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>When the ASMR VTuber girl says "Oh honey/darling you worked so hard today" and you've been a NEET for ten years

I honestly feel a little guilty

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How do you afford to get by without having a job?

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>Not working to paypig for your oshi

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You should be

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>great work this month friends
>haven't seen outside my room in 4 days

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I worked hard today. You didn't. Ergo she is talking to me, not you.

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many such cases

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I watch those "you've worked so hard here let me pamper you" ASMRs only when I deserve it (i.e. whenever I'm productive). Honestly kind of a good way to motivate yourself to do hard things.

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iofi had a "you worked hard today" asmr a few years ago that i would only listen to when i did all my work that day. i think she deleted it though...

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I don't feel guilty since I worked hard for 8 years to be able to live like a neet just with my interest rate

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ASMR is cringe as fuck

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shitposting on the internet all day is hard work too