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Treerrat General

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File: 2.83 MB, 640x360, COVER Watames Lullaby English Version Ayunda Risu [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fh6unwm.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She mentioned that streams will be announced by no later than noon her time (10 PST) so we're sure no streams tonight, do your sleep reps bros

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For real though every time I watch this that little wiggle of her head when she sings "do do do do do" is insufferably cute

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Meant for >>6017152

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Risu Love

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is the member stream where she talk about her problem still up? im thinking of membering her.

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Why does she sing so good?

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It's private so no.

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what problem? Personal or just numbers?

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need a risu stream
even a short one

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>Risu has been streaming so sporadically that nobody is horny for her anymore

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She got the singing power up everytime someone in this thread cum for her.

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>Risu t-shirt delayed from Geekjack again

Is anyone else waiting for theirs?

I need them to hurry up and send it so I can not wear it ever

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I am always Horny for Risu.

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>not buying two, one to wear and another one for collection

>> No.6025772

>not buying three, one to use, one to take out and look at sometimes, and one spare

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Ideally, yes, but if you're cheqping out and onpy consider getting one, at least maybe consider two.

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I hope Risu is ok...

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She's fine. She probably just masturbated till she went into coma, but that's about it. That or is having her period. Or both.

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I mean we know she isn't really okay.

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Why do yo you always use this pic of Risu threads?
I mean, it's a nice fuckign piece of fan art, why is it always a variation of this one?

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what happened to my favorite tree rrat? :(

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prisune secrets

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Risu Cute! CUTE!

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Is this about her pregnancy?

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Take care of you nuts guys.

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Personally I’ve actually only used it as an OP for Risu threads twice. I post it a lot in threads though because I like it and it keeps Risu in some people’s heads.

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yes, the third one actually

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first two were abortions though.

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I want to free the treerat from her Islamic hellscape.

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Emo Risu.
Crawling in my skin!!!
These nuts, they will not heal

And bring her were? To trash sjw, lgbt, cancel trash west culture?
Maybe she could move to japan. Just not get back after their 3D debute? Though I guess living in japan has it's own problems

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>To trash sjw, lgbt, cancel trash west culture?
No. I am bringing her... TO MEXICO

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>Maybe she could move to japan. Just not get back after their 3D debute?
That just means she married Oga you cuck

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I wish I could marry Oga desu
no homo desu

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Why did she do it?

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File: 299 KB, 1600x1560, theslipperyslope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>To trash sjw, lgbt, cancel trash west culture

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Because her face was a badly cropped square

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Ayayaya she will COME TO NEW JERSEY

>> No.6047228

Posting the actual faces is bannable anon.

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I can't even horny for Risu

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Any kaigainiki receive their Risu shirt yet?

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Risu please come to Argentina

>> No.6053166

Risu if things ever get real bad you can always crash at my place while you get things sorted.

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You think she's gonna want to live on a fcking narco-state ?

>> No.6056138 [DELETED] 

Smuggling drugs and tacos wasn't enough. Now you want to smuggle in Indonesian squirrels?

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How many people will show up for her graduation stream? ID is a given. Holostars are nice guys so probably a few of them as well and maybe even Korone for one final nostalgic goodbye. I think that is about it though.

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It's been a while since we played catch anons, wanna go for a round?

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FUCK! My bad. I think she hit her head! Oh shit, get her a fucking ambulance!

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Holy shit, i'm sorry Risu! STAY WITH ME DAMMIT! I-I can't go with her? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONLY FAMILY ALLOWED? I pay like 5 dollars a month i'm allowed to get in the ambulance with her! What are you doing? Get off me! RISUUUUUU!

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Risu... I know it has been a couple of weeks now, but you gotta keep fighting, you can't stay asleep forever! Your fans are waiting for you, they love you.... I-.... I love you, Risu. I love you so much... I'm sorry it ended this way. I've been training my reflexed every day ever since the accident. I promise it won't ever happen again so please.... Risu, i beg of you; wake up...

