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Biboo cute!

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This is such a blessed stream coming from a kusoge

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Imagine when she plays an actual horror game.

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the brat is being corrected

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Jumpscares are garbage.

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Biboo status: spooked

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I will be the oji-san she needs.

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gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny gem cunny
gem cunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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I was busy enjoying the stream but I had to come here and post because

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Jumpscares are her weakness

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>im being followed home
leads them home instead of doing something smarter

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>go ahead, call the cops, they can't unrape you

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Biboo funny! And spooped! And calling for ojii-san!

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the whimpering gets fucking annoying when nothing scary happened yet

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Fuck you it's cute

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She wants to go back to the ojisan

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You don't even like Biboo so no idea why you're here

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the era of atmospheric horror games is dead, anything with a horror tag forever and always from now on will be a shitty cash grab mainstream action game with scripted jumpscares for streamers to react to farming content.

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The great debate:
Ojii-san or Onii-chan?

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You choose to watch. You choose to be here. You are choosing to be unhappy.

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speaking of this anyone know any jood jumpscareless games?

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oh no she's getting back in contact with her ex

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That's chilla's art basically

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this is my wife

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Saved thrice, thank you

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She's so desperate to go back to her ex...

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Darkwood is peak horror made by someone who thinks jumpscares are awful.

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Like all women when they're in a pinch

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Woah, what a twist, amazing

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Nobody is ever as good as the ex

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Are you looking for slow burn bone chilling spine tingling genre redefining horror games with no jumpscares?

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Someone already mentioned, but darkwood is good.

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Whelp, bad end locked in.

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She's on bad end if she doesn't unblock Asuka

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this is supposed to be horror

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is she not scared enough?

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the only thing chilla games do are jumpscares, which arent horror

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How much time left till her next stream? Will she finish this before that?

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Chilla's art stopped trying to be horror and focused on story and stream reactions. His only good horror is the ghost train where his popularity started

>> No.59928421

around 1h10m until the next stream. I have no idea how long is this game though

>> No.59928423

13 minutes. Um... she doesn't realize.

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>no both option

>> No.59928434

Blessed work, anon. Do you have papa as well?

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Stop backseating and spoiling so much!

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Backseat and spoil so it ends faster

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you can do that by not voting, but that's just a vote for the most popular option, just like real life

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She's already bad end locked. She's almost finished but she's going slow playing

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wrong. this game is pure psychological horror if you are a tiny girl streaming alone from your room with 450k fans, which statistically WILL include a number of unstable and criminally minded people

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So now we know Biboo is packing heat, wonder what gun she uses

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yea I guess, one or two jumpscares wont kill me tho

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Is she really this much of a pussy or is she just pretending?

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I love how she keeps the :D while dying inside

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because males never have to experience these type of harassment, are are always the creep in these scenario

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Does it matter?

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Kek based mowi

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>psychological horror
>retarded woman clicks on dubious link online, which not a single vtuber in the world does
yeah nah, the only horror thing about this is how stupid Nina is.

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I love how she keeps my D inside

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Why is Biboo such a weak little faggot? Why doesn't she just fight the guy stalking her?

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She literally dropped a game because of jumpscares
She's better with non-jumpscare horror

>> No.59928593

next stream is over an hour from now L2Clock

>> No.59928610

she's 140cm, a kick will send her lying

>> No.59928622

Okay she might actually be terrified

>> No.59928627

Can I be your sit instead Biboo

>> No.59928631

I mathed wrong.

>> No.59928639

either way I'm hard

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How is she worse than the retarded dogs

>> No.59928650

>thinks Biboo would be gratefully if them ruining her stream
Bandwagoner spotted.

>> No.59928651

are you serious

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Biboo is literally a low T faggot

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She was literally considering not playing this, retard.

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They're two which makes it less scary

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Regardless what you think, chat is going to immediately do as she asks and backseat

>> No.59928702

Which game was that?

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Rare beebs

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jumpscares are her weakness

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>retarded woman
Yeah, she might not click random links... intentionally, but she knows one false step and she gets irl stalked.
Many such cases.

>> No.59928756

Maybe Nina shoudn't have had a bf, none of this would have happened

>> No.59928758

>ywn jumpscare Biboo and chase her around the house while she leaks her juices all over the place

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>instantly not scared at all anymore after dying once

>> No.59928805

Disposing of the body with Biboo!

