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Might also have a gorilla Suika (Maybe Holo Suika) somewhere.

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Biboo cute!

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Anyone else have this strange satisfaction that she actually has to learn how to play a video game when it doesn't have an invincibility frame roll button?

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she got so many crits on that second phase, that's where her luck is.

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Get bonked Birkin you ugly piece of shit

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It was in fact, the last of him
for Leon's route

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I was thinking to myself all this time COME ON LEON JUST ROLL

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She got those crits because the game gets easier every time you die on Normal/Easy mode, but it doesn't actively tell you.

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Yeah, her DA is probably all the way down from those deaths.

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lmao beebs so cute

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Reminder that Biboo unironically thinks wives are like pets.

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She's so based, right?

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is she wrong?

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She will be my pet wife

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>still walking in heels after being stabbed in the leg

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She's gonna like this next part.

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So cute

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Gotta catch 'em all!

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Do you think this would be good for a collab stream title with the members:

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Leon is a whore.

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holy they jiss.....

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Biboo wants to watch them fuck

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She's doesn't know that Ada is a manipulative bitch and none of this is real. Also Claire is waif

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>none of this is real
In a "wow this was a dream" twist or that she's a manipulative bitch?

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Ok Chris

>> No.60737445

Okay Claire

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She's still learning the story of Leon.

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All I know about this series is there's a little girl named Sherry and she's got a fuckton of 3DCG porn

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I'm seeing a bunch of of 2~3 hours and 4~5 hours, which one is it?

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Eh, not really, it's just expected behavior desu
If the game doesn't intend to reflex check you like modern action games then the alternative is back to good old-fashioned "die until you learn how to get out of the way properly" tech, gamer sense will only carry you so far in that regard and may even be a detriment if you guess and apply the wrong experience

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She isn't a Fed

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I don't wanna quote but I'm gonna grudgepost the anon who said the stream was gonna be short, get fucked.

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Depends on how much she gets lost

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extreme low quality bait but you have to learn games despite it having invul moves, parries, or whatever defensive mechanic because the games are balanced around that

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Not only 3DCG porn but actual mods too haha

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That zombie is getting his ass eaten out. Hot.

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Fair enough.

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I'm gonna commit a crime...

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now i know what i'll be doing later.

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Based janny.

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Biboo funny!

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What was that?

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Is the game they're playing tomorrow any good? I never saw people playing the new one

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im next to try bofa deez nutz on her

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>hasn't someone tried Boba deez nuts on me?
Yeah, me

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Sherry from RE2 mod in a microbikini. No idea why it was deleted.

>> No.60738118

Just a RE2 sherry mod

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Here's the catbox

>> No.60738154

It's a game where you give the other person directions on where to go or what to do
The game itself is okay but will still be Kino between those two regardless.

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Biboo is so knowledgeable about deez nuts...

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Biboo is very familiar with deez nuts

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yeah, mine

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wonder who's gonna be the one backseating for this collab

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That glass will break, right?

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lmao the graphics on that garden.

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Believe she said collab was her side only and FWMC would be backseating, trade for the cooking one being doggoside only last time I guess

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Loli Sherry never gets old.

>> No.60738456

i was asking about the bae one

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>buddy mentioned

>> No.60738549

>chat spoiling the mechanic

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This is the face she'll make while she burns your house down

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out of 10!

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I'm that anon, I fully accept the fucking, really glad she decided to do a long stream

>> No.60738629

No you don't understand, I have to make sure she uses all of her flamethrower ammo here because it's such a worthless piece of shit against the boss.

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What the beep is she talking about

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She was even cuter back when it was mostly 2D
I wish every time that the only thing I remembered about RE6 was the giraffe blowjob logo...

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I dunno. RE6 Sherry wasn't so bad. Why not have both on the same picture?

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tell her Leon's middle name is Barry. so she can barry these nuts on her mouth.

