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Do you ever think that we might be pushing the EN Hologirls a little too hard?

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LMAO if they want continued money and success they better be working, otherwise they can join sana in irrelevancey

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No, technically we, as in most western fans, just want them to stream; the concerts are more of a marketing machine, or demands of Japanese market, and all other music and whatnot projects are girls' own initiative.

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You fucking tard, I'm proud af to see my oshi take a genuine liking to singing and performing
Go watch fucking nijinigs instead

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We aren't doing shit.
I just want to watch them stream. Cover needs to stop making them fly to Japan every other week and do "homework" constantly.

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No one cares, kill yourself.

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woman nonsense

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there are tons of indies who function just fine while working a 9-5 on top of streaming multiple hours every night and doing background projects for their stream
so not really

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>when the EN girls get ignored and mistreated by management
reeeeeeee fucking let them perform
>when the EN girls get to be in concert and events
reeeeeeee let them streams

fucking faggots lol

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I'd rather any of these women not be in a position where they're made to feel that way. She went live and opened with her genuinely crying and clearly going through it, and it was like, she should not be having to stream right now.

The fact that you brought her up and used her as an example goes to show how irrelevant Sana isn't.

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It's fair to say the hololive talents do far more than would be expected of a normal 9-5 for their background idol reps

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this, if the options are "put an EN out of commission for a week because you wanted to fly her over to show up in hologra for 30 seconds" that ain't fucking worth losing a week of streams.

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This was simply trying too much and not knowing your limits. She's not the first young person to overestimate herself and be too ambitious and she won't be the last.

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What sort of revisionist history is this? Sana was a major underperformer, she used to get sub 5k playing fucking minecraft

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I work at Cover now?

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it's not our fault bae's parents are difficult to impress.

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As far as I'm concerned bae is part of stars

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Simply, if she was truly irrelevant, she wouldn't even be at the forefront of your mind to bring her up at all, much less cite a specific example about her performance as a streamer.

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Nobody cares about your whore, you parasocial incel

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I doubt her parents are very involved

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>goes to show how irrelevant Sana isn't.
Being a great example of what not to do isn't beign relevant, she is just a cautionary tale

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This. Holofes once a year was perfect for the idol experience. But now it's something every 3 months. 1 month prep. half a month break after. That's 6 months out of the year spent on shit that results in one-off shows

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While there are some girls in Hololive who certainly deserve a kick in the butt, there's a lot of malicious people on /vt/ who are motivated purely by bitterness. It's their goal to make the "rich lazy whores" suffer as much as possible.

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i do not care about the 3d events they just finished. i'd have been happy with a couple of gen collabs. the pressure was all from cover and themselves. just like the stupid concerts. was summer splash thing really worth all the time invested? the pressure is not coming from the fans. we just want streams.

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Go watch Niji if you want only streamers.
Holomen aren't just streamer and it has been that way since after gamers.

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>Go watch Niji if you want only streamers.
Sorry I don't like third wheeling on dates.

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go back

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Bae is an exception in council in that she's pushing herself of her own accord. She genuinely believes that just streaming isn't enough and her fans deserve more which is why she's always working on extraneous stuff for them
Even today she recorded something new and it's right after she released a cover and did her showcase live
This girl will never stop grinding

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I think Bae is just an attention whore. Literally no holo has ever acted like 3D lives were too much to prepare for, usually they have fun.

Either bae has insane, crippling anxiety or she's crying for attention

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I really wonder how the girls feel about this. They went from yearly holofes prep to getting shoved into connect the world and holosummer directly afterwards in addition to their own personal shit like 3D debuts
We're not even that far off from their yearly fes prep again

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As she should
Hololive is an idol company, not just a streamer one

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Then stop fucking complaining

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>"These girls are idols! They need to act like it!"
>They start doing more shows and performances
>No no no! They need to stream more! For me! ASMR and GFE and no males!

Oh I get it now. "Idol" means anime camwhore.

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For EN newfags, yes apparently

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Bae always has had insane crippling anxiety. It has very little to do with overbearing workload since she's a genuine work horse

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>do half of the work that JPs do
Beyond pathetic

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What's beyond pathetic is you being so assumptive that work was the reason

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>once a year
>ignore holosummer
>ignore anniversaries

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She cried because there was a chance her showcase would gave been postponed past its promised date, she got this news with very sudden notice with 1 day to go until her showcase and it gave her a massive anxiety attack. It's almost like she loves and cares for her fans that this news elicited such a reaction from her.

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Why is Bae like this anyway? Why is she always trying to do more than she can handle for some self-perceived failing of her fans?

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Go to your boss and say that you're feeling overwhelmed because of crippling anxiety or some shit like that kek

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Because she has severe imposter syndrome and rock bottom self esteem

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In the performance biz, that's a legitimate reason

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Lol no she fucking doesn't. I get why that would be stressful but she is like Kronii and Mori in the sense that she cares proportional to the amount of money she gets from her fans

She'd leave in a fucking milisecond if the pay was to low.

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Funny you say that, Bae isn't even close to the highest earning member of her gen yet she pours 10x more money out of her own pocket into her projects, keeps doing them and eventually plans to do a Sololive which are part-self funded by the talents. She isn't even being funded by UMJ like Mori, you can't make this argument about someone who spends a good chunk of the money they earn back on fans.

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I bet her pussy got wet

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don't care until these whores help their fellow male coworkers get more recognition for their kino streams

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>The girl who dumps all her money back into projects is pay oriented

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No, sticking to a regular schedule is the bare minimum from most jobs

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shut the fuck up BITCH
you don't even pay them any money

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No, but >IF< they are indeed ''overworked'' then its Covers fault for making them do stupid stuff that no one watches anyways.