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Risu... I know it has been a couple of weeks now, but you gotta keep fighting, you can't stay asleep forever! Your fans are waiting for you, they love you.... I-.... I love you, Risu. I love you so much... I'm sorry it ended this way. I've been training my reflexed every day ever since the accident. I promise it won't ever happen again so please.... Risu, i beg of you; wake up...just wake up already...

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How's Risu? Ah, she... she's getting better, slowly. Yesterday she managed to say apple properly. She's fighting her own battle, all i can do is support her to the very end. What's that? My voice is weird? Haha... I'm just tired, it's fine. Anyway, gotta go, Risu must be hungry by now.

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I appreciate the effort you put into this.

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This has been an emotional rollercoaster, thanks anon

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On the last member stream she was mentioning that if a stream's happening this week we'll have heard about it by a certain time. Anyone remember when that threshold is? Like when the latest an announcement of a stream would be?

>> No.6066659

I think she said noon her time.

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I caught her in an alternate timeline.

>> No.6066933

So like 50 minutes ago? I guess I can do my sleep reps

>> No.6067127

what next?

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I put her in my pocket

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I miss her so much
I miss her sister too

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File: 77 KB, 300x226, RisuTimeCrack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back to the main timeline you go.

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Okay...She won more matches in my timeline anyway

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>full week (except Sunday just like usual) streaming

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>> No.6068339

>Kuukiyomi 3
Her previous Kuukiyomi streams were great, I'm down for more
>One Hand Clapping
I have no idea what this is, does anyone know?
More Risu so can't complain
>Prisuners Amogus
I missed the last one, hope I have a chance to actually play this time
>Henry Stickmin
Genuinely excited for Risu to play this. Overall a really good schedule.
>DBD stream in 6 hours with Anya
why in the fuck was this not on the schedule?

>> No.6068365

>why in the fuck was this not on the schedule?
She even put gorilla emoji on her tweet anon, you should know better.

>> No.6068414

I'm always nuts for Risu

>> No.6068416

I'm talking about her actual schedule that she posted 15 minutes before that lol

>> No.6068474

If i have to guess, they probably thought about it after Risu finished making her schedule...

>> No.6068503

>One Hand Clapping
A game involves using your voice

>> No.6068575

>One Hand Clapping is a 2D platformer that invites you to sing into your microphone to solve musical puzzles
It's like karaoke but not karaoke, sasuga tree rat. I'm excited to hear this though it should be a really good stream

>> No.6068584

Somehow I want to see Risu and Kanata collab

>> No.6068600

Aren't we all?

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I haven't watched the members stream yet and it's private.

>> No.6069401

You'll have to wait for a month then

>> No.6069433

Same, now I'm curious about what she ranted about. As a burger prisoner I can rarely catch her streams live and usually watch VODS. Hate myself for missing it.

>> No.6069492

Mostly talking a bit more about personal issues she alluded to in previous prisuner streams. Some more info about how its impacting her and where her mental state is at. Also some delays on stuff she's talked about in the past. I honestly was expecting her to permanently private the stream, didn't anticipate that she'd unprivate it in a month. Also based on how she was talking I wasn't expecting us to get a schedule in the immediate future so who knows.

>> No.6069561

Well now I need to go rewatch those, I can't remember anything

>> No.6069700

She talked about it in really vague and broad terms on those previous streams so idk how much it'll help. I'll slightly breach containment and say this, she compared the situation to Watame.

>> No.6069796

I wish she'd collab more with Gura. Its the almost perfect fan-turned-senpai/co-worker scenario.

>> No.6069849

I wish she would do a singing collab with Suisei, their singing voice are similiar. It would be harmonious.

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File: 339 KB, 739x464, gura risu 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And they're arguably the 2 absolute best singers in all Hololive. And they have similar humor. And they're cute as all hell. They're my 2 favorite Holos and I need them to collab more.
On the other hand, I'd almost given up on a Gura/Risu collab ever happening and then RISU goes and organizes a collab (when the hell does she ever do that) with Gura. The first non-EN to successfully put together a collab with Gura. Despite all that I expected the collab to be awkward as all hell yet Gura was the most comfortable she's been in a collab for a long time and went out of her way to mention it.
I'm so happy the collab even happened, and that it was so fun, and the fact that they're shown how good they can be together. Now we just need more from 2 of the most antisocial girls in Hololive...

