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ah yes the pepperloni

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Tell me about the Haachama. Why does she not just order the cheese pan pizza?

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You know of the pepeloni?

>> No.6115005

she likes pepperloni but she does not eat it

>> No.6115014

The no one?

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i always... i always order the... uhhhh... the domino. domino pepeloni. and without pepeloni.

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God, the way she says that always kills me.
>the NO one
It never gets old.

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I miss this fucking retard so much bros

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Ask Haachama

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god I miss her

>> No.6117831

I miss her like you wouldn't believe

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Oh no, the ear.

>> No.6121200

There's no point in watching Holo anymore.

>> No.6121435

I still can't give up on Sora...

>> No.6121483

Entiendes? Entendible!

>> No.6121534

the ear of pizza

>> No.6122575

We have dismissed that claim.

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I find happiness in Nene but I still miss chama

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I didn't know they still gave these out

>> No.6124536

She likes meat juice but does not want to eat the meat

>> No.6124593

>That username
so this is what Ayame does instead of streaming

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>> No.6125020

I miss the pepeloni ;_;

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Ear of pizza

>> No.6127358

What's it supposed to be called anyway? I know she meant stuffed crust, but is that part of the pizza called the crust?

>> No.6127488

Yes. It's called the ear in japanese.

>> No.6128393

Even the video without sound is hilarious.

>> No.6128419

Sorry, I'll tell her she should stream more

>> No.6128930

Hate to dish out blackpills like this lads, but she's gonna come back from hiatus and will have started eating the pepeloni, and will also know how to pronounce it

>> No.6129071

>She went on hiatus to learn English
>Comes back as HoloEN2

I can see it now

>> No.6129519

What if her hiatus happened because she forgot to away a pepeloni? Will she survive?

>> No.6129745

y she no eat da pepeloni?

>> No.6129933

If the rrats are true, and she did mean to say 'normal one' instead of 'no one', how does that even make sense?

>> No.6130475

This will never happen, but I like to dream.


>> No.6133816

What is the inspiration for this Dutch Chammers? I need more

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If VShojo said this /vt/ gonna bash them to death

>> No.6137148

Away! Because I don’t eat it

>> No.6137348

Aren't vshojo all English fluent twitchsluts?

Of course nobody would like it. Because they'd be just being xd spork random

>> No.6137878

cry about it nigger

>> No.6138196

We don't need 2 Haachama threads. Go discuss about her graduation in the proper thread.

>> No.6142319

Yeah because they all speak fluent English, you stupid faggot.

>> No.6143242

We're gonna be talking about the pepeloni
We'll be talking about the water in the fire
Do you think that's funny, Butt-head?
Do you find it amusing that we'll be talking about the om3tcw
Yes, we're also gonna be talking about eekum bokum, peko peko peko,
the shuba shuba shuba, the AHHAHAHAHA, and, and
we'll be definitely be spending a lot of time talking about Nigga~

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Didn't she just mean she takes off the pepperoni near the crust and leaves the rest on it?

>> No.6145727

Meaning the edge of something

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