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does she even like this game, i don't watch her

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When looking at that promo silhouette; why do Pomu fans forget that Pomu has pointy ears that stick out past her hair?
I guess they don't even watch her.

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Pomucucks sure are delusional

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Out of all the possible choices, why her?
I am legitimately curious. What was the decision process there?
What made entire teams of highly paid marketing departments think Mori fucking Calliope would be the best possible vTuber to represent Metal Gear Solid.

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Pomudachis? Pomudachis!?

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she's American

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seriously, what is a "sneaking point"
if this is a song, is it the whole thing going to be ESL?

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if konami put mori in quiet's outfit all will be forgiven

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Yeah, she sang the entire MGR OST during her marathon karaoke, she's a big fan. Only reason she never played them is because holoEN never had perms.

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She's going to release a dumb rap song for metal gear

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who is he talking about on sept 8, 2013?

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great work ethic, big company backing up, japan loves her never find anyone shit on her in japanese

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Hopefully this helps her realize niji isn't gonna make her dreams come true so she can just leave and join henya matara and kuro at vshojo

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just let my cute fairy be happy godammit...

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I don't get it. Is Mori going to play the old games? Is that it? Why is it a big deal? And why should it have been Pomu?

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Because they thought it was some kind of original illustration of Pomu as Snake or something

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Gunrun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fishwho?

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B-but anon Niji pay her in indie tier exposure.

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I remember getting this game with a kids meal when I was young and playing that absolute shit out of it. Not bad for something meant to sell BK kids meals

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She said all she is doing is singing, thebrest of the production qas out of her hands.

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Now that is some cringe to surpass Metal Gear.

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Niji's sins never die

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She can't keep getting away with it...

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Yeah because vshojo is going to get her a collab with Konami.

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Everyone has been telling you people time and time again that Mori grows stronger the more people try to hate on her, she literally consumes hate and molds it into her will.

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She's a White Rapper, just like Eminem and John Cena, the more you hate them the stronger they get.

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Shit, you might be onto something.

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kari chan kakkoi
nips love her regardless of how much hate she gets from schizos and black twitter

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>Pekora is Kojima's oshi
>Konami hates Kojima
>Konami chooses someone different.

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MGR is not canon and liking it doesn’t make you a fan of the series.

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It's probably a song cover or potentially an original song, though if EN doesn't have streaming perms for MGS after this then I'd be speechless.
>And why should it have been Pomu?
As far as western VTubers go she's pretty commonly associated with it to the point where people who don't watch Niji already know she's an MGS autist (see: the replies in this thread). It's more or less just her and Nyanners that have actually streamed multiple games in the series besides just Rising. Obviously Hololive has way more connections though so Pomu getting a collab was a pipe dream when she isn't even allowed to sing their songs on stream
>>60750696 >>60751058
this is kinda worrying. just the 6 second preview so far looks like shit, not gonna lie. her delivery is flat, there's a typo in the codec screen, and "sneaking point" doesn't make any sense. I guess the catalog doesn't really care if the collab is good if they can use it to tribalfag instead, though

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Konami is a Sony cocksucker right? Why Konami not going to Nijisanji but went to Hololive instead?

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Lately it feels like there's just drama upon drama from NijiEN, while HoloEN has been doing better ever since Advent. I just want better for the talents over at NijiEN too.

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2 is her favorite from the proper series. She just likes MGR for the memes and is just a stupid fun quotable game

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numberbros I thought she was a failure? why does this keep happening?

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Because she will be doing a song cover. There is no one else that could have done it.

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It's an original apparently.

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I didn't say that but she unironically has more chances with vshojo than with whatever anycolor is doing with the en branch lmao

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Vshojo doesn't even have the contacts to make anything like that happen while Anycolor does even if they're never going to let EN make any use of them.

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Who cares that there's some minor errors and the video is low quality with a subpar performance when Mori is capable of so much better?

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Why would you believe the catalog shitters? Her numbers are better than any Niji En can manage.

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Really? Well it's still a song and they would have never made a song with japanese lyrics for Metal Gear.

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>this guy never played Peace Walker

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Pomudachis suicide is NOT the way, please seek help

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As he should

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get fucked pomucucks lmao

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>being proud of missing out on a good metal gear game
ok fag

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Maybe it will make Pomu to leave this company. She deserve better.

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Aren’t Nyanners and Kson both in Yakuza games?

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Play PW, it's a great game. And it has a PS3 version too if you're too worried.

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Permanent subscription to the suicide hotline

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Konami and Kojima breakup
>Pekora gets picked by Kojima
>Mori gets picked by Konami
>Pomu gets picked by

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>Obviously Hololive has way more connections though so Pomu getting a collab was a pipe dream when she isn't even allowed to sing their songs on stream
Wait what??? Aren't Konami closer to Niji than Holo knowing Nijikoshien and the recent Yugioh stream with Rosemi and Doppio?