>> No.59928839

The fuck

>> No.59928849

perfect comedic timing lmao

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>went back to singing idol and got stabbed at the door

>> No.59928854

weapons make you braver yes

>> No.59928865

>gets stabbed
>"oh that's it?"
ojii sans, your dick is too small

>> No.59928894

a broken clock is right twice a day.

>> No.59928907

She's scaring herself worse than the game

>> No.59928950

that's the trick to a good stream

>> No.59928953

"it was just a dream lmao" is the WORST gimmick ever, beep you

>> No.59928969

that was before even getting the weapon yes

>> No.59928970

I don't get the references because I didn't watch Oshi no Ko

>> No.59928974

Jump scares are literally only scary once, actually a poor excuse at "horror" like other anons are saying
To be fair without chat telling her it'd probably take a while to find the screwdriver in the closet, even if you weren't scared you'd probably try to juke the dude and just leave or look for a shank in the kitchen or something

>> No.59928998

that and the "in the end you went back in time so none if it ever happened" shit, its terrible, it means everything you just did was pointless and meaningless

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First episode ends with the idol main character who had twins get stabbed to death at her front door in front of her kids

>> No.59929024

>not even watching the stream
why are you even here bro? Honest question

>> No.59929047

Nice optimization, Chilla's...

>> No.59929053

Good god the Chilla's Art games are so fucking shit.

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It's the sister from previous thread, just report and hide.

>> No.59929084

do you still love your wife, even if she was only 12fps?

>> No.59929092

all of chillas games are like this, I wish his garbage never got popular

>> No.59929117

>horror game protagonist
>woman protagonist
not many neurons, please understand

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1fps and 144p and I still love her deeply

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"your best friend is your true ally" is even more bs

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>> No.59929233

She is so back at being able to do good end

>> No.59929291

is this what happened to gura

>> No.59929328

Yeah, I'm gura's stalker, ama

>> No.59929360

When's her next stream or when will you let her

>> No.59929390

9 months ago, yes
then something else kept her busy...

>> No.59929415

Pretty soon, next week most likely

>> No.59929462

She got stabbed by my "screwdriver" sorry. I'll take care of our baby for Halloween so she can stream

>> No.59929499

>I'm so fragile right now

>> No.59929509

Can I sniff her cunny?

>> No.59929534

thanks, kidnapper-kun

>> No.59929577

No, Gura is mine and mine alone
You're welcome

>> No.59929578

You DO have a bug out bag and plans for if all electrical devices stopped working, right pebbles?

>> No.59929599


>> No.59929600

>Sussy friend walks straight at you
>Oh damn chat tricked her, time to get idol'd again
>No it's to just noclip and phase through you

>> No.59929644

very realistic

>> No.59929662

I got a little jumpy when friend phased through her too lmao
now friend left, it's literally bijouver

>> No.59929664

>bug out bag
no I have no plans

>> No.59929723

Probably a noose to kill myself

>> No.59929726


>> No.59929742

No, I'm not a thirdworlder

>> No.59929751

A bug out bag, or BoB for short, is a bag that you can grab and go out innawoods or whatever for a night or two and have things for survival

>> No.59929799

>plans for if all electrical devices stopped working, right pebbles?
I'd just go draw analogically

>> No.59929808

No I plan to die if that happens

>> No.59929814

you dont need to be a thirdworlder to prep for an EMP attack

>> No.59929820


I do not. I have no real plan for a fire either, but I may start organizing my most important objects. I also need to remember to make a spreadsheet to track all my insurable items, so thanks for that.

>> No.59929839

If I go into the woods around here I become boar fodder. But I see your point.

>> No.59929854

Then what's she smell like

>> No.59929863

This is why it's worth having at least some doujin hardcopies on hand

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It's so bijouver pebblebros...

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>> No.59929948

Pee and lavender

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>> No.59930001

cheap jumpscare incoming?

>> No.59930067

No jumpscare at the good end if you don't count being chased by a guy later on.

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my wife so cute today

>> No.59930100

why does she keep choosing to play horror games if she doesn't want to finish them? Just making chat finish the game for her now

>> No.59930140

go back tourist

>> No.59930139

It's spooktober anon

>> No.59930150


Because it's October, you dingus.

>> No.59930201

How did her phone end up outside the balcony

>> No.59930241


>> No.59930264

That would be fucking funny if the guy just ignored him

>> No.59930268

She's literally finishing it

>> No.59930275

ah yes, the classic move of standing still even though you were told to escape...

