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>With 3D debuts of almost all NijiEN erased
>Cancelled and no announced date for the AR concert.
>Decreasing number of livers
>Harassment from haters increasing
>Now known in the west as a Vtuber Agency equivalent of Kardashians show
>Peak views barely reaching 2k
>Demoralize after seeing former "friend" reincarnated in Vshojo and blasted your "beloved" company.

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The only thing thats still consistent from that image is fulgur bring a fat piece of shit

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kek they are making more money than top jps as much as they were back then

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I won't be satisfied until nobody but Lazusydia is left and things are finally back to the way they were during the golden age

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You think the talents give a fuck about Kuro shitting on Niji? The talents shit on Niji while IN Niji.

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Can I get a explanation of how can someone be so fat that the entire companies hiring procedure has to be changed?

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Luca just went into schizo in his stream because "it's tiring and demoralizing for me and also us to see and hear people badmouthing my company" just in case you didn't know

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was Sana this guy's oshi or something

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>get mad at people badmouthing the company when the company itself are at fault in the first place

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No but he couldn't handle the "runt" of Council mogging him and his wavemates in every opportunity

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I guess the all out war didn't go as well as NijiCN thought it would.

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Livers will continue to be terminated and/or exploited until morale improves

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Nah. Just nijiniggers trying to donwnplay the drama, and make Fatgur their scapegoat. literal trannoid fanfic tier

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did Maimoto quit also?

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one talent out of over 30 talents hates people badmouthing the company that exploits him and his friends, sounds to me he's more a bootlicker than someone who genuinely likes his company unless he actually hates his friends in which case biggest plottwist of the year to cap off this shitfest of a year Niji has had.

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He is on a "indefinite hiatus"

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>Riku exploits and underpays the "livers" in his company
Extremely based considering the amount of faggots being a part of it. I am now a fan of Riku.

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still don't get this board's obsession with blaming everything on the company
fine if you want to criticize them for the hires, but (other) management fuckups is not the reason it got to this point

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>council dissolved and merge with another failure of a "branch"
at least one is true 2 years later

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and then now they complain that nijisanji is getting shat on when they started it

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watch this thread get deleted because it shits on nijisanji while the 15 gura threads stay up

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>still mogs literally all of NijiEN daily
That is a big stretch of the word "failure" right here.

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So suspended

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Fuck you! NijiEN has all the fucking mindchairs and your Promise shit has none.

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>still no 1m after 2 years
they're hololive, 1m should've been easy with how much buffs they got and still have. 1 of them fucked off not even a year in. but the gen is so worthless not even the buffs could save them. also imagine your branch being fucking DISSOLVED, not even the homos experienced that kind of shit.

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SEA Thread

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Does Fulgur have 3D? LMAO

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All of Promise regularly 4view, Half of Niji EN sit around 3 view territory. I'm not even a number fag and this cope seems fucked.

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It took Sora the face of the company an extra year to reach the 1 million mark, some make it quick some don't. The Vtuber boom is over, 1 million milestones don't happen that often anymore.

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he never will. He has a a terrible back problem and can't sit on an airplane. He literally streams standing up because he can't sit down.

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nijianti threads literally never get deleted chumkek

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So true! Like, in NijiEN 200K means same as 1 million in Hololive, so I don't know what these holobronies are sperging about.

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Can I get a quick rundown of why the 3d debuts were deleted? how many? wtf?

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>copes then deflects
>boom is over
kobo, a fucking indog has 2m. also the advent dogs (BAU BAU) are almost at 600k. wouldn't it be funny if they reach 1m before any of the council whores? KEK

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rangeban SEA already these threads are just spam at this point

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I like how "haha no 1mil" is some rule you made up for success in hololive when not even half the talents there have 1mil yet mog the shit out of all of Nijisanji
You're clearly a anti but I'll ask anyway. What would you consider a success in nijisanji?

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You forgot to mention that Fatgur is so obese that there isn't mocap tools big enough to capture that sack of lard.

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>What would you consider a success in nijisanji?
He will never answer this or do some retarded cope such as Salome

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I didn't mention it because it's not true

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not being a niji
their male JPs work though, so YAGOO has to still figure that out

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NijiJP males huh? Here is a guy from their latest wave
Did you mean to say Kazuha only?

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kuzuha, kanae, that chin guy, the salary man, even the faggot clown and the male elf works. and those numbers are higher than most of YAGOO's boys bar asterl and roberu

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The nijisanji persecution complex is something else

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oh I'm sorry did we hurt your feelings?

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>b-b-but nijijp!!!

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let me know when one of your talents doxx hits bump limit holobrony

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>forgetting the time council dox was spammed so hard on the board they had to rangeban SEA from posting images

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oh so like this thread?

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Always has been. Holokeks are just too retarded to admit it.

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>didn't even get 20 replies
try again retard

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Should've read the post before replying anon

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not comparable, all those threads were deleted as fast as possible and they actually tried to do something about it.

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nijiniggers in a post

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Yeah, sure, whatever you say nijinig

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It feels like an all out war right now

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they receive plenty of instant ramen on a regular basis FYI

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I'm convinced only ESLs get upset at that.

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I got it!

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Yeah of course because nobody could possibly hate nijisanji other than those dastardly sea people amirite?

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No, I mean literally only ESLs get upset st Pomu's line. because it's so clearly not being serious.

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I think it gets repeated mostly because people find it funny

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Has nothing to do with what I said. Now I'm convinced you're ESL

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you're free to keep believing that if you want, just like how you're free to believe that only SEA hates nijisanji

>> No.60540400

you're not proving me wrong

>> No.60540429

Why would I prove you wrong when you leapt to that conclusion out of nothing other than your own prejudices?

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Yea, why would anyone enter a vent channel to rant their thought out? Not Nijisanji definitely.

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>Sana's graduation stream : 99k
>Mysta's graduation stream : 64k
If the ultimate runt of Council can beat the strongest member of Luxiem by such a big margin. Even Bae is higher than Vox and Luca most of the time, this is just a sad comparaison at this point.

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The only one using that channel for its intended purpose is Mysta. You can just tell that everyone else uses it to shit on hololive

>> No.60540511

Being rejected by Hololive hurts that much, huh?

>> No.60540547

Homostars isn't Hololive though.

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>With 3D debuts of almost all NijiEN erased
Nigga. All of them except Krisis are in Japan to record their 3D showcase. Keep crying holokek. All of NijiEN will get their 3D first before Advent.

>> No.60540565

yeah, just like how they were all in japan to record for their AR live amirite?

>> No.60540663

>still thriving
Nope. NijiEN(CN) is slowly collapsing from within.

>> No.60540699

Shu is fucking retarded for applying to hololive as a male. They mustve told him to fuck off and he is very butthurt about it

>> No.60540727

They are in Japan to suck Rikus cock so they can have their own branch few months longer.

>> No.60540769

>still misunderstanding me
your pagpag is getting cold

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and the nijifag switches to blaming SEA when his argument isn't gaining traction like he wanted, like clockwork

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they have curry bunos

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my fucking sides

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>that mysta

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I'd rather drink Phase Coffee.

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I wonder on how many of those servers the talents are in.
I'm sure the newer colleagues were not invited to the "all out war" server.

>> No.60541749

Oh yeah, didn't they all went to Japan to record their AR live?? So wow!!!!
Wait... 3D and AR Live doko???
Oh yeah, it was "COVID"!!!!!!

>> No.60541779

Making fun of the mentally handicapped isnt nice anon

>> No.60541831

>the entire companies hiring procedure has to be changed?
How did they change?

>> No.60541970

Mandatory weight checks on auditions

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Thats bullshit but I believe it

>> No.60542256

god i miss blacksheep

>> No.60542278

Its true. None of the auditions asked for their weight before the Fulgur catastrophe.

>> No.60542493

>before the Fulgur catastrophe
QRD? What was so bad they had to add weight checks?

>> No.60542599

He is morbidly obese to the point where he physically cannot do 3D

>> No.60542845

tell me about Barbara Macdonald

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Ooh, I haven't seen this one, added to my collection. Thanks anon!

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Holy fuck. KEK

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Iirc and cmiiw, only two of the NijiEN have 3D and one of them is Pomu, I forgot the other.
Both girls obviously stopped using 3D to avoid any insecurity or toxic comparison with their fellow livers who still haven't got 3D like how Gura in the past don't celebrate or make a big fireworks for herself everytime she hits another million milestone to avoid same scenario.

>> No.60543368

not like this nijikeks...

>> No.60543569

Why would be hate the company when he swimming in pomu pant and other nijigirl. That his dream come true. In fact he would protect the company more than others.

>> No.60543662

Would he*

>> No.60543897

I don't think there a cargo ship capable of transport him ever.

>> No.60543912

Sana x Fulgur was a popular ship back in the day.

>> No.60544038

Thank you Bayeuxchad

>> No.60544314

do they? wasnt fuwafaggot begging for surgery money the other day despite all the sponsors and shit?

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File: 559 KB, 1434x1024, Mysta gets 3D as Kuro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kuro is going to get 3D at this point before the luxiem and other nijikeks.

>> No.60544649

he's not. he lost all the weight his problem is a catastrophic back injury that leaves him unable to sit for long periods of time.

>> No.60544700

This is bullshit by the way. Elira and Finana use their 3d all the time

>> No.60544964

>43 ips
kek this looks like a discord room

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You ever wonder if they reply to themselves?
Jesus what happened, a JP beat Pekora or something? The monkeys sure are riled up today.
No? Where do you stupid fucks come up with this shit, Fuwa already has his surgery months ago.
This is your brain on # rot.

>> No.60545780

Lol, knowing how fat fucks likes to use any excuses for their disability but their obesity, fulgur is most likely lying.
I've encountered an obese shit during high school that one time, his knee caps broke due to his weight in one of our practice dances for fitness program. And when he returned from the hospital, his formal and public excuse was he was accidentally hit by a passing bike that caused him to fall. We just silently took his excuse as not to embarrass him.
Then later, he once again fell to his back in the classroom just right after he stood from his seat(the only metal seat in class). He couldn't stand up and cried about the pain on his back. We knew that something went wrong when he stood and not after he fell because he cried in pain after standing then he fell to the floor. But when he returned again from the hospital three months later, his public excuse for the school was he got injured when he accidentally fell to the floor. He got a brace on his back and fortunately for him, the injury wasn't that severe.
Fulgur must be the same fuck knowing his personality lmfao.

>> No.60545913

Hey anon, you forgot your meds again. Your delusions are so way up ahead. Lol

>> No.60546504

>graduation number cope
where are the 97k when she was streaming? you gotta admit, she only had that much because she was the first holoen to fuck off
you're just comparing their low numbers, luxiem peak was higher than council afaik, despite being males

>> No.60546656

it took kobo to kill the then demon lord mr vox akuma KEK
numberfags are all over it

>> No.60546944

They never mention Kagami doing the same surgery at the same time for some reasons.

>> No.60547245

he is truly, genuinely stupid

>> No.60547591

Millie saw Luca saying this and said the exact same thing as him, but I guess it means Millie is a "top talent" as well and a bootlicker as well

>> No.60547725

Yeaaaah, it's higher... But did they maintain it though?
Nowadays even bae alone exceeds the entire views of your beloved Luxiem esp your golden gay dog vox. Wonder what happened? Oh wait, Mysta left. Lmfao.
Recently, Luca was crying like a gay who got std after hearing how haters insults his black company.

>> No.60547885

Lol, imagine a single indog wrecking the ass of your top liver.

>> No.60548045

Lol do you think the Gura.hate is even half as malicious as the hate NijiEN gets?

>> No.60548060

All VTuber companies should have a Corrections Department run by /vt/ anons.

>> No.60548230

for a while, enough for cover to launch tempus. you have to thank them for that one KEK
no shit, chinese sisters already left them because they can't play their role
>crying like a fag
im surprised you even know this, i didn't, because i dont watch faggots
you faggot probably thinks im a sister, i just hate the council whores except for the rat, who actually does her reps. holoEN is down because of the talentless whores

>> No.60548309

indogs are also wrecking EN 3Ds KEK

>> No.60548732

>threads literally obsessing over the same year and a half old image get made every single day at the same time
>like 75% of them are filled with kids posting "nijiseethe" at anyone not constantly dancing on the brand's grave

The board still dislikes nijiEN at burger hours but not like this, buddy. Noticing patterns not racism.

>> No.60549089

It's not malicious if it's deserved

>> No.60549635

A good 80% of them dont deserve it

>> No.60549771

Yeah and Niji livers get more than 2% of merch sales

>> No.60551425

Stockholm syndrome

>> No.60551499

Well at first haters hate only the company in concern for the livers that were being obviously mistreated and exploited.
But instead the livers themselves becomes the knights of a black company, berating their fans who complained about the bad nijien management instead of following what NijiJP did with their fans.
So NijiEN fans turn on the livers who defends their corpo.
It became worse when the livers themselves poke a hornets nest with the discord leak where they were shitting on Holo esp Council. This triggered the most toxic tribalistic Holo fans and started the daily hate thread of NijiEN.
Their last fan defenders were Chinese but kek, the livers also fucked up in handling them. We should thank Vox for that.
Now only few defends NijisanjiEN sincerely.

>> No.60551609

Every time i see this image i wonder why the author put [...] everywhere
From top to bottom the words are clearly:
thank me
Just been

>> No.60551718

Go to the gym Fulgur instead of reading VT board. Your fat ass is the reason why your wave still don't have 3D. Maybe get a robot body also for your disabled body. Kek.

>> No.60551830

Why do you guys love to type lol and kek so much?

>> No.60551924

Riku Sama don't deserve the hate.
Those faggot livers do.
Only now, I can finally appreciate why Riku took 99% of the cut from the sales. It's because these slave livers don't deserve another cup of noodles.
They should just eat mud soup instead like what Mao made them eat in the past.

>> No.60552005

It's the sound of bugmen during night time.
Kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek
Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

>> No.60552407

ESL SEA “people”

>> No.60552438

nah the faggot's back can't even carry his own weight let alone exercise. they should just hire a skinwalker for his 3D like gura.

>> No.60552483

>Well at first haters hate only the company in concern for the livers that were being obviously mistreated and exploited.
Are you kidding, haters don't hate the compagny, they hate "nijisanji" for some reasons, and spend more time saying the livers deserves every mistreatment they get instead of "helping" them.
If it was out of concern, people would have seen it long time ago.
>But instead the livers themselves becomes the knights of a black company, berating their fans who complained about the bad nijien management instead of following what NijiJP did with their fans. So NijiEN fans turn on the livers who defends their corpo.
"We are going to save you. Please do not resist"

>> No.60552508

All hail Chairman Riku, and his 1000 year rule over the company. Thou will not receive a salary, thou will not get a dime for your debut preparations, thou will be alone while the company reaps all your money “For the Greater Good”

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File: 1.59 MB, 3535x1678, 1678001485916022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nijisissies playing victim again.

Spread your asses wide open Nijinsissies.

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File: 419 KB, 1388x2026, 1695798643972509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For the Greater Good!
More yacht means no more chinese executives getting affected by floods!
Riku is the greatest!
Oshi of all Oshi!!!

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File: 228 KB, 600x600, 1690698725392815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60553709

You don't know his personality though. And he's been found IRL when he's walking his dog. he's skinny

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File: 323 KB, 1080x2412, 169648740577897353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.60554278

>catalogfags: the thread

>> No.60554420
File: 31 KB, 366x378, 169725229709820820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Praise our oshi Anycolor and its owner Riku!

>> No.60556792

Not a single reply. Nijifag persecution complex is extreme. KEK

>> No.60557655

>before Advent
Advent is not even 3 months old yet, you do realize that, right?

>> No.60557980


>> No.60558278

except when people doxxed him(and part of his family) one of the photos was pre-obesity
clearly not fit, but nowhere near the ball of meat he became later

>> No.60558600
File: 118 KB, 1159x409, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek thanks for confirming, he was begging for money and did an endurance of sc begging, it was some months ago. Apparently despite all the big streams and sponsors he doesnt have the money nor can he get a loan from his own bank, which should be easy given his supposed high income

>> No.60559661

Yeah, he did. Niji fans were laughing at him.

>> No.60559693

2% is never just a meme.

>> No.60559995

Finana says "luxiem noctys earn just as much......"

>> No.60560487

Luca was running damage control for Nijisanji to get on the good side of his employer. HoloEN does have some major problems but there are even more with NijiEN especially since the higher rate of vtuber debuts creates a more competitive environment. The fear of getting sidelined by management doesn't really prove that vtuber love their corpo.

>> No.60561525

this cope is 1y old btw

>> No.60564029

No but that doesn't change the fact that council didn't do well

>> No.60568068

boy he went real silent after this

>> No.60572788


>> No.60574902

Nijisanji still is thriving
NijiJP is the actual nijisanji, not NijiEN, put it in your mind

>> No.60574998


>> No.60575496

I'm not a nijinigger retard, but im also not blind. I read anycolor earnings and they arent even close to die, they make the most money

>> No.60575610

For someone who's not a nijinigger you sure seem very eager to defend nijisanji, I wonder why

>> No.60575657

their discord knows one insult

>> No.60575817

You don't need a discord to identify nijiniggers

>> No.60576637

NijiEN management went into full on self sabotage since then, shutting down the big event and stopping doing them entirely.

they give almost zero actual support to their talents' projects, then publicly humiliating them with last second mid-stream shutdown of something big planned of any talent who'd try to innovate and bring the quality up

even firing one talent while cancelling and completely defaming her among Niji livers and attempting to cancel her online the same way with a clickbait hitpiece for a statement which forced her into lawyering up and showing a lot of the laundry just to answer the accusations

MEANWHILE pressuring lower performing members to chase numbers like leeches to make managers look better on the reports

Hololive is not perfect either especially for the guys but holy fuck stop coping about Niji.

>> No.60576679

I'm not defending nijisanji. Pointing out the right information isnt a defense, retard

>> No.60577282

Yes which is why you specifically excused the poorly performing part of nijisanji so you can claim nijisanji isn't actually doing bad if you don't include the bad part

>> No.60578566

I didn't excuse anything. Anon said nijisanji, and nijisanji is nijijp.

>> No.60579335

SEA, 'nuff said

>> No.60583663

Millie did a whole rant about how she messaged Luca to thank him for saying what he did and how she felt the same way but was afraid of speaking up, and how she's been treated extremely well. And even Fulgur talked about how he knows what's in his contract and has nothing to complain about. Clearly it isn't just Luca with this opinion.

>> No.60585104 [DELETED] 

And the nijinigger reveals himself

>> No.60589132

>enfags desperately defending the company because luca is sad that everyone hates it

>> No.60589359

Which idiots insisted that Flopxiem was a success? Should come forward and apologize now.

>> No.60589629

>Vox: "Niji is THRIVING"
meanwhile all their employees are leaving, and Mika is on her way out too to follow Kuro

>> No.60590867

btw does anyone know if the ansure in jpnkn nijisanji nakayoshi keijiban is the nijisanji honsure for japan? it gets 6k posts per day which I'd assume is slow for a nijisanji honsure. Is the honsure somewhere else?

>> No.60595363

Employees are reflections of the company and visa versa. The same way audiences reflect the streamer. Niji may be a shit company, but it's also a shit company because they're hiring shitty people from the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.60596019

>hark I have recently been feeling overwhelming despair, I know not where the enemy lie
My fucking sides. It's funny because it perfectly portrays what a little bitch he is.

>> No.60596103 [DELETED] 

I know this is a NijiEN thread but does anyone know if the ansure in jpnkn nijisanji nakayoshi keijiban is the nijisanji honsure for japan? it gets 7k posts per day which I'd assume is slow for a nijisanji honsure. Is the honsure somewhere else? I know this is a NijiEN thread but

>> No.60596470


>> No.60596615

No way! These fuckers that have been around for over a year will get their 3D before a branch that is barely 3 months old???

>> No.60597415

Luca is literally one of the main reasons people shit on nijisanji kek.
>grooms all the girls
>wonders why people hate him

>> No.60598618

>i have read anycolours earnings
The reason why the internal structure is collapsing, nijisanji knows how to make money and are willing to go to great lengths to maximize profit.
Niji jp is relatively stable dosent mean the livers are happy with it, most of them have accepted the reality and new gen debuts are failing miserably. weather VTA can produce any mid tier talents is left to be seen.

>> No.60603389
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>> No.60603495

>uptick of anti-Niji threads out of nowhere
what happened this time?

>> No.60603655

They picked a fight with vshojofags