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98% of NijiEN "drama" is just stupid nonsense generated here and spread to Twitter and YouTube by dramafags.

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But I saw in that 1 image that they spam in every thread that she has 900 viewers.... was I lied to? There is no way a Nijisubhuman would lie right?

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Haha yeah totally, it's all bullshit......haha......
*inhales copium*

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My delinquent wife didn't get into two games of her favorite video game series through corporate deals and nepotism. Don't discredit her accomplishment like that.
She won her role.

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True, the thing is that niji isn't going to start caring about en so the connections mean nothing, vshojo on the other hand could get connections in the future and use them for her

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Those are numbertrannies, not Nijifags
The boards should delete the number thread and ban every retard posting there

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They are which is what's so funny. They only gave some crumbs of permissions to a select few holos (but not EN) and then they do this.

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Disappointed that it's not my oshi but cool to see MGS cross over with the vtubing world in general. This also probably means that HoloEN gets to stream the games soon, and Pomu has been excited about the possibility of Kiara playing it for over a year. Not really too bothered by most of the replies in this thread either considering that they're mostly from people who don't watch Pomu or Mori.
I'm as baffled as you are, Sony is even a major shareholder for Anycolor so you'd think they'd have an easy time getting things done. But Pomu can't even sing Snake Eater in karaoke, much less release a cover of it, so either management is dogshit or Konami is dogshit, or both.

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>Her numbers are better than any Niji En can manage.
You say that like it's any form of achievement.

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It's all Konami. They're trash.

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Once you recognize the secret reason for this choice, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.

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She's the worst EN Vtuber.

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>Those are numbertrannies, not Nijifags
There is no difference

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I have enough faith in them to at least believe that Kiara, Bijou, and whoever else will be able to stream MGS when the master collection comes out. But if they can't, after Mori gets an official collab, Konami is really as dogshit as I've been led to believe.

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It's japanese, of course it will be ESL.

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Wrong, both Holofags and Nijifags with number brainrot post there

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Pretty sure Pomu is on good terms with Mori as well. If I remember right Mori helped them with some audio tech issues when Pomu and Kiara had their first collab.

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Have you listened to a single song from the Metal Gear franchise?

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I would happily let Niji have this shitty role if Konami would just give Hololive MGR perms.

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It's alright Pomu you'll get your chance eventually...

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Yes, but, nijiEN's cache as a brand is not a lot these days but especially not a lot vs Mori who is liked in Japan probably more than the West in several ways. Having Mori do a song is quite simply a safe bet conclusion that it'll get out there because of Mori and HoloEN's recognition out there. Anyone at Konami doing some number crunching would conclude Mori is likely the best shot at having wide success, maybe Suisei could have done it too but she hardly is a gamer whole Mori actually-does like MGS at least. Not remotely as much as Pomu it seems, but she does at least know what it is.

NijiEN feels like a mean/gossipy girl's club and their threads feel exactly like that too. Their sponsors are literally like, Raid Shadow Legends and shit. That kind of matches where they are at. NijiJP is a different story completely however they seem rather segregated/insulated from each other, nijiEN almost feels like its own independent company actually, for most (not all, just most) of them JP literally might as well not exist period.

In any case the schadenfreude is palpable here, some loud / annoying NijiEN fans need a wake up call that no they are not equals ans never were and don't merit being forced into conversation next to Holos. NijiEN ought to be more concerned with Phase or Idol getting closer on their rear in influence than keep pretending they are neck-and-neck with holoEN. NijiJP is actually very competitive yes but that has no benefit or connection to nijiEN which might as well be a different company functionally.

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>I would happily let Niji have this shitty role if Konami would just give Hololive MGR perms.
MGR was PlatinumGames so it's an intellectual property minefield.

>> No.60752038

Didn't stop Niji from getting the perms for it.

>> No.60752039

>MGR zoomer
Opinion discarded

>> No.60752076

That was Ame, but no reason to believe she's on bad terms with Mori. She even namedropped her in a recent stream after the topic of those card vending machines in Japan came up and she brought up the recent Hololive collab one that she saw online.

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Wasn't Pomu the one who first stream Revegence and revitalized interest in Metal Gear among Vtubers?

>> No.60752102

Objectively correct and based take

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There's a reason MGR is such a beloved game online even amongst oldfags like myself. It would be an absolute treat to watch the girls react to the over-the-top shit in that game. Plus Iroha as Raiden is something I need in my life.

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I swear I remember her saying 3 was her favorite when she sand Snakeeater last year.

>> No.60752124

>MGR perms
why though? They will suck at it and get nothing but hate

>> No.60752133

MGR is canon because Kojima did the story. It’s pretty much the Epilogue of the series in a way.