>> No.60738967

saplings leave my oshi alone

>> No.60738985

npc mode activated

>> No.60739019

Crispy fruit
Charred fruit

>> No.60739052

I'm gonna feed some charred saplings to my rock wife

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>the people in chat telling her to just brute force the puzzles every time
even if the median streamer is too retarded to enjoy looking for the solution or whatever, do people seriously want to sit there and watch that?

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>candy so bad it made her forget about the code

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anon instant loss

>> No.60739207

The fan reflect the streamer, oh no...

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Biboo going to be giving me the guac after this if you catch my drift.

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>bgm with no enemies
i think she triggered a bug

>> No.60739553

>carrying 3 different weapons with loads of ammo
>running away from most things

>> No.60739599

It's called optimization. You do not need to use all resources if you can help it.

>> No.60739625

This is just like those shitty flash bait games kek

>> No.60739681

I don't think she gets it.

>> No.60739710

Wow what a suspicious red line, what could it mean?

>> No.60739715

kids these days don't understand the classics
now a tower of hanoi; that was a quality video game puzzle

>> No.60739767

Rock not so smart

>> No.60739768


>> No.60739819

I think that area just has the spooky music playing all the time.

>> No.60739827

>Fuck it up one step from the end
>Button mash rush through to the end again and do the exact same thing twice in a row
Big mood

>> No.60739855

Wrestle friend, I would recommend asking other people in here who to send, I would send Hoarah Loux in a Madoka dress personally.

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No more candy fag

>> No.60739972

She didn't scream at that second one, I'm so proud of her

>> No.60740034

>i'm trying to save my bullets
>just blew a bunch of shotgun shells on a licker she didn't need to kill

>> No.60740088

In other words, WE NEED MORE BULLETS

>> No.60740151

Not that she particularly seems to mind, but "literally any reaction at all" = batsu is a bit silly to extend the game rules to

>> No.60740184

any spooked reaction should count

>> No.60740186

She just wants some candy

>> No.60740187

She did jump on her chair, pebble. That counts as a body scream.

>> No.60740197

Yeah, the way some of chat just goes +1 at literally any sound she makes is starting to make me think they're forgotten the rules.

>> No.60740230

It depends on if they can solve the puzzles or not.

>> No.60740240

144p wife on the telly

>> No.60740242


>> No.60740305

pebbles.. your oshi..

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Good old fashioned west coast internet upload being maxed out at 5 mbps while you pay $300 a month.

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144p my beloved...

>> No.60740392

Licker is our word. You can say Licka.

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Somehow has higher accuracy with the pistol than with the shotty? Yes she should maybe turn the sensitivity down a little but guess she doesn't care too much about it in RE

>> No.60740521

Advent should play Darktide

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Biboo is so cute it should be illegal, look at her doing silly sounds, man

>> No.60740692

My wife the amazing foley artist.

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>Biboo wants to be the human SFX person

>> No.60740714

Biboo asked. She wants a whole full game to stream with just her voice for every sound effect ever.

>> No.60740731

biboo voicing an eroge...

>> No.60740742

Didn't Kaela play that?

>> No.60740746

>still making HG bullets this late into the game
she's adorable.

>> No.60740747

Mega Man X

>> No.60740829

pebbles... ill be skipping that stream, i love her, but not that much...

>> No.60740890

even the game wants to correct her, now.

>> No.60740942

Theres a game you can do that actually, Jelly Car. You can voice act all sound effects and use them in the game
Ame played it I think

>> No.60740949

>Hyadain rockunny
My dick...

>> No.60740997

>not even remotely bothered by Mr. X being back

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Disciplinary Measures.

>> No.60741055

perfect reaction to him just walking up and smacking her ass kek
actually just an indignant "hey, what the fuck bro"

>> No.60741136

Biboos muf...

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She cleared it so fast I couldn't even post my penlight pic

>> No.60741556

This but VT2 so she can enjoy the goofy D&D crew character banter and be mostly rewarded for unga bunga dual melee gorilla meme builds

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Does Hololive even have VeggieTales perms?

>> No.60741784

I remember RE2 OG having a lot of implied incest and impregnation for the little girl, did they tone it down in this game?

