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Pic not related?

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Does it count if she loves lolis because she wants to be them, not fuck them?

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She's literally admitted it multiple times

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Truly a monster that hides under little girl beds

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okay you got me
I looked for this and couldn't find it, I desperately wanted to see this if it was true.

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Kenmochi Touya. Being an open lolicon is like his whole gimmick. He's a funny guy, too. Has a good back and forth with Mito.

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Her ears would tickle Gura's thighs.

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>the fattest rat is that this is why they gush over shark

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Today's AX, there's at least one magnet up. The cameos were the only good part apart from merch announcements

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Anon, she went crazy when she pulled Klee in Genshin and can't stop talking about how cute she is, she also has mentioned that she reads Comic LO and then there's the famous loli discussion with Iofi where she virtually lowered Iofi's acceptable age range. She's a true cunnyseur.

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Tagged by accident, I wanted to post this pic but I forgot

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kekw she said wholesome shark meme. upvoted

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She's getting a model by Henreader, I don't think I need to say anything else

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Holy based. I love her even more

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I... I kneel...
I believe this.

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Probably just a meme but If twitter did deem lolis a cancelable offence now you would probably see at lest one from Nijisanji EN or Hololive EN come out. Gura is clearly one and I swear I remember Kiara crushing on a teenage boy character in one of her streams.

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That, + https://youtu.be/xysUT3nu8cE?t=1732
"some people call me pedo, but I'm NOT. I can see why, but I'm not."

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I thought these 2 weren't based, thank you for correcting me.
Elira was an open shotacon in her past life, and between her fujo tendencies and talking about HxH it's only a matter of time.
Finana is also an obvious lolicon and definitely wishes her model looked more like one. She spent a lot of time at first trying to convince people she was flat, for instance.

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In case some of those are checking this thread, here's a bunch of vtubers loli for their needs

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She's really a talented artist, too bad her streams are at 5am for me.

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Unfortunately this would NEVER fly in the west, girls lolicons are tolerated but imagine a guy being open about that during streams

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link to the iofi bit?

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okay but what about chuubas that like shotas

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It was a twitter interaction and Iofi deleted it after a few months

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that's incredibly based

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I miss her so much.

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understandable, some group probably would've tried to use that to cancel her

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My (male)wife.

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I can't adopt them all

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good, now i have even less reason to support this bitch

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nta but I don't get what you're trying to say

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I wouldn't put Malice there.
Yes she is fucking terrible at hiding the fact she's a lolicon, but she's also vocally against lolicons too. She joined the hate train on that loli succubus. Plus she's irl underage.

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Another model? Her current one is top tier tho

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I picked from her thread time ago
Here's another one if needed

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That sounds like a mess of things that aren't supposed to coexist

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So what you're saying is she's a massive hypocrite?

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Children often are. She'll figure it out eventually, no need to devote too much thought to her.

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idk who that is but that's not the point of the pic

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That's a lot of infos for someone so small, but I guess we do have people here who check in details every ctuber

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no shit sherlock, the reason cunny shark is so successful is beacuse she is cunny

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did she say "based" or best

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i hope shes doing well, i miss her

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Based, but the translators are stupid.

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was meant for


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Being a pedo is a crime.

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She's shitposting in the NijiEN threads I think.

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Bungotaiga and most hololive girls.

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What is your point?

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Fuck I've been looking for this image. Thanks my dude.

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Of course anon, but, why did you post this on a loli thread?

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liking loli and shota = pedophile

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This post is SUS

Nyanners is that you?

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A crying shame.

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>Elira and Pomu are shotacons
>Finana is a lolicon
I still don't know why I haven't watched NijiEN yet, I'm fucking lazy. Not that I dislike them, I saw a clip of their debut and they're quite good
>If twitter did deem lolis a cancelable offence now you would probably see at lest one from Nijisanji EN or Hololive EN come out
It reminds me of the Gura-Venti situation, I saw the comment section of the videos and there were people who didn't like lolicon/s but defended Gura because she wasn't exactly lewd and her design doesn't show that much skin
It was 9 months ago so probably people already realized and accepted or GTFO, or are normalfags in denial
Anyway, Hololive and Nijisanji have such a big following that if they are cancelled for "sexualization of minors", there's people going to defend them and will stick to them

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I was just about to post Finana

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Pomu also said Hachikuji and Shinobu were some of her favorite Monogatari girls, so add her to the lolicon list too.

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Pomu is probably a lolicon too, this karaoke stream chat asked who was her Monogatari best girl and she said Hachikuji...

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Has he really leaned into it? I remember that document "cancelling" him full of hot shota diaper art he commissioned and him talking about how he would molest himself if he were a shota but I never really watched him before or after.