>> No.60752134

Yes. Pekora was riding that wave when she played MGS for the first time without perms.

>> No.60752167

If I was put off by girls sucking at video games, I wouldn't be watching vtubers. And no, they wouldn't get any more hate than they already do.

>> No.60752189

I bet you think Dark Souls 2 is not canon either, faggot

>> No.60752199

It would be so freaking dope if they referenced the classic OGEY RRAT meme with Mori!

>> No.60752203

Naw Mori also helped woth something. I swear one of them said it was an audio issue in a later stream

>> No.60752214

No, she happened to stream it around the same time that widespread interest in Metal Gear started to see a resurgence, MOSTLY due to memes. But she's never claimed responsibility for bringing it back; she was mainly integral in getting her coworkers at Niji to play it, and most of them only touched Revengeance (besides Nina)

>> No.60752251

Yeah I see, this collab is intended for JP after all but then again wouldn't it be easier for Konami to get someone from NijiJP for this then?

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Dunno then, maybe it's got to do with the content of the game? Violence against children, organ theft from children, VR child soldiers, oh and don't forget MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

>> No.60752302

As much as she is disliked here, Mori and her music is extremely popular in Japan. Her stuff gets regular radio play.

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Nothing more horrific than you would see in some of the horror games that get played. As for the MAGA bit, they can just do what they did for Hogwarts Legacy if it's really, really a dealbreaker for EN viewers.

>> No.60752340

So what you're trying to say is that Niji is based and Holo is cringe?

>> No.60752374

Being Pomu really is pain holy shit

>> No.60752428

>Queen of Spade
I mean if that's not cringe but based for you..

>> No.60752440

Calm down, Kiara

>> No.60752452

Did pomufags really believe they would give a single shit about nijiEN?

>> No.60752488

For the current English Vtubing space, yes it is an achievement.

>> No.60752557

Kinda funny how Mori and Donald Trump are alike, in how they're both reviled, but have an army of cucks willing to defend them to the death and shit up everything in the process and will never be held accountable for any of their actions.

>> No.60752559

He definitely wasn’t. It’s not even anything close to an epilogue either considering it literally shits on raidens entire arc in 2 and the ending of 4.

Next you’re going to tell me metal gear survive is canon

>> No.60752560

Being on the radio isn't really a mark of popularity. Other holos have their songs on radio and they're not even considered artists.

>> No.60752591

>Other holos have their songs on radio and they're not even considered artists.
Which is Hololive's mark of popularity

>> No.60752598

>cringe memer that only played MGR is the one that gets it instead of literally anyone else in EN
I'm not an enjoyer or Mori Calliope at all. Those UMG dicks putting in the work, I guess.

>> No.60752622

should been Peko
she's far more of a fan and actually is more beloved than any EN whore by Metal Gear fans

>> No.60752631

But you talked about Mori specifically and that she is popular because HER songs are on the radio. In reality it has nothing to do with her specifically.

>> No.60752750

It's likely to be a song collab anon. And while Pekora excels at many things, singing isn't one of them. She does have Kojima in her corner, so that's something atleast.

>> No.60752754

That wasn't me. Who else other than suisei and marine one time with treasure box have gotten regular radio play?

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I hope deadbeats don't actually believe that mori is more popular and successful than peko because that's just objectively false by nearly every stat

>> No.60752791

In general of course not. Musically? By a fuckton.

>> No.60752833

Not sure but treasure box wasn't just "one time" and that should be proof enough that being on the radio is not about popularity or quality.

>> No.60752834

Given who is in charge of Metal Gear nowadays and how they view Kojima, I wouldn't say that's a good thing.

>> No.60752874

Now she knows how IRyS felt

>> No.60752885

I didn't mean it was played "one time" I mean it was the only song of hers that got radio play because it happened to go viral. Several of the holoEN girls mentioned just randomly hearing Mori's songs being played while doing things around Japan when they were there, and not just in the weeb areas. Bae mentioned hearing one come up while getting her nails done.

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File: 2.02 MB, 1920x1080, usada-pekora-sololive-concert-usagi-the-megami.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you just going to ignore Pekora singing in Holo concerts and how her songs were also featured on Japanese TV and radio? Considering she has much more approachable appeal to the masses including kids I wouldn't surprised that her songs are more well known than Mori at least in nip land

>> No.60752921

>I wouldn’t surprised

>> No.60752941

Not that guy but I think it also has to do with vocal range, Peko's is vastly different from Mori's and they may need her voice more than Peko's

>> No.60752945

Pekora's songs are not on TV and radio.

>> No.60752989

I mean they got Nyanners and Kson in Yakuza

>> No.60752992

>songs were also featured on Japanese TV and radio
When? I've never seen that. She has been on TV, but it was for normal variety shows, not for singing.