>> No.6070027

I was ready (well not really) for guerilla week or month even. I'm glad she pulled herself together. Little squirrel is strong.

>> No.6070029

This picture..its hopium right?

Also, I just found a tweet replied by Risu to Gura's roommate exactly a year she replied to it (days before Gura's birthday)

>> No.6070072

Personally I'd prefer a singing duet with Gura (like just listen to how good they sound together, they even harmonize at some points unintentionally for fucks sake)
But I do worry that Ayunda might overpower Gura's voice (not a singing powerlevel thing, just some voices can drown out others its a fact) in some performances where I think Suisei wouldn't be as susceptible to this

>> No.6070073

When did they collab? I can't find this collab stream anywhere

>> No.6070117

>This picture..its hopium right?
Yeah that's a pretty old one from a better timeline. Never though possibility of it becoming reality would become that high.

>> No.6070122
File: 1.02 MB, 1980x1080, treerrat89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An image from a better timeline...

>> No.6070136

>The first non-EN to successfully put together a collab with Gura
It's actually Anya. That's why I wasn't so surprised to see collab at first because I though Anya who organized the collab and then I'm surprised because it's actually Risu who organized the collab

>> No.6070158

Gura invited Anya to that first collab. Not the other way around.

>> No.6070175

Anon i can clearly see you on the prechat...

>> No.6070221

Gura can be the one to harmonize with Risu since she has a higher singing timbre. Risu's voice comes more of the lead/melody and has that "thick" timbre. Can't wait for such stream to happen.

>> No.6070328 [SPOILER] 
File: 89 KB, 600x706, 1625388227382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silence I've had a lot to drink but there was no meme review tonight so I'm trying to distract myself since that top 50 holo songs in the past week opened up the wounds again

>> No.6071249

risu....karaoke onegai......

>> No.6071305

You will get Risu singing in One Hand Clapping and enjoy it

>> No.6072214


>> No.6072445

My dick is ready

>> No.6073290
File: 255 KB, 1448x2048, E2S29xIVUAIlxhv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see you tomorrow on stream, anon

>> No.6073313
File: 420 KB, 2048x2048, E2S29xJUUAA_tR6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

y-you too

>> No.6073980

get in

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File: 169 KB, 2039x2893, E5cK6fQUUAAYzc7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is not just teasing us, right? Right?

>> No.6074503

Teasing Risu is back..The fact that she's so energetic today just makes me happy.

>> No.6075083

>no BGM
Why is she so lazy bros?

>> No.6075101

Watch out! She has a knife!

>> No.6075210

She still sounds tired...

>> No.6075381

hey fellas first risu stream rn for me, was curious if she does many Indonesian streams but I wanna watch cus I'm eop pls advise

>> No.6075571

Solo streams are almost entirely in English unless she answers to comments in Indonesian or explains something like rules. ID collabs are the other way around.

>> No.6075596

Her solo stream are mostly english, unfortunately the time she stream aren't exactly burger friendly...Watch her earlier streams if you want to know more about her.

>> No.6075666

I see well I guess I can just use collabs as background noise thank u

I'm Aus so it might be a little better. I've seen streams pop up in recommended sometimes kinda late tho I guess I'll have to see

>> No.6075745

She also usually has EN/ID translator in chat, but he didn't make it to this guerilla.

>> No.6075763
File: 65 KB, 749x738, 1599984254366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6076281

>Risu collab
>900 viewers
Is she that dependent on EOPs or is Anya really that much of a debuff?

>> No.6076302

It's Sunday night in there now.

>> No.6076369

What makes you think Anya is a debuff?

>> No.6076689

Oh hey, it's Nagisa's artist. Knew the style looked familiar.