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Well, then. Guess I'm not gonna watch NijiEN anymore. Snail girl fucking SUCKS.

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He is a hypocrite and was a shotacon in denial. He outed himself when people cancelled him before Digikomi

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im questioning the legitimacy of his screenshot. her discord doesnt show the message when searched

>> No.6060777

Factually wrong if you mean pedophile.
Being pedocriminal however, is indeed a crime, it's in the name.

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She's managing NijiEN now so it's probably an upgrade in pay for Noor.

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fucking kek, imagine if these were men talking that way

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I'm the anon you were replying to, I kneel

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He was against it publicly, IIRC. And in private he also asked for actual underage nudes, so that isn't great.
Take that back. Snake sure, but snail is perfect. The only thing she sucks is donations from her shrine and also my dick

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She's great, especially the collab lewd loli/shota drawing streams. It's a shame she works for a black company and never has time to actually do vtubing beyond 2-3 streams a week 3 weeks each month.

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Yeah big reason why you should never make thread about yourself/oshi on this board. Some dumb fuck will history search them the secound they see them. Lilyhops had her twitch chat logs leaked here within hours after a thread was made about her.
Malice was kinda kinda easy though, you can just find it by searching it on twitter.

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yeah, she sucks my dick faggot

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> And in private he also asked for actual underage nudes
God I hope he leans into it, this I'd watch, actual pedo vtubers are great.

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Can the fish be anymore based?

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She sure does have a lot of lolicon artist friends, even if she never publicly talks about loli one way or the other.

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When she debuts a proper loli outfit.

>> No.6061765

Is the artist ever gonna finish this piece or do i have to commission?

>> No.6061832

Don't touch my daughter/wife Hanamaru!

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it's no stretch that lilyhops is a pedophile
most people in her "category" are

>> No.6063302

The ones that survive, that is

>> No.6063665

Most adults are, but few admit it

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Just trying not to set off the mods I assume

>> No.6065204

I believe loli porn breaks Discord's ToS though, not that anyone cares about Discord's ToS..

>> No.6065260

It does. A couple of the servers I frequent got banned because of loli stuff. All it takes is one person to report it and devs starts snooping around the server.

>> No.6065467

That sudden large block of text man

>> No.6065498

It's easily bypassable with no embeds or just links/references. Same reason I can post this here. https://files.catbox.moe/484hsm.jpg

>> No.6065653

You've got it backwards anon, Lily is attracted to pedophiles, that's why she pretends to be an 8 years old girl.

>> No.6065839

marine and fubuki

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I've been in a server where we share loli porn regularly for three years, it's pretty easy to get away with.

>> No.6065999

I run a tiny discord server where we shitpost about vtubers and post the material in question and it's been perfectly fine so far. It wouldn't work for a larger hololive fan discord for example where all it takes is one party-pooper to report a single post.

>> No.6066011

I hear it in Fubuki's manic voice talking about glasses

>> No.6066083

The man, The Legend, who kickstarted the male-female collab in nijisanji and btfo all purity and idolfag while tanking all their combine hatred himself.
What a chad

>> No.6066225

my alarm

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Holy shit it's her.

>> No.6066707

>Kenmochi Toya (剣持刀也): 「負けたらロリ配信な」
>"If you lose, you're doing a loli stream, okay?"


and so we got loli ui mama

>> No.6067107

So she was an adult woman LARPing as underage, right? I've heard that but I never saw confirmation.
If so I hope she erased things thoroughly enough to apply to NijiEN. Imagine...

>> No.6067693
File: 331 KB, 460x800, 0A75B1F1-97CD-4481-BD55-1F7CFB9A94DA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It would have to be a pretty dedicated LARP to not break character, even to the degree of education or cultural awareness, for four months of daily five hour streams. Unless she is SPYCOPS or something similar it seems very unlikely.

>> No.6067830

Nyan is lolifag, she just hides it

>> No.6067989

Any human borns engineered to like cute children after a certain age in a non sexual way because we are programed to breed and take care of our children
This is what explains non sexual fascination of lolis and shotas shit
And because we are sexual beings the desire to sexualize will be born (or not, depends on the level of degeneracy).
But in the end you are only a pedo if you have sexu with pre puberty children

>> No.6068121

Then it's a good thing that in this thread we are talking about lolisho and not children

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>> No.6068277

Anon, some of the Vtubers posted were for sure talking about actual children and not just lolisho.

>> No.6069242

I will never get tired of Flare being a loli and flat-chest lover and being paired with Noel

>> No.6069265

(also he was molested by a gaijin when in a trip to Australia)

>> No.6069533

the west can all die in a fire.