>> No.60752997

>Next you’re going to tell me metal gear survive is canon
You realize part of the final DLC for DS3 had literal parts/outfits from DS2 in it, right? Even had a DS2 reference in the base game.

Point is you're a retard contrarian and liking MGR does mean you're a fan.

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>> No.60753093

>Pekora singing in Holo concerts
You mean all the mandatory ones everyone has to do? This yet to happen sololive isn't proof of anything and it's barely selling any tickets.

>> No.60753124

Just a cover to promote release of MGS Collection Vol.1
The question is what song she will cover. I hope it's not The Best is Yet to Come or Way to Fall.
Probably will be Snake Eater, but the codec is from MGS1 in this announcement tweet.

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Pomudachis? POMUDACHIS?!

>> No.60753160

>She sang the OST of the Reddit meme game
>That means she is a fan
Please anon...

>> No.60753166

>I wouldn't surprised
Holy shit, nigger, at least google things before mindlessly posting. Mori is in top 3 of holo in music popularity. And Pekora is nowhere near there.

>> No.60753174

I mean, Mori had like, what, 3 of those already?
>how her songs were also featured on Japanese TV and radio?
Forget about Mori, even Marine got her btfo in that regard anon
>Considering she has much more approachable appeal to the masses including kids
Cool, post her music numbers then anon, if you're that confident

>> No.60753186

Pomu didn't even know MGS existed 2 years ago

>> No.60753190

>anon watches vtuber clips
>that means he's a fan
How are you fags any different?

>> No.60753197

Pomu's MGS arc always looked forced as fuck.

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>> No.60753228

She desperately needed a personality so she picked mgs

>> No.60753233

Suicide is NOT the way pomudachis. PLEASE reconsider killing yourself. Talk to someone

>> No.60753249


>> No.60753253

Most believable rrat

>> No.60753254

for one DS is completely different than MG as a series given it isn’t character driven and secondly having references doesn’t mean shit. just liking MGR makes you a disgusting secondary.
>but she said 2 is her favorite!
lol ok so she played it one time

>> No.60753268

Your splitting hairs anon, Mori has a deal with umg and is popular. That is the only reason they needed to choose her, plus outside here both the jps and ens (her fans) like her. IT panders to multiple crowds well.

>> No.60753278

Yeah Mori knew that MGS existed long before singing the OST for the Redditors, so I don't know why you would use that as proof of Mori being a fan

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>> No.60753287

>contact ms. 4mil
>no reply
>contact Marine
>contact Mori
the rest is history

>> No.60753289

You are and always will be a newfag

>> No.60753303

Keep moving the goalposts and seething.

>> No.60753309

>And why should it have been Pomu?
It sorta feels like when taco bell used gura for advertising rather than Ina for the more obvious joke. Pomu definitely fits this sort of thing more, but I get why some Konami exec would go to Mori instead.

>> No.60753321

Fakest mainstream vtuber? What the fuck does that mean? Mori has been putting in actual effort for years now.

>> No.60753336

Go get a father before replying to me, besides i'm laughing at everyone with sandy vaginas including you

>> No.60753344

why should pomu who is a relatively new fan to the series deserve it more then anyone else who likes it?

>> No.60753365
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>> No.60753371

A lot of people loathe the idea of Mori being anything more than "wigger who got into Hololive".

>> No.60753384

>mori sang the last song on deco stage in holo fes
>last one too in the musicverse (ft crazy nuts)
>and in summer fes too with gura
yes, she is special in holo, japan loves her
>muh number tanking
she is not great streamer but great performer
>muh music decline number
debunked with increased monthly spotify listener and top charts in billboards even its just no 21
>but pomu and pekora played this a lot
they doesn't fit in these, imagine both of them saying those line, might be hilarious but overall mgs is serious game

>> No.60753386

Is Pomu even as big a name as Mori?

>> No.60753388

Anon, she has been wanting MGS perms since debut and said MGS 2 is her favorite. Yeah she likes MGR for the memes as well.

>> No.60753393

The goalposts aren’t being moved at all though. Just liking MGR and saying you played another game in a series and liked it doesn’t make you a fan. She probably couldn’t even tell you what the plot was of 2

>> No.60753396

The only thing that is going to pass is the suicide threshold of 50%, kek

>> No.60753405

lmao get fucked nijiniggers

>> No.60753404

Stay mad

>> No.60753406

You are joking right

>> No.60753408

Mori overtaking Gura as the face of EN has been a wild development

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>> No.60753430

keep them coming lads, we are feasting tonight

>> No.60753435

Is she even good at video games?

>> No.60753437

2 is literally her favorite. MGR is just more quotable

>> No.60753439

Are they wrong?

>> No.60753448

I'm just trying to understand from a business point of view.

>> No.60753447

Just graduate Pomu. Nobody will ever take you seriously while you are in Nijisanji

>> No.60753454

>All these EN seething at the metal_gear_JP account that decided to get the Brapper of Hololive who is living in Japan and actually can talk in english

>> No.60753467

Imagine living in a world where anyone other than NijiEN fans give a fuck about Pomu's "arc", Kojima isn't getting a pomu figma anytime soon get over it find another game for her to make her personality, she should try DMC or Soul Reaver or something maybe TES Todd would probably suck off anyone that sucks him off

>> No.60753470

not even close

>> No.60753480

Imagine Pomu seeing all the MGS beggars mentioning her and even tagging her in tweets
That must be really embarrasing holy fuck

>> No.60753488

Yeah I know, thank you for proving my point that there is better reason to call her a fan than citing the MGR OST singing

>> No.60753499

yes I’m real sure it is and not just her trying to say it. women have never before pretended to be a fan of something

>> No.60753502

>she should try DMC
Anon... Kamiya quit platinum... there is nobody for her to leech from. She had her chance with bayonetta while he was in but that ship has sailed

>> No.60753515

She doesn't see direct tags, the majority of vtubers have them disabled. Can you imagine how much of a shitshow your twitter would be if you were a corporate vtuber and you got a notification every time someone @'d you

>> No.60753527

Pomu isn't even close no, there is a slight chance a random jp could have heard the name Mori, there isn't any chance people would have the slightest clue who pomu is.
I don't mean to shit on her because I like her but she's obviously not going to bring anything to the table like Mori is

>> No.60753528

They're probably doing more damage than harm with this, take it to the Pomu discord or something lol, if Konami sees all these people bad mouthing them they'll block her forever

>> No.60753532

doesn't stop her from typing her username whenever she feels like egosearching

>> No.60753537

DMC was picked up by Gura two years ago or so. WIth cameo shoutouts by Southworth and Langdon.

>> No.60753547
File: 202 KB, 1800x1272, 1680010694493300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So edgy

>> No.60753549

anyway !

>> No.60753550

She has been saying this for years so I don't know what else she could do since EN doesn't have perms.

>> No.60753568

we should cancel mori and konami

>> No.60753570

B-B-But muh MGS3 pachinko machine...

>> No.60753582

Imagine buying trash like that just to prove a point kek

>> No.60753584

No lil niji (You) should go back to your containment and cry

>> No.60753588

Is her being fan of MGS 2, the same as her saying she is a huge fan of Bloodborne and then being complete dogwater at it?

>> No.60753592

Mori is more lucrative for Japan. She's booming hard with similar promotions like her recent collab with One Piece.

>> No.60753598

Fucking why? Specially if it's Konami Japan, it should've been Pekora

>> No.60753610

Oh so now she HAS to be good at MGS?
NIce new goal post

>> No.60753614

No, Kojima was busy with Peace Walker during MGR's development and literally told the team to do whatever they want with the game. So he had very little input at all with it. Pretty sure Platinum themselves ended up being behind the story.

>> No.60753636

Wtf, Darker than Black in 2023?

>> No.60753637

Eh that was more because she picked that stupid cane starter weapon because she made her guy look like snoop Dogg. Once she got her favorite weapon, the rifle spear, she started rolling through the game. Apparently they ran into perm issues with the game again according to Bijou who had to cancel her Bloodborne stream yesterday so she can't go back to it.

>> No.60753651

Serious answer?
UMG label, Mori's got some serious connections and pulled some strings. She's a musical beast in the JP music industry on par with the big names.

>> No.60753664

>Why would you choose the VTuber that got promotion via One Piece to sing a song
Are you seriously asking this?

>> No.60753683

Pekora is Kojimbo's favorite and Konami isn't cool with him.

>> No.60753696

>bloodborne perms cancelled out of nowhere
>2 years till 10th anniversary
You heard it here first anons, it got pulled because the remake is coming out in two years.

>> No.60753719

>bloodborne perms cancelled
Where did you hear this?

>> No.60753727
File: 47 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_128555404-stock-photo-skeleton-model-action-smoking-cigar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60753737

Realistically, this has been in the works since before Kojima even noticed Pekora at all, right?

>> No.60753755

Bijou was supposed to play yesterday, but she suddenly wasn't able to and she said it wasn't a hardware issue.

>> No.60753778


>> No.60753790
File: 3.12 MB, 520x710, 1697470047775039.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ui-mama loli song is more popular than whatever trash the wigger has ever released and she isn't even professional singer
keep coping deadbeats your oshi is nothing more than an inflatable holo mascot with zero genuine self advancement, without holo she would be noname street whore

>> No.60753793

This. I don't mind if she likes the series but I don't get why people immediately put her on a high pedestal.

>> No.60753795

this bitch only played MGS because the MGR memes became popular with the zoomies. Why is she acting like a huge fan?