>> No.60741855

>Little girl incest impregnation
I'm sorry what?

>> No.60741938

One of the plot points of RE2 is that the G Virus only reproduces with someone of similar DNA, which is why Birkin is searching for his daughter so he can impregnate her to spread his mutation.

>> No.60742051
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Remember kids, God hates perms.

>> No.60742100


>> No.60742191

Pebbles have you considered that there is a real metamorphic rock named "Gneiss"? Perhaps that's what she's saying when she says "nice"


>> No.60742242

The ending music is a banger

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Today we're gonna find out if Bijou dies to Mr. X's roaring charge attack or if she has the intuition to keep shooting him before she gets one-shot by him.

>> No.60742472

I find it so funny that he dies to 2 grenades.
Spoilering this so Biboo doesn't autoscroll reads.

>> No.60742555


>> No.60742674


>> No.60742692


>> No.60742729

Biboo panics whenever she sees a running clock lmao it's cute

>> No.60742763

wait is ada really dead?

>> No.60742806

Marriage ended with Ada. Now Claire is my wife!

>> No.60742808

sure lol

>> No.60742809

oh wow! sidepiece is still alive!

>> No.60742836

New (old) wife acquired!

>> No.60742863

find out in FWMC's playthrough of RE4!

>> No.60742889

Mr. X, HOW

>> No.60742895

resident evil has two consistent things. very fuckable women and the fact that no one has sex in that universe besides wesker

>> No.60742921

>sex is evil

>> No.60742929

The last clock at the incinerator only gave her the leeway to fuck up 1-2 times, you take the timer pretty seriously after that

>> No.60742935

Why is Mr. X so obsessed with Leon anyway?

>> No.60742966

Jesus, Biboo. Clear out your inventory.

>> No.60742994

First one was supposed to eliminate survivors, the second one is to punish him for the laboratory infraction.

>> No.60742996

was that really the last time you see Mr. X?
programmed to kill any survivor found in the police station

>> No.60743039

I trust our wife to choose violence.

>> No.60743041

He got a fat dumpy and a tight bussy

>> No.60743046

I have work in around 5 hours, how long do we have left? 1 hour-ish? I need to see rock wife clear it

>> No.60743068

oh, nevermind

>> No.60743086

>no one has sex in that universe besides wesker
Barry continued his bloodline successfully

>> No.60743101


>> No.60743103

7 minutes.

>> No.60743125

Understandable, thanks

>> No.60743135


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File: 1.01 MB, 514x524, bweeeh[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F84q6y8.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60743191

>just like Wesker

>> No.60743204

Her dodges are on point regardless, she's unbothered.

>> No.60743228

>don't miss

>> No.60743235

>misses on point-blank

>> No.60743240


>> No.60743244

Literally how

>> No.60743253

our rock is clearly a comedian

>> No.60743257
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those little hands clapping ToT

>> No.60743261
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>> No.60743272

I cannot believe she missed the fucking rocket launcher. I was really hoping it had only 1 shot.

>> No.60743278

I've never seen a human being miss that rocket shot. It's harder to miss, I think.

>> No.60743283

That's my oshi, missing point-blank with a rocket launcher.

>> No.60743292

>shoots him right as he ducks under it for the counterattack with his own swing
instant loss to the very end
ok yeah, that one really looked like a "get the fuck behind cover" move a lot more than a DPS check move lmao

>> No.60743309
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Imagine how KINO it would be, kek

>> No.60743353

My wife so strong, I'm so proud of her

>> No.60743364

So will she play the Clarie playthrough?

>> No.60743399

yes, she just told me

>> No.60743407

Oops! All buggers!

>> No.60743411

That's going to make a great soundpost.

>> No.60743430

Yeah, even Leon's like "Uh oh, better watch out!". It's the most misleading shit.

>> No.60743445

My fucking app died right at the boss so I missed the entire first part

>> No.60743456

Need a supercut of all the biboo noises this stream

>> No.60743462

More proof that she is her Rockiness

>> No.60743507

C for cute

>> No.60743508


>> No.60743512

>mom don't look!