>> No.6076709

a guerilla stream predicted , anyone here can be risu
she's so fluffy to cover the edge

>> No.6076947

Can you not be a schizo for one day anon

>> No.6077297

Think it's dbd, gura can stream it successfully because she's actually probably spent years playing it off stream like an autistic ritual good at that game. I'm kind of hoping risu'll get good at it because then they might do collabs and that's 2/3 of my memberships so I'd be very hyped if they hung out enough to get along (there was that one stream but risu was still shy).

no :<

>> No.6077353

>a guerilla stream predicted
she announced it on her youtube yesterday already

>> No.6077379

Time to reinstall the game for the 4th time...

>> No.6078918

RiSUS. She killed me last time.
I will never trust Tree rat again

>> No.6079156

I've watched so many people play Henry Stickmin at this point but the reactions entirely make it so I guess I'm watching it again!

>> No.6080300

>wait for a month then

I was planning to join her membership. Does she normally private all the membership streams after they air or is it something to do with this specific one?

>> No.6080373


>> No.6080427

I missed that, thanks. I'll join up.

>> No.6081328

Can someone link me the stream where she keeps saying yeb and laughing?

>> No.6083534
File: 59 KB, 768x768, 1613827097085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6087174

Kawai but look how she turn out. She is now smug all the time. Getting all the nuts

>> No.6093086

This is the best I can do.
Someone earlier mentioned something about squirrel having a Watame situation but I don't spend enough time outside my main threads to know what that means, I was wondering if someone would be willing to spoonfeed me on that. I've just lived through Lulu and I'm kinda freaked out, just tell me it isn't the same shit and I'll be OK.

>> No.6096916


>> No.6097113

ty anon, I'd watched that stream but lmao N5 so missed a lot of the context

>> No.6099244

Risu Bebe

>> No.6102797

fuck off pedo, you weren't welcome before, nothing has changed

>> No.6107113

Behead those who insult Risu bebe.

>> No.6107580

How likely am I to join her? I believe her view count isn't too high so..
Also is PC better for racing to join her?

>> No.6108665

Toddlercons get the axe

>> No.6108976

Imagine being this retarded thinking any sane person would fuck a baby

>> No.6109073

I think the comparison was more to Watame's home life than the stuff in the clip that's been linked here, that's a separate thing

>> No.6110017

Well guess I'm doing my sleep reps now rather than staying up

>> No.6110095

Nice, now I'll be able to catch this live. Thank you, Risu!

>> No.6112610

Will (you) take good care of Risu?

>> No.6112707

Only if i can give her milk through my cock

>> No.6113013


>> No.6114266

Oh no, Risu is being a bad influence to her genmates....

>> No.6115506

dicklets btfo again

>> No.6116030

Imagine not being able to satisfy your oshi.

>> No.6117613


>> No.6118894

It's adorable how retarded the old model could look :3

>> No.6119217

dialogue doesn't sound natural.
>...done already? you can go second round right?... right?
okaeri horny risunerchama

>> No.6120308



>> No.6120492

I just misclick into this thread but I want to say your oshi is so cute.
Thank you for inviting Gura to play DBD

>> No.6120744

I missed this laugh.

>> No.6120774

Huge chaotic energy

>> No.6120794

im watching the stream !!
risu is so hot right now

>> No.6120962


>> No.6121268

Based I hope to see them together again they're so cute

>> No.6121345

For real, god bless this treerrat

>> No.6121605

i want to read romcom manga with risu...

>> No.6121673

Risu is ojis-san and her dick is bigger than yours

>> No.6121676

I want to push normies into the water with Risu

>> No.6121734

She would really enjoy doing this :3

>> No.6121905

>241 out of 1000
sasuga treerrat

>> No.6122058

Her dick is long, but her legs are short.

>> No.6122252

I'm glad she is having so much fun

>> No.6122333

It feels really good to see

>> No.6122461

>That one seanigger sending yellow sc in gibberish just to piss Risu off
Yeah i know you're here monkey

>> No.6122553

Bros... I don't feel so good...

>> No.6122602


>> No.6122675

Never leave stream before popipo finished playing.

>> No.6122756

Honestly I've seen the quote so many times by now I forgot it's an avengers reference

>> No.6124385

This thread is going to be even more dead with half of us gone.