>> No.60753798

You can tell this is one of the few actual deadbeats in the thread instead of a catalog monkey because it's saying something positive about Mori instead of something negative about Niji

>> No.60753803
File: 109 KB, 1805x112, Screenshot_20231018_032008_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not him but Biboo had to cancel her Bloodborne stream because of perms

>> No.60753814

Now that the dust has settled, why did Mori end up the strongest in Myth?
>b-but 4 million subs tho-
"Streamed 1 month ago"

>> No.60753818

I only watched her play ace combat and I got the feeling she was only pretending to like it because her chat did. However you can't be sure.

>> No.60753836


>> No.60753837

Using other's success lmao, pomukek where is your oshi's success? What has your dogshit oshi ever done in her life that could beat mori's Ws?

>> No.60753844

Gura is getting more subs than mori even when not streaming
You lost

>> No.60753846

Kind of yes pomu is alot more popular then mori

>> No.60753860


>> No.60753877
File: 249 KB, 500x500, 20220916_193640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MGS is one of the most well known video game series, fans of it aren't unique or hard to come by.

>> No.60753902

Bro even gura stream more then her

>> No.60753916


>> No.60753924

People who don't put effort in anything think everyone else is just lucky or talented naturally.
2views are eternally buttblasted

>> No.60753928

>tranny tweets
imagine my shock

>> No.60753943

She cried during 3, 4, and Peace Walker, has a massive merch shrine, owns the pachislot machine, and last month planned a last-minute flight to Japan to attend the MGS concert which required literally contacting her manager to get her tickets because she's not Japanese. It's been over 6 months since she finished streaming the entire series, so if this is a facade, then it's an extremely expensive one for her that she's kept up for a tremendously long time

>> No.60753945

Pomu who?

>> No.60754001

She DESPERATELY needed a "unique" identity among the 100 nijien members so it's not a stretch to think she went hard on it

>> No.60754025

A lie can always become the truth if given enough time.

>> No.60754050

You don't need to bully pomu too much anons, she did nothing wrong.

>> No.60754065

Punished Pomu
Niji denied of collab

>> No.60754068

Doesn't matter how much of a fan you are if you don't got the numbers to land a sponsorship. I'm sure there are a few autists out there that played each game a hundred times yet you won't see anyone wondering why they aren't the ones landing that contract.

>> No.60754077

>offpako collab
yeah she can go fuck herself for all I care

>> No.60754115

Post more seethe please

>> No.60754129
File: 169 KB, 462x403, 1641347572038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Konami is so petty that because Kojima posted about Pekora playing MGS they make a deal to use a different Vtuber

>> No.60754132

>has a massive merch shrine, owns the pachislot machine, and last month planned a last-minute flight to Japan to attend the MGS concert
those are just her being a retarded consoomer, it has nothing to do with being a fan of the series. Especially the pachislot one, no one who actually likes metal gear would spend money on it. That shit is an insult to the fans

>> No.60754158

>she must be lying she can’t be a real fan!
Do you have any evidence to provide that shes actually just a fake fan or are you just talking out of your ass?

>> No.60754163

Speck of dust, a plankton even in the JP scene

>> No.60754186

>be a fan the same way I'M a fan or you're not doing it right
this is the same kind of guy who only watches clips and thinks he's more dedicated to his oshi than the guy who's collected every piece of merch, because he can name the exact stream and timestamp where she sounds like she farted without muting

>> No.60754192

Ken-samas status?

>> No.60754193

Finally, a post that makes sense

>> No.60754217

Wh-what's your point? You're agreeing with him

>> No.60754219

>Out of all the possible choices, why her?
>I am legitimately curious. What was the decision process there?
Because it's the funniest possible outcome.

>> No.60754241

I don't have an ogey for this moment. I should have known better than to bring up farting in a thread about Mori

>> No.60754265

>How dare you gatekeep being fan from a poser who buys something that no actual fan wants
RUMAO retarded Redditor go back

>> No.60754272

Feels like all out war
And war... has changed.

>> No.60754285

I don't think most people know Pomu exists in Japan, meanwhile Mori's shit gets played on radios, in stores and she's a Tokyo ambassador.

>> No.60754290

I'm real sorry nobody is jumping on your circle jerk anon, might you consider running away to your favourite hugbox instead?

>> No.60754293

Yeah, they let their own fantasy of how Pomu is THE ONE TRUE METAL GEAR VTUBER cloud their perception of reality.

>> No.60754326

But anon she got a outfit of MGS where she begged Kojima to notice her
Only true fans do that

>> No.60754345

>something that no actual fan wants
What made you the arbiter of what fans actually want?

>> No.60754356

You're the one who is actually going
>be a fan the same way I'M a fan or you're not doing it right
Someone can buy 0 pieces of merch and still be more of a fan than someone who spent $10000 on it.

