> No.61364241

>based on HLGG, /#/ and of course my personal touch
the title basically admits it anon

>> No.61365581

>Gura and Irys above Nerissa

Nerissa is the best HoloEN singer now.

>> No.61366617

But not in the karaoke stream.

>> No.61369800


>> No.61370855

risu should be the only SSS tier

>> No.61374256

Shit list
>Mumei on the same tier as IRyS and AZKi

>> No.61374710

Congrats, you managed to make the worst list. None of the the S tier besides Azki and Irys can do a decent Karaoke

>> No.61375833

>Whori above Kobo and Chloe
Kys deadbeat.

>> No.61382742

mumei's theater-kid affectation (only singing in the style of BROOOADWAAAAY showtunes) is such a fucking waste of her talent. it makes her sound so fucking corny. just contrast it with gura's direct, unaffected singing, which sounds a million times more genuine and intimate.

IRyS is just so devoid of emotion and personality it might as well be text-to-speech.

>> No.61382897

it's understated how important to find songs that fit the singer. korone is a perfect example, when she finds a song that fits her range and style, she's fantastic! and when she pushes herself outside of that, well..

>> No.61382997

Spbp. Cumpedos are so delusional.

>> No.61383216

>replying to your own post a day later

>> No.61384587

She's simply a more successful singer than those two.

>> No.61385561

>IRyS is just so devoid of emotion and personality it might as well be text-to-speech.
I don't understand why this is repeated over and over agai
is it the only criticism that can even touch her?

>> No.61385621

Nerissa and Mori are too low, Mori up two tiers and Nerissa way up to SSS. Putting Nerissa in only A is objectively wrong. You can argue about soul or whatever which is subjective but she is technically one of the best.

>> No.61385934

I wouldn't go that far about it being soulless, but I think character and style is absolutely necessary, just like with any form of art. There's a reason nobody gives a shit about super technical paintings of aristocrats but crowds around Van Gogh or Monet pieces. Even judges at piano competitions value interpretation etc on top of technical skill.

>> No.61386330

Gura would star in Disney movies if we didn't live in any distorted kaliyuga world. Her voice is crystal clear and one of a kind. She is SSS tier. S is for Seethe.

>> No.61387115

>mumei and gura in S
your whole list broke with that.

>> No.61387315

IRyS really mindbroke cumbuddies

>> No.61388491

Irys just needs to dip into her yabairys side and she will become a top holosinger. She's only using her angle side right now.

>> No.61388719

man, this list sucks. Watame should be higher

>> No.61388748

She just needs to take Marine's songwriters and animators and nobody would be able to stop her.
Cover probably won't let that happen though because they only let JPs use those connections.

>> No.61388810

>Kino is just shit but full of soul, like how your homies or your GF would sing, or lile Dave Chappelle going up and tard rambling along to Creep by Radiphead before a standup set.

>> No.61389091

Marine's music is highly tied to her character. It's successful because of the character she built up for herself. Like could you use any other holo to do the 'ah ah ah!' part in treasure box MV?

>> No.61389128

Move Haachama from B to Kino.

>> No.61389343

No but any other holo with actual potential could use the same people Marine uses for the same results.

>> No.61389407

Lemme guess, you're the same dude that was seething about Marine's singing. You sound exactly the same.

>> No.61389464

She doesn't even compare to IRyS.

>> No.61389782

I was about to say. There's no way you can reasonably place Pekora with the likes of Ame, Fauna and Noel, right?

>> No.61396128


>> No.61397383

>Catalogue nigger, /HLGG/ and /#/
You might as well say Based on the opinions of retards

>> No.61399779

Suishit wishes to be that high cuckyomi.

>> No.61401125

>Catalogue nigger
That's what you call a regular 4chan poster, redditor-kun.

>> No.61401154

This list doesn't look biased at all

>> No.61401460

Suisei uses Risu to shit on herself. She said twice that Risu is a prodigy that destroys her. Do you even watch her?

>> No.61404948

Your tier list is bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.61409388

in singing maybe, but irys doesn't compare to marine as a whole.

>> No.61411003

The only thing IRyS can't do as well is draw.