>> No.6125655

Actually the old model looked ok from the right angle, it's just she positioned her iphone not directly under her monitor, so she had to look to the side and that makes her flatness showing.

>> No.6125921

She looks the fourth or fifth generation of the Sawagoe family

>> No.6127835

Ironically her new model has similar issues with looking wrong at similar angles to the old one

>> No.6130952

>> No.6131628

i want Risu to be my dom <3

>> No.6134348

I am staying hard for Risu every stream.

>> No.6137085

Nice, more tree rat

>> No.6138364

Man.... the skeb deadlines are killiong me.
You commisiona rt and deadline is like 2 month from today. Like DAMN.

>> No.6138469

So what's that "One hand clapping"?
A video game? Cus it sound lewd.

>> No.6138617

i like your oshi's voice. can i pat her tail? its so fluffy.

>> No.6138843

Honestly since it's Risu we're talking about I woulnd't be surprised if she'd literally clap with one hand through whole stream.

>> No.6139154

Also what in the unholy fuck is that new captcha

>> No.6139232

I cant fucking post anymore,it takes me 10 tries to get a captch right

>> No.6139595

>One Hand Clapping is a 2D platformer that invites you to sing into your microphone to solve musical puzzles and discover the power of your voice as it changes the world.
I have a high hopes for this stream

>> No.6139796

Have you tried not being blind?

>> No.6140807

Imagine if she just used YukkuRisu voice all stream instead of singing, haha haha.

>> No.6141637

>not "If only you knew how nutty things really are. "

>> No.6143100

This was created directly based off what she's talked about, nutty doesn't fit

>> No.6143136

haha, yeah, but she'd never deliberately blueball her viewers r-right?

>> No.6143188

Oh look a tourist.

>> No.6147048

Risu teasing her viewers? Of course not!

>> No.6147206

original song when

>> No.6148047

I can't understand what she said after size matters

>> No.6148473

It's coming some day

>> No.6148632

>Size matter, Size matters period (.)
>-Iofi 2021

>> No.6148834

you'll only confuse her

>> No.6149469 [SPOILER] 

Nah. She sets the boundary. We're the viewers and she's the entertainer. No GF, but sister-play is okay. And she's glad that we're always here for her and that we mean the world to her and she loves us bunches and bunches

>> No.6149578

we know risu has been literally suffering and all you can do is horny post...
fuck you guys

>> No.6149631

no more edging except for her melodic serenades because >>6149469

>> No.6149680


>> No.6149795

Wait what tf happened?

>> No.6149812

Is Risu genuinely retarded or she is just pretending and is smart as fuck like Luna? I genuinely can't tell if this autistic, slow minded, dumb headed, foolish, idiotic and retarded squirrel is smart or not.

>> No.6150687

Well it's a bit of a tough spot since we shouldn't really openly discuss what she's talked about in relative privacy and general rratposting is just counterintuitive and sometimes harmful.
So it's honestly the best to try and continue like everything's business as usual publicly, just as she's doing. When it comes to Risu threads, that inevitably includes hornyposting. Personally I want to concernfag but I know I can't do anything beyond support her and believe in her so that's what I'll keep doing.

>> No.6150875

She's legitimately smart but has self-sabotaging tendencies. That's what it feels like to me

>> No.6151520

she's awake

>> No.6152337

I have good news for you anon
>One Hand Clapping is a 2D platformer that invites you to sing into your microphone to solve musical puzzles and discover the power of your voice as it changes the world.
5.5 hours until this

>> No.6153405

>with extra Risu singing
I'm ready to be bamboozled

>> No.6154109

What did she mean by this?

>> No.6154343

It's allegedly played by singing so I'm not sure how she'll bamboozle us. But I know she will somehow

>> No.6154720

She's going to use prerecorded Iofi's singing.

>> No.6154730

Did Iofi play this?

>> No.6154950

No idea, but I don't know how this game works so I thought that maybe any singing will do

>> No.6155137

yeah maybe, I hear that Friend and Korone have played it but I haven't looked at their streams to see what this is like

>> No.6155305

1-on-1 collab with Gura when?