>> No.60743517

C for Cute!

>> No.60743524


>> No.60743525

>100% orange booger juice'd
>walking talking instant loss corrected brat machine
the daughterwife really dumped her entire luck stat for all her other charms...good trade, luckshitting over hard work and guts is for pussies

>> No.60743588

>She's got a sugar rush

>> No.60743622

BaeBi sounds cute

>> No.60743638

So what is Biboo and Bae's collab name?

Brat and Rrat?

>> No.60743718

BRat Pack.

>> No.60743725
File: 141 KB, 371x402, hitman new personal best.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why you no get A, A+? you think B ok? B for garBage man, that what you be in future if you no fix grade
C? C? aiyaaa how this happen, your ancestaa all rolling in grave
C stand for chuuba, that only job take you now

>> No.60743733

BaeBi pls

>> No.60743744

It was chosen to be Baebi, last I checked. They both agreed.

>> No.60743743

cant wait for catalognigs to take im taking a break from horror games to im taking a gura length break KEK

>> No.60743758


>> No.60743779

Think she will play the extra modes?

>> No.60743797

RE was such a bad game of choice for a batsu and I got called out for saying how close she was with Fauna because not using senpai but she's using senpai with Bae.

>> No.60743803

>I got a PS5
>but no games to play

>> No.60743840

Awful bait

>> No.60743851

>RE was such a bad game of choice for a batsu
It wasn't, everyone had fun and you're autistic

>> No.60743865

>new ip
>is bait
i'll respond to it anyway

i think she also called fauna fauna-senpai before their first collab too, it takes a bit of time to warm up to each other

>> No.60743895

bloodborne was the chosen game for the batsu but she couldnt play it

>> No.60743984

I made Biboo laugh out loud today, a good deep belly laugh. Today was a good day.

>> No.60744000

biboo gonna listen to DMX

>> No.60744003

>if I chew gum for more than 10 minutes it gives me a headache

>> No.60744018
File: 446 KB, 4092x2893, F8sbSyKaoAE0Ldu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.60744060

oh that unironically happens to me

>> No.60744104


>> No.60744173
File: 4 KB, 160x160, uoh [sound=files.catbox.moe%2F4dj91g.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60744191

>It's not like you lose your mind... wellllll..... some of you do

>> No.60744203

did she just tell us to take our meds? kek

>> No.60744241
File: 73 KB, 472x472, meds1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's my medicine

>> No.60744304

That's what I was saying. I was just appreciating how close they are now to the point that she's not using senpai after their collabs but instead I got called retarded just because Promise was formed making Biboo the senpai, but, she's still calling Bae a senpai.
I don't know why I even got called because of that.

>> No.60744313

Deadspace would be MUCH better than RE.

>> No.60744350

You can stop crying and move on already

>> No.60744352

>I got called retarded just because Promise was formed making Biboo the senpai
ok you are retarded

>> No.60744396

dead space is just boring RE4

>> No.60744430
File: 1.46 MB, 386x450, biboo akachan[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fwav7mk.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60744445
File: 3.83 MB, 640x360, 1671565163785450.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being Biboo is suffering.

>> No.60744513

>I don't want it raw
Too bad, bite the pillow I'm going in dry.

>> No.60744529

any bets on kaela trying to get biboo to do all endings or at least 1 ending

>> No.60744681

-Promise- is a rebranding of 2nd gen, you stupid fuck.

>> No.60744743

ok that actually made me laugh

>> No.60744909


>> No.60744977

fauna has been at the company longer making her a senpai, your a retard if you think that a rebrand makes biboo the senpai

>> No.60745017

biboo don't go...

>> No.60745022

What the fuck are you on about
Promise being formed after Biboo doesn't make Biboo a senpai

>> No.60745057

looking at how much ammo she had by the end game and considering how much she missed during early, this game gives you WAY too much ammo.