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Why is my wife so smart?

>> No.59930323

I can't tell if chat spamming BEHIND YOU and INCOMING JUMPSCARE and nonsense at random are them finally getting into the habit of bantering and fucking with her or if they're just being actually this bad at backseating like always but it's working out somehow kek

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if she sings idol again I'm gonna explode

>> No.59930434

Now for the twist. I love this twist because I can see some schizos doing this and most absolutely Gura's fans

>> No.59930483

>the twist is even more garbage than the game

>> No.59930510

but the culprit wasnt any of her fans

>> No.59930520

Where is her AC6 frame?

>> No.59930558

I thought you only liked twinks, mohg

>> No.59930572

be patient

>> No.59930588
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You didn't understand a damn thing.

>> No.59930672

I can't believe she betrayed Rei for Asuka...

>> No.59930694

skip ad

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>> No.59930706

Wait, I wasn't watching. The manager and his mother were culprits, but who were the other two?

>> No.59930714

honestly kinda based advertising ending.

>> No.59930721

Absolutely shameless

>> No.59930729

Bravo Chillas

>> No.59930743

Stalker and boyfriend.

>> No.59930745

her ex and a homeless person

>> No.59930747

Nina's ex bf and his brother

>> No.59930762

God I love her little claps.

>> No.59930771

More like shillas art

>> No.59930779

the ex and the ex's brother (who disguised himself as the sus cop)

>> No.59930805

The manager is his mother. The EX's brother and an homeless person they picked up somewhere was the other culprit along with the EX

>> No.59930810

this song is WAY too good for this game

>> No.59930862

honestly, this song is a bop, anyone got a link?

>> No.59930906

This is by far the most kino Chilla's slop. I still love Ghost Train the most because of the story

>> No.59930912


>> No.59930911

Horror games are dumb. Action games with horror themes are good.

>> No.59930942

no biboo pv

>> No.59930950

Aw, I think no biboo pov...

>> No.59930968

I fucking told you god damn idiots.

>> No.59930976

Thank you pebble

>> No.59930979

Retards have got it in her head that every credit song is copyrighted now, why would they do that.

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> no biboo pov on collab again
pebblebros... what is happening?

>> No.59931012

youtube is fucking retarded, i've seen people claim shit that aren't theirs all the time.

>> No.59931039

Getting mixed messages but I get the idea. Thank you.

>> No.59931053

Biboo, I want to watch YOU, not Mori.

>> No.59931054

Get used to this shit, she will kowtow in every situation of a collab.

>> No.59931069

Pretty much. The best spooky games I've played have all been action games with horror themes.

>> No.59931138

In this case, they got it right. YouTube demonetizes anyone and deletes videos for a LOT less.

>> No.59931153
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I'm not giving Mori any views, go on without me pebbles. See you in L4D2.

>> No.59931253

Just watch it in holodex lmao

>> No.59931283

The more gameplay you have the less you have to rely on jumpscare shit in the game
Just so happens the more gameplay you have the more actiony it tends to get

>> No.59931308

>What did we learn today?
That vtubers with bf's get stalked and killed

>> No.59931319
File: 1.76 MB, 568x568, WIFE[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fflwi0u.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I trust Biboo because she's WAIF

>> No.59931323

They don't even have to do action correctly, see SH2.

>> No.59931339


>> No.59931395

how many times has that happened

>> No.59931412

Also, this game had nothing to do with people being parasocial

>> No.59931417

Well, it was a short stream but it was fun. Looking forward to L4D2 tomorrow.

>> No.59931492

It's supposed to be a swerve.

>> No.59931506

Told ya

>> No.59931539

she streams her pov and the other streams mostly suikas so..

>> No.59931553

well, its just stupid

>> No.59931560

>That women who left their bf's get stalked and killed

>> No.59931563

She gave no excuse actually, she's just very caring much to her own detriment.

>> No.59931580

I agree 110%
Chilla's games are fucking awful.

>> No.59931584

What was her reasoning for not streaming her POV again

>> No.59931618

stream hort
Mori is mogging her on hours streamed this month

>> No.59931624

>by their ex bfs
This is why biboo should just marry (me) and we live happily ever after. We were made for each other. Why don’t she read out my SCs and answer my DMs? Now I’m gonna have to plan out her “correction” arc.