>> No.6155369

That's the dream, one day for sure man

>> No.6155801

Some parts of this game require changing pitch to move platforms, others require timing
She watched Korone stream it so she won't be playing blind
I'm not sure if I should expect cute treerat noises, her smooth voice or a Kazoo

>> No.6155862

>It's mechaRisu again.

>> No.6156633

Well she did say screeching in the tweet...

>> No.6156650

She hasn't done one in a while, but she has occasional "deep talk" streams that show that she is pretty intelligent and thoughtful.

>> No.6156918

wheres the bulge?

>> No.6156928


>> No.6157780


>> No.6157859


>> No.6158043

This is nice

>> No.6158089

Is she getting drug cravings? I see a lot of eye twitching.

>> No.6158166

This is already kino

>> No.6158289

Gah, that low voice.

>> No.6158408

>All the Ooooo and eeee
Nice, I'm going to be one-hand clapping throughout the whole stream if you get the gist.

>> No.6158500

The game can't handle her range

>> No.6158512

Kek, this game is amazing, and basically made for Risu

>> No.6158555

wtf shes actually good?

>> No.6158568

Man I'm loving this

>> No.6158571

Too bad it's not calibrated for her range and gets confused

>> No.6158593

There's so much Ayunda slipping out.

>> No.6158598

True her range is too wild for this game but she's getting used to it

>> No.6158619

We weren't shitposting when we said she's genuinely good anon

>> No.6158624

I expected Squeaky squirrel noises and got something beautiful and smooth instead

>> No.6158627

Eh it's not that bad, makes game more funny to watch if anything. She doesn't seem to be so frustrated about it as well

>> No.6158698

There were only 2 ways this stream was gonna go, either would've been good but this one is fucking incredible

>> No.6158834

this game is great for her
is she the first holo to stream it ?

>> No.6158861

Friend and Korone also streamed it, not sure if anyone else has

>> No.6158867

Korone did it the other day.

>> No.6158876


nice ty

>> No.6158877

That smug face while chat confesses

>> No.6158902

Korone was the first one and her stream even got featured on the game's Steam page. Fubuki and Shien also streamed it shortly after her.

>> No.6159180

just watched some of the korone vod
she powered through it

Risu is having technical difficulties here because she has way too much range

>> No.6159310

Her mic is also causing issues, I think.

>> No.6159485

maybe it's the reverb giving her problems? that circle thing during calibration actually goes up when she sings normally but not when she has it on.

>> No.6159754

This stream is so relaxing bros

>> No.6159807

I'm excited to see her deal with the "rocky mountain" stage.

>> No.6160419

Looks like you'll have to wait for next time

>> No.6160497

Eh, it'll be worth the wait. It's easily the best part of the game so far (since the game is unfinished).

>> No.6160616

Especially if she fixes the settings fully for next time, it'll make it that much better

>> No.6160639

That was an incredible stream.

>> No.6160787

>Ignored the karaoke request because of a typo

>> No.6160881

Was there a separate request from the one where she talked about yaosobi?

>> No.6160938

Yeah i think there was another sc sent for that

>> No.6161017

Ah, missed that part. At least she did talk about karaoke anyways (though I'd personally like to see some songs beyond just yaosobi)

>> No.6161123

This was amazing.

>> No.6161293

if you think gura has played the game for years based on her gameplay you dont know the game very well. She plays against potatos the majority of the time.

>> No.6161516

Thank You Yuu-Kun~

>> No.6161630

NTA but that's not the basis on which I know she's played the game for years

>> No.6161664

This is my favorite content she's done since Nier, absolute kino

>> No.6161763

Yeah, very similar vibe to Nier. It's so relaxing I almost fell asleep.

>> No.6161816

The fact she spent so much time adjusting the settings just meant she sang for that much longer

>> No.6166779

>> No.6170554

>> No.6176011

>> No.6181474

Rawr Risu

>> No.6182731

I'm so proud of Risu calling in AND asking for a collab

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