>> No.6069993

How do I find these servers? They sound fun

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>> No.6070095

Make friends with lolicons.
Make a small server with said friends.
Hope none of them turn anti-loli and mass report their former friends.

>> No.6070174

Mine is private and only for close friends so I can somewhat guarantee that nobody will report anything. I've been wanting to find other small servers though. In some way this kinda reminds me of the irc-hopping experience.

>> No.6070182

The first part sounds hard to do

>> No.6070392

It is, but it's also definitely the most important step.

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>> No.6070880

>(words limit)

>> No.6071646

if only westerners could be more open about the real reason they love cunnyshark

>> No.6071769

The third one happened to me and it was quite annoying as they kept making alts to hunt us down.

>> No.6071785


>> No.6071893

CK chama?

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>> No.6073963

>imagine if these were men talking that way
Just go to /a/

>> No.6074805

you mean /b/ right? that the only places left for their kind.

>> No.6074887
File: 58 KB, 594x419, ironmouse is a cunnychad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6074940

based Kanata

>> No.6075076

Hello /b/

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File: 2.71 MB, 271x413, 46722CD1-AD39-4D6E-A965-1BC572C7582A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gato bebe

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File: 2.91 MB, 954x540, vtuber nijisanji lolis dancing around.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6079046

People always praise Pikamee here for this even though her initial post was acctually ment for her secret alt account, but no one ever say anything about how Iofi just replied to her on the same manner without giving a fuck about it.

>> No.6079075

The fuck u on about. Theres Gigacuck, Animeman, Rev, KorewaEden and plenty of other E-celeb shitters.

>> No.6079112

Nijisanji is too powerful...

>> No.6079152

Are they ironic "tee-hee FBI at my door xD" lolicons or are they unashamed and more complex than surface level lolicon?

>> No.6079174

Isn't nemurin against lolicon though in the same vein of pink cat? Also, carol is gone. Good image though, just a few could be swapped out for one of the hundred other cunny tubers

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File: 99 KB, 806x143, 1611055035780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time I checked, the guy literally reviews and posts about loli doujins/hentai. You tell me nigga.
But as all E-celebs do, they suffer from clickbait/attention whore complex.

>> No.6079369

>Retard transformed "dope based super lit" into "dope best super elite"

>> No.6079395

poor guy
why are homos like this?

>> No.6079918


>HoloEN are all- definitely unique people..

Based La Lion

>> No.6081027

I need doujins of this event. Really any hentai based on real life molestation stories from VTubers recontextualized with child versions of their VTuber persona would be so hot.

>> No.6081089

>most hololive girls

>> No.6081634

I actually followed the whole drama on twitter and yeah she was larping, it was confirmed later down the road, I download those screenshots from the document
There was even a video, timestamp for when she says herself she was legal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzT48BHLurc&t=249s
Which isn't too surprising given how good she was at english despite being romanian

>> No.6081709

Yeah I remember that.
Not surprised tho. Most ctubers are hags larping as cute girls to forget their aging womb.

>> No.6082719

Speaking of her, didn't she once go on a like several minute racist tirade against koreans? I could've sworn I seen a clip of that years ago.

>> No.6085618
File: 158 KB, 1199x1160, tsoog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love tsoogooo

There's a few on there that are actually shota and not loli

>> No.6085906
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I feel like Pikamee with her new model is an honorary loli-tuber.

>> No.6087257

She said that in response to a retard complaining about people making porn of her in the nsfw art channel. I saw her reply to it with my own eyes but you have no reason to believe me. It's not the only example of her defending lolis. Even if you joke about "haha Loli porn is illegal" she's going to seethe and call you a moron. Since you're looking stuff up in her discord just type "Kana loli" in the search bar

>> No.6090315

Oh, good. I took some of her stuff seriously and I was genuinely concernfagging, but if she's an adult she can take care of herself.

>> No.6096935

hi Malice

>> No.6097298

Pika, afaik didn't delete the posts but Iofi did. Pika also explained in a stream that she does indeed like loli and that she had never told anyone publicly before so she was somewhat embarrassed.

>> No.6097380

Botan is the type that truly hates to bullshit and won't make up shit just to fit in. I'm sure if she were to talk about the girls individually, you'd hear honest praise for some of them.

>> No.6097564

This is why I like Luna. Hag that larps as a little kid 24/7 because it's her kink.

>> No.6097611

>Tomari Mari(Babiniku)
Who else?

>> No.6097619


>> No.6097934

>> No.6098577

Flare is the GOAT just because her VA oshi is Misaki Kuno, which has honestly the best loli voice ever.