>> No.59931645

Burnout phase is real...

>> No.59931694

>at least someone enjoyed the screams
yeah, me.

>> No.59931750

I won't even bother watching AC6 if she's not gonna stream
I'm here to watch her not others, especially for this kind of collab

>> No.59931751

Do I really have to give Mori a view...

>> No.59931766

cute hiccups...

>> No.59931794

cya pebbles, not bothering without her pov

>> No.59931842

gonna sleep, no pov no watch

>> No.59931843

gonna watch bae play her first souls-like in the mean time

>> No.59931857
File: 318 KB, 1920x1080, 896D4307-B7DB-4E47-850C-EB1D505ACFB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she doesn't stream her POV

>> No.59931885

Pretty bummed out about her not streaming her POV. I can understand with party animals but what's the point of not doing it with AC6.

>> No.59931888
File: 7 KB, 240x100, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

welp guess that's my calling not to watch it

>> No.59931903
File: 1.53 MB, 1280x720, 1692746600972385.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She should these shit games the Jp's played

>> No.59931909

Dogs are melting their brains right now if ya need something to watch

>> No.59931926
File: 4 KB, 392x99, fuckyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess i'm not chatting

>> No.59931959

>people didn't even superchatted her about not streaming her POV
yesbuds in the making, only downhill from here

>> No.59931960

Please no

>> No.59931982

It’s always the ones you already know. Realistically, it’s pretty hard to locate and physically stalk a chuuba unless you are living within the immediate vicinity. And by then, you should already be aware of each other.

>> No.59931992

Okay now that this game is over I can lash out.
Holy fuck did this trigger my saviorfagging and concernfagging. This feels so so bad.

>> No.59931998

luv biboo
luv mowi
luv unity
simple as

>> No.59932013

as intended

>> No.59932023


She didn't mention it until after reading supas. I think she's aware someone would have asked why

>> No.59932022

If this keeps being a common theme, I'm out.

>> No.59932027

I really think she's trying to stream less. She's either burned out already or manager is restricting her now.

>> No.59932046

Its weird because Mori literally said biboo would stream her POV

>> No.59932076

Mom is on her skin. 12 hours 3 days in a week is a bit too much, and you know, moms are the strongest concernfags there are.

>> No.59932078

rrat starto!

>> No.59932116

It's weird because someone out there actually trusts pink woman.

>> No.59932134

Epic doomposting already.

>> No.59932150

what's the point of subscriber only mode anyway? Is it to filter antis or to scrap the bottom of the barrel for subscribers? I honestly think the former is not the best idea, i'd say it just filters new viewers who aren't commited enough to subscribe

>> No.59932170
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If this is gonna be a norm then I think it would be smart to abandon ship while early. Enjoyed all the endurance streams. Been a fun month.

>> No.59932184

Theres literally no reason to not stream this one
I understand party animals. Its just disappointing. I don't wanna watch Mori playing this shit

>> No.59932193

That’s odd? Game made me want to stalk and gaslight a cute single girl living alone instead. In Minecraft.

>> No.59932200

Totally ready to see the collab with Ririka be on her channel with only her POV guys!

>> No.59932204

Oh don't worry, it'll get worse when she doesn't stream her POV with Ririka.

>> No.59932210

We love Mori here

>> No.59932232

Are you new, been that way for years after the crazy spamming bullshit and YouTube bots were terrible.

>> No.59932263

>Game goes dead silent
>Streamer tapes down W on their keyboard waiting to inevitably pass the trigger point on the floor
>Sudden gazillion decibles blaring BRAAAAAAAAAAAP into your fucking ears, camera spins upside down
>Turn and run from Freddy Voorhees until the music stops, might take a while if the game is kuso enough that it's not clear how to make them stop/where to hide
>Repeat ad nauseum
There are probably worse genres for a chuuba to fall into but shitty "horror" is a contender for the throne far more often than it should be

>> No.59932272

Not even sure there's gonna be a Ririka collab, her throat is sore and she's not feeling good.
After sucking me the whole weeked.

>> No.59932277

Go back, chumbud.

>> No.59932294

Smash is more understandable than this since you can see both characters on screen at all times
Not streaming for this is just (???)

>> No.59932308

Still gonna watch the stream but I don't wanna argue with tourists, doomposters and literal retards. Have fun.

>> No.59932310

exactly, that shit was like 2 years ago, is it really still that bad? The other day i checked fuwamoco and they had subscribers only mode too, it makes no sense to me

>> No.59932331
File: 25 KB, 147x165, 1691807210674174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree. It's literally just her and Mori. I want to watch Biboo's POV. I want to see her playing the game and how she moves. I want to cheer her on her own chat. I want to see what builds and preparations she have.
I am fucking salty over this. Like so much.

>> No.59932339

>Smash is more understandable
And this is where it starts.
I really can't wait to see how things look in six months.

>> No.59932348

They have no mods. Barely any holo does. Filtering crap from non subs is fucking awful job to do by yourself while streaming and hiring mods is never a good idea.

>> No.59932371

I’m alright with single POV as long as they alternate. Biboo should host POV on the next 1v1 to be fair. Seniority be damned.

>> No.59932397

>the next 1v1

>> No.59932444

Time for the thread to be overrun with schizos. Not because of the game this time but because its Mori

>> No.59932445
File: 18 KB, 126x126, 1692238003618884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha pebbles imagine if she doesn't stream her pov in smash collab with Ririka

>> No.59932471

to be fair Biboo should still be on the screen at all times in AC PvP as the opponent as well, unless the other player is fucking horrible

>> No.59932515

It is always during my day-off when she do shit like not streaming her POV. I'm fucking annoyed to hell. Maybe I'll just eat, step out or something. Fuck this. Have fun Pebblebros.
I'll just cope with that she will at least have a POV tomorrow and it would be a really fun stream.

>> No.59932524

I don't even mind Mori man, I just wanted to watch my oshi playing, not someone else

>> No.59932530

Such a nasty streak, huh? Parasocial attracted tons of schizos already

>> No.59932580
File: 443 KB, 1950x2000, 1693655519843042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha that would never happen silly pebble, she loves us! h-ha...

>> No.59932582

Feel the same. Cheering on Biboo on her own stream is one thing, cheering her on in someone else's stream when they are directly competing in a 1v1 though?

>> No.59932588

I’m going to wait and see what she does for future collabs or if she tells us she’s going to change how she streams. It has been nice watching her, but I can’t be a chumbud by another name.

>> No.59932600

I want to see Biboo plays on her own POV. I don't want to see Biboo get trashed by two zimmerman and two songbird on a wigger's POV.

>> No.59932609

This could be with anyone and I'd still be annoyed. I want to watch Biboo, but have to be a visitor in someone elses chat more and more just to watch the rock.

>> No.59932648

Doesn't she practice Jiu Jitsu?

>> No.59932649

I consider this a test if Mori is worth collabing with or not. Best way to share views in an unwritten manner. Splitting it up too much helps neither of them.

If Mori doesn’t return the favor, it just shows her character in the end. I think Biboo is playing this a lot smarter than most think. She’s a fan of theirs, after all.

>> No.59932665

You can't cheer her on unless you're a subscriber or something lmao

>> No.59932684

Same, I'm subbed to Biboo, I watch Biboo, I chat to Biboo. If I wanted to watch other people I'd member them instead.

>> No.59932720

That's a good point, it's not a true 1v1 today since Biboo didn't really practice. So if the next one actually happens, I'll be more lax with pink woman. If it doesn't, well you know.

>> No.59932766

Time to cheer for biboo on mori's stream i guess lol

>> No.59932768

The smash stream is ONLY on Biboo's channel, though.

>> No.59932771
File: 121 KB, 320x282, bijouspin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wonder if Biboo considers it returning the favor for the one-sided Undertale one early on

>> No.59932832

It's a real possibility, even more so that Biboo invited Calli without even telling her what that stream was about

>> No.59932838
File: 990 KB, 2971x4096, 1656856076572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally this. I don't mind if Biboo streams just less an hour or after a match. I just want to be able to cheer her on and watch her through her own stream. Is a stream for her POV too much to ask?
Is this how Chumbuds feel all the time?

>> No.59932854

Best case scenario is they alternate without having to ask, like actual friends. Some things shouldn’t have to be said.

>> No.59932857

Guys, take a breath. You're all getting baited. She's going to stream her Advent POV tomorrow and Smash POV was already said to be on Biboo's channel alone. You guys will be fine.

>> No.59932929

This. She said it was gonna be a much slower week, stop being retarded.