>> No.60745061
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do people who recommends jrpgs even watches all the streams? purseowner 5 is pretty long and its much less fun when watching it compared to actually playing it

>> No.60745076

Good stream with a good game. Good Biboo tonight.

>> No.60745109

P5 is impossible to watch. It's such a slog of WORDWORDSWORDS and 80% of it is irrelevant to the plot and most of the characters they flesh out are also irrelevant. The game is fine but as a stream game it's just too much.

>> No.60745110

JRPG fans are desperate for any kind of validation because their genre is dead and dying.

>> No.60745115
File: 103 KB, 234x279, 1692143688410290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> still falling for the "biboo is the senpai now" bait
let that faggot die alone pebbles, and post biboo

>> No.60745252

2.5 hours into the 3rd timesmith raft stream and they're still where they were at the beginning of the second grindstone raft stream

>> No.60745304

>Redirected to Kronii
>Only Kaela acknowledged Biboo
I imagined that, right?

>> No.60745325

You're deaf and / or retarded
She said Thank you Bijou~

>> No.60745357

i also heard kronii acknowledge biboo, kaela was just responding to biboo's "why can't I raid youuuu"

>> No.60745385

She said "Thank you, Bijou~" in a very sultry voice.

>> No.60745413

check your ears

>> No.60745424

Kaela's so popular.

>> No.60745458

Oh, good. I only heard Kaela so I must've been distracted then. My bad.

>> No.60745913

Watching bae struggle on Archbishop and it impresses me how biboo beat him in 15 mins

Although I do gotta admit, Bae's a natural at the parry timings

As I write this, Bae got sat on by the archbishop

>> No.60746433

EXACTLY. I was saying how close they were because of Biboo not using any honorifics with Fauna, but, then I got called out a retard just because it happened after council's rebranding. One even said it's how it works comparing how it is like with Suisei's case.

>> No.60746522

You complete buffoon. I am saying the complete opposite. It was you guys who claimed that she's the senpai now and calling me a retard in the process.

>> No.60746600
File: 352 KB, 438x646, disabled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>because Promise was formed making Biboo the senpai
are you genuinely retired or something?

>> No.60746601

Jesus just let it go man. That happened many many threads ago. I was one of the people who called you names at that time but simply because I didn't understand your post's intent. Talk about holding a grudge.

>> No.60746685

Then don't call others' names when you don't even understand their
post in the first place.
>holding a grudge
Anyone would if they got called out after making a positive post and it was even an appreciation

>> No.60746698
File: 1.07 MB, 2229x4096, 5646545456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah relax anon dont take what people say here so cereal

new thread = new anon

>> No.60746753

Yeah. You're right. I need to take a chill pill. Thanks.

>> No.60746899

>Getting mad at Bae for not calling Biboo "senpai"

>> No.60747220

nta but your post that time was very incomprehensible and deserving of being called a retard, esl-kun.

i would search it on the archives just to show it but im on my phone right now and cant be bothered to

>> No.60747313

Catching up only now. Any standout Biboo lines from today’s stream? I don’t think there would be much real fear outside of jumpscares and general nervousness. At least not as bad as Parasocial, that one made her make high-pitched noises I’ve never heard before.

>> No.60747482


She said Leon should have let Ada stew a little bit longer in her injuries so she'd be more desperate and willing. Desperate and willing to do what, exactly? She didn't say.

She also said women shouldn't have rights and that Sherry was cute and funny at the end of Leon's story. Dunno what was going on there.

>> No.60747885

I liked when she read the superchat that spoiled her next Keala collab as well as when she missed Mr. X with her first rocket.

>> No.60748045

that kaela collab next week is gonna be so kino

>> No.60748136

I dunno, it really doesn't feel like she wants to do it.

>> No.60748190

Did Kaela herself ruin the collab for next week by saying it in chat?

>> No.60748236

She doesn't want to play it because it's a spooky game, but if she genuinely didn't want to play it, she wouldn't. She's obviously gonna play it for the content.

