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First for towa

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stealth Civia thread?

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Why am I a majestic creature while a cute girl ride on top of me?

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Because you forgot your meds again

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The unicorn biggest enemy isn't the male, but the fans of deciving chuuba telling a brother about an unicorn friendly chuuba only to get MALED almost immediatly

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I have two rules for a streamer to follow to get my view.

1. No politics.
2. No talking about your dating life

Am I a unicorn?

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Pictured: two fictional creatures you will never see.

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you're a chud

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Unicornbros tell me some chuubas who said they havent had sex in that meme test

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Unicorn = against male collabs
That's the practical definition in /vt/.
>No politics.
lmao, bet you are a chud. It's always them complaining about "no politics in muh escapism".
Why don't liberals complain about this?

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you guys bored of it already? or the pastas were only for the first one?

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Based thread