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Hello fellow pedophiles

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Not thre right time for you faggots to come out of hiding from your numberfag containment thread. You joined the Hololive antis in spreading lies despite always claiming that vtubers just have to NOT do GFE and you wouldn't bother them. Mask is off and it can't be undone, remember this.

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This man is in urgent need of a 5150, stat!!!

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>Suisei yab
Who is the last bastion of holo?

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Kanata, problem is she is boring af.

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why havent these taken off

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unicorns aren't faggots who need to yell at everyone else, they enjoy their pure maidens in silence

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Don't forget to do your harassment and doxxing reps, fellow unichads. Being dead to you is not enough. They should be dead, period. Teach those whores exactly what happens if they think interacting with a male is a good idea.

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Based thread

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So... what's the final decision of unicorn council about Peko's recent collab? Whore or Pure?

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Non GFE for those who don't claim to be idol. Idol claim must follow idol standard

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>shitpost anti general can't even last longer than old annoying orange threads

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Civia my love, I miss your kisses…

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At least the wall of saviourfag can be relied on

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Sir, I'd like to borrow a private room to cry and jerk off to her one last time...

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based op

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The poetry of a group naming themselves after a myth, desperately seeking out a myth.
But in all seriousness though, some of you are pretty civil about it, & others seriously need to get some help.

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The irony is delicious sister

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