>> No.59933061

>you get to hear Mori's voice
>you need to give Mori a view
>you wont be able to watch how Biboo's playing
>you wont be able to cheer Biboo on her own stream
>you will be together with the doxxbeats in the chat
>you'll see Biboo gets meta'd
>the conversation will most likely be dry and be all about Mori nerding over meta builds
Worst stream ever.

>> No.59933071

She's not streaming her POV because she knows she's gonna get curbstomped kek
She had no time to practice

>> No.59933114

>You're all getting baited
It's just a few tourists shitting the thread for the past hour, most sane people just left and they're replying to each other now.

>> No.59933132

Yeah, it won't be a common theme going forward. That being said, Mori can fuck off and I'll watch it when they collab on Biboo's channel.

>> No.59933135

there's no "meta" anymore, retard. Zimms were gutted

>> No.59933168

what about the bumblebee

>> No.59933169
File: 57 KB, 797x605, 1696506512288854.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Patch that went live this morning

>> No.59933219

There's always a meta, friend. Just because those and lots of others were decimated, doesn't mean there's nothing new to take it's place.

>> No.59933222

>mori hot micing
yep, thats Mori alright

>> No.59933227

>mori starts stream
>she's watching fwmc
kinda based.

>> No.59933238

I guess holodex not giving view came in handy for once

>> No.59933256

>mori stream
>she's late
Why does this always happen with her specifically, you'd think that after 3 years she would start getting stuff prepared on time.

>> No.59933255

doesn't stop Mori talking about it. I bet you she'll talk about it being nerfed as soon as possible

>> No.59933293
File: 290 KB, 563x780, 1686030921181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is this how Chumbuds feel all the time?
Mostly for the big collabs where she'd spend her time away from everyone else, though they do give us some nice moments sometimes

>> No.59933297


No I’m just a parasocial pebble that feels happy when Biboo reads my comments. I’m far gone that 2 days without POV is breaking me

>> No.59933298

Train one is based on one of the most well known Japanese urban legends after all.

>> No.59933306

>hot micing
Totally on purpose, my guy.

>> No.59933309

Yeah, it will be uncovered in the future, but not on day 1 of this patch by 2 anime girls.

>> No.59933350

What the fuck are the jannies doing?

>> No.59933416
File: 67 KB, 1080x960, En-y-lAVQAIHXWZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm only starting to realize how much JP spoils us with POVs

>> No.59933440

I'd suspect Lex but it is Mori.

>> No.59933477

What do you want them to do?

>> No.59933496

She's working on colored people time

>> No.59933495

>it will be uncovered in the future
about that...

>> No.59933507
File: 280 KB, 891x1200, strawberry milk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wife on the telly

>> No.59933536

What, you're telling me Mori and Biboo have complete knowledge of the new meta?

>> No.59933582

>slowmode on
I can't even chat properly it's bijouver pebbles.

>> No.59933586

can't blame youtube-kun this time biboo

>> No.59933589
File: 158 KB, 331x365, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

144p wife strikes back

>> No.59933598

even if she has dial up internet?

>> No.59933601

wow on top of everything the audio is dogshit

>> No.59933610

I'm addicted and have to get my fix of Biboo from secondhand sources which isn't enough. Everything will be fine in the end but let me have my mental breakdown for like 15 minutes okay.

>> No.59933618

Ah yeah, there's gonna be so much lag.

>> No.59933630

This isn't hour or minute one, anon. And the secondary selections have been untouched.

>> No.59933644

biboo is sweating bullets from the thought that her ISP is screwing her over at the worst possible time

>> No.59933651
File: 71 KB, 279x291, 1694042627236665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My beloved.

>> No.59933653

You underestimated how autistic Mori is

>> No.59933687
File: 57 KB, 285x161, perfect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's perfect the way she is.

>> No.59933705

It took master PVPers weeks to find double stun guns was the absolute best setup before this patch.

>> No.59933738

>she didn't test the game on PC

>> No.59933754


>> No.59933778

And I don't mean the retarded worm killer noobtube pt2, I mean the stun handguns.

>> No.59933783

this game actually has good keyboard and mouse controls though

>> No.59933820

I play this game with a keyboard and mouse you cunt.

>> No.59933848

I can picture this and it is very cute. Hope she has fun with the chuuba she used for her undertale sans mod.