>> No.60754365

She didn't like AC as much. you should watch her MGS playthrough. She fell in love with the series

>> No.60754386

I got no problems with Pomu. Don't really watch her outside clips from MGR but she seems like a sweet girl.

>> No.60754391


>> No.60754401

Fuck off, retard. Bandwagoner who never played MGS games and knew the story around them.

>> No.60754439

Wait, did Pomu really bought a goddamn pachislot cashgrab?

>> No.60754448
File: 3 KB, 108x125, 1693326965242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the fuck? mori doesnt even play mgs all she knows are the fucking mgr memes. when i think mgs i think pekora or miko.

>> No.60754455
File: 49 KB, 449x642, fs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60754470

>being jealous of a faggot

>> No.60754480

Her chat told her that "REAL" mgs fans all have one so she had to buy one despite it being expensive af and pointless af, dumb bitch just believed it

>> No.60754484

>Someone can buy 0 pieces of merch and still be more of a fan than someone who spent $10000 on it.
True, but my baseline assumption of the person who spent $10000 wouldn’t be that they’re a fake fan. Were essentially trying to determine how Pomu feels about a series which we can never actually know with certainly, but theres more evidence to suggest she is a fan compared to evidence that she isn’t.

>> No.60754488

yes she bought the pachislot off ebay for about 1500 bucks

>> No.60754492

> sir, this pink foreigner lady did a One Piece collab and it was fairly successful
> interesting, do you think we can get her to shill our game?

>> No.60754494

She gonna sings "Snake Eater" isn't it?

>> No.60754503

(rap version)

>> No.60754506

This guy is a liar btw. She bought it before chat ever knew

>> No.60754523
File: 66 KB, 590x442, 1695111504857526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pictured: Mori antis on day #1120 of driving Mori towards another massive success by schizoposting
thank you for your FREE fueling efforts

>> No.60754526

No, you're trying to find excuses for why pomu totally deserves this collab over Mori because she is A REAL FAN and shit, because in your delusional minds you think that being a REAL FAN means she deserves it, somehow

>> No.60754537

>Mori gets a collab
>Pomu doesn't
Mori is clearly the better fan of MGS

>> No.60754542

there's video evidence of her experiencing the entire series on stream and 1.5 years of vtubing where she talks about and references the series unprompted in completely random streams. what more exactly do people want when the only argument from the other side is a rrat with no actual support to it beyond "she must be faking it"?
these are both completely false and are pretty easily to disprove if you do 5 minutes of research. she bought it in Japan, without telling her fans, and despite knowing that it was a cashgrab, because she's a collector autist and the way she shows appreciation for a series is by collecting everything related to it that she can get her hands on

>> No.60754547


>> No.60754568

Beg some more you niji subhumans

>> No.60754574

That guy would have to admit to being wrong.
>>60754526 the retard thinks your arguing that Pomu deserves this instead of that she's a big fan.

>> No.60754577

> some loud / annoying NijiEN fans need a wake up call that no they are not equals ans never were and don't merit being forced into conversation next to Holos
absolutely based take, pomufags take note

>> No.60754590

pomukeks SEETHING, no one cares about your bargain bin liver that can't even get noticed by kojimbo despite wasting money on pointless shit and getting a fucking mgs themed outfit

>> No.60754591
File: 389 KB, 749x733, 1691455161739696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pomudachis actually make it worse lmao

>> No.60754616

this post only gets more and more relevant with each new SEA IP that comes into the thread screeching about Nijisanji and not even mentioning Mori whatsoever

>> No.60754618
File: 2.08 MB, 1480x2435, 50e80a313562619777a97dcff25aca67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's cool
it'd be nice if this news wasn't being used to fuel /vt/'s endless tribalism but whaddya gonna do

>> No.60754658
File: 92 KB, 719x855, unbelieavable ogey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most prolific VTuber meme of
> ogey
> rrat
came from a Pekora MGS stream in 2020.

>> No.60754686
File: 57 KB, 480x480, 1696325806503935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm happy for her, deadbeat
Hope they all get to stream it soon, Pomu's been waiting for the chicken to do it for a long time

>> No.60754689
File: 34 KB, 227x222, pego....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon I'm a nousagi but I don't think Peko-chan's songs are as popular as her streams.
With Mori, she gets more music viewers than streamwatchers, while it's the opposite for Pekora.
They're both strong at different things.

>> No.60754691

I'm not seething. I'm calling you a liar because you are. I don't care if she didn't get a sponsorship

>> No.60754700

shut up holokek

>> No.60754701

hiding behind "unity" now kek

>> No.60754741

I also don't care to watch your bargain bin liver to get all my facts straight hope she latches on to something more interesting next time I guess

>> No.60754769

The peko barely remembers it.

