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holobros are WE the bad guys?

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Sorry for making whores look bad, I guess

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I'm told by multiple holos every day about how grateful they are

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Only chumkeks

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We are the only guys, good or bad. Nijiniggers are women or trannies and small companies and indie fans are insects

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Yes, I hope we Kefka the rest of the Vtuber mistakes.

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100% and it's great. Support the company logo, destroy the reputation of all indies and other vtuber agencies. Fuck everyone else, only Hololive matters. If everyone else had a strong brand then maybe they could get a piece of the pie but the fact is they don't, and that's just too fucking bad for them I guess.

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>Fubuki hypocrisy
>Chumbuds ok with Gura not streaming
>Just like several other holomems
>shits on other vtubers
>shits on other en members
>Hololive coming back to China

So much shit and stupidity it's funny, imagine being a Hololive fan in 2023

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What about stars? What are their fans?

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You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
Rape yourself for the good (OP)

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Garbage thread. Delete yourself

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They just don't exist so they can't be either good nor bad nor both nor anything else.

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Based. Sasuga holochad.

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>>Fubuki hypocrisy
>>Just like several other holomems
What do you mean?

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They don't seem to treat their talents as poor as most other vtuber agencies

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Imagine comimg to the HOLOBOARD to post this, nigga we allow you to stay here, don't be a retard.
I'm so fucking tired of nijibabs...

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Yeah but everyone else is worse

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Yes and no. Hololive recruits 2view NGMI indies and blows them up into 4views and sometimes even 5views. But in exchange they have to submit to the demands of a restrictive Japanese company, abandon their previous identity and collab partners, and adhere to the desires of a fanbase that will anti you for liking the wrong tweet. Most 2views and low to mid 3views would gladly make that trade though.

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> But in exchange they have to submit to the demands of a restrictive Japanese company
Yeah that's a shame but not that much of an issue
>abandon their previous identity and collab partners
Not if they are Vtubers
>adhere to the desires of a fanbase that will anti you for liking the wrong tweet.
Like every other Vtuber in the fucking world? come on anon.

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>abandon their previous identity
What do you mean? A lot of holomem still pretty active in their rm account

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Ok sorry I'll behave please don't kick me out, they hate me when I post Pippa on /v/

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We are the bad guys, we are the good guys, we are the supporting cast, we are the staff, we are the staff we fill all the roles.
Other corpo could only just watch and seethe because they are irrelevant.

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>>Just like several other holomems
Several JPs have long streaks of no streams, like Ayame, Shion and Aqua, but they've never ghosted their fans like Gura.

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i like how vtuber fans are all gay except me. kinda odd. why is that the case?

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There are very few bad guys in this field.

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Anime fan.





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How am I the bad guy? My oshi is MIA, I'm not even present outside of this shithole board.

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sorry that nijisanji and vhoejo gave us so much to shit on.

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My experience with /vt/ is that hololive fans behave in the very same way the jews do

>oy vey the goyim know SHUT IT DOWN
hololive meidos patrol their threads and delete shitposting against them while letting shitposting against other companies run rampant

Literally /#/ thread, a dedicated cesspool of shitposting and drama farming, with many of its users perusing doxx sites, kiwi farms, infiltrating discord groups to try to rile up drama to shitpost with.

>falseflagging and victim complex
self explanatory, happens all the time in nijisanji threads were you'll have these skinwalkers refer to nijisanji livers as talents, and how CGDCT died forever because of males, how they used to be proud unicorns of girls who have always been openly anti unicorn, or generally a crap ton of posing as nijisanji fans to try to poison the well

>crying out as they strike you
making thousands of slanderous threads filled with disinformation that when called out and the truth is presented gets you showered with NPC responses like NIJISEETHE and #cut4hex sister!

>they try to deceive you by accussing you of being whaty they really are
Calling non idol vtubers whores for example, and calling most non-holo fans cucks, harassing their fans endlessly and shitting on their oshis slandering and shittalking them while bragging about how they dislike whores while they themselves have several whores in the company, and the GFE aspect makes them legitimately fall in love with their oshi which in turn does make them cucks

So yes in fact, you are the bad guys

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To the Nijikeks, probably yes.

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Speaking of /#/cuck falseflags and how holofans are jews a new one just dropped

numbers thread drama farming

subsequent reframing in /nijiEN/ to make it seem they hate selen

Yes, you faggots are the scum of the earth

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>Catalog full of anti holos post
>Bad guys

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>>Catalog full of anti holos post

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>with many of its users perusing doxx sites, kiwi farms, infiltrating discord groups to try to rile up drama to shitpost with
You just described luxiemsisters. It's funny how they were the ones who made the thread shit but you can now see them all over the catalog crying about how shit the thread is and how unjustly they get treated.

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>they try to deceive you by accussing you of being what they really are
not today, kike

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I did nothing. If the non-hololive chuuba is a whore, then she deserves to be called one.