>> No.60748311

kyute wife

>> No.60748391

At the start of the stream, Biboo hinted on Kaela suggesting her a game to play on spookymonth. Then, when asked for a hint about said game, she said it would be a game where Kaela would just watch while she plays. Pass a few minutes, Kaela shows up in chat and Biboo mentions this, Kaela immediately namedrops the game, and now she has no choice but to play it.
She's gonna play because Kaela is gonna be there and that's it. She wouldn't do it for content by herself.

>> No.60748942

So I'm watching Bae slowly lose her mind playing Lies of P and I can't help but chuckle to the thought of her and Biboo playing We Were Here tomorrow.
Two lovable retards trying to direct each other through puzzles is going to be peak Kino.

>> No.60749532

Honestly I kinda like how Kaela is trying to get biboo to go outside of her comfort zone and to test the limits, I trust Kaela not to overdo it tho

>> No.60751292

So now that it looks like EN will have MGS stuff soon, does that mean we might actually get Biboo doing MGR in a few months?

>> No.60751435

She usually steers away from replaying games she already played. Elden Ring was an exception and she made it more interesting by making it a challenge run.

>> No.60752392
File: 1.76 MB, 562x696, ririka kiss maybe later[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F8m1klx.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>General erotic noises from the batsu
Goldmine on par with Fall Guys or Ririka batsu. Pebbles going wild over the distressed noises and coupled with complaints about salty meaty flavors and all sorts of other choice "ew ew ew" "i dont want to swallow" "i had a mouthful, gross" lines etc
>Annoyed screaming
Pretty quickly evolved from shrieking to KYAAAAARGH FINE THAT'S A BATSU to just being annoyed at scares falling onto her or teleporting behind her at the end. RE2 isn't all that spooky but she did go long so headache resistant or whatever now maybe
>Unseiso gemwife
Had a shower thought about using the suspension bridge effect to seduce Ada. Apparently uooooh'd over senpai thighs during a recent 3D so hard that others bonked her

Also couple ridiculous instant loss comedic timing lines where'd she say stuff like "Oh yeah every enemy here is dead, we're cool" and the last surviving Licker would come careening around the corner that exact moment at full speed followed by her shrieking

>> No.60752894

I didn't really remember any good lines since I was using the stream as my bgm while working but early half had more cute moments because it had more jumpscares and since the other half focused more on fights

>> No.60753042

She has said she wanted to play it again though, could see her doing a challenge run or an endurance run.

>> No.60753871

Just woke up. Rock status?

>> No.60754299

Diabetes and tommy hort

>> No.60754312
File: 1.43 MB, 2048x1618, fat biboo eats your cookies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fat (jellybeans and licorice)

>> No.60754354

Schlicking to RE porn

>> No.60755049

Rocky. Crunchy, even.

>> No.60755179

need a biboo version of this.

>> No.60755513
File: 1.24 MB, 326x453, 1660852419993273.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, but Biboo.

>> No.60756533

Man, seeing this kind of stuff makes me want to buy a VR headset. Imagine a Biboo version of that...

>> No.60756740

there's something weird and uncanny about this video, I don't like it.

>> No.60756813

A lot of people say it's uncanny because her eyes are following you. Personally it just gave me a boner.

>> No.60756879

Same desu.
>0:16 onwards
muh dick

>> No.60756930


>> No.60756993

What stands out to me, is just the creepy, unresisting, unreacting sex doll part of it. Kinda wanna call it "rapey" honestly.

>> No.60757069

That's what makes it hot, though...

>> No.60757092


>> No.60758053

So cute! I kinda want that now

>> No.60758876
File: 388 KB, 1920x2560, e21937d750cf8cc1f818975afa542899bd9f6c5112f77efd056b5aea3346b781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sleeping or Sleepy.

>> No.60760604

Wonder if next week will have MC event training

>> No.60760639
File: 696 KB, 2894x4093, gem girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

baker on duty

>> No.60760711

MC on Saturday may be just that

>> No.60761789

last for biboo

>> No.60762178

New bread: