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In doujinshi, where porn is king
Where Chads meets girls, here's what they say
When you dwell on the past while he pounds her sweet ass
When you're watching the clock while she takes his fat cock
Balls will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling
Ting-a-ling-a-ling while she's sucking a fella
Heart eyes go tippy tippy tay
Tippy tippy tay, her hips sway on an alpha

Thank you Production Kawaii for getting into the NTR genre, it is so popular as a tag yet the supply of NTR vtubers is so low, I wish you all the success in the world

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ntr is based though

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From GFE to NTR? What happened?!

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Debuting a whore that talks to her bf on her corpo twitter account. The debuts werent even done when this was uncovered, she is that shit at opsec

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This isn't grim this IS DIRE

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that's a very sex model

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how the mighty have fallen

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Yeah I'm thinking vdere won

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>college age girls
don't be naive

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>corpo with no male collab policy
>but male offcollabs are fine
uniKEKS keep losing lol

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Really? No wonder she was nervous as fuck during the debut. Granted it's normal to get nervous during debut, but you could literally hear her voice shakes for the entire time.

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>nervous = bf
Nice logic, retard.

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Ahhh Miori's voice is as beautiful as always, truly a based cover.
At this point, Kawaii is just Nene and her stooges, while ex-Kawaii inclines. Whore company deserves to burn, and dare I say this is their EIEN moment?
Ok realistically, Idol had similarly bad opsec early on and the leprecunny still bounced back with GFE. Same with council's disastrous launch regarding secret BFs.

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I was referring to the fact that her mind was probably preoccupied with other concerns unrelated to the debut, which added up to the stage fright.

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Another example is wontons girl who is still a GFE star (despite not streaming much). It certainly isn't a great look as a debut debuff, but it's not corpo killing like EIEN's pink whore who was actively malicious to fans and hid a secret BF for months.

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and I mean wonton girl didnt have a confirmed current bf, just that she had one when she was an indie. if you want to cope a little

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Shiina is single now
She only has eyes for us butter cookies

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Why you made a soundpost using a different person voice?

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I don't find this tweet, she deleted it?

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I'm thinking of DMing her BF, any site beside twitter?

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I checked /pkg/ thread, and... Wow, they're really ruthless to the point that the guy's tweet on >>60538562 got deleted.

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They are a small corpo but the people that go anti for their girls are quite brutal

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NTR is the thinking man's fetish.

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80% of corpo vtubers have a boyfriend.

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80% of vtuber fans are cucks sending condom money

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