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Fucking please, everyone has seen the screens of doxxsisters from the doxxsite seething about holos.

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yeah it's like another shoah am I right? the proof for my argument was posted earlier and your beloved dramanigger thread is just around the corner if you want to go whine to someone who gives a shit

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The proof you posted means shit because I'm not disagreeing about the fact that the thread is a cesspool tribalism now, I was merely pointing out the irony of crying about how shit the thread is from the ones who turned it the way it is.

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So you're agreeing that the numberfags are ruining /vt/?

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There are spare few RMs that do anything other than vtweet and maybe a membership/patreon private stream once every other month.

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No, I'm agreeing that luxiemsisters ruined /#/ and now can't take the heat. The ones ruining /vt/ are dramanigs infesting all threads, not just numbers. They're just more prevalent there because the thread is basically unmoderated.

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>No, I'm agreeing that luxiemsisters ruined /#/ and now can't take the heat.
That's not what I said, and you said you are agreeing with me.
You either can't read, or the most likely, you're trying to lie like the fucking rat that you are.
You are most definitely a rat who can't read.

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Evidently you can't read either, otherwise you wouldn't have asked me that question to begin with.
The part I was agreeing with is that the thread is shit, what we're disagreeing on is the why.

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So you were just inserting your own conjecture in an attempt to make your argument pass for mine, like I said you're a stupid rat and probably crawled out from the jewish liar nest that is /#/

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Do you mean 'dont do anything' or there is some RM that I don't know that is very active?

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>says this while making conjectures about me
Your room temperature IQ perfectly fits the quality of your original post.

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>the numbernigger cries out as it strikes you
we can keep going all night, you're only further proving my bullet points in a single thread

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nta but you're a flaming retard

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True nijisissy, #neck4vox

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shalom moshe

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you two should have gay sex and leave us alone

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Oy vey nijicuck

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So easily triggered, calling you roaches out for your commie jewish tricks and seeing you squirm in pain is comedic.

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did my first post in this thread really strike a nerve with you? is it that easy?

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meanwhile NIJISSISSY : camps at nyfco a doxxsite to discuss their organ livers

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meanwhile niji organ liver

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The lying rats scramble to defend their vile slander, typical.

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>ooooy veeey HOLOFAGGG!!!!

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Ooof this one went mental.
Why not call your friend the janny and delete the thread jakob?

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It seems someone is getting a few steam cards in discord today.

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luxium fans really are crazy

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still seething about a nothing burger almost 2 years later. Enjoy Nerissa's collab with Reimu btw

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Go ahead cry all you want benjamin

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>call out holofags for behaving like jews
>they immediately raid the thread behaving like jews
This is why you are the bad guys as this thread states in question. You have all the power and multitudes of schizos and use them for evil.
Stay mad.

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Look at them go!

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>please Vox shoot your AKUMILOAD in my face HOLOFAGS make me cry =[

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>nigger nigger
Niji organ liver nigger

Love that one stream where they pretended to own LE VETEE BOOGEYMAN

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*10$ team card deposit*

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Seriously guys us nijiniggers and organ livers DINDU NUFFINN believe us CATALOG PLEASE

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nijisanji does let /vt/ rent free

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Whose Benjamin? Is that your colleague that u confused to flaseflag with?

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>he's still going
Making that call out post was like another shoah

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Yes.. this thread right here nijisissies, claim your reward later

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imagine saving all these just because you hate a different company

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he made them himself kekm he's that much butthurt
just imagining a fat unwashed retard spamming the threads with his shitty memes screaming at the top of his lungs is filling me with joy

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yes it is. you're proving that.

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>The nicest Nijinigg outside VETEE that controls a large community

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>Like every other Vtuber in the fucking world? come on anon.
Unicorn rules this fandom. JP Unicorns pretend they're super polite but they abandon post faster than French running from the Nazis. And EN Unicorns are subhuman chimps.
By liking the wrong tweet they mean another content creator who happens to be male.

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Most united Nijinigging fanbase

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Holy shit this numbermonkey is so buck broken that he turned into a numbergorilla

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Yay proving my point again

>Literally /#/ thread, a dedicated cesspool of shitposting and drama farming, with many of its users perusing doxx sites, kiwi farms, infiltrating discord groups to try to rile up drama to shitpost with.

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This is what this board shares a fanbase with

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seems like they actually try to get rid of trash instead of letting it fester like holobronies

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Nijinigging tactic page 1

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>This is what this board shares a fanbase with
This is what this board shares a fanbase with

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Where the fuck is that even from?

>> No.60272396

Are they wrong though? This is literally Hololive fandom response to homobegging and starsisters.
Everyone thinks they're the one worthy of gatekeeping.

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It's one samefag posting on cooldown though.

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>holofag's face when spamming this thread with his shitty compilations

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It's 3-digits ccv, but the kpop is still there

>> No.60272519

he needs to stop before his pagpag gets cold