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>holo vs holo spam is coming

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Expect all the classics:
>Why Gura doesn't stream?
>This Holo is better than this other one
>Old drama
>Why Gura don't ztrim 2
>Vshojo vs Holo
>Old Vshojo drama
>Goora do not broadcast????
>Actually Niji is doing better than Holo (it isn't)
>Aaaa goora bad 4!!!!
>Lol Council bad
>Vshojo bait again
>Something, something Niji JP noombers
>Holostars bait

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Suisei's sister showed up on as a friend on some male idols stream on switch or something, so I guess expect that?

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-Nijikeks fee-fees hort.
-Spams holo vs holo.
-Everyone ends up talking about is holo.
-80-90% of the board is now about holo.

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>no mention of advent
nice try sister #cut4hex

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Holo fanbase is still in the honeymoon phase with Advent. Once the 6 month mark passes they'll picking apart every single flaw of each streamer. Even "BAU BAU" will be replaced with "god they're boring".

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Pick your poison
>Suisei's """""""""sister""""'''""'" being a whore
>3 niji ID graduating
>sneaking neaking neaking neaking
>nijianon whistleblowing
>gura not streaming i guess
What rrat can I interest you with weary traveller?

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Tell em the truth, sis.

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>Suisei's """""""""sister""""'''""'" being a whore
This one will be funny for a bit cause first it's not even Suisei and second it's fucking Suisei, so who gives a fuck, her fucking zero gachikoi kek?

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nijianon whistle blowing, i haven't see any detail

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>it's fucking Suisei, so who gives a fuck, her fucking zero gachikoi kek?
You say this but imagine this:
>Suisei becoming the second azki
Let that thought brew indefinitely

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>Suisei becoming the second azki
What the fuck do you even mean by this anon when she already at the point she's at?

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A top niji liver(retarded term btw) "voiced" his opinion regarding the absolute state of nijisanji even with the threat of graduation looming with this action.

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>when she already at the point she's at?
so was mikhail gato but we all know what happened after

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You posted this before you started spamming those threads, rookie mistake

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>retarded term btw

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Mike was a GFE streamer. The others aren't.

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I'm not even going tell you why your post is retarded

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Suisei's pride is all about being an idol. Supporters is the lifeblood of idols. Imagine losing that support when everybody realize that there's already a man in your life that should be supporting you.

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Japan has a lot of horrible, awful terms that should never be used in English. Marika, Micra, konbini, kabakura, you sound like a fucking idiot if you say any of them in English. And liver is literally spelled like the thing you lose when you become an alcoholic.

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for me it's live
like nigga just say concert

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Yeah, then those supporters are fucking deluded. She already filtered them year ago and if they stayed it's on them.
Zero, chance, of reciprocating gachikoi. She was open about this.
If she got dicked, most fans would brush it off unless she constantly talk about it on stream or become preachy about it.
Male collab is not a sin, having boyfriend is not a sin, preaching about why and how to your audience drove numbers down.

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Advent is too convenient for trolling other ENs for them but that toned down some when the CCVs went down. Next year Advent will suddenly not be good enough and EN4 will take their place as the bat.

They really think repeating the same news about Gura is some golden ticket.

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Shitposters already tried to use ReGloss as switchover from Advent but fail because
>JP only kekw
Not to mention the numbers aren't bad despite the massive onslaught pre-debut.

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>having boyfriend is not a sin
Kek. at least i now know what kind of normalfag i'm talking to. It's not a sin, it's a death sentence for your idol career.

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Kek. Caught up in the mass banning of nuked threads.

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>>holo vs holo spam is coming
ain't that the true, it already started in # kek

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Sasshi says hi

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Too busy watching Ela to notice

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all me

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Y goorah no strm. jk biboo is my oshi now

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>expect all of the classic posts that I make anyway but will use the opportunity to deflect onto nijifags

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>They really think repeating the same news about Gura is some golden ticket.
yes, those always get a lot of replies, that's why they'll never stop regardless of what happens to nijisanji or anyone else