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>She'd leave in a fucking milisecond if the pay was to low.

god what a fucking novel concept

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STOP using picrel for your shitty bait threads
Bae is an anxious girl who had a mental breakdown over external fuckery regarding her showcase outside of her control in a situation where she couldn't have cancelled her stream, it had nothing to do with being "pushed" too hard

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I could have sworn ive seen this EXACT thread, word for word same OP like 2 weeks ago

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>I like Money because Money allows me more opportunities to make people happy
-Hakos Baelz

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yes they are, watch streams.

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Based idolchad

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Jesus, we've come full circle with the tourists, they shit on cover for not doing anything for EN during the lockdowns, now tourists are bitching that cover is having them do TOO MUCH

How do you fags end up like this, it's embarrassing, you're going to try and defend yourself with some cope that you never shit on cover for their lack of support with EN, you are predictable trash

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>Why doesn't cover give them 3Ds and make them do the same stuff as the JPs
>"2 years later"

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>Stop being parasocial, we arn't your friends
Also them
>Love you guys uwu <3 keep buying our merch and sending supas

Jesus no wonder Bae is the runt of her gen

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Embarrassing op

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Timestamp of her saying that?

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I agree with you anon, but why are you saying this in a thread about bae?

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never show your fans that you cant handle it. lost a lot of respect for bae. i dont care about her IRL bullshit. do the work, it's your job.

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Yeah because im sure your the expert on being rich and successful right?

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Holy assmad, where in his post did he say they cant enjoy singing and performing? Cant tell if your ESL or just seeing red.

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Nigga have you never worked a day in your life? Everybody complains about work, and women just like to cry because they're stupid and inferior.

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We talking about the same girl who has expressed nothing but love for her fans and constantly does GFE for them?

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Council was a mistake

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Bae's situation reminded me a lot of Pekora's situation when one of her projects got canned

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More vtubers should do this instead of deceiving their audience.

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They do it to themselves

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Wtf is wrong with her, how could she say that to her fans?

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speak for yourself loser

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not in the slightest.

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I thought the thread would have some porn at least.

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They dont even stream

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Fuck off.

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I'm sorry but australian women doing ASMR is the funniest shit I've ever heard. It's not even her voice, but the accent is so goofy.

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looks like somebody is throwing a Tempur tantrum

fyi whining collab-beggers are also throwing Tempur tantrums

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it’s almost like a group is made up of individuals or something

though some, but not all, individuals just are that much of a flip-flop

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is there no such thing as in between?
ie goldilocks

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>More vtubers should do this instead of deceiving their audience


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Dude it's like me, a couple bots and some advertisers here. I know your game.

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anon is a falseflagging fag dont mind

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Go watch an IRL Japanese idol group if that's what you want. Hololive is a streaming agency

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There's been a lot of passive aggressive/snide comments against cover making them work so much recently. Many ENs have told all the advent girls to "enjoy year 1 while they still have free time"

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>we pushing
if we have that power, Gura would be streaming.

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I won’t be happy until my oshi literally dies on stream.

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>Same trash bait post
Dramafags and threadreaders pull their opinions from their asses again.

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There is no middle ground, retard

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Out of all the retarded posts I've read this year, you win for the most retarded. Congrats

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I hate this whore and her obnoxious fanbase, brats are just zoomer cuckbeats

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>We had some fun, right?

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Do your Mumei reps

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Mumei right before joining hololive , wonder if she dumped him or not t go full yuribaiting with kronii

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but, what if she was irrelevant but her graduation because of irrelevancy made her relevant?
like some artist only become important after they die.

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he is kinda right, it feels like is because of her parents that she has that kind of work ethic and pushes herself that hard.

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who is this "We"?

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We, the fans, pushing our expectations on the girls to perform their idol reps to an unhealthy degree

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what the other anon said and because being an idol is the first time she has stand out, before she always lived in her older sister shadow,
she admired her older sister, so when she learned dance bae also wanted to learn dance, her sister learned japanese bae started to learn japanese(she also wanted to be a seiyu), her sister started to learn korean bae started to learn korean, their parents always adored her sister so she tried to be like her but i think it didn't worked to get the praise she wanted.

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This but unironically. The content would be insane.

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That's where I cum in.

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wtf I love Bae's sister now?

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I love you Polka! <3

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Almost certainly. The volume of content you retards demand and logistically can not watch in its entirety due to timezones/streaming schedules, they're bound to burn out.

Be a little kinder.

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>There is no middle ground, retard
Says the retard

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Go watch niji then since Holo are doing that way before EN existed

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We don't even need to bring Koyori and Kaela, even Pekora does way more stuff and she'll have a sololive yet she never complain

>> No.59870291

>Pekora will never complain
I'm pretty sure she's the other Hololiver who comes to mind who had the most similar breakdown to Bae in a very similar situation

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Anda berbicara dengan penuh wibawa, namun Anda memiliki kecerdasan seperti seekor ayam.

الله يضربك أن تتحول إلى غبار.

Tanrı sizi bu kaba eseriniz için yaksın.

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Torture simps, disregard hyper-inflated turbo whores and all their incessant horse shit they keep feeding to empathy-bait

>> No.59872448

EN whores would combust in a day if they had a true job, besides Mori and maybe Kiara, and that's coming from a NEET

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so tue sister #suck4hex

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This has gotta be some sort of brats falsefag, even the anons who can't give a single fuck about Bae would not have that take about her. Either that or I'm underestimating people's ability of just posting whatever the fuck that they pulled out of their ass.

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You're overestimating the schizophrenic numberfag mindset a little too much

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Yes, let’s talk about how Mumei, Ame, Ina, Fauna, and Kronii were so widely featured in HoloSummer