>> No.59933865


>> No.59933880

Mori downloaded a save from the internet, she didn't really beat the game on PC at least

>> No.59933928


>> No.59933931


>> No.59933961
File: 3.10 MB, 2508x3541, 1670047691433303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is gonna be good

>> No.59933963


>> No.59933973
File: 115 KB, 954x660, closeup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59933997

holy shit, get fucked mori

>> No.59933998


>> No.59934008


>> No.59934011

I'm beginning to believe

>> No.59934027


>> No.59934029

She really was getting carried by the meta

>> No.59934056

man, if this was on last patch, those double zimms would actually stun biboo every time. Now she gets to avoid acs strain for 2 seconds and get her full combo in.

>> No.59934057

>all the anons that said Biboo would get rolled.

>> No.59934070

Ironically, after just shitting on M&KB, Calli gets bodies by a build that M&KB would help against.

>> No.59934073

I saw a bunch of you saying Mori would wipe the floor with rock musume, where are you guys now??

>> No.59934090

>mori metaslaves
>day of her pvp collab her zimzams get nerfed
This has to be an Act of God

>> No.59934092
File: 857 KB, 960x960, v3sLZcrRA4WO_9EP_bCm8Ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59934093

I agree, Biboo POV would be 100% better
Watching her run in out of no where and dismantle Mori is also very Kino

>> No.59934099

Biboo winning on the telly! Patch dropped just in time lol.

>> No.59934114

>all before the patch today that fucked over what Mori is using

>> No.59934131
File: 160 KB, 342x412, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smug Rock

>> No.59934132

>Frozen in the smuggest expression imaginable
Fate is on the side of making mori rage

>> No.59934147

my rrat is that she's not streaming her pov so we can't see how hard she throws when she starts letting mori win

>> No.59934188

Goddamn Zimms are STILL strong even after the nerf

>> No.59934218

>Flying up
Biboo's biggest weakness

>> No.59934248


>> No.59934252

That was ricochet range, it was lag.

>> No.59934262

so Mori is just getting height and distance huh... this could be an even fight after all

>> No.59934271

get fucked pebblekeks

>> No.59934281

>Aiming at vertical targets
It's over Biboo can't deal with this.

>> No.59934293


>> No.59934302

Yeah, I feel she gonna throw a bit if she senses that Mori is getting frustrated and/or she feels the content isn’t interesting enough. She might even change build midstream.

>> No.59934301

Even now Biboo doesn't know how to Assault Boost...

>> No.59934320

That made me super motion sick, I might have to go sound only if Mori keeps playing like that.

>> No.59934340

>flying enemies
Biboo is done for unless she reassembles

>> No.59934350

She didn't figure it out in three playthroughs, she isn't going to figure it out now.

>> No.59934352

>Another height issue for Biboo
Every time...

>> No.59934395

It's pretty much that Bijou is so fast and Mori is hard locking her, so it's going to zip all over the place. I'm kind of used to it after playing AC6 pvp but I can see why it'd be tough to watch.

>> No.59934402

Damn, Biboo got zoned. Also why is she on reverse joints, wasn't she using dad's legs last time?

>> No.59934403

There it is. The Zimms Songbird nerf talk

>> No.59934411

You are such a little kid

>> No.59934482

chat brought it up

>> No.59934494

Her internet is in shambles

>> No.59934522


>> No.59934540
File: 3.81 MB, 1280x720, biboo jumpscare [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fe9aju9.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.59934541

We also brought up a lot of stupid things on Biboo's chat but she ignores them

>> No.59934543
File: 474 KB, 863x475, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59934585

This is very relevant, though.

>> No.59934645

So are the things on Biboo's

>> No.59934676

Biboo is gonna get farmed now
Enjoy the stream

>> No.59934682

I had zero problems playing on my own, so I'm not sure why it's a problem now.

>> No.59934685

Biboo, you have to go level with her.

>> No.59934694

Biboo... can't fly

>> No.59934698

Cant watch live since I have a work call in 10 mins. What’s the score so far?

>> No.59934713

It's over
Biboo only has one playstyle and Mori figured out the counter after 1 match

>> No.59934744

2-1 to Mori

>> No.59934759
File: 444 KB, 574x389, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only thing stopping Mori is the guntank build

>> No.59934763

2-1 Mori

>> No.59934786

Biboo it's been explained to you multiple times that you can't move your camera when locked on.