>> No.6099810

Animeman fights tooth and nail to defend his waifu Shinobu from monogatari so i'd say hes pretty unironically lolicon

>> No.6100153

She's at least around Watame's age or older than Sora. Rrats say she's 36 at the oldest.

>> No.6100199

I fell in love with her voice when she did Serara in Log Horizon. Flare is truly cultured.

>> No.6100383

I've watched and completed all those anime. Can't resist the cunny.
Animeman is unashamedly a lolicon. Gigguk is a closeted/coy loli enthusiast while Connor is full on anti loli normie. I truly believe he doesn't have an inner monologue.

>> No.6100492

>12 is a little bit too old

>> No.6100585

fubuki seems the most dangerous, followed by suisei.

>> No.6101149

wtf i love nijisanji now!

>> No.6106936

How I want to destroy Emma's bratty cunny

>> No.6108927

I would watch Nijisanji only for their lolis

>> No.6109012

>> No.6109128

>I fell in love with her voice when she did Serara in Log Horizon
Same here, very top tier loli VA.

>> No.6109164

Serara's voice sucked though.

>> No.6110195

Pretty good list, I would take out chima she's a JK and her attitude and voice isn't very loli like. but she's an amazing singer and she likes shotas

>> No.6110454

She's super vocal about her love for lolis, especially the bratty kind. While she hasn't said it (to my knowledge, at least) she probably wishes she had a dick just so she could fuck lolis herself.

>> No.6110778

Has Kyo said she is a lolicon? I mean, her avatar is but so is nyanners'

>> No.6110934

Half of her videos have loli in the title, if she turned around and said it was disgusting it would be even worse hypocrisy than Nyanners

>> No.6112407

This list is missing Reiny. @Reiny_ENVT Though she denies being a loli, she's definitely a loli. [An android loli at that.]

>> No.6112894

Shirahiko is a confirmed total lolicon for Reiny.

And Shizukou's updated 2.0 design is a lolified version of the previous design. [See @shizukougames on twitter if you get the chance.]

>> No.6112956

Purin wants to bang Kana, so it's no surprise there.

>> No.6113136

I mean so do I. It's impossible for her to get any more breedable, so that reaction is normal

>> No.6113218

I discovered this one recently:


Thanks for the recommendation

>> No.6113252

>Admitting to being a pedo
>Being a self-hating pedo

>> No.6113339

Lmao this fat pedophile is something else

>> No.6113400

Wait so...
Well, at least I don't see her being a child molester

>> No.6113454

The vast majority of pedos aren't child molesters

>> No.6113561

I can live with you liking "IRL lolis", but I hope you get help bro, I don't want you to suddenly explode and show your naked dick to a little girl
At least I'll be happy if you stick to drawings so you can control that shit a bit

>> No.6113574

You missed all the streams where she had her window open and groups of children from elementary school could be heard running by and the involuntary noises of arousal this elicited from her. She was a total timebomb in that respect. >>6113454
Most child molesters aren’t pedos either. That doesn’t mean Carl isn’t likely to be part of that dual minority.

>> No.6113658

You realize having a fetish doesn't mean you're an immoral rapist, right? Just because you're into big tits doesn't mean you suddenly are going to act like a sex-crazed exhibitionist rapist freak in front of a large-chested woman one day. Lack of self-control and morals is the problem. Not a fetish. I don't know where this weird imaginary connection you came up with comes from and I'm assuming it's from virtue signaling. I don't want to fuck a real life kid because I believe that's an immoral thing to do. I'll still going to pull my dick to loli drawings because that's my fetish.

>Most child molesters aren’t pedos either. That doesn’t mean Carl isn’t likely to be part of that dual minority.
I don't know anything about her. I'm just letting him know reality and to not make dumb assumptions.

>> No.6113783

She is the poster child for lack of self control.

>> No.6113798

Oh, I see. Let's hope she gets professional help or graduates from being a lolicon just like Marine and shotas
I'm not going to discuss enter a whole discussion about actual pedophilia on /vt/, so I'll just say this: yeah, I know you're not inherently a bad person and if you actually believe you're in control of yourself, then I guess I'll trust you. Just look for help if you suddenly believe you can't contain those urges

>> No.6113810

/v/ fags on suicide watch

>> No.6116223

LOL, based my guy

>> No.6116255

Is every woman considered loli to an elves, who live so long?

>> No.6116846

She was just making a comment on Gura with the loli joke. But if you look at it in terms of elven lifespan, then maybe is the answer.

>> No.6117334

She is still a fucking idiot, for reading that torture literature on YT and then shitting herself when someone pointed out there is a penis going inside cunt picture.

Or she was bait, and her discord was honeypot

>> No.6117881


>> No.6118000

You don't know Pikamee? Go watch her videos now.

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