>> No.60754778

you sound so mad for no reason

>> No.60754822

You’re just doing the opposite, you’re trying to convince everyone that she doesn’t deserve it because shes actually a fake fan despite having no evidence. Pomu probably would be the easy pick for me given her history with the series, but obviously Mori has more brand power which makes more sense to some Konami suit, the result isn’t really that surprising.

>> No.60754865
File: 337 KB, 1080x1437, pomudachis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are in her quotes kek

>> No.60754914

No, I think she doesn't deserve it because nobody outside of the small handful of pomukeks even know about her existence, and the fact that they are seething over them not picking the small 3view over Mori speaks to a level of self delusion only nijikeks are capable of

>> No.60754923
File: 66 KB, 588x855, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly the hater non-pomudadchi reactions are better. They sound so fucking dejected kek.

>> No.60755021

it wasn't a big deal in Japan

>> No.60755077

Get fucked pomukeks

>> No.60755098

What's the gachiakuta thing he's talking about?

>> No.60755130

just popped in to say 4 is the best one and Rising isn't canon
any vtuber who hasn't played 4 on stream is a cokehead slut

>> No.60755141

Ui's success is Hololive's success. keep on seething nijiniggers

>> No.60755156

I don't know why they hate white women so much. Mori has her fair share of antis but I've seen the same get directed at Moom and Fauna by proper Niji fans on twitter.

>> No.60755172

The mangaka for Gachiyakuta is IRL friends with Mori.

>> No.60755183

except that song wouldn't exist with nijisanji

>> No.60755190

The mangaka is a giant fan of Mori's and sends red supers to her all the time and she even went out to dinner a few times with Mori. She also did the cover art for Mori's last EP

>> No.60755209


>> No.60755231

ah yeah another nijiniggers delusion. I bet Kenmochi got stealth suspension because of that.

>> No.60755251

Because they don't really do anything that get them known outside the hololive fanbase. These types of twitter generally hate all vtubers anyways.

>> No.60755258

At least in that case Mori is also a fan of the manga.

>> No.60755262

The worst part about this is that I can't shit on Mori anymore without people assuming I'm a seething Pomudachi

>> No.60755278

It's not delusion it's a fact. without Kenmochi it wouldn't exist and he was live 17 hours ago

>> No.60755296

Mori markets herself too well, getting all these deals and what not, still I wont be watching her, I have my own oshi that needs support and my love! But good for your skeleton bros.

>> No.60755344


>> No.60755384

just say you came from a Neo-Nazi family or something, anon
do that and both sides will hate you

>> No.60755389

desu I was thinking it was gonna be Pekora. Good for her though

>> No.60755425

it's mgs without kojima though, who gives a shit

>> No.60755432

That guy likes her or at least used to.

>> No.60755564

Pomu clearly does

>> No.60755600


>> No.60755614
File: 68 KB, 699x185, 1690992126612138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey look at this fag

>> No.60755736

Ui-mama doesn't need Hololive or Nijisanji to be successful that's my point
she is great artist vtuber and singer without belonging to any corpo

>> No.60755796

hate mori, but damn she's just swimming in big collabs
why do japs love her so much?

>> No.60755985

Japs don't watch her
she's just easily marketable and "cool" Holo character that can sing
that's literally it

>> No.60756016
File: 58 KB, 512x512, 1693945168907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how can a terminally /here/ femanon be this successful

>> No.60756058

Are we….the source of her power?

>> No.60756068

why are nijitards blaming konami instead of their dogshit company that doesn't do jackshit for their EN talents?

>> No.60756261

Mori is like your stereotypical white American yankee they think of, which makes her cool.

>> No.60756374


>> No.60756480

This, as much as I would have liked it to be Pomu, she doesn't even reach 1mil subscribers while Mori has 2.3mil; obviously a big company would chose Mori for a sponsorship.
And yes I know, number this is numberfaging but unfortunately companies think this way.

>> No.60756513

Sneaked pass pomu and pomudachis to take the spot kek

>> No.60756517

There's your answer

>> No.60756583

It's not that I hate their choice, but it feels like when Chris Pratt was chosen to voice mario. I'm pretty sure there are better options in hololive

>> No.60756588

Worst, they blame holo and mori for this.

>> No.60756676

mori's music isnt popular at all though

>> No.60756829

>consistently hitting top spots with every song she does
>isnt popular
Can you name us some vtuber songs that are popular in your head?

>> No.60756938

yes.. like himemori luna

>> No.60756978

Do you really?

>> No.60757045

Hello, how is it in your alternate reality?

>> No.60757048

whoever just posted on /v/, come back here fucker

>> No.60757519

Yagoo is a pussy

>> No.60757616

This is unironically true.

>> No.60757874

Feel Good Inc.