>> No.59934792

Mori curbstomping the shitter

>> No.59934820

we've definitely seen her stop and wait for the height to realign on the arena npc dudes so she clearly knows it's an issue
whether or not she chooses to follow that or keep taking the gamble on her weapon clipping their legs is another story, it doesn't help that half the time it got her killed and the other half the time it actually worked

>> No.59934841


>> No.59934928

Worst thing about this is Mori wont ever change her build because this is literally the only build she have did

>> No.59934938

Oh she unloaded the anti-Iguazu build.

>> No.59934950

Biboo is a ray of positivity, yes, mowi

>> No.59934988

She just said she was going to change after this match

>> No.59934991

Mori has the least fun build to watch in the entire game, Biboo's POV would have been so much better.

>> No.59935015

This stream is just so Mori can destroy Biboo's reputation as a gamer

>> No.59935021

there's no way deadbeats watched her play through the game 3 times only using songbirds and zimmers, right?...

>> No.59935024

She only flies straight at her, I hope my gem learns to maneuver

>> No.59935032

Yeah this is gonna be a boring stream, just facerolling Biboo for 2-3 hours. Good night fellas.

>> No.59935053

It's pvp everybody runs meta.

>> No.59935058

What could you possibly mean pebble, do you not enjoy Bam...bam....bam...bam....bam.. thump thump thump thump....bam... bam...

>> No.59935057

She already changed builds twice and we couldn't see how she tries to counter Mori through her pov

>> No.59935065
File: 332 KB, 1288x2048, biboooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like your legs too biboo

>> No.59935089

Biboo finished the whole game without learning how proper 3D spacing works because she played it like souls. It worked in the end but to face PVP she has to learn it.

>> No.59935096

Biboo's quickboosts are terrible. What boosters are she using? There are boosters that have slower quickboosts than regular boost

>> No.59935101

Its nerfed garbage now
Still good enough to destroy shitters like biboo

>> No.59935124
File: 1018 KB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This should tell you a lot

>> No.59935163

Kikaku definitely. The melee thrust is way too big.
>nerfed garbage
>damage 900 -> 800

>> No.59935166

I played this MP for a while and dual zims were not as common as you think. People had lots of annoying builds.

>> No.59935196

Mori cheated not only the game, but herself.

She didn't grow. She didn't improve. She took a shortcut and gained nothing.

She experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

It's sad that deadbeats don't know the difference.

>> No.59935233

Time for her to do trial and error on the fly. Would be kino if she can manage a turnaround without looking up meta

>> No.59935247

Oh no. Those aren't useless but they have a pretty steep learning curve

>> No.59935265


>> No.59935268

I'm not going to lie I feel like Mori gave her that one.

>> No.59935287
File: 477 KB, 2893x4092, FIRE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59935305

>she hit a fully charged redshift sword
the results don't matter, she won
Yep. It's for melee specialists. She should switch to a top speed booster instead.

>> No.59935410

For sure, could've fired Songbirds when Biboo was staggered

>> No.59935420

Pebblekeks, your oshi is getting rolled by Mori........
Wasn't she the gamer of EN?

>> No.59935484

>cheated save file

>> No.59935497

Mori help the button done instead of tapping it like a goofball

>> No.59935508

4-1 for Mori

>> No.59935565

Biboo on the Zimmie

>> No.59935601
File: 253 KB, 459x433, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

versus Pekora who had like 9

>> No.59935603

Charging up the 'birds for extra power

>> No.59935656

New bread:

>> No.59935685

Biboo has latency... goddamn, her internet

>> No.59935686

She played it on PS5. Of course she has no saved shit on PC. Don't care about Mori as well but please at least don't lie like deadbeats.

>> No.59935695

I am saddened but at the same time, her correction is kinda lewd.

>> No.59935743

Pekora will never learn how to name her ACs

>> No.59935792

t. deadbeat

>> No.59935797

Dude Mori doesn't even know you could save AC designs.

>> No.59935883

mori is the better gamer.

>> No.59936080

Mori is kinda dancing around her

>> No.59936103

I quit being a pebble

>> No.59936134

She has 3 pages saved on her PS5.

>> No.59936163

t. deadbeat

>> No.59936173
File: 791 KB, 1351x716, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why lie?

>> No.59936295

Could be cause they live far away from each other too.

>> No.59936325

>pekora mk blood
That's kinda cool actually

>> No.59936524

Damn. I don't know why she was asking what the AC DATA is for earlier.

>> No.59936646
File: 33 KB, 172x140, 1600413528308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She probably forgot already.

>> No.59